Review by CChan

"An 'always-fun' game that keeps you playing for hours!"

This fourth Sonic game has now include only two characters (as the title says), Sonic and Knuckles.

Graphics – 9
The graphics looks like as if it still maintained the original Sonic the Hedgehog 3 game. The graphics are full of bright and lively colours with high-resolution graphics. These graphics should give you a good, colourful start.

Musics – 9
All the Sonic games maintain their own musical ‘styles'; the same goes with future games. The background musics are not too bad.

Gameplay – 10
With this brand new cartridge, you eagerly open up your box, plug the cartridge in your faithful Genesis and the game starts with Sonic and Knuckles picture. You can choose whether you want to play as Sonic or Knuckles. Unfortunately, for Tails' fan, you can't play as Tails in this game. That makes up for the new moves of Knuckles. Knuckles can glide and climb the wall, all what Sonic and Tails can't do. The game is defintely fun, if you ask me.

Replayability – 8
There are two adventures so you'll need a long time to finish them. But, as you finish both adventures, I think you will put them in a box somewhere. After a few days or months, I can tell you that you will try and find where you put the game!

Overall – 9
As a Sonic fan (well, Tails actually), this game is really fun and I can guarentee you that you will defintely like this game. You'll be staring the television for hours!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/00, Updated 01/23/00

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