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Of speed and knuckles12/04/08Ali_X_Rexus
A classic Sonic game, introduces a new character!01/13/00Aristotle
If Sonic 3 isn't perfect. Sonic 3 AND Knuckles is perfect. Goodbye Mario World.03/16/03BladeBlur
One of the Genesis' best games!11/08/01Cactuar
The Best Sonic Game of the Franchise06/15/04CallMeD
An 'always-fun' game that keeps you playing for hours!01/23/00CChan
One of the best games I’ve ever played! You must get it!10/23/02cutiepie
A game which I toally enjoy08/08/02Desert eagle
A Game Made Best With Sonic 304/17/02Dr Bross
Being the best and improving the best.07/16/02ego trip
The last true Sonic Game is a blast!10/27/01FrenZy
Sonic 3 and Knuckles- the BEST Sonic game!05/07/13irrewonderful
Added one feature, but took one away.05/31/02LordGeos
Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic and Knuckles 303/20/06NWalterstorf
The Lock-On Technology thing, what a cool idea!04/24/00Rick
A much better game than Sonic 3.. possibly the greatest Sonic game ever04/08/02rockman134uk
Sonic's Back in a Genesis Classic!09/27/02Rolo Tomasie
Sonic 3, You Complete Me!03/26/03Rooster349
A great game, that deserves recognition08/12/01Schraiber
Makes up for Sonic 3 easily07/25/02Sonic Zoid 2K2
The Sequal That Used To Be Part Of A Certain Game02/23/11SonicGamer74
Good ol' Sonic keeps on getting better and better07/24/02SpeedySonic
Possibly the best Genesis game ever!11/07/01SpyrotheDragon
Great addition to the Sonic series. Like Sonic 3 and a half07/27/00SRusher
Good on its own, but combine it with Sonic 3 for the best gaming this system has to offer02/25/01stonedwal
The best game on the Sega Genesis!12/26/05TAMKFan
SA and SA2 were good, but nothing compared to this classic!03/10/02Warrior of Zarona

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