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"Sonic 3D on the Mega Drive came out with a suprising start. I mean when was the last time that it played Saturn games?!"

Game Play:9
I thought that Sonic 3D would be a good game just like Sonic & Knuckles. But it turned out to be rather dull. You had to rescue the same amount of birds, you can only be one character and what happened to Super Sonic and his special moves?

''Where's my Joystick again? Oh hear it is. Oh no it doesn't work! I've got to use the damn joy pad.'' That is what I said when I first played it on the Mega Drive. The control is awful at first but you just have to get used to it thats all. I've had this game for 3 years and I still can't run diagonally properly.

I thought that the Sonic Team would never hit the top in music. They will be either to short or long and rubbish. But Sonic 3D got the music just right. Especially the Volcano Valley Zone act 2 song.

When will Sega ever come up with new sonic sounds!!!! Nearly all the sounds are in every Sonic game I.E.The noise when Sonic Jumps. But the sound quality is better than the other Sonic games on the Mega Drive.

I completed nearly every single Sonic game the day I bought it! The only two Sonic games that took me a long time to complete it was Sonic 2 - Death Egg Zone (Which took me about 1 year) and Sonic 3 - Carnival Night Zone act2 (Which took me about 5 years!!!!) I give it a 7 because it took me 3 weeks to complete it.

Working out the cheats was prity tough but sometimes I was playing and it said - !CONGRATULATIONS! You have found the secret level select screen - after a while it froze. But I needed to ask a friend for the cheats.

What fantastic grafics! I never thought that the grafics would be as strong as that. Also the shadows are what they are supposed to be. Not like some games where it's just a dark circle on the floor.

Sega done it this time, although they need to change the sounds a bit more but they should keep or improve the grafics.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/30/00, Updated 08/30/00

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