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Reviewed: 07/20/09 | Updated: 07/22/09

I guess Sonic Isometric Blast was not catchy enough

Back in the day, anything that was in 3D was freaking awesome. Sega decided to cash in on this 3D gimmick by asking Travelers Tales to release Sonic 3D blast for the Sega Genesis.
However, before we get to the review lets address the issue of the game's title for a quick moment.

Sonic 3D Blast is not a really a 3D game. The game uses an Isometric view point similar to that of Super Mario RPG. Sonic 3D blast is essentially a 2D game with 3D sprites. So it's sort of 3D but then again it's still a 2D game.

Now lets get on to the main review.


The story is very simple. Dr.Robotnik (or Dr.Eggman) has found out about mysterious birds called Flickies (based off of a popular Sega Genesis game). These Flickies can travel through dimensions by using gigantic rings. Robotnik wants to turn these birds into robots, and force them to search for the Chaos emeralds. I don't see what good this does because the robots can't travel through the rings like the Flickies (or at least they don't try to). No they are content with moving around in little patterns across the game screen. Anyway now it's up to Sonic to save the Flickies and Collect the Chaos emeralds.

Did you expect anything else?

Game play

Game play is true to the rest of the Sonic series though it takes a different approach to it. You still need to finish the level as fast as possible in order to get the time bonus, though this is not like the other Sonic's. No, this is a collect a thon! Collect the Flickies to advance in the stage, while collecting rings to pay for the special stage, to collect the chaos emeralds. Now there are only a few minor problems with this game play that can really hinder the experience.

My first complaint is collecting the Flickies. In order to collect Flickies you must destroy robots. Which is fine. However, it can be very annoying to have to backtrack through the levels just to get a Flickie you missed. Oh and it gets worse from there. Not only are the Flickies a pain in the butt to collect but they are a pain in the butt to maintain. If you get hit once, the Flickies just scatter and you have to collect them. It's not normally a problem since they are still close by, though sometimes it can be extremely frustrating. There is a lava level where if you touch the lava you get hurt. Then the Flickies scatter away and decide to fly on lava! Good luck trying to get them without getting hit! The only way you can do that is to get a flame shield and if you can't find one you’re boned!

My second complaint is the platforming. Since we are in an isometric view, it can be very hard to time your jumps just right. This gets really frustrating when all you want to do is cross that freaking ledge. Then there are even points where you can fall through the platforms (which I found on the last stage. Which by the way is plagued with annoying platforming segments)

My final complaint is just that the game gets boring. I have tried on 3 different occasions to beat this game and never finished it. I don't even know why I continue. I bet all that happens is Sonic saves the day and then game over.


2 words freaking frustrating. The main problem is the controller. When playing this game with a D-pad controlling Sonic is near impossible. This game was just not designed to be played with this type of controller. It's similar to how In Super Mario 64 DS it can be a little difficult to control with the D-pad. Though this game is far worse then that. Sonic runs like he is on ice half of the time and that darn D-pad sure does not help. Though to be fair, it is easier to play on the Gamecube’s Sonic Mega Collection then it is on the Genesis.


Sonic 3D blast has some pretty good graphics. Character models look pretty food for 3D on the Sega genesis. Though they had to ruin it with a pathetic excuse for an intro. That thing just looks like I barfed all over a Sonic comic. The backgrounds could also have been way better. There just kind of boring. Though the 3D models look awesome.


I like it. Seems a lot of bad Sonic games have great music (Sonic 2006 anyone?) It has some nice catchy jingles as well as your favorite Sonic sound effects. This is defiantly one of the better parts of this game. Now excuse my while I go youtube some of the boss battle themes for this game.

In the end Sonic 3D blast is a mediocre take on the Sonic franchise. The game suffers from tedious game play, and horrid controls. It was a pathetic attempt by Travelers Tales to trick little kids into buying a "3D game". Overall It might be worth a play through but no more then one.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Sonic 3D Blast (US, 11/09/96)

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