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"The last great Sonic game for the Genesis"

Graphics – 8
You know, for a Genesis game, these are really surprisingly good graphics. Nothing that may be mistaken for 32-bit (well, maybe the Saturn) but good nonetheless. One of the things that impressed me most about this game was the opening cinematics. In the opening scene, Sega attempted to go total 3D and I think they did very well given what they had to work with. The in-game graphics are awesome to. Oh sure, it’s just another Sonic game, but this time it’s sonic in total 3D. Think of it as the genesis version of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Everything in this game looks very smooth, in total, this game was just very well programmed to use you Genesis to it’s full.

Sound – 7
Well, you have to realize that the Genesis was only a cartridge system and only has limited amount of room for sound. To save space, programmers use midi sounds (you know, that crappy music you hear when you visit some websites). This game sounds just like all other Sonic games. Same sound when he jumps, spin dashes, bops an enemy or dies.

Control – 10
All sonic games are extremely easy when it comes to controls. Just one button. This one has got two, one to jump and another to spin dash. I can understand why this is necessary, in previous Sonic games, you held down and jump together, but here if you hold down, Sonic moves down (it’s that whole 3D thing).

Replay – 5
Uhh, once you beat it, you may pop it in a year down the line, but I can’t see anyone playing this game hardcore like some others I can think of. I don’t even think that this game has a save feature which kinda sucks. Since it’s been a standard in the two previous Sonic games, you think Sega would add that in.

Overall – 7
This is a great game, just not one that I would go recommend you go and buying (provided you can find it). Gruel found it so much fun that he actually found it and bought it, I think it only cost him something like $2. So, I guess if you really wanted to try this game out, if you find it shouldn’t be too expensive. But the real question is, do you really want to go pulling your old Genesis off the shelf, clean all the cobwebs off of it and hitch it to your TV. If you find that you really do like this game a lot and have a Game Gear, you might want to check out Sonic Labyrinth (like that one will be any easier to find).

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/11/01, Updated 01/11/01

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