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"The 3D world was actually good to this game... but not quite perfect"

The Sonic franchise is home to some amazing gameplay. Some games (e.g. Sonic 3, Sonic Colors, Sonic Heroes) made it, while some just couldn't do it at all (e.g. Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 2006, Sonic and the Black Knight). However, here's one game that deserves a better rating: Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis. While some didn't like it because Sonic couldn't run and they didn't like the 3D world, I enjoyed it because it was easier than Sonics 1, 2, and 3, so let me narrow it down:

Plot: 8

After supposedly being beaten by Sonic during the events of Sonic 3, Dr. Eggman resumes his criminal career and commandeers the isle known as Flickies' Island after revealing that it's home to birds known as "Flickies". Sonic travels through dimensions and starts a new adventure unknown to even him. Eggman discovers that the birds can travel anywhere with the help of large rings, which he takes advantage of by turning them into robotic slaves. Sonic must collect the Flickies, travel through new areas, and discover what else is new.

Controls: 9

The controls in Sonic 3D Blast are very good and near-perfect. You use the D-pad to move Sonic, the A/C buttons to jump (do this in midair with a gold shield to do a homing attack), the B button to spindash, and the start button to pause the game. In the menu of the game, you can even set a control setup as well!

Music: 9

The music is great in such a good game. Arguably the best tracks in the game are Boss 1, Boss 2, Panic Puppet Act 1, and Volcano Valley Act 1. Every other track is good as well, which puts icing on the cake of music.

Gameplay: 7

The gameplay feels confusing since you're using controls that are different from the controls in typical 2D Sonic games. However, it's not really that awful since you at least know what you're doing! I'd probably give the gameplay a higher rating if Sonic wasn't so slow...

Bosses: 7

The bosses aren't too bad either. A snowman bomb dropper and a 3-phase robot are the best bosses in the game. While they're easy to beat, I'll say the only complaint that I have is that the Final Fight of the game feels utterly annoying. But hey, if you beat the Final Fight, you at least get the good ending!

Endings: 7

There are 2 different endings to this game. You get Ending 1 by beating the Boss of Panic Puppet without all 7 emeralds, and Ending 2 by beating the Final Fight.

Ending 1 (5/10): Sonic saves Flickies' Island, but what the Flickies don't know is they forgot about the Chaos Emeralds. Then the credits start rolling.

Ending 2 (9/10): Sonic saves Flickies' Island, with amazing music going on in the background. Then the Flickies wish Sonic good luck as he leaves their island, as the credits start playing.

Average: 7.83 (rounded = 8)


So this game really wasn't too bad when it was announced, or even played by some people (like me). While some hated it, some liked it (again, like me). If you still have a Genesis/Wii, get your copy on Virtual Console/eBay, because this game is still good for some Sonic fans. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/30/12

Game Release: Sonic 3D Blast (US, 11/09/96)

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