"A great game, if you like headaches"

The first real attempt at making a 3D Sega Genesis game, and it fell like raindrops of defeat. It was a disappointment, like my attempt at finding the true meaning of this game. But enough of the philisophical crap, and on to the review!

Gameplay: 3

Even if they made the graphics as spectacular as possible, they failed to produce a good game. First of all, you have to find 5 helpless little animals concealed within evil robots, and free them. The levels are huge, and tedious. After the first zone, you'd want to shut the game off. Even worse is that there is no save feature, which is the same in all Sonic games, so it's not even worth any time to complete the game.

Sound/Music: 5

I'll admit the sound is pretty cool, but the music just adds on to the headaches that the graphics produced. They just keep repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and...well, you know. The sound seems like it's straight from the previous Sonic adventures, yet they seem a bit magnified.

Graphics: 6

This one was tough to grade. Sure, Sega produced some awesome, never-before-seen graphics that boggled my primitive to Playstation mind. So why isn't it a 10, you ask? Well, read my synopsis. I got massive headaches from this game. I never played it when I was tired or stressed out, because it made problems worse. It may have been the semi-overhead view, but whatever it is I couldn't stand it. The Robotnik fights were hard because of the graphics too, because there was no depth in the game. Everthing seemed to overlap eachother.

Story: 1

No story. This is the way I see it: Free animals, beat Robotnik eight times, and win. OK, and then....?

Replayability: 2

OK, if you like the game you may want to replay it again. It isn't likely, though. Trust me. The levels are boring, hard, and time-wasting... The bosses are pointless... The game needs to be destroyed...

Overall: 3

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone! Don't even rent it (if you can find a store that still has these things). This is the only game I have ever played that graphics actually do play a huge role in the enjoyment of the game. After I couldn't take anymore of this game, I wanted to bury it in my backyard, wondering if some kid 50 years from now will discover it, ask for is grandfather's ancient Sega Genesis, and experience the same headaches that I recieved.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/03/02, Updated 02/03/02

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