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"Picking up birds isn't fun in this game.."

Most of the time I spent 'playing' this 'game' was spent venting my frustration on the mangled mess of a Mega Drive Joypad (Joypad? Shouldn't that be hellpad?)

The story goes something like...
Flickies are small birds that travel in groups. The evil Dr. Robotnick captures the flickies, and uses their mysterious power to work his badniks and machines. Wow, eh? And guess what.. you have the job of saving the things. *Sigh*.

ARGH!! I give up with birds.. there's just no pleasing them. The gameplay consists of running around levels, killing 5 enemies, and collecting the birds,named 'Flickies', that are trapped inside robots. They follow you around in a line, until they are hit by a weapon (and you have to go around and find them) or you take them through the goal -which is a gold ring-, and you transport to the next part of the level. In which you do exactly the same thing, over, and over, and over.. oh, what fun!
There are special stages, that you get into by standing next to Knuckles or Tails with a certain amount of rings. These stages consist of running along a bridge, avoiding obstacles, and collecting a certain amount of rings to proceed.

Uninspired, and extremely frustrating. When the flickies spilt up and fly in different directions, it pisses me off to have to try and get the little buggers when they are hovering above spikes or on an impossible to climb slopes. Overall, they are very poorly though out. I doubt they ever played this bloody thing right the way through. Though there are no glitches.. something must be wrong!

If this is 3d, 2d must be really.. uh.. flat.. yeah. The graphics are detailed though, and are pretty eye pleasing... for most of the time. The game is viewed from slightly overhead. Sonic can run in any eight directions (North, North East, East, South East, Etc).

The music isnt bad. Some of it is memorable, and quite catchy. Writing this has got that nice Green Grove music stuck in my mind =) The sound is the same as the rest of the Sonic series. You know.

CRAP. It is near impossible to control Sonic properly. It is SO difficult to run diagonally for more than 2 seconds. One button makes your pin, others makes you jump.

*Family fortunes style EER EEERR*

Last ability:7/10
Might actually take you a while.


Yes, I have been bashing this game... but it had to be told like it is. This is a rushed mess. Oh! And guess who its by! TRAVELLERS TALES! Now theres a bloody surprise!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/27/02, Updated 06/14/03

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