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"The introduction of the ONE THING that I hate about recent Sonic games."

Sonic 3D blast is, in itself, a good game. I actually liked it when I first got it, except for one quirk. THERE WAS NO SUPER SONIC! I ignored this, but it has unfortunatley become the norm for sonic games now (except for final bosses) Now, on to the topic breakdowm:


Excellent graphics for the genesis, especially since this game had INDENTICAL graphics on the sega saturn! Sonic and friends have never looked better before, and the stages were well done.

SOUND: 8/10

All of the classic sounds once again make their apperance, as they have in the last, oh say, 5 or 6 sonic genesis games.

MUSIC: 9/10

The music was pretty much the same fare as the other sonic games, some were catchy, some were bland, and some made your ears bleed. Music was, once again, well matching to zones, however.


Same stuff as before, run around, collect rings, pop badnicks, defeat bosses, the good stuff. The levels are brightly colored (or dull in one level) but not so much as they want you to turn away in agony. However, now sonic must do something new. The animals that have come out of popped badnicks in the past have always just ran off before. Now, sonic must rescue them and chuck them into a giant ring in the level to continue. Also, you enter a special stage by giving Tails or Knuckles 50 rings. If they can just hop to special stages, how come THEY dont just get the emeralds!

STORY: 8/10

The same story from past games. Robotnik wants the world, he is turning animals into robots to conquer it, and sonic is the last hope for the world! He must collect the (useless) chaos emeralds, and defeat robotnicks newest creation.


Hey! they changed the standard sonic control scheme! However, this one works. A or C to jump, B to spin dash. Easy as pie.


This was a good game at most points, but introduced one of the most annoying things that has happend to sonic. A good game in it's own right.


The Good:
Good graphics
Good control
Some of the music

The Bad:
Some music
Sonic slides a little
The Camera at points
It is made by Traveler's Tales, for gosh sakes!

The Downright Ugly:

CONCLUSION: This game is worthy of a purchase, but dont expect anything groundbreaking.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/10/02, Updated 06/10/02

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