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"In case you didn't notice, the shame went to Traveler's Tales for creating this hunk o junk."

I can't believe this! I just bought a Sonic game not created by Sonic Team! This is fun? No! Traveler's tales is most famous for making crappy games for the Genesis console (in case you didn't know, the Megadrive is a whole new thing). This game actually does deserve a 1 for all it's purposes (well, maybe except the graphics). Onto what I thought:

Story: Man! how original! Dr. Robotnik captures these stupid birds, and turns them into robots! As Sonic, you must destroy the robots, and collect the stupid birds (called Flickies), and bring them to this big ring thingy. You have to do this in 7 levels of torture. Traveler's Tales, you got something going here! Final Score: 1.1/10

Gameplay: 1 even is the lowest score I can give here, but I had to do this. As I said before, you must destroy the robots, and collect the stupid birds and bring them to this big ring thingy. No one likes to do this, but it's the only thing Traveler's Tales could think of. I hope Sonic Team doesn't think of this! Final Score 1.0/10

Graphics: These are okay, but I do believe I gave it a 4.7 is because I like how Sonic maneuvers through the special stages (to collect the Chaos Emeralds is a must if you want a good ending) . I don't really care how the graphics make a game, though. Final Score: 4.7/10

Music / Sound: EEEEEWWWW!!! They are both very annoying! The sound is the same from the other games in his series. The music is not what I expected, It's cheery music they have used in the other series. Final Score: 1.5/10

Fun: Not fun at all! Sonic Team didn't create this, Traveler's Tales did! Traveler's Tales is the worst gaming company around, next to GameSpot on the net. There is no I in ''Traveler's Tales'' but at the company, one person must have worked hard on this game, but it's really under appreciated. Final Score: 1.8/10

Replayability: No replayability at all! This game takes too long to complete, plus, the enemies can get annoying at times, so don't bother. You can't play as Super Sonic. Go figure. Final Score: 1.3/10

Final Score for game: 1/10
I have a lot of people to thank for giving the world this game: To Sonic the Hedgehog: Your games go from bad to worse to the worst. To Sonic Team: Why let Traveler's Tales bother? And to Traveler's Tales: Next time, think before you release!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/29/02, Updated 08/29/02

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