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Reviewed: 08/30/02 | Updated: 08/30/02

Play it for the bosses. The rest sucks.

This has to be my least favourite Sonic game. The gameplay, graphics, and everything like that are perfect.. but... finding flickys?! That spoils the game. The only real level I like is Puppet Panic Act 2 *gets pelted by rotten tomatoes* since its the only level to be ''sonic like'', with lots of badniks, and you can speed through it, and it FEELS like Sonic. The other levels, finding the flickys becomes a chore, and is not very nice. Otherwise the game is perfect and deserves a good rating.. It would get one from me, if there weren't any flickys... oh, 1 out of 10 for the storyline.... ''birds from another dimension''? please....

Graphics: 8/10
Decent, the only complaint is that there a bit grainy. But its hardly noticeable. And sonic looks a little weird...
The Bosses and Badnicks look super and even the backgrounds look good. The Special stages look completely bonkers (since when does Sonic run across lava, I don’t know.)

Sound: 9/10
Has some of my favourite tunes. The sound fx I can't complain, but we've heard them all before, and there a direct rip out of Sonic 3.

Gameplay: 8/10
The way Sonic moves and feels is good, some parts are a little.... confusing.. but you get the hang of it. I found it good how they did it, it felt like Sonic, kind of. It was still a little on the slow side.

Playablity: 2/10
This is were the game lets itself down, horrible. Simply horrible. Finding flickys.... THIS IS SONIC! NOT THE STUPID ARCADE GAME ''FLICKY''!
Stupid.. The rest is fine, but the actual levels themselves totally suck. I mean suck. You know, SUCK.

Realplayablity: 7/10 IF you got the level select cheat.
The best bit about the game is the bosses, and they are much better bosses than in the likes of Sonic Adventure.
If you don’t know the level select cheat, then don’t even bother. You WON’T want to play the levels again. They are terrible.

Overall: 3/10
Flickys island is a great game, but they merged two game types together (ie, Sonic and Flicky) which don’t suit each other. If it weren’t for the bosses, this would be 1/10.

Travellers Tales: Oh my life. Why didn’t Sonic Team make it themselves? I don’t know.

What the hell? : The UK Sonic the comic actually featured a Comic strip about the game. Thankfully it didn't keep to the game's storyline.

Rent or buy:
How about Download? Please don’t buy this game. Please. It sucks. It puts money in the pockets of Travellers Tales.
Try to find the rom to have a go at the bosses, but don’t make the mistake I did by downloading it.

ACE_Spark – Shudders at the fact this is a Sonic game.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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