Review by CChan

Reviewed: 01/22/00 | Updated: 01/22/00

Sonic is back again in his cool, 3D game!

Sonic is now transformed once again into an outstanding 3D game! This time, if you’re too familiar with the 2D Sonic games, then I’m afraid you’ll need a little time to be okay with this game.

Graphics – 9
The graphics are really smashing! This time in 3D, the graphics are really detailed properly!

Sounds – 9
Sonic 3D Blast uses original musics that I haven’t heard before. They are superb!

Gameplay – 9
With 3D, this game is even marvellous! The game requires a bit of thinking so you can manage to zoom to the end. Getting Chaos Emeralds can change the ending a bit. Also, you have to collect these cute birds called Flicky in order to teleport you to the other levels! These creatures are now changed into enemy robots by Robotnik so you have to smash them to reveal their own body.

Replayability – 8
This game will be much better if there is mini-games to play with that can keeps you coming back for more. But, I’m sure you’ll play with Sonic 3D Blast after leaving it for a while around a corner.

Overall – 9
The game is astoundingly created and of course the best thing is it’s in 3D. This remarkable game should be yours, right now!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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