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"Sonic has been upgraded to version 2.0"

Sonic 3d Blast

Hold on to your pants, boys and girls. A new hedgehog has arrived on the streets. Well, it's not actually a new hedgehog, but with all the new 3-d effects in this game, he sure looks like one. This game has pushed the Sega Genesis' hardware to limit. This is a 3-d game on a 2-d system. Sure, it's not as detailed as Crash Bandicoot, but this is the Sega Genesis we're talkin' about. Sonic has hit the jackpot. You can now super spin your enemies from all four directions. “ But is this game still as fun as the three previous games featuring sonic?” Why of course! The enemy blasting fun is still there. You still collect rings, you still fight robotnik, and you're still on one of the biggest adventures of your life. Get ready to bash some more robots. You'll need to be tough if you want to make it to the end.

Story 10/10:
It's a pretty simple story. Basically, sonic loves the power of chaos emeralds and he's looking all over for them. He finally finds them at a place called flicky island. Among the thriving forests of this island live little birds called flickies. Apparently, they hold the key to getting the chaos emeralds. As usual, though, Robitnik gets to the island first. Wanting the chaos emeralds for his own power, he traps the flickies inside robots, intending to delay sonic. “Uh oh.” Sonic has showed up and he caught Robotnik right in the middle of turning the flickies into robots. Knowing what Robotnik is up to, it is now sonic's job to destroy the robots, rescue the flickies, and defeat Robotnik once and for all.

New additions 10/10:
Ok, this game is full of new additions that weren't in the previous three games. The most obvious is that this game is now in full 3-d. That means that you can move, super spin, and jump in any direction you want. This will make the game more challenging now because you have to look in every direction to find all the little secrets hidden throughout the game. Also, as there are with every game, there are different enemies, which are even tougher because they aren't layed out in front of you like in the other games. For some of the enemies, you'll even have to jump under them, so be on your guard. The last edition that I noticed is the flickies that you have to keep up with and I'll explain more about that in the gameplay section.

Gameplay 8/10:
The previous three sonics have shown you how to super spin and have a great time bashing your enemies senseless. But this game takes sonic to a whole new level. Ok, I must admit that you will not find your enemies any easier to beat. They will probably actually seem a bit tougher the first time around. This is because you can move in any freakin' direction! You will frequently miss hitting enemies by half an inch because you jumped just to the right of the robot. Also, you'll have a hard time jumping on enemies because it's almost impossible to judge the distance. You'll most likely just soar over the robot instead of jumping on him. Aside from the enemies being a bit tough, this game is a load of fun. A great new addition is the flicky system. When you kill a robot, it will turn into a flicky which you have to keep up with. When the flickies get hit, they tend to fly all over the place and it's up to you to get them back together again. This won't seem so hard at first. But in later levels, the flickies can be very curious and you may have to jump over some hot lava just to catch one that you lost. Don't worry, though. You will never have more than five or six flickies at one time. When you have enough, you'll be able to get rid of them via a dimension ring. As usual in a sonic game, the many levels are divided into zones. In Sonic 3d Blast, there are three acts in each zone. The first two acts are basically spent running around bashing robots in order to rescue the flickies. The third act is set aside for the boss, Robotnik. Look out, Robotnik, here comes Sonic.

Graphics 9/10:
The graphics are alright. I can't say they're as pretty to look at as Sonic 2, but the 3-d effects really bring out the dimensions in the characters. It's pretty cool to see enemies turning and moving around instead of just stuck in one position. It has a nice little scene at the beginning as well that definitely brings out the dazzling 3-d effects. The good thing about this game is that sega didn't venture into the polygon world just yet, so the enemies look almost animated. This is one of the few 3-d games that doesn't have an overload of polygons. I commend sega on that. As usual, though, the graphics are still bright and cheery. Wait till you get to Spring Stadium zone. It has eye candy out the ying yang. I drool just thinking about it.

Music 10/10:
Way to go, Sega! The music in this game is better than ever! The game has a wide range of music in its soundtrack. Spring stadium's circus-like music still plays in my head today. Diamond Dust zone's beautiful melody gave me chills. From the up-beat and snazzy tune in Rusty Ruin zone to the almost creepy music of Gene Gadget Zone, this game has it all.

“Did I tell you we were gonna have it all, baby?”

Anyway, the sound effects pop out more than ever. If you accidentally get a hidden box of rings, you'll definitely know it. The bomb explosions could use a little work, though. But who cares if it sounds real, right? I'm here to play a game.

Concept 10/10:
Great Concept! Collecting flickies in each level was an awesome idea, I must admit! It gives the player a goal to strive for instead of just playing till you reach the end of the level. The flickies are so colorful you just can't help but want to collect them all. It's a great twist on the concept of the other games. Other than that, it has the same concept as in all the other sonic games. Super spin through the level and bash the robots senseless till you get to the end and then defeat Robotnik once and for all.

Replay value 8/10:
Just like other sonic games, the only replay value this game has is collecting the chaos emeralds. It's actually quite fun because the special stages in this game are super cool. But be warned, if you don't have enough rings, you won't be able to get to the special stage and you will lose every single one of your rings. That mistake will happen to you a lot in Sonic 3d blast because sometimes you don't know that your about to run into a special stage. Simply put, if you see Knuckles or Tails and don't have more than 50 rings, than you better stay away. Other than that, you will still want to keep this game on your shelves because it is so fun to pick it up again after a year of not playing it. Who knows, you may even want to show it to your kids. Won't they be excited? You should be proud to have this game in your collection.

Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/04

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