Review by sammysky

Reviewed: 10/11/05

Innovation That Backfire

Innovation is aimed to create something fresh. But as part of life, innovation is not always working. In the case of Sonic 3D Blast, innovation is kind of backfire. While the concept of playing Sonic in 3D world in refreshing, on the other hand, it kills some of the concept that make Sonic a fun game.

Graphic 8/10

Sonic looks good in his 3D form. His animation and his speed is still awesome as in his 2D form. The level design is quite good. It has a nice blend of color. The bonus level design is also nice. Enemy animation is also rendered beautifully.

Sound 8/10

As usual, Sonic games contain a nice blend of music and sound effect. This one is no exception. Some of the stages in Sonic 3D Blast feature a nice music. The sound effect is also done nicely in Sonic 3D Blast.

Control 9/10

Control is pretty straight forward and up to usual quality standard. One button is used to make Sonic use his spin dash move. The other button is used to make Sonic jump. However, since the playing field is now in 3D view, the control may feel weird at the first. You find that some of things that you can do easily in the previous Sonic games is quite tricky to do in Sonic 3D Blast due to the 3D playing level. But after a few learning curve, you will get used to the control.

Story 8/10

The story in Sonic 3D Blast is simple. Dr. Robotnik has kidnapped the flickies in order to find the chaos emerald. When Sonic go to visit the flickies, he finds out that Dr. Robotnik has turned them into a robot. Therefore Sonic must rescue the flickies and stop the bad Dr. Robotnik from finding the chaos emerald.

Gameplay 7/10

This is the area where Sonic 3D Blast is falling a bit. The change from 2D to 3D playing level kills some of the fun that makes Sonic games so enjoyable to play. For instance, you can no longer run 360 degree. Instead you have to be pushed by a spinner tool in order to make 360 degree loop. For me, I find this quite disappointing. Another disappointing element is that the shield play looks kind of ordinary. The gold shield special ability does not look so special. The bonus level gameplay is alright. Another thing that missing is Tails is not available to help you this times. Tails and Knuckles will help you as the entrance to the bonus level. Hitting an enemy is a little bit tricky due to 3D playing field. Another question mark is whether Sonic can transform into Super Sonic or not after he collects all the chaos emerald. Despite all the weaknesses, Sonic 3D Blast is still a fun game to play. You have flickies to rescue, chaos emerald to collect, and Dr. Robotnik to beat. After you rescue the flickies, you must guide every flicky to a giant ring. Therefore, There are a lot to play.

Overall 7/10

Overall Sonic 3D Blast is still a fun game to play. But the missing element from the previous Sonic games is killing the enjoyment a bit. Otherwise Sonic 3D Blast is an okay game. I would recommend you to rent first before you actually buy it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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