Review by SDMonkey

Reviewed: 06/24/00 | Updated: 06/24/00

Mediocrity never tasted so bland

I won't write any sort of introductory paragraph besides this. I don't want to have too much bashing of one game in a single review.

Graphics: 2/10. Hey, I didn't know that the Genesis could play Sega Saturn CDs! Oh, wait, it can't. Buyer beware, for this game is 3D in no way. Sure, you can go in any direction you wish, but don't let that three-fourths overhead view fool you into thinking that this is the third dimension. It's more like the original Legend of Zelda's point of view. The pixels are small but can still stand out sometimes. I think that it could've been done on the Genesis without a challenge for the game's makers.

Sound: 7/10. The sound effects are all done very well (the 'sproings' and 'boings' are all painfully clear, every single time you hear them ), but the music is pretty much forgetable. The music may sometimes add to the overall feeling of a level, but still, that doesn't occur often.

Replay: 1/10. If you can force yourself through this game, there is basically no reason whatsoever to go back. Secrets? Ha! Multiplayer? In your dreams, buddy.

Gameplay: 4/10. Yes, it's classic Sonic. Is that a good thing? Yes and no. If you enjoy the usual 'run into things that bounce you around' gameplay, then you'll have a blast. Let me warn you, though: it gets old really fast. Plus, as far as I can tell, there's no way to save. You'll have to go through every single freakin' level in one long, har binge. The game isn't really that difficult, either. It's just so incredibly boring. I do not think it's possible for anyone to endure this game for that long.

Overall: 4/10. If you have a Saturn, avoid this one. Basically, it's like they found a way to pack pure suck into a single game CD. Get NiGHTS or Street Fighter Alpha or Cyber Speedway.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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