Review by Captain Doormat

Reviewed: 03/27/02 | Updated: 06/14/03

"...and Sonic speeds past the pit, and hits.. a flipper?"

This is a game for all those Sonic fans that enjoyed bouncing Sonic around in the Casino Night Zone

You are Sonic. You must collect the 3 emeralds in every stage to proceed to the boss. You get the emeralds by killing all the enemies in a section, hitting switches, or the likes. You get the general idea. All of this must be figured out whilst playing, so set aside a couple of hours before you play.
There is a fun special stage, it takes the style of a pinball machine. You are Sonic, and, for example, you have to knock all of Robotnik’s teeth out using the ball in the table. You can see Sonic’s reflection the glass! Even his eyes follow the ball!

Very little animation, and very bland and mucky levels.. But slick, and detailed. There is a new Sonic animation, in which he looks 'cooler', like the SA1 Sonic. There can be a lot happening on the screen at once, but still no slowdown. But this is a Mega Drive we’re on about! This is what it was like back then… So, by the standards back then, it was an ok looking game, nothing spectacular.
The enemies are well drawn, but still only with 6- frames of animation each. But, surprisingly, this doesn't make much difference to the games overall fun factor.

Sub-standard bloops and beeps, crashes and bangs, they just about do the job. More is expected of the Mega Drive, come on!! The music isn't much better either, just a few tedious tunes. Turn the volume down and listen to a CD whilst playing.

As simple as every other sonic game, but the buttons all flip the flippers and make you jump. One for the left, one for the right, and the last for both at once. This works very well, and ensures that you will not wind up throwing the pad at the floor.

The game is pretty damn hard, providing a challenge for everyone. The bosses are hard, and I could never get past the 3rd one. Apparently the last level is one of the hardest in a video game, ever!
Since it will take you a while, it’s best suited to a wet weekend, when there is nothing else to do.

A sweet game. If you see it cheap, pick it up, and have a few hours if some Sonic fun.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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