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    Game Script by dinobotmaximized

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin
    Game Script Version 1.0
    Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)
    Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. Script
    IV. Credits and Thanks
    V. Legal
    I. Introduction **************************************************************
    In this FAQ I have typed up the dialogue and story related text that appears 
    in Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin for the Sega Genesis. The text is as it appears 
    in the game except it's not all capitals.
    II. Version History **********************************************************
    1.0 - November 14, 2005
    III. Script ******************************************************************
    *                 Opening                  *
    The Kingpin on TV: Good evening, New York. 
                       My name is of no 
                       importance. I am merely a 
                       concerned citizen--a 
                       citizen who has learned of 
                       something monstrous. The 
                       renegade known as 
                       Spider-Man is seeking 
                       revenge upon you. He has 
                       hidden a bomb which will 
                       explode in exactly 24 
                       hours, leveling this 
                       city, unless we force him 
                       to confess it location. I 
                       offer a $10,000 reward 
                       for his apprehension. We 
                       must protect ourselves... 
    *               Cut Scene 1                *
    Spider-Man: Wonderful! The Kingpin's the 
                biggest crook this city's ever 
                seen, and he's convinced 
                everybody I'm the bad guy. 
                Fortunately, in patrolling the 
                city. I've heard that Doc Ock's 
                hiding out in a waterfront 
                warehouse. If I'm going to 
                find the Kingpin and clear my 
                name--not to mention disarm 
                the bomb he must have planted- 
                -that's the place to start. 
                 - And, I'd better take my 
                camera, to take some shots that 
                prove what's really going on. 
    *               Cut Scene 2                *
    Spider-Man: All right, Doc! Cough up the 
                details of Kingpin's plot!! 
    Doc Ock: Dream on, insect--he keeps us 
             in the dark! All I know is that 
             he's hired plenty of your old 
             enemies--the Lizard, the Sandman, 
             and others! And he's split up 
             the other keys to disarm the 
             bomb among all of them! 
    Spider-Man: Keys to disarm the bomb? Doc, 
                I could kiss you--Is that what 
                you've got there? Hand it over 
                and I'll be on my merry way, 
                because I know where the Lizard 
                hangs out, too! 
    *               Cut Scene 3                *
    Spider-Man: That makes two keys! How many  
                are there altogether, tall, 
                green, and gruesome? 
    The Lizard: I have no idea! The Kingpin 
                promised me your destruction- 
                -I have no interest in his 
                larger schemes! And even though 
                you've bested me, the others 
                he's assembled will conduct 
                you to your doom! 
    Spider-Man: I guess we'll soon find out if 
                you're right. Because Doc Ock 
                told me the Sandman's involved 
                in this, and I have a good idea 
                where to find him, too! 
    The Kingpin on TV: Good evening once again, 
                       New York. I regret to 
                       inform you that  
                       Spider-Man has apparently 
                       gone mad, destroying an 
                       abandoned warehouse and 
                       lurching through the 
                       sewers in an uncontrolled 
                       fashion. Our police, of 
                       course, are doing a heroic 
                       job, but I am now prepared 
                       to increase my offer to 
                       $50,000. Increase your 
                       vigilance--now more than 
                       ever, we must protect 
    Spider-Man: Boy, I hope I never get on that 
                tub of lard's bad side! How 
                does he keep making those 
                transmissions? He must have a 
                power source somewhere--!
                Wait a minute! Kingy never buys 
                what he can steal--so he's 
                probably using city power, from 
                the main power station! 
                And Ock dais he's hired my old 
                enemies, which would certainly 
                include Electro, who just loves 
                that station! It all adds up! 
                (At least, it's the best idea 
                I can think of--!) 
    *               Cut Scene 4                *
    Spider-Man: Three keys! Boy, if I keep 
                this up, I'll be able to make my 
                own Florida! 
    Electro: Spare me your sickening jokes, 
    Spider-Man: Okay, but only because I'm a 
                nice guy! I'm feeling pretty 
                frisky right this minute! Now 
                why don't you tell me who else 
                the fat man's hired? 
    Electro: Even if I could, I wouldn't! 
    Spider-Man: Then I'll tell you one of them- 
                the Sandman! And he liked to 
                hang out with the other thugs in 
                Central Park. So now that the 
                Kingpin's transmissions are cut 
                off, I think I'll take my life 
                in my hands over there! 
    *               Cut Scene 5                *
    Spider-Man: Darn! That's the first one that 
                got away! But I got the fourth 
                key anyway, so good riddance 
                to that walking cat box! 
                The problem is, I don't know 
                where to go find anyone else 
                now... But, hey--now that I 
                think about it, the Kingpin's 
                done everything he could- 
                -TV transmissions, big rewards- 
                -To have people come after me. 
                So why don't I just come out 
                in the open--as Spider-Man, not 
                Peter Parker--and see who tries  
                to beat my brains out--?
    *               Cut Scene 6                *
    Spider-Man: That's five keys! I could write 
                a symphony now! How many more 
                are there, Hobgoblin? 
    Hobgoblin: As it happens, that's all of 
               them. You fool! But each and 
               every one is useless if you don't 
               know where the bomb is hidden- 
               -and you don't! 
    Spider-Man: I will, though! 
    Hobgoblin: Never! Because the Kingpin 
               knows all about your previous 
               successes tonight, and he never 
               hesitates to improve a plan that 
               isn't working! For example- 
               -he didn't send me here alone--! 
    Spider-Man: Uh-oh... 
    *               Cut Scene 7                *
    Our scene now shifts to the home 
    of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. 
    It would seem that this happy 
    woman in this happy place would 
    have little to do with the savage 
    battle which ended so abruptly 
    just now... 
    Mary: Jane: Eeeeeek!!! 
    Venom: Nicely said!!! 
    The Kingpin on TV: Good evening, Spider-Man-- 
                       or should I say 'good  
                       morning?' You're not wrong-- 
                       you did destroy my ability 
                       to broadcast city-wide. But 
                       this is a private transmission, 
                       on the band utilized by your  
                       Spider-Tracer. I realize 
                       that you will be able to 
                       trace the source of this 
                       transmission, but I don't 
                       believe even you will be 
                       foolish enough to do so. 
                       Because I have had your 
                       friends' wife brought to me, 
                       and any further attempt to 
                       stop me from detonating the 
                       bomb in your name will cause 
                       her unfortunate demise. I 
                       hope you now realize with 
                       whom you are dealing. 
    Spider-Man: I realize, all right--but if 
                you think I'm gonna leave MJ 
                in your hands, you're out of 
                your poly-unsaturated mind! 
                I'm going for broke, Kingpin! 
                I'm going to stop your lies, 
                your threats, your bomb--and you! 
    *               The Ending                 *
    There's no text during the ending. We see 
    Spider-Man defeat the Kingpin and rescue MJ. 
    The cops take Kingpin away, and then 
    Spider-Man and MJ hug. 
    IV. Credits and Thanks *******************************************************
    Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    Thank you to IGN for hosting this FAQ.
    Thank you to Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.
    V. Legal *********************************************************************
    This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione. This may be not be reproduced 
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed 
    on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    There are three sites authorized to host this FAQ, they are:  

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