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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wouter

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spider-man FAQ version 1.01
    For the Sega Genesis (a.k.a. Megadrive)
    By: Wouter
    I removed some errors in the FAQ and found out an easier way to defeat Hob-
    goblin. I also forgot that Venom appeared at the end of the City Level and
    described the easiest way to defeat him.
    Table of contents:
    V:    GAMEPLAY
    This is the first FAQ I ever wrote, it's for the best Spider-Man game ever.
    Ever since I played this game I wanted to buy it and it wasn't easy for me
    to find. Years after I bought it, I still play it now and then.
    	Spider-Man is based upon the comic books. Peter Parker and his wife
    Mary Jane are watching television at home when suddenly the Kingpin appears
    on the screen. He tells New York City that Spider-Man has hidden a bomb
    which will explode in 24 hours. He also offers a $10.000 reward for his ap-
    prehension. Spider-Man sets out to clear his name and deactivate the bomb
    and must defeat a lot of his old enemies from dr. Octopus to Venom, and in
    the end he has to fight the Kingpin himself!
    Start Game:
    When you START the game, Spider-Man appears on the streets near the Daily
    Options menu:
    When you enter the OPTIONS screen, you see the following options:
    Level: Here you can choose the difficulty setting. You can choose
    practice, easy, normal and nightmare. If you choose practice, you will only
    be able to play the first two levels, and if you choose easy, you will only
    be able to play the first four levels. If you choose normal, you can play
    the entire game and if you choose nightmare, Venom will appear more often.
    Stamina: Here you can choose Spider-Man's strenght. You can choose
    either tired, normal, strong or hyper-strong.
    Web Cartridges: Here you can choose how many web cartridges you want
    from three, five or eight. The higher you choose, the more webbing you can
    	Start button:
    -Press to Pause the game and see the Options screen
    -Press to end Pause
    -Press to skip the introduction and all between-level screens
    	Directional (D) button:
    -Press left or right to move Spider-Man left or right
    -Press up to climb up
    -Press up or down to climb down or duck down.
    -Press one direction and press A,B or C at the same time to use them.
    	A button:
    -Press to use the selected item from the pause mode. Normally, Spider-Man's
    webbing is selected, but you can also choose a shield, camera or Peter
    Parker's room to rest.
    	B button:
    -Press to punch
    -Press while pressing down to kick
    	C button:
    -Press to jump
    -Press twice quickly to stick to a wall
    Spider-Man's moves:
    	Webslinging: Press C and then hold down A to sling on a web. You can
    reach higher places.
    	Sticking to Walls and Ceilings: Press a direction and then press C
    twice to stick to a wall or ceiling. If you can't go further, press the a
    direction and press C twice again. When you let go of C, Spider-Man will
    let go.
    	Kick-Attack: Press C and then press B to kick
    	Choices during game-play:
    Press START during game-play to display pause mode. Here you can see:	
    Score: Spider-Man's score so far.
    High Score: The highest score so far.
    Keys remaining: The keys Spider-Man has to find in order to deacti-
    vate the bomb.	
    You can choose the next four icons by using the D button. If you want to
    choose an icon, select one and press start again. The icon is shown at the
    bottom of the screen. You can use the selected item by pressing the A but-
    	Webbing: You can use Spider-Man's webbing. You can see the remaining
    webbing if you look at the web bar. You can either buy or find web.
    Web shield: You can use a web shield to protect Spider-Man, but after
    a few attacks it wears off.
    Camera: You can take pictures to prove Spider-Man's innocence. For
    the normal thugs you only get $5. But for the villains such as dr. Octopus,
    you will get a lot more.
    Peter Parker: Take a rest in Peter Parker's room to refill life and
    webbing. But don't take too long, if you look at the timer you will see
    that time's running out a lot faster now.
    Life Bar: The red life bar shows Spider-Man's remaining life. You can
    find life in all levels, or you can take a rest to refill the life bar.
    When the bar is completely black, the game is over. You see Spider-Man in
    jail, and you can choose to continue. As I recall, you have unlimited con-
    Web Bar: The blue web bar shows Spider-Man's remaining web. If you
    run out of web, you can buy more if you take some good pictures.
    Money: The $ shows how much money Spider-Man has earned taking pic-
    	This part of the FAQ is a short walkthrough, listed with al the ene-
    mies and the money you get for a photo of them. The ones left blank are
    only worth $5.
    	Warehouse Level:
    	This level is fairly simple. Go on until you reach the forklift. Jump
    over it and shoot web at the driver. Repeat this until he is beaten. Con-
    tinue to the right, watch out for thugs and rats, and follow the way to
    Doctor Octopus. When Spider-Man gets a Spider-sense, get down! Crawl to the
    right, until doctor Octopus is at the far right. After one or two strikes,
    get up and hit him. Repeat the process and don't forget to take photos.
    -thugs              18x
    -german shepards     2x          unbeatable, don't waste your web
    -rats                4x
    -forklift            1x ($ 50)  -shoot web at it from behind
    -doctor Octopus         ($150)  -crawl to avoid the tentacles
                                    -when he has striked, get up and hit him
    	Sewer Level:
    	This is my favorite level. Watch out for rats and a bat. Go to the
    right and climb up to the third pipe. Follow the way and look out for rats.
    You will encounter two mutant jumpers. The best way to get rid of them is
    to go back into the sewer pipe and climb up. The mutant jumper will jump
    right through the pipe and will reapear in a pipe in the very beginning of
    the level. You can do this with the second jumper as well. Spider-sense! An
    alligator, you can't beat it, so go on. You will meet a third jumper. You
    can either go back to the pipe on the left or go to the right and shoot him
    from within the pipe. Continue to the right, you will fall out of this
    pipe, swing to the right but watch out for bats and one more alligator.
    Eventually, you will encounter the Lizard. The best thing to do is to get
    down as soon as Spider-Man gets a Spider-sense. Crawl to the left until you
    see the Lizard. Take a photo if you want, but stay down! Get up for a sec-
    ond (the Lizard wil get up too) and shoot web at him. When he is hit, get
    back down. Repeat the process.
    -rats                6x
    -bats                7x
    -mutant jumpers      3x ($ 40)
    -alligators          2x ($ 50)   unbeatable, don't waste your web
    -the Lizard             ($250)  -get down, he'll do the same
                                    -pop up, shoot, and get down again
    	Power Station Level:
    	This is a short, but hard level. I usually swing from the beginning
    to the end of the level, getting hit a couple of times, but this is the
    best chance you've got. Since the lightning creatures are hard to beat.
    Swing to the right until you reach Electro. Get down, and keep shooting web
    until Electro is beaten. Too bad about the web, but a photo of Electro will
    fill it up.
    -lightning creatures 3x ($ 50)
    -thugs               5x
    -Electro                ($250) –keep shooting web at him
    	Central Park Level:
    	Go to the right, and watch out for thugs and snakes. Spider-sense! A
    gorilla. Climb in a tree and get down on a branch. Keep kicking the gorilla
    until he is beaten. Take a photo if you like. Continue to the right when
    you reach the Sandman. You can't beat him with your web, so continue to the
    right to the water hydrant. Watch out for Venom! Stand still on the right
    next to the water hydrant and power up a shield. When Sandman comes up,
    kick the water hydrant. Splash out!
    -snakes              3x
    -thugs               3x
    -gorilla             1x ($ 50)
    -Sandman                ($250) –use the water hydrant
    -Venom                  ($100)
    	City Level:
    	The first thing you see in this level is J. Jonah Jameson walking up
    on Spider-Man, yelling at him. Watch out for the thugs, they're all over
    the city out to get you. Go to the right and fight the brutal biker. Power
    up a shield and get down. Kick him as he passes by. Remember to prepare a
    new shield. After he is beaten, Spider-sense! Go up to face Hobgoblin.
    Avoid his bombs and shoot web in his face. You can also power up a shield
    and kick him in the face, but don't forget to power up new shields! After
    you defeated him, you'll have to fight Venom again. Stand against a wall
    and power up a shield. As the comes closer, hit him and power up a new
    shield. Repeat the process.
    -J. Jonah Jameson       ($ 50)
    -thugs               8x
    -brutal biker        1x ($ 40)
    -Hobgoblin              ($300) –kick him or shoot web in his face
    -Venom                  ($100)
    	Caverns Level:
    -bats                3x
    -thugs              11x
    -lasers             14x
    -x479 robots         8x ($ 50)
    	Last Level:
    	You can't shoot any more photos and in this level you have to deacti-
    vate the bomb.
    -Kingpin                       -shoot or kick him in the head (very hard)
    	I only listed the original cheats here, not the Game Genie nor Action
    Replay cheats.
    Cheat menu: Go to the options screen and highlight the 'level' selec-
    tion. Press and hold start on controller two and a,b,c on controller one.
    Now press ?,? on controller one. The value in the level selection will
    change into '!!!' to confirm correct code entry. Use the following codes:
    web refill           - Pause game-play and press a
    full life            - Pause game-play and press b
    5 sec. invincibility – Pause game-play and press c
    level skip           - Pause game-play and press a,b,c
    	Thanks go out to my parents for buying me and my brother the Sega
    Megadrive (Genesis in USA), Sega for creating such a great Spider-Man game
    and my favorite console, and Kevin T. Raffa for letting me use the basics
    of his Home Alone FAQ.
    This FAQ is written by Wouter Copyright 2000 It should only
    be found on www.gamefaqs.com and www.gameadvice.com and nowhere else. If
    you found this FAQ on another site, please contact me immediately. This FAQ
    is not to be redistributed in any way, shape, or form, whether electroni-
    cally, or in a magazine of some sort. Thank you, and enjoy this great Spi-
    der-Man game!

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