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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Maxx

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spider Man & X-Men In Arcade's Revenge FAQ V. 1.3
    For SNES
    Copyright 2001-2008, Maxx
    I.    Version History
    II.   Controls
    III.  Walkthrough
    IV.   Credits
    -Version 0.1:
       Finished both of Spider-Man's levels
    -Version 0.2:
       Finished both of Wolverine's levels
    -Version 0.4:
       Finished both of Cyclops' levels
    -Version 0.6:
       Finished both of Storm's levels
    -Version 0.8:
       Finished both of Gambit's levels
    -Version 1.0:
       Finished the Transitions and the Final Boss
    -Version 1.3:
       Format update
    -Control Pad: Move Character
    -Spider-Man Controls
     B: Jump
     Y: Fire
     X: Web
    -Wolverine Controls
     B: Jump
     A: Retract Claws
     Y: Stab/Punch
     X: Uppercut
    -Cyclops' Controls
     B: Jump
     A: Kick
     Y: Use Visor
     X: Punch
    -Storm's Controls
     B: Use Tornado
     Y: Use Lighting
     X: Use 8-Way Lighting
    -Gambit's Controls
     B: Jump
     A: Special
     Y: Throw Card
     X: Special (5 second fireball surrounds you)
    The first level automatically starts you off as Spider-Man, so if you wanted to 
    play as somebody else, too bad. You have to run around this building collecting 
    these metal capsule things in a predetermined order. They'll flash red when you 
    have to pick them up. The Spider-Sense tells you were the next one is, so it's 
    really not that hard.
    Right in front of you when you start will be this robot then so shot it and 
    then jump up onto the windowsills. Up there will be the 1st capsule and the 2nd 
    one is on the ground where that robot used to be. Jump to the third windowsill 
    and stand right on the edge. From here shot the web and hold right so you go 
    across the gap and grab the 3rd capsule.
    Now fall into the gap, run forward, and climb up the wall for the 4th one. Now 
    climb back down for the 5th one and to get the 6th one you'll need to climb all 
    the way to the top of the shaft. For the 7th capsule, you'll need to leave, go 
    left, and then jump up and grab it. Now go to the roof and kill the robot, 
    swing across to the right and grab the 8th one. Now fall down the shaft until 
    you grab capsules 9-11. Now grab the wall and go to the left. Find capsules 12 
    and 13 and then fall to the bottom of the shaft. Here, you'll find numbers 14 
    and 15. Climb up to the next cave part above you and go left. Either kill or 
    run past the robot on the ceiling [it's easier to run under it]. Go left, down, 
    and then right to collect capsule 16. Now go back they way you came to find 
    numbers 17-19. Climb down to the bottom floor and grab the 20th and go through 
    the door that opens.
    See, I told you it was easy.
    Spider-Man: Level 1
    Start off by running forward and climbing the wall. Shoot the robot and swing 
    across, and follow the path of the brown spider things. Now fall down and kill 
    the robot. Jump to the platform to the right, and then swing across to the next 
    platform. If you climb up you'll find two red spiders. Now go back and grab the 
    heart under you and keep going forward. After awhile you'll reach a wall, so 
    climb up it. When you're at the top, start swinging across to the left until 
    you can exit the room.
    Now go up and all the way right. For this part you'll need to stay up high or 
    else you'll have to go back and start again. When you reach a wall on the 
    right, you can climb up it to earn an extra life. Now go all the way down and 
    then right. This time you have to climb up and use a zigzag pattern to go up. 
    When you get to a narrow path to the left, this guy is going to jump out at 
    you. He hops around and shoots lasers, so you going to have to kill him unless 
    you don't value your life. If you kill him, you get five hearts.
    Now go left and down until you reach the left edge. Now start climbing up. When 
    you reach the top, run right and continue to the end. In here you'll have to 
    fight this red bat thing with a blue stone in its claws. Just keep shooting it 
    and it'll drop these red stones that give you points and raise you health. 
    After awhile, he'll die.
    Spider-Man: Level 2
    Swing up on the platforms and watch out for the bottomless pit on the right. 
    When you get to the top, run right but you'll have some problem with the wind. 
    The rain shows you which way the wind is blowing so pay attention to it. Now 
    there isn't a floor to this place so you'll have to be careful and keep in the 
    When you leave this area, keep going right. You'll see a spider path leading to 
    the next building so shoot a web from the building you're on to get across. 
    There will be two steel pillars and a castle. Near the bottom of the castle is 
    another extra life. Now to the right is the boss, who I'm pretty sure is 
    Carnage. Trap him in the corner and keep shooting him until he's dead.
    After you kill him you have to fight Rhino at the bottom. He charges around, 
    like a Rhino would (and we all know there's nothing more serious than a rhino 
    charging you), so just swing into him with you web to harm him. After you swing 
    into him enough times, he's dead and the level is over.
    Wolverine: Level 1
    Wolverine can actually regenerate health so that's pretty good, even though he 
    regenerates slowly. When you're using your claws, you can tear apart some walls 
    and have a longer range so it's a good idea to keep them out while playing.
    I don't know why Wolverine got stuck with the toy level. When you start the 
    level, run right and kill the clown. He'll regenerate, so don't bother killing 
    them all. The jack-in-the-box with the machine gun isn't too tough, just keep 
    stabbing him. Follow a zigzag pattern until you get to about the fifth floor 
    and you'll see a flashing extra life. Grab it and continue going up until you 
    come to a wall with a crack in it.
    Just uppercut it a few times and you'll destroy the wall. This level is pretty 
    damn easy; just keep zigzagging up the floors until you reach this blue robot 
    guy, who might be a Sentinel. It's been awhile since I've played, you see. He 
    has long arms and jumps around a lot. Stab him and run away or uppercut him 
    when he lands. Keep doing this until he blows up.
    Wolverine: Level 2
    I hate this level. It's just a straight path, but you've got Juggernaut chasing 
    you the whole time. Just run away and cut down the anvils and weights so he 
    runs into him, which hurts him. If you go too fast, he'll speed up and it'll be 
    harder. It helps if you turn around and stab him a whole bunch of times and 
    then run before he tramples you. They'll be some big bags in the floor filled 
    with toys so jump over them. At the end is a really big bag that you can't jump 
    over. I originally thought that you had to wait there and jump over him when he 
    comes so he runs behind you and into the bag, but no. If you jump, he jumps and 
    head butts you in mid air. The trick is to kill him before you reach the bag, 
    because if you don't, you're screwed.
    Cyclops: Level 1
    I'm guessing he's in a mine or something. Run forward and kill the soldier guy, 
    but watch out, he's got a rifle. Wait for a cart to roll down the track, and 
    then hop in it before it passes you. Jump out at the next station place and 
    climb up to the top. Four soldiers are guarding this ruby so kill them all. 
    Jump back down and get into the cart will now be going backwards. Ride it to 
    the end and go down the path. Run right, and watch out for the electric rail. 
    Jump onto a platform and they'll be some orb-like robots. Grab the big ruby 
    that's hanging above you. Now above you will be this big piston thing that 
    crushes you if you go under it. Run forward and then back quickly to trigger 
    it. Jump on top of it and go right. Now go up and left to get an extra life.
    Jump down until you reach another cart, and ride it to the end. You'll want to 
    shot at spikes falling from the ceiling and bombs at fly at you. When you reach 
    the end, an enemy that has to be kicked and/or punched to death will attack 
    you. Jump into the next cart and stay in until you reach a soldier in another 
    cart, then jump off and onto the platform. Kill all the enemies around you. 
    There's a protected ruby above you, but go through a small hole to get to the 
    rest of the level.
    Go down the path and you'll see another cart path. Keep going down until you 
    reach a cliff with no other platforms in sight. Now fall down and land on a 
    platform under the cliff and from there jump down into another cart. Ride it to 
    the end where you'll fight another blue boss guy, this time I think it was 
    Apocalypse. Just avoid his shots and keep shooting him.
    Cyclops: Level 2
    Run forward and avoid the electrical tracks by jumping across the platforms. At 
    the end is the Apocalypse again. Kill him the same way you did before and exit. 
    Now you fight Apocalypse, I think that's him. He's really big and pretty tough. 
    He shoots missiles and lasers so shoot the missiles and jump over the lasers. 
    Whenever you can, shoot his arm.
    After awhile his arm will fall off and you'll need to step down to the lower 
    platform and shot up at his shoulder. He'll start jumping so shoot at his head 
    then. Keep doing this until he dies.
    Strange, because if I remember correctly, Apocalypse could never be beaten or 
    die, he was immortal. So much for that...
    Storm: Level 1
    Shoot the clam that's to the right to gain a whirlwind. Destroy the capsule 
    thing to raise the water level. In this level you'll need to shoot every one of 
    these capsules. Swims left, down, and shoot the wall off to the right. Go 
    through the tunnel that opens up and then go up. Continue along the path and 
    you'll reach a dead end in the upper left corner. There's a capsule here, but 
    don't shoot it yet. Dive down and go up to the right. The water wasn't high 
    enough before so shoot the capsule now. Go back to the upper left corner and go 
    through the door.
    Now swim left, down, and shoot the wall to your right. Now resurface for air 
    and dive back down to shoot the capsule you missed before. Swim left, up, and 
    then follow the path until you see a yellow-green spinning ball on the right 
    side of the screen. Get some air and then shoot at the orb until it blows up.
    Storm: Level 2
    Before you shoot the first capsule, kill all the surrounding enemies. Leave at 
    the right and go into the room with the glass structures. Resurface for air and 
    dive near one of the glass machines. When the flame enters on of the glasses, 
    shoot it with lighting to destroy it. Do this until all of the capsules are 
    destroyed. Get all the capsules, like the one in the little cave to the right 
    and finish off the glass structures to beat the level.
    Gambit: Level 1
    The goal of Gambit's levels is pretty simple. Get to the end of the level at 
    the right. Collect 100 stars to get an extra life. At the top of the screen is 
    a red bar. After you kill an enemy, it'll turn into a card, which replenishes 
    your meter. Behind is a huge spiked wheel that rolls after you. You can stop it 
    temporarily by throwing cards at it, but I wouldn't waste them, just keep 
    running. Shoot the yellow blocks in your way to destroy them. At the end of the 
    first level is a giant playing card that's the boss of the level. Stand under 
    him and shoot cards at him until he disappears. When he reappears, he'll shoot 
    out these bolts that create enemies. Keep shooting him and the enemies until 
    they're both dead.
    Gambit: Level 2
    This level scrolls vertically instead of horizontally. Take the left path when 
    it splits and then the second to the right. Then you'll see the boss. Shoot at 
    her arms and grab the deck of cards if you run out. 
    Then keep shooting her.
    I like these levels because a drunken circus monkey could beat them.
    Run forward and kill everything. Wow, that was hard.
    Run forward and kill everything with your claws. Hey, where have we seen this 
    This one is a little challenging. Try to jump past the knight at the first jump 
    and then just hope you reach the other side when you make the other jump.
    This one has special controls
     A: Shoot Water
     B: Jump
     C: Use Whirlwind (like Gambit's special)
    Don't run into the enemies and this will be easy.
    Just make you way to the bottom.
    First is this clown robot thing that rolls around and throws bombs. 
    Shoot his head. Then he'll bounce around on a spring and drop more bombs. 
    Again, shoot his head. Now he'll start rolling around really fast and throw a 
    whole bunch of bombs. Let's see...Oh yeah, shoot his head. After he's dead you 
    get some hearts.
    Now for the most viscous attack of the game...some white guys with guns! OH MY 
    GOD!!! For some reason, these guys are taller then they look so shoot above 
    their heads to kill him. There are 8 of them so kill them all. I bet you're 
    proud of yourself now that you've beaten the game, right? Well, not after you 
    see the stupid ending.
    Well, for one, Marvel because they made all the characters and all that stuff. 
    And this whole thing is copyrighted to me, me, and me. Ask me if you want to 
    copy it or anything. And you can find this FAQ at:

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