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    FAQ/Walkthrough by hangedman

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    ///////////// SPLATTERHOUSE 3 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    *A mostly comprehensive FAQ written by me, Clayton Walker, 
    hangedman@iname.com.  This may not be used without my expressed written 
    conscent, meaning that sites that post it up and tell me a week later that 
    they did (without my permission, might I add) will be dealt with harshly.  Ask 
    me, and you can use it.  If you go behind my back, that's stealing.  Enough 
    bitching, on with the show.
    {To Start Off With...}
    Chances are, you're certainly interested in splatterhouse if you're reading 
    this.  As for me, I was hooked on the arcade version of the first 
    splatterhouse, and was the sole reason I bought a TG16.  The subsequent 
    genesis versions were just as great, if not better.  Splatterhouse 3 
    represents a huge departure from the rest of the series in the fact that it 
    allows for multiple endings, multiple rooms, and more special moves on the 
    part of Rick.  It's most likely the best game in the series, which will 
    hopefully be eclipsed by the 128 bit splatterhouse that'll come out soon (I 
    hope).  Please, Namco.  Baby jesus wants another splatterhouse game.
    {You're here because...}
    You probably want to know why exactly your family members are dying in the 
    game, or how to beat a few bosses.  That's fine.  The splatterhouse games are 
    hard, but 3 is definately the easiest.  Splatterhouse 1 and 2 are impossible.  
    The last boss of splatterhouse 2 is nearly unbeatable without codes.  I keep 
    getting killed by the floating head boss in the first game, meat cleaver or no 
    meat cleaver.  Grrr.  At any rate, I was shocked when I beat this SH 
    installment.  The difficulty is just at the right curve.  Getting there is 
    pretty easy to accomplish, so read on.  If you get discouraged, play the first 
    2 to get really discouraged.
    ----------------------------------------------{Basic Story and Premise}-------
    You are Rick.  You're somewhat different looking this time around, somewhat 
    different from a complete ripoff of Jason Voorhees.  The hockey mask is now 
    more of a seething and hateful skull mask.  Nice touch.  At any rate, Rick has 
    absolute crap luck with finding a good house that's not posessed by the 
    undead, or some unspeakable evil.  I think the first game said Rick and 
    Jennifer (your ill fated wife) were parapsychology students, which stumbled 
    onto some evil (bad luck) researching a reknowned parapsychology recluse.  The 
    end of the first game implied that the mask was destroyed and Jennfier was 
    dead.  However, I think somewhere between the first and second games (hmm...) 
    Namco decided that the first game's entire story wasn't good enough to provide 
    a setup for a sequel, so they made a sequel of the same name but having 
    nothing to do with the first story.  SH2 starts with you having to go back to 
    the house to save Jennifer, as you've been dreaming that she's been alive all 
    this time.  However, she's still being held by the same evil force.  2 ends 
    much as expected. Chop, Hack, Punch, hooray.  Winners don't do drugs!  Let's 
    all give a cheer for parapsychology and the ability it gives us to punch 
    zombies in half!  Is your college major undecided?  Now you have no excuse.
    So here comes number 3.  Rick's luck runs out several years after the second 
    game when, for whatever reason, the "evil" returns to Rick's current house to 
    inflict, uh... evil...upon Rick's family, including his 5 year old son David.  
    To Namco's defense though, the third game actually had passable and convincing 
    dialog.  Rick seemed genuinely pissed off the whole game.  Although, they had 
    a good story going.  If it was a continuous one, and a better written one, the 
    game could have benefitted.  At any rate, beat the hell out of the uglies this 
    time around for the sake of your family.  Otherwise, they end up dead.  Good 
    incentive to work hard.
    -------------------------------------------------{The Mansion}----------------
    How does a parapsychology student get this huge house?  The floor plans of 
    this house include about 30 rooms per floor!  However, I digress.  The levels 
    are divided into floors, which can be traversed in a number of different ways.  
    After every fight in a room is over, you have a choice (more often than not) 
    of which way to go.  Your destination on the map appears as a giant X.  You 
    need to get to that X in as short as possible, otherwise, Jennifer or David 
    Things to note:
        >Yellow doors warp to another part of the house, and are crucial in saving 
    time and getting to extra lives
        >You can only navigate through the house when all monsters in the current 
    room are dead.
        >The bee-line path is always the longest one.  Although there are less 
    rooms, the monster difficulty and
           amount are always higher nine times out of ten.
        >Endings / cutscenes are determined on how fast you get to the 
    destination, marked by 30 sec. intervals.
    -------------------------------------------{Your Moves}-----------------------
    Note: there are 2 different sets of moves for Rick and Monster Rick, although 
    basic moves are universal.
    These will also depend on your controller configuration.
    Basic Moves:
    Directional button: Move up, down, left, right.
    (A): Default is mutate into monster Rick.  Monster Rick does not revert back 
    when button is pressed again.
    NOTE!  You need power to do this.  Power for Monster rick depletes slowly.    
    (B):  Default is jump.  You jump.  Useful for the uber-leet jump kick.  
    (C):  Default is attack.  Hits the other guy, can be used to pick up items if 
    you're standing over them.
    Grab: Move towards enemy.  When nearly touching, Rick will grab the enemy 
    Pause: Stops game.  Good when you need to drink something or go to the 
    As Rick:
    (C), (C), (C), (C)  4 hit combo.  Ends with an uppercut, which knocks down all 
    enemies.  Can be interrupted by certain enemies, can also be blocked.  Basic 
    button mash combo.  The only button mash combo 
    (B), in air (C)  Your garden variety jump kick.  Not powerful, but provides an 
    instant knockdown.  Good for crowd control.  Ensures that you won't have to 
    deal with too many baddies at once.
    GRAB, (C), (C), (C) Triple headbutt.  Lots of damage, but most lower level bad 
    guys get knocked down after headbutt 2.  
    GRAB, Forward and (C) Your throw. You can hurl a bad guy into another badguy 
    for an instant knockdown.  Very weak, but gives you a knockdown and some 
    distance.  Can be done after 2 headbutts.
    BACK, FORWARD, (C)  Spin Kick.  This is by far the most useful move in the 
    game.  This will be used more than you'd like after a while, as it has the 
    strength of 2 punch combos, is easily done, knocks guys down, and provides 
    invincibility for 5 seconds.  This allows you to kill most lower baddies in 
    one move, often in pairs.  Good for keeping time.
    As Monster Rick:
    (C), (C), (C)  Triple punch combo.  Smacks the guy around good.  However, this 
    isn't as fast as Rick's combo,   so be prepared for smarter enemies to punch 
    you during the windup of the second and third punches.  Much more powerful 
    than Rick's combo
    (B), in air, (C)  Jump Kick.  More powerful, but not by much.  Double jumpkick 
    power isn't too great of a deal, but you can work lots of opponents over fast 
    by jumpkicking them silly.
    GRAB (C), (C), (C)  Choke.  Cool looking, and does a lot of damage, if you can 
    spend the time doing it.  Watch your back, as the chokes take a while to pull 
    off.  Throw can be done after the first choke or second choke.  
    GRAB, Hold down and (C)  Gut Punch.  Cool, but I haven't found it very useful.  
    Pretty much, it socks the guy in the gut once, and does about as much damage 
    as 2 chokes.  Faster than a combo or choke, so know that it's at your 
    disposal.  Can be done after 1 or 2 chokes.  
    Special Move:  It's my shortcoming that I have no idea how to do this.  
    Monster Rick shoots a bunch of muscle like tentacles from his stomach and 
    knocks everything around him down.  As I recall, it was some sort of odd 
    circle motion.  If you know how to do this, please E-Mail me.  By the way, 
    this move almost never worked even when I did know how to do it.  It also 
    depletes your power.  Oh well.  Very powerful.  Good for saving time.  Do E-
    mail if you know this though.
    -------------------------------{It sounds to me like Monster Rick sucks!}-----
    You shut up! Well, there is a counterbalance.  Monster Rick can do more damage 
    if he consumes a power pill (discussed later) while already mutated.  He also 
    is more resistant to attacks (damage almost cut in half), and does more damage 
    to enemies than Rick with his regular attacks.  You switch to M.Rick when you 
    need to go with a defensive nature, ironically, as M.Rick is slower and less 
    adept at fighting multiple opponents.  Life can be saved in this manner.  
    Monster Rick serves a great purpose in boss fights, as you can take your time 
    on only one opponent.  
    A beat em up without enemies would be like a resident evil game without the 
    zombies.  It can't be done.  Fortunately, splatterhouse 3 will be more than 
    fair within its assortment of ghastly people to beat the hell out of.  Some 
    are easy, others will have you yelling at the screen in rage.  Bosses will be 
    listed seperately.
    <Headless Zombie> These guys are the workhorses of the evil one.  They 
    populate lower levels and show up in numbers to make up for their useless 
    nature.  The zombies only have a slow punch-punch combo that can be 
    interrupted, but rely on having 2 of them tag team you with it, where the 
    damage does add up.  Lower level zombies take 2 combos before going down.  One 
    spinkick will instantly kill one of them, which is generally the best way to 
    deal with them whenever you can.
    <Clawed Monster>  More savage than the regular zombies.  These guys have large 
    clawed arms that have a very long reach.  Later on, they'll use a slide attack 
    that knocks you down and does fair damage.  Mostly these guys take about 3 
    combos to put down, and cannot be killed by only one spinkick.  My advice:  
    Spinkick them, then combo when they get up.  Again, don't let them get the 
    upper hand and gang up on you, as they can do a nasty 3 hitter that does 
    massive damage.
    <Fat Zombie> These guys take all that you can throw at them.  They have 2 
    forms of attack: a regular bite with good range and priority, as well as a 
    running bite later on that will mow down 50 percent of your health.  Best way 
    to floor them is by spinkicking them as soon as they get up, as they'll have a 
    tendency to interrupt your combos with an extremely damaging bite.  Grabbing 
    and headbutting work marginally well, but know that the red ones in the later 
    levels (3 and onward) can stomach as many as 8 spinkicks and get up for more.  
    Also, grabbing is dangerous in the fact that they can bite you when you try to 
    get close.  
    <Puffy Zombie> Show up first in level 2.  Very useless in attack, but they 
    take a lot of damage.  Often paired with the clawed and headless zombies to 
    provide a distraction.  Knock down often to deal with other threats.  Funny 
    though, they get beaten up  very badly, and start leaking after you knock the 
    stuffing out of them a bit.  Can take 2 or 3 spinkicks, then die.  Note 
    though, that the later level puffies will start doing a 3 hit combo, 
    especially when you're fighting someone else.  They'll scratch you up like a 
    cat on crack.  Regardless, combos work well, as do headbutts.  
    <Jaw Zombie> These guys have a huge set of bear trap teeth.  Oddly enough 
    though, they slide at you.  If you get too close, they hit you with a tongue 
    that knocks you down.  Slide hits fairly hard, but the tongue attack really 
    hurts.  Spinkick as soon as they get up, don't allow a chance for them to 
    attack.  Make them into a very high priority of removal.  
    <Dog Zombie> This Zombie breed is very odd.  They spit mostly harmless acid, 
    which won't do too much to your lifebar if it connects.  However, they have a 
    bite knockdown of small power, as well as some attack where they stab you with 
    their intestines, which does about 40 percent damage.  Stay clear of it.  They 
    take lots of hits, so be persistant in comboing or spinkicking.  
    <Cloaked Monster>  By far, these guys are the worst in the game.  I think you 
    meet them in level 4.  Be warned!  If you approach them dead on from the 
    front, they do a huge swipe from beneath their cloak that hurts really bad, 
    equivalent to a fat guy rush.  After the fact, they teleport away from all 
    your attacks, meaning the only way to do any damage is by headbutts, which can 
    complicate things when there's 2 of them.  Punch near one of them to make it 
    teleport away, then grab the other one (Move diagonally to aboid the swipe) 
    and headbutt away.  Monster rick works well against these guys.
    Even worse, after you wail on them, they turn into a disfigured head that 
    tries to lick you.  The lick does as much damage as the swipe, but again, it's 
    a horizontal attack.  The head cannot teleport, so this time you can spinkick 
    or combo its floating ass.
    <Nuisance enemies> Including but not limited to poltergiest books, severed 
    hands, floor spirits, etc.  They take over one large room and fill it up with 
    their presence.  If they hit, it causes you to be stunned for a moment and 
    drop whatever weapon you have.  Damage is nothing to worry about.  Ten hits 
    from going through a room like this, and your life is practically uneffected.
       >All enemies attack horizontally.  Approaching an enemy on the same plane 
    as you by walking at him will 
         result in you getting hit.  Move diagonally to opponents to save life.  
    You can then grab them with
         relative ease.
       >Any enemy with a projectile attack does little damage.  
       >Spinkicking renders you invincible.  Best way to take out sliding enemies.
       >Enemies have multiple stages of deformation, meaning that they get more 
    bloody the more you pound
         on them.  Each stage of deformation results in a knockdown, which means 
    that longer combos and 
         headbutts are cancelled.  Spinkicks can add damage after the deformation, 
    allowing you to kill enemies
         that would normally take 2 combos to kill in one hit.
    <Level 1> A big monster.  Has the ability to block your attacks.  Also has a 
    horrible way of moving around you over and over without attacking, no matter 
    what you try and do.  Also can jump to the other side of the screen while 
    invincible.  Turn into monster rick and choke the hell out of him until his 
    head falls off.  After this, he'll gain a new attack where he can shoot a hand 
    out of his gaping throat wound.  Fair damage, horizontal attack.  Otherwise, 
    he tries to punch you with a knockdown.  Can spit mostly irritating vomit, 
    does little damage.  Headbutt if out of power.
    This boss also shows up periodically as a regular enemy, but has greatly 
    reduced hitpoints.  Still has all abilites of the regular boss though, such as 
    a block.  
    <Level 2> Boreworm.  He, like the first boss, can block your attacks.  Also 
    can jump from one side of the screen to the other, while dropping smaller 
    worms on you.  Attacks via a 2 headbutt combo, which knocks you down.  After 
    too much, he'll burst open, and attempt to hit you with several groundslides.  
    Spinkick as soon as he bolts towards you, and you'll connect.  Don't choke the 
    hell out of him like you did the first one, play it safe.  He'll burst after 
    about 4 choke runs (3 chokes in each run), and then die after roughly 3 
    spinkicks.  Jump kick him if he gets too close and you're uncomfortable.
    <Level 3>  Teddy bear.  One of the more cool game bosses.  He'll appear first 
    as a harmless teddy bear with only 1 attack: a weak headbutt-rush like E Honda 
    of street fighter.  After you kick him around, he tears out of the bear, 
    partially, to kick your ass.  His main attack is a rush across the screen 
    which does good damage, and he'll follow it up with a painful 3 hit stab combo 
    if you get too close to him.  Spinkicks are your best friend here, as he can 
    rush into your grab or combo attmepts.  Immune to all attacks during his rush, 
    which makes it diffucult to smack him.  He also blocks, which loses it's charm 
    <Level 4>  Monster Fetus.  This guy is a huge pushover.  Almost as easy as the 
    first boss if you know how to kill him.  The fetus has a slow attack, which 
    doesn't knock you down, as well as an electric shock if you get too close.  
    Pound on the fetus (sorry all you pro-lifers) at about an arm's length away to 
    combo it into oblivion.  After a few beatings, it'll fall to the ground and 
    turn into a monster that can bite, shock, and rush.  Easy stuff from here on 
    in.  Jump kick it into the corner and do spinkick after spinkick, pinning it 
    into the wall.  It will block the first kick and get nailed by the second.  
    You can grab it, but I would advise against it due to the huge electric shock 
    it sometimes performs.  
    <Level 5>  The evil one.  The evil one will attempt to teleport around the 
    area and shoot your feet with small fireballs.  To avoid it, move diagonally 
    to avoid the first, and jump to miss the second.  To attack him, you need to 
    grab him.  Usually, he doesn't sock you when you attempt this, although he may 
    teleport away.  Headbutt or choke into oblivion.  He'll get hurt and split 
    open partially, and gain a new attack (like every boss in this game, surprise) 
    where he shoots a huge head from his chest that does massive damage if it 
    connects.  However, the head is a horizontal attack, so stay off his 
    proverbial plane and he'll never employ it.  I think he'll still shoot 
    fireballs and have all of his old attacks.  Choke to death, again.      
    <Level 6>  The Mask!  GASP!  Well, surprise surprise.  It only seemed right 
    that a self conscious peice of headgear would be hellbent on world domination 
    for no good reason.  The Evil One being it's sole competition in traditional 
    evil world takeover, a quick death was inevitable.  With the evil one out of 
    the way, the mask wants a shot at evil now.  So, oddly enough, you need to 
    beat the crap out of a huge mask demon/beast thing.  The curious mind also 
    ponders why you're wearing your mask during all this.
    The first form (Sigh, another double-header boss) is easy.  Beat the hell out 
    of it with combos or choke it to death.  Move diagonally to avoid projectiles.  
    It also teleports, be warned.  After enough love, it turns into a giant mask.  
    Who saw that coming?  it has 3 moves: Teleport, Spikes, and Homing Mask.  The 
    spikes are a horizontal projectile.  Move diagonally whenever the mask is in 
    sight.  The homing masks are large projectiles that follow you.  They 
    disappear after they hit you, or after a set amount of time.  Due to this 
    nature, always throw the mask to the sides when done choking or headbutting 
    it, which is the only way to inflict damage on the second form.  If the homing 
    mask is shot by the boss in the middle of the stage, YOU WILL GET HIT.  It 
    also stings badly.  Your life will deplete.  Choke to death for the ending.
    ----------------------{Weapons / Items}---------------------------------------
    Although it seems like there are many weapons, other splatterhouse games 
    eclipse this one.  A tradeoff for a better fighting engine I suppose.  
    Power Up: Gives you power to turn into Monster Rick.  Consuming one of these 
    while already mutated allows you to inflict even more damage.  Definately 
    good.  One Power up orb is enough to clear out one room full of guys as M. 
    Rick, not really too much in your interest to only save them for boss fights.  
    Take out any group of 3-4 monsters as M. Rick for defensive purposes.
    Life Up: Dah!!! It Makes you fly! (or boosts your health, stupid).  Looks like 
    a pulsating heart.
    Extra Life: Looks kinda like a bible.  Extra Life.
    Brick type: Damage equal to one rick combo.  Knocks enemies down, and must be 
    picked up after each throw.  Not practical for teleporters or large groups of 
    enemies.  Fairly weak. Note that because of the way it works, ghosts tend to 
    steal it more often than not.
    Board Type: Baseball Bat, Two by Four, etc.  As much damage as a brick hit, 
    but the bat never leaves your hands.  Can be used infinitely, causes messy 
    head splatters on baddies.  Good for gourps, but it has a slow windup.  Be 
    ready for it.
    Blade Type: Cleaver, Knife.  This is the end all be all weapon.  If you find 
    it, do not let ghosts get it.  Damage is equal to about 1.5 bat hits (three 
    combos worth of pain!  That's good damage!).  Also causes messy effects.  
    Otherwise, no different in operation than the bat.
    ~About the Ghosts~ Ghosts will attempt to steal your weapon in every level if 
    it hits the floor.  To remedy this, do not get knocked down.  If your weapon 
    hits the floor, go after it before it's lost.  There is a room in the floor 
    you are on (Always) which has all the weapons retrieved by ghosts, but going 
    out of your way to get there can be a hassle.  
    Each level can be taken in a long way or a short way.  Long ways often have 
    weapons, lifeups, and extra lives.  Short ways are better for getting a happy 
    ending (in Splatterhouse?  NAH!).  Yellow doors warp you to another part of 
    the house, and there's always a room in which stolen weapons are stored.
    <Level 1> The first floor.  Low level badguys, some weaponry.  Fast to get 
    through, although damn near impossible to get to the destination by 3:00.  
    Determines Jennifer's mortality.
    FAST WAY: right, right, up, right, up, up, right, down, up, up, right.
    <Level 2> Enemies are tougher.  Determines whether jennifer lives, dies, or 
    becomes a mindless beast.
    FAST WAY: down, left, down, left, down, down, right, right
    <Level 3> Enemies hate your stinking hockey mask wearing soul.  Determines how 
    fast you get to David.
    FAST WAY: left, left, up, right, right, right, left, left, up, right, right.
    <Level 4> Meet the cloaked bastards.  I promise they'll kill you the first 
    time.  Promise.  Determines David's Mortality.  
    FAST WAY: left, left, down, right, right, up, down through yellow door, right, 
    right, right, up.
    <Level 5> Determines nothing.  Hard.  No real incentive for beating it fast, 
    so why bother?
    <Level 6> The end boss.  Beat and be happy.
    I've listed the order you travel from the pause map in order to make good 
    time.  Although I'm sure faster ways have been found, these allow you to get 
    the best ending if you can beat the creatures in them fast enough.  
    ~LEVEL X~
    This level shows up every now and then.  You can get it for sure after level 1 
    if you get to the boss as fast as possible (Not sure exactly) and then turn 
    into monster rick and whoop his ass in 30 seconds or less.  hard to do.  You 
    get a small cutscene (RICK: "HUH?") and proceed to a level with 2 extra lives 
    and some fat zombies.  Fun.  It's also rumored you can get to these areas if 
    you have 3 minutes remaining when you get to the destination or beat the boss 
    there, I forget honestly, but it's near impossible to traverse the floors that 
    fast.  Another thing rumored is that if you access the level X from level 2 or 
    higher, it skips the next level, IE, after going from floor 2 to X, the next 
    floor you fight through is 4, as it skips.  
    However, the level's kinda boring.  There's not much except for those lives, 
    which you probably sacrificed in rushing through the level to get there.
    There are 4 possible:
    Jen and David live
    Jen and David die
    Jen lives, David dies
    Jen dies, David lives.
    Don't expect anything Spielbergian from these.  They're about as long as a 
    between level cinematic, which needless to say isn't long.  In fact, the 
    cinematics between the levels is better than these piles of crap.  The good 
    ending is the worst and most boring.  Kill your family for a real man's 
    ----------------------------------{Final Words}-------------------------------
    I'll cream my pants when I see the next splatterhouse.  As it stands, I'm fine 
    with playing through the trilogy every now and then.  It's good clean fun for 
    the whole famil..... no, wait, just me.
    RICK: "This Guide written by Clayton Walker!!"
    MASK: "Use that hatred and anger to write him at hangedman@iname.com!!"
    RICK: "...!!"
    MASK: "E-mail if you know how to do that damned Gut-buster Super move!!"    
    RICK: "Get permission before you post this guide!!"
    *By the way, I've also written guides for Maken X and Counter-Strike.  Check 
    them out and let me know what you think.  I like getting feedback.  Thanks for 

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