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    Enemy List by Mageknight

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/30/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Streets of Rage 3
    Produced by Sega
    Virtual Console game for the Nintendo Wii/
    Enemy Listing Guide (c) Mageknight, 2007
    =====Table of Contents=====
    I) Introduction
    II) Verson History
    III) Regular Enemies
    	1) Garcia
    	2) Donovan
    	3) Goldie	
    	4) Soozie	
    	5) Zack
    	6) McBride
    	7) Bongo
    	8) Storm
    	9) Scarab
    	10) Electra
    	11) Fabio
    	12) Chiba
    	13) Rocket
    	14) XP-1
    IV) Bosses
    	A) Shiva
    	B) Bruce and Roo
    	C) Mona and Lisa
    	D) Axel
    	E) Yanmoto
    	F) Robot X
    	G) Jet
    	H) Dr. Dahm
    	I) Robot Y
    V) Credits, Copyrights, and Contact info
    In this guide, I'll show you a list of all enemy types that appear in the 
    game, how they fight, and the best way to handle them. Bosses will also be 
    listed. Note that all enemies, except bosses, have color swapped counterparts 
    that act the same, only difference being their names. I won't give a list of 
    all names that appear, just the primary names.
    =====II) Version History=====
    v1.0: Created and completed enemy listing. (11/8/07)
    v1.2: Fixed some spelling errors. (11/8/07)
    v1.5: Fixed Robot X's name, fixed layout on some enemies along with adding
    list of their attacks. (12/31/07)
    =====III)Regular Enemies=====
    1) Garcia
    -Appearence: Usually wears blue pants and a blue jacket. Has red hair.
    -Attacks: Basic punches, flying elbow, knife stab.
    This guy is your most common foe and you'll pretty much see him and his clones
    for most of the game, just like in the previous games. These guys are not hard 
    to take down, but can overwhelm you if you get surrounded. They sometimes jump
    into the air to smash you with their elbows, but that is rare. Be careful if 
    they come with knives since they will charge at you. If that happens, do an 
    arial attack or a special attack. They can also pick up dropped knives and 
    sometimes even pick up health items! Their health is usually weak, 
    though there are many kinds that have a lot more. Any attack will work on them.
    2) Donovan
    -Appearence: Wears blue pants and no shirt. Wears sunglasses and has slight
    to dark skin.
    -Attacks: Punches followed by an uppercut or a downward fist smash. Also does
    an uppercut as a stand alone attack, wield pipe.
    Donovan is back from Streets of Rage 2 and is meaner than ever. His smash and
    uppercut attacks can knock you down. If you try to attack him from the air,
    there is a good chance he will counter by using an uppercut to knock you out
    from the sky. Donovans can pick up and use pipes against you and they might
    also use health items found in the stages. Donovans are a bit faster than
    Garcias, making grabs a bit risky. Their health varies like the Carcias, but
    usually have a bit more than them. Handle Donovans like a Garcia, just with
    more caution.
    3) Goldie
    -Appearence: Black pants and red vest with a yellow shirt. Has blonde hair
    with a red headband.
    -Attacks: Basic punches, kick.
    Goldie is a new enemy, but not that common like Garcias. Goldies aren't hard
    to take down, but they have the ability to block your attacks. If they start 
    to block, grab and attack them. Although it is rare, Goldies may kick you,
    which knocks you down instantly. Goldies can also take your health items.
    Goldie's heatlh are usually low, so it won't take long to finish them.
    Any attack will work on them, but mix up your attacks or they will start
    4) Soozie
    -Appearence: Gray pants, blue shirt with a belt, blone mohawk with a blue
    -Attacks: Slap, multislap, flying kick.
    Soozie is a new female punk and can be quite annoying. Their regular slap 
    attack may knock you down, but their multislap attack can be a real killer. 
    If you get caught in their multislap, do a special attack to break free. 
    Soozies can also use a flying kick to knock you down and they sometimes jump 
    away from you to avoid your attacks. Their health is usually low. Any attack 
    will work on them, but be careful about their slaps if you get too close.
    5) Zack
    -Appearence: Black pants and black shirt with a blue vest, backwards red cap,
    red gloves.
    -Attacks: Basic punches, grab and multi headbutt, grab and hold.
    Zack is as common as the Goldie punks. Their punches aren't threatening, but
    their grabs are. If they grab you from the front, they will headbutt you
    several times. If this happens, use a special attack to break free. If they
    grab you from behind, they will hold you so other punks can hit you. However,
    this can be used to your advantage. While a Zack holds you from behind, press
    the jump button to make your character kick their legs in the air so any foe
    in front of you gets hit. After your character kicks, press the jump button
    as soon as you land on your feet to throw the Zack over you to break free.
    Since Zacks have a good chance of grabbing you, don't get too close to them
    and stick to your attacks. Zacks have fairly low health and can also use
    health items.
    6) McBride
    -Appearence: Black sunglasses, black suit with a red tie, holds a pistol.
    -Attacks: Shoot, punches folowed by grab and throw.
    McBride and his gunmen are not commonly found until the end of the game. They
    will usually stay at a distance and fire a single bullet. If you get too close
    to them, they will punch you a few times, then grab and toss you. 
    Ranged attacks like weapons or Blaze's fireball work well. McBrides usually 
    appear in groups of 2 or 3, but it is rare that only 1 will appear. 
    Their health is usually around the same amount as yours, so it won't be easy 
    to take them down.
    7) Bongo
    -Appearence: Very fat, white shirt with red pants, brown suspenders, red cap.
    -Attacks: Backhand slap, fire breath, roll, co-op attack.
    Bongo and his merry crew of fat men return and are harder to take down. Bongos 
    are usually slow, but they have lots of health. They don't appear too often.
    Unlike in Streets of Rage 2, Bongos cannot be tossed, due to their weight.
    If you try to, he will fall on top of you, damaging you. Thier fire breath is 
    ranged and they will move as they use it, so roll up or down to avoid it. 
    Bongos can curl up into a ball and plow into you. Roll or jump over to avoid 
    it. After they roll, they will be stunned, so use that chance to attack. 
    Bongos have a backhand slap that can knock you down. They also have the ability 
    to pick up a Garcia, who will do a flying elbow attack once he is in range. 
    Bongos will always laugh at you if you get knocked down. Any attack will work 
    on them.
    8) Storm
    -Appearence: Rides a motorcycle, wears a brown bomber jacket with black and
    yellow pants, wears a black helmet.
    -Attacks: Hit and run.
    Storm and his gang are back, but unlike Streets of Rage 2, they don't get off
    their bikes, so they will just try to run you over. Their health is extremely
    small, so almost any attack will do them in. When they get knocked off their
    bikes, the sliding bike can still damage you. There are some bikers that have
    more health, so you must attack them several times before they will fall.
    Use air attacks only. The bikers only appear in a few levels.
    9) Scarab
    -Appearence: Yellow jacket, silver spiked mohawk, black pants with brown boots.
    -Attacks: Backhand punches, slide attack, grab and throw.
    Scarabs make a return with this name instead of being called Signal from 
    Streets of Rage 2. Scarabs can punch you, but it is rare. 
    They mainly will try to slide into you to knock you down. Jump over or roll 
    up or down to avoid it. Scarabs can also throw you if you get too close. 
    Attack them hard and fast so they can't be cheap. Scarabs have a good amount 
    of health usually, though there are some that have a lot. Don't get surrounded 
    or they might slide into you from both ends. Scarabs are fairly common 
    throughout the game.
    10) Electra
    -Appearence: Blue pants, red shirt, blonde hair, holds a whip.
    -Attacks: Whip, eletric whip.
    Electras return and are just as annoying as they were before. Electras will 
    whip you from a distance, but their electric whip, while slower, hurts a lot 
    more and knocks you down. If you knock down an Electra, they will stay on the 
    ground until you move away from them. Electras will sometimes jump away from 
    you to avoid your attacks. Electras are not too common and come in groups of 
    2 or 3. Electras generally have a lot of health. Any attack will work on
    them, but don't get in range of their attacks.
    11) Fabio
    -Appearence: Muscular torso, shirtless, black pants with orange kneepads, long
    orange hair.
    -Attacks: Kick, flying kick
    Fabios are one of the most annoying enemies in the game. Their kicks will 
    always knock you down and they also have the ability to block. Grab them if 
    they start to block. Fabios attack in swarms and can overwhelm you if you're 
    not careful. Fabios usually have a lot of health, though a good portion of 
    them will have less. Stick to grab and throws since they block a lot. They 
    don't appear too often.
    12) Chiba
    -Appearence: Blue clothing with orange belt, black headgear with blue 
    -Attacks: Knockdown punch, single throwing star, triple throwing stars, 
    low kick, grab and throw, knife slash, sword slash.
    Chiba and the ninjas return and are annoying as ever. Almost all of their 
    attacks can knock you down and they have the ability to dodge your attacks. 
    The ninjas usually carry ninja swords and ninja knives, which they are very 
    dangerous with. Chibas usually have a good amount of health. Ranged attacks 
    seem to be the best way to handle the ninjas. Grab and throws are another good 
    choice for attacks. The ninjas appear usually towards the last half of the 
    13) Rocket
    -Appearence: Black clothing, brown boots, messy blonde hair, goggles.
    -Attacks: Horizontal flying punch, diagonal flying kick, grab and slam.
    Rockets only appear at the end of stage 6 and only one appears at the end of
    stage 7 if you are on the good path. Rockets generally have low health, but
    their attacks are extremely annoying. Regular attacks can work, but are hardly
    worth the effort. If they fly horizontally, do an air attack. If you see a
    Rocket slowly rise up, get out of the way since he will do a diagonal kick.
    Do not get too close to them since they will grab you, lift you above the
    screen, and then slam you into the ground. It is possible to grab and slam them,
    but the risk is hardly worth it. In stage 6, Rockets will always attack in
    14) XP-1
    -Appearence: Gray in color normally, dome shaped head, long legs, pointy feet.
    -Attacks: Dash attack, laser, back attack, self-distruct, reverse counterattack.
    These robots are annoying, only because they mostly jump around, making it hard
    to hit them. If you stay too far from them, they will most likely use their 
    laser or dash attack. If you grab them from behind, they will use this wierd 
    attack on you that will force you to let go. The robots can also do long jumps, 
    either away or towards you. Except for the gray robots, a robot may sometimes 
    blow themselves up, so keep your distance. Their health varies quite a bit and 
    they only appear in stage 6 and 7 (on the good path). Any attack will work, 
    though ranged is best.
    A) Shiva
    -Appearence: Loose dark blue clothing, red cloth belt, blue wristbands.
    -Attacks: Knockdown punch, dash and upward kick, high kick, jump kick, grab 
    and attack and slam.
    Shiva, Mr. X's right hand man from the previous game returns as the boss of
    stage 1. He has been weakened since the last game, but it doesn't mean he will 
    be easy to defeat. Don't stay too far from him, othewise he will dash and kick 
    you. If you get too close, he may grab you, so grabbing him is not really a 
    good idea. If you do grab him, do not throw him backwards, othewise he will 
    land on his feet. All of his attacks has the potential to knock you down and 
    avoiding them is difficult. Ranged attacks work best, but timing and 
    presistance is the key. Shiva also appears as the final boss in stage 7 if 
    you are on the bad path. In this fight, he is green, has a LOT more health, 
    has the ability to block, and is much more aggressive.
    B) Bruce and Roo
    -Appearence: (Bruce) Gray boots, blue and red clothing, pointy blue and red 
    hat, blonde hair, gray mask. (Roo) Kangaroo with blue shorts and purple boxing
    -Attacks: (Bruce) Whip. (Roo) Flying kick, tornado kick, punches, sommersault
    kick, dash attack.
    Bruce and Roo are mini bosses in stage 2. While they both have their own 
    attacks, Bruce will sometimes use his whip to command Roo to rush and attack 
    you. Bruce mostly will try to stay away from you and attack with his whip. 
    Roo's attacks can hurt a lot if you are not careful. His tornado kick can 
    combo you several times. Use a special attack if you get caught. Roo will only 
    do use spinning sommersault kick if Bruce commands him to do it. If you grab 
    Roo, do not throw him backwards since he will land on his feet. Both foes 
    have a lot of health. Be fast with your attacks since if you focus on one 
    of them for too long, the other may step in and attack. If you manage to 
    defeat Bruce before Roo, Roo will run away and he will become playable if 
    you use a continue.
    C) Mona and Lisa
    -Appearence: Messy brown hair, green bow, tight purple clothing.
    -Attacks: Short flying kick, jumping spinning kick, energy attack, super
    energy attack, grab and throw, grab and slam, co-op attack.
    These twins are the bosses of stage 2. Since they attack as a pair, it makes
    fighting them harder. Usually, they will be jumping from one end of the room
    to the other. They will also do spinning kicks as they jump across and dodging
    them is too difficult. Instead, use a special attack to block and counter. If
    you are at a short distance from one of them, they may do a quick flying kick.
    Their energy attack is their ranged move. If one twin does it, she becomes
    immune to attacks while she does it. If both twins use it, attack is bigger 
    and attacking the twins while they do it will hurt you! Grabbing them is risky 
    since they can grab you. If you do grab them, don't throw them backwards since 
    they will land on their feet. If they grab you from the front, they will throw 
    you. If they grab you from behind, they will slam you into the floor. The twins 
    also have the ability to throw one of their sisters into the air and she'll 
    plunge right into you. Do a roll dodge or a special attack. Ranged attacks work 
    best, although air attacks are a good second choice. Once one of the tiwns 
    is defeated, the other one will be a bit less agressive.
    D) Axel
    -Appearence: Same as Axel, but with purple gloves. Skin gets more red as he
    gets damaged.
    -Attacks: Same as Axel's.
    No, this is not the Axel you know. It's just a robot, the boss of stage 3.
    However, it has the same movesets as the real Axel and he does them much faster
    than the real Axel. Robot Axel will usually double kick you if you are too 
    close. If you try to grab him, he will instantly use his Dragon Wing attack to 
    knock you down. If he grabs you, he will either use Dragon Wing or toss you. 
    Robot Axel will charge at you and use Bare Knuckle if you are too far from him. 
    Robot Axel even has the ability to use his special co-op attack without anyone 
    helping him! Specials and ranged specials are best for beating this fake Axel. 
    When he misses with his Bare Knuckle attack, use that chance to attack him.
    E) Yanmato
    -Appearence: Purple clothing with red boots, red shoulder pads, red armlets,
    red helmet with yellow horns.
    -Attacks: Jump slice, ninja stars. (First version) Teleport and jump slice.
    (Second version) Decoy illusion with jump slice. (Third version) Invsible with
    triple throwing stars, jump and throwing stars, dash attack.
    Yanmato is actually 3 bosses for stage 4. All 3 versions can slice you with
    their swords and throw ninja stars at you from a distance. You can punch out 
    the ninja stars, but it's hardly worth it. The bosses can also jump all the way 
    to  the other side of the room. If you see the boss slide back a bit, he is 
    going to  use his jump slice attack. Use a special attack or roll to avoid it. 
    Each version also has different attacks. The first version can disappear, 
    then reappear and use his jump slice. Use a special attack or just roll out 
    of the way. The second version can use a decoy attack, whch makes another copy 
    of him and they both do a jump slice before forming back together on the top 
    or bottom portion of the screen. Once they form back, quickly grab and throw 
    them. The last version can become invisible for a few seconds and throw 3 stars 
    at you, which are hard to avoid. He can also do a diagonal dash attack, which 
    cannot be stopped. Ranged attacks work well, but grabbing and tossing them 
    is the best method.
    F) Robot X
    -Appearence: Skeletal-like torso, green pants.
    -Attacks: Multi punch, electrocution, machine gun, rockets.
    The boss of stage 5 and Not the true form of Mr. X. The robot version can be a 
    pain to take down. He will mostly keep his distance and use his machine gun. 
    Sometimes he will fire a rocket at you, which will follow you around. Robot X 
    won't attack until the rocket explodes, so try to get some hits in. If you get 
    too close to him, he will punch you several times in the same way Zan uses his 
    punches. If you grab Robot X, quickly toss him otherwise he will shock you. 
    Air attacks work well against him. If you are on the good path and arrive
    at stage 7, there is one point where you will find Robot Xes speeding through
    the room. They only punch and use the machine gun and have far less health.
    G) Jet
    -Appearence: Purple suit/armor, brown boots, bald head.
    -Attacks: Flamethrower, floating mines, tackle, otherwise same attacks as 
    the Rockets.
    Jet is the boss of stage 6 and is accompained by hordes of Rockets. He has a
    lot of health. Jet pretty much attacks the same way as the Rockets, but he also
    has some of his own attacks. Jet sometimes uses a small flamethrower from his 
    chest, preventing you from getting some attacks in. Jet can also release some 
    floating mines that explode later on. Other than that, handle him the same 
    way as you would with a Rocket.
    H) Dr. Dahm
    -Appearence: Scientist operating a crane.
    -Attacks: Knock down with the crane, electrocution
    Dr. Dahm operates a crane from the safety of his room near the end of stage 7 
    (good path), so you have to attack the crane. The crane will always follow 
    you. Once it strikes and misses, keep doing jump kicks till it rises up. 
    Once its health is low enough, the insides of the crane will be exposed. 
    After that, once it strikes, do not attack it while the green sparks appear, 
    otherwise you will be shocked. Keep moving towards the bottom of the screen 
    since the conveyor belt you are on will try to carry you to the electrical 
    field at the top.
    I) Robot Y
    -Appearence: Green robot suit with a small skeletal-like head.
    -Attacks: Rockets, jump and grab and toss, grab and strangle, low kick.
    The true final boss for stage 7 on the good path. Robot Y is Mr. X's true
    form and is difficult to take down. Robot Y mostly flies around in a
    counterclockwise rotation before attacking. He can fire a few rockets at once
    that are hard to avoid. If Robot Y jumps at you, he will try to throw you.
    His strangle attack is the worst since you will be heavily damaged. Robot
    Y's low kick can knock you down as well. What makes this fight very tough
    is you only have 3 minutes to defeat him before the bombs go off in the city.
    If time runs out, you still have to fight, but you will not get the good 
    ending. Many people say spamming Axel's Dragon Wing is a good way to win 
    quickly. My method is to keep jump kicking the boss when he is on the side of 
    the screen so he can't get any hits in on you.
    =====V) Credits, Copyrights, and Contact info=====
    Names of the enemies belong to Sega. Guide belongs to me, Mageknight 
    of Gamefaqs. Can be used for personal use, but no claiming as your own! Credit
    also goes to GameFAQs for hosting the guide. If you want to host this guide 
    on your site or have questions and suggestions, contact me at 

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