Review by CChan

"A totally pronounced feature of Street of Rage 2"

Street of Rage 3 is really the best beat-em-up game I've ever played. Honest! If you play the easy mode, you can't see the true ending. Playing normal or hard mode allows you to play additional levels! This is really a neat feature!

Graphics - 9
What can I say more? The graphics are really almost the same as Street of Rage 2 but it seems to have a slight difference that I don't really know how to explain. Th graphics look a bit better on certain stages.

Musics - 9
Getting better and better! The background musics sounds really exciting this time.

Gameplay - 10
4 characters you can use but there are a few secret characters you can use! You can play one and two player mode as usual but there is also the battle mode which you can use to use characters to fight with your friends'. Also, moves are quite a lot too. Bosses are getting harder and harder which are really challenging. Even their mission is quite complicating too.

Replayability - 9
As I say above, the battle mode can make you come back for more! Since you can see three endings for each mode you choose and what you do, you'll need a long time to see the REAL one.

Overall - 9
This game is even more exciting! The reasons why you must have this game is all at the above! This game is worth the price!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/00, Updated 01/22/00

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