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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vegetaman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Battletank: War in the Gulf
    By: Vegetaman
    I. Introduction
    II. Copyright notice
    III. Controls
    IV. Walkthrough
    V. Cheats
    I. Introduction
    Hi, I'm Vegetaman, and this is my FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Battletank: 
    War in the Gulf.
    <Warning> The following is an organized list of spoilers, I take no 
    responsibility for ruining your fun. Enter at your own risk.
    Revision History:
    V1.0 – Original Version (what you are viewing now)
    Up to and through Mission 3 Completed.
    II. Copyright Notice
    Super Battletank: War in the Gulf is copyright 1992 by:
    Absolute Entertainment, Inc.
    Licensed by Nintendo
    This guide is Copyright 2001 by Vegetaman.
    III. Controls
    Here are the basic controls:
    A – Fires selected weapon
    B – Changes to and from map mode
    X – Speeds tank up
    Y – Slows tank down
    R – Turns tank right
    L – Turns tank left
    Control Pad – moves Turret gun, and moves Machine Gun
    Select – Changes between weapons
    Start – Pauses game
    IV. Walkthrough
    You are in a M1A1 tank, and can take 6 direct hits.
    Press start at the title screen to go into the game…
    Commander: Fox
    Mission Briefing: Today at 0600 hours, the ground war began. Our troops 
    have spent many long hours preparing for this event. I know you'll join 
    me in giving them your full support in this effort.
    Mission 1:
    0600 hours 
    60 miles south of Kuwait City
    Orders: Terminate enemy tank resistance. Minimize allied casualties.
    Enemies: 3
    -Tanks: 3
    -Helicopters: 0
    -Scud Launchers: 0
    Mine Fields: 2
    American Refueling Base: 0
    Plan of Attack – Attack and destroy the tanks
    Mission 1 Complete
    Mission Debrief: I'll give you a brief summary of today's operation 
    before taking any questions. We took out 3 heavily armored tanks while 
    pushing our way up the Kuwaiti coast. These folks did a superb job in 
    executing this operation.
    Mission 2:
    1800 hours
    40 miles South of Salman
    Orders: Terminate enemy tank divisions and, destroy scud launcher.
    Enemies: 6
    -Tanks: 5
    -Helicopters: 0
    -Scud Launchers: 1
    Minefields: 1
    American Refueling Base: 0
    Plan of Attack: Take out the tanks first, then go after the scud 
    Mission 2 Complete
    Mission Debrief: Today at 1800 our forces along with those of the 
    coalition, executed some brilliant military strategy. As they destroyed 
    an enemy division near As Salman. They also located and destroyed a 
    scud missile launcher which was aimed at Riyadh. 
    Mission 3:
    30 miles South West of Kuwait City
    Orders: Repel ground and air forces. Destroy scud and await orders.
    Enemies: 7
    -Tanks: 2
    -Helicopters: 4
    -Scud Launcher: 1
    Minefields: 2
    American Refueling Base: 1
    Secret Objective: Destroy enemy Supply Convoy
    Plan of attack: Destroy the helicopters, then the tanks, then the 
    scuds. Then attack the Supply Convoy.
    Mission 3 Complete:
    Mission Debrief: Let me begin today by saying that we have seen some 
    brave fighting by our armored divisions near Kuwait City. These folks 
    have defeated multiple ground and air attacks, while intercepting a 
    vital enemy supply convoy.
    This is all for now. There are 8 missions in all. I hope to have the 
    rest of this walkthrough done soon.
    If you wish to use this walkthrough, send mail to: 
    Thank you - Vegetaman

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