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    FAQ by TheGreatSeventh

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                      |             SUPER HANG-ON FAQ            |
                      |               Version 0.95               |
                      |            by TheGreatSeventh            |
                      |        trevorandersen@hotmail.com        |
                      |                                          |
                      |                   _/\_                   |
                      |                   \__/                   |
                      |                   |__|                   |
                      |                  _/__\_                  |
                      |                  ¯|__|¯                  |
                      |                    ()                    |
    v0.8 - 7/1/2002 - First public release.
    v0.95 - 10/1/2002 - Completed Sponsor/Rival/Course guide.
                        Fixed a few errors.
    This guide may be distributed, unmodified, with my permission. No
    profit may be made from this guide, or legal action will be taken. You may
    post this guide on your website unmodified, but you will need my
    Super Hang-On was released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989. It is an
    arcade port of motor-bike racer. It consists of two modes, Arcade and 
    Original. Arcade mode is very straightforward and really doesn't require a 
    guide. This guide will concentrate totally on Original mode.
    Original mode lets you experience the career of a professional motorbike 
    rider. You have a sponsor, rival and mechanic and earn money in races. You can
    upgrade your motorbike in 6 different areas and your parts will wear out over
    time. Win 5 races and you'll get a new, more generous sponsor, a better rival
    and a more difficult track to race on.
    Super Hang-On was ported before the introduction of the 6 button Mega Drive,
    the only  buttons used are the D-Pad, Start, A, B and C. In the menu Button C
    selects options. Button B cancels sub-screens. In the password selection
    screen, Button C selects the character and holding button A will let you move
    around the addresses of the password. Start confirms the password. During a
    race B accelerates, A brakes, C uses turbo boost (accelerates above 280km,
    with good engines), Start pauses the race.
    The menu used in Super Hang-On consists of four options.
    PARTS    : Takes you to the Parts subscreen where you can view your mechanic's
               recommendations and buy new parts
    MECHANIC : Lets you scroll through the mechanics and pay for a new one.
    RACE     : Takes you to a race.
    END      : Finishes the game and gives you a password.
    Upgrading and replacing can have a dramatic effect on racing ease and speed. 
    Parts wear out during races and will break quickly with multiple crashes. 6 
    Parts can be upgraded or replaced.
    FRAME: Your frame determines the manoeuvrability of your bike.
         IRON CRADLE: $1200. Your basic frame. Very hard to turn.
        DOUBLE CRADLE: $2000. Slight increase in manoeuvrability of bike.
       ALUMINIUM DOUBLE CRADLE: $8000. Dramatic difference in turning ease.
       ALUMINIUM SPACE: $128000.
        TITANIUM SPACE: $500000.
         TITANIUM MONOCOQUE: $8000000. Ultimate frame.
    ENGINE: Your engine powers the acceleration of the bike.
         OHC NORMAL: $600. Basic engine. Very slow.
        DOHC NORMAL: $2000. Noticably better that OHC NORMAL.
       DOHC V4: $8000. Will shave at least 5 seconds DOHC NORMAL's lap time.
       TURBO V4: $32000. Very good engine. First engine to offer turbo boost.
        CERAMIC TURBO: $512000.
         TWIN TURBO: $8192000. Ultimate engine and most expensive part.
    BRAKE: Responsible for slowing the bike down.
         DRUM: $400. Basic brake. Causing high-level of skidding.
        DISC: $1500. Much better than DRUM.
       VENTILATED DISC: $6000. Neglidgable different from DISC.
        DOUBLE DISC: $24000.
         ANTI-SKID: $90000. Ultimate brakes.
    MUFFLER: Rids engine of exhaust, increasing acceleration.
        NORMAL: $300. Basic muffler.
       COL: $1500. Slight increase of acceleration.
       WORKS ORIGINAL: $6000.
        PRIVATE ORIGINAL: $90000.
    OIL: Lubricates engine, helping with acceleration.
        REGULAR: $100. Basic oil and cheapest part in the game.
       MANUAL: $200. Negligible difference.
       TOP: $3200. Will cut 3 seconds of your race time.
        PRIVATE ORIGINAL: $14000. Ultimate oil.
    TYRE: Determine your bikes ability to grip the road. Wear out quickly.
         NORMAL: $300. Very poor performance, often leave the road easily.
        RADIAL: $400. Noticeable performance boost.
       HIGH PERFORMANCE: $1500. Noticeable performance boost.
        SLICK: $6000. Excellent performance, good value for money.
         ORIGINAL SLICK: $24000. Ultimate tyres.
    RICARDO MONTOYA   $       0
    MIKI AISAWA       $    1000
    KOUTARO KITA      $    2000
    TAKESHI ONDA      $   13000
    TOM JONES         $   34500
    SONNYA ILLVICH    $  178000
    MICKEY WEI        $ 2000000
    As you win more races your rank will increase and you'll receive a new
    sponsor, rival and course.
    LEVEL 1:
    SPONSOR: PHARMACIST: Will pay $1200 for a win, $800 for a loss, and $400 for a
    RIVAL: MIA FERRARU: Averages a race time of 3'40", checkpoint pass of 1'50".
    COURSE: YELLOW PLAINS: Two sections, easy track, few competitors.
    LEVEL 2:
    SPONSOR: PIZZA CHAIN OWNER: Will pay $2200 for a win, $300 for a loss, and
                                $300 for a retire.
    RIVAL: JOSE ALVEREZ: Averages a race time of 3'32", checkpoint pass of 1'46".
    COURSE: BROWN DESERT: Two sections, medium track, few competitors
    LEVEL 3:
    SPONSOR: APPLIANCE STORE OWNER: Will pay $10000 for a win, $3000 for a loss,
                                    and $2000 for a retire.
    RIVAL: NOBUHIKO HASEGAWA: Averages a race time of 4'30", checkpoint pass of
    COURSE: PURPLE CITY: Three sections, easy track, some competitors.
    LEVEL 4:
    SPONSOR: GAME COMPANY: Will pay $30000 for a win, $8000 for a loss, and $4000
                           for a retire.
    RIVAL: FELICA PEREZ: Averages a race time of 4'37", checkpoint pass of 1'32".
    COURSE: BLUE PLAINS: Three sections, hard track, more competitors.
    LEVEL 5:
    SPONSOR: DISTRIBUTOR: Will pay $130000 for a win, $50000 for a loss, and
                          $30000 for a retire.
    RIVAL: HANS BRAUN: Averages a race time of 5'25", checkpoint pass of 1'21".
    COURSE: ORANGE PLAINS: Four sections, easy track, more competitors.
    LEVEL 6:
    SPONSOR: BIKE MANUFACTURER: Will pay $500000 for a win, $150000 for a loss
                                and $50000 for a retire.
    RIVAL: MARIE LEFOURE Averages a race time of 6'27", checkpoint pass of 1'17".
    COURSE: DARK CITY: Five sections, hard track, many competitors.
    LEVEL 7:
    SPONSOR: GIANT OIL COMPANY: Will pay $2000000 for a win. Won't pay
                                anything for a loss or retire.
    RIVAL: KING ARTHUR: Averages a race time of 7'20", checkpoint pass of 1'13".
    COURSE: GOLDEN PLAINS: Six sections, medium track, flooded with competitors.
    This section provides information about what each address of your password
    represents. It's yet to be finished though.
    Here is representation of a password. The characters correspond to the list
    below. The numbers in the brackets indication the range the figure in the
    password may be.
    Line 1:
    1 : Number of races you have had for your stage. (0 to A)
    2 : Condition of your oil.
    3 : Condition of your frame.
    4 : I am yet the discover the meaning of this address.
    5 : Condition of your engine.
    6 : I am yet the discover the meaning of this address.
    7 : Type of tyres.
    8 : Your mechanic.
    9 : Condition of your muffler.
    A : Type of oil.
    B : Number of wins you have had for the stage.
    C : Type of engine.
    D : Rival/sponsor/course level.
    E : Type of brake.
    Line 2:
    F : Condition of your brake.
    G : Condition of your tyres.
    H : Thousands of dollars you have. 0 = F, 9 = O
    I : Hundreds of dollars you have. 0 = J, 9 = S
    J : Probable money address.
    K : Probable money address.
    L : Probable money address.
    M : Probable money address.
    N : Probable money address.
    O : Tens of thousands of dollars you have. 0 = A, 9 = J
    P : Authentication address. I am yet to decode it. (A-Z)
    Q : Authentication address. I am yet to decode it. (A-Z)
    R : Authentication address. I am yet to decode it. (A-Z)
    S : Authentication address. I am yet to decode it. (A-Z)
    So why can't I hack my password and get the ultimate game? Because of those
    last four addresses which work on the other values in some big mathematical
    formula which, for now, I can't decipher. The beauty of reading your password
    is you can decide exactly when to change your parts. Here are my
    When address 3 = 7 or less, change your frame.
    When address 5 = 7 or less, change your engine.
    When address 9 = 6 or less, change your muffler.
    When address F = 7 or less, change your brake.
    When address 2 = 5 or less, change your oil.
    When address G = 9 or less, change your tyres.
    (Note: All condition address are heptadecimal. A Z means the part is broken,
    the next worst after that is 0 and the numbers go up as normal. After 9 it is
    continued with an A then along the letters to F, which denotes that the part
    is perfect)
     - SEGA, for making this game.
     - CJayC, for making GameFAQs, the site which gave me the idea to write an FAQ.
    © TheGreatSeventh 2001, 2002. Super Hang-On is a trademark of Sega Enterprises
    and all parts of the game are copyright of Sega Enterprises, 1989.

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