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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Logan H

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          v 1.1
    Author - Logan H <EggNog1224@yahoo.com>
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Story
    III. How to Play / Getting Started
    IV. Weapons and Armor
    V. Magic Spells
    VI. Walkthrough of Super Hydlide
    VII. Boss Tips
    VIII. Secrets
    IX.. Acknowledgements and Legal Notice
    |I. Introduction|
    Super Hydlide. For veterans of the original Hydlide, this game is everything 
    that Hydlide was, and it is also so much more. For those that have not played 
    the original, don't bother. It was a really bad game. I don't know why it got a 
    sequel, but the sequel is _great_. This FAQ was written for one reason: after about
    two hours of searching, I was unable to locate any other Super Hydlide walkthrough,
    so I figured "Why not be the first?" 
    This FAQ is organized so you can choose the level of game ruining that you use. 
    You can skip the walkthrough and read just the "Boss Tips" section, or you can 
    read just the section on Chracter Classes and skip everything else, or whatever 
    else you choose to read. You should also use a monospaced font (like Courier) to 
    view this document.
    One final note before I begin. I will not provide emulators, ROMS or copies of 
    the Super Hydlide cartridge, so please do not bother writing to ask. If you want 
    a ROM that badly, warez and ROM sites are not very hard to find, if you know 
    where to look. 
    |II. The Story|
    A long long time ago, longer than anyone can remember, evil decended upon the 
    good and peaceful people of Fairyland. Old legends tell of a lone brave hero who 
    saved Fairyland from the imminent threat of doom. Since then, the people of 
    Fairyland have lived through centuries and centuries of peace, and all memories 
    of evil faded away.
    But one especially dark evening, a huge column of fire exploded out of the 
    deepest depths of Fairyland, lighting the night sky. The next morning, strange 
    doors began to appear from nowhere. Many who were curious entered these doors, 
    but were never seen again.
    From that day on, unusual events and catastrophes began to take place. Huge 
    cracks opened in the ground, scarring the beautiful lands. Floods wiped out 
    entire villages, and the people of Fairyland experienced famine. And then the 
    monsters came.
    The Fairyland council feared that the same evil in the legends was back again. A 
    wise old oracle predicted the second coming of evil. He also spoke of a young 
    man who could save Fairyland from its gravest crisis.
    A young man was chosen to find the reason and source of the evil. As the people 
    gathered to bid him farewell and good luck, they couldn't help but wonder if 
    they had chosen the right one.
    |III. How To Play / Getting Started|
    Most FAQs that you read will probably respond to questions like "What good is 
    crouching?" and "What are the quirks of each particular character class?" with 
    the popular response of RTFM (Read The Freaking Manual). As I said above, I 
    commiserate with people who do not have manuals, and therefore will talk about 
    those questions and many more in this section. If you have read the manual, you 
    might not find anything new in this section.
    One of the most amusing things in the manual is the phrase "It is important to 
    remember that the player and the character are two different people. Try to keep 
    the two apart!" Someone please e-mail me if you have any idea what the point of 
    that phrase is.
    Super Hydlide has a system of weights and measures that is cool, realistic, and 
    annoying at times. The maximum amount of weight your character can carry without 
    slowing him down is his Load Capacity (LC). Your LC increases proportionally to 
    your strength. The amount of weight that your character is hauling is his 
    Carried Weight (CW). You can carry much more that your LC allows, but it will 
    slow your character down, and will also make him easier to hit in combat. The 
    Handle attribute is the maximum weight of a weapon that your character can wield 
    effectively. For example, a character wil Handle 2000 cannot properly use a 
    broad sword (which weighs 4000). Money also has weight, so get a Money Changer 
    (changes 10 $10 coins into one $100 coin, etc.) and a bank account as soon as 
    Super Hydlide also has a clock and calender. Your character must eat four times 
    per day : At 100 (1 AM), 700 (7 AM), 1300 (1 PM), and 1900 (7 PM). If you are 
    carrying Rations of Food with you, you will automatically eat at the proper 
    times. If you do not, you will slowly lose Attack Power and Hit Points. If you 
    stay at an inn, you will wake up at 700 the next morning. All meals are provided 
    for free at the inn (including the 700 meal). Your character also needs to 
    sleep. If you stay up past 2300 (11 PM), you will slowly lose Attack Power and 
    Hit Points
    There are four character classes in Super Hydlide - The Warrior, the Thief, the 
    Priest, and the Monk. The Warrior is the most balanced of the four classes. He 
    has a high Armor Class and Attack Power, but can only cast 6 of the 12 magic 
    spells. The Thief is the most unbalanced character. He has an excetionally high 
    amount of Hit Points, and his massive strength allows him to carry and wield 
    heavy weapons and armor very quickly. However, his intelligence, morality, and 
    Magic Points are all very low. The Thief has the easiest start in the game but 
    the hardest finish. The Priest has high morality and intelligence. His fighting 
    skills are average, but he can cast all 12 of the spells in the game. The Priest 
    is probably the best all-around character. The Monk has superior ratings in 
    almost every attribute. He can also cast all 12 spells. His only flaw is his 
    very low number of Hit Points. The Monk has the hardest start but the easiest 
    |IV. Weapons and Armor|
    Rather than just list every weapon, I decided to group them by what I feel are 
    the best and worst ones in the game. Along with them are short statements 
    explaining why I feel they are the best and worst. Weapons and armor not listed 
    here are not listed because I consider them irrelevant and/or mediocre. The best 
    ones are listed in the order that I feel you should get them (Get the knife, 
    then the sling, etc.)
    * The Best Weapons
    Knife - Cheapest and lightest weapon in the game.
    Sling - Cheap and light. Short range allows you to kill slimes and
            cannibals fairly easily. This is an excellent weapon for the
            comparatively weak Priest.
    Broad Sword - There is a bug in the game that allows you to slash
                  enemies through walls with the Swords.The Broad Sword
                  also has reletively high power and low weight.
    Battle Axe - Use this massively powerful weapon only if you are
                 playing as a Warrior or Thief. Monks and Priests should
                 skip it and go straight to the Holy Sword.
    Holy Sword - The Holy Sword can exploit the Sword Bug, and is also 
                 very powerful. Stronger characters may do more damage 
                 with a Battle Axe, but the Holy Sword is longer range.
    Light Sabre - See the Secrets section for information on how to find 
                 this incredible weapon. Stronger and lighter than the
                 Holy Sword, this is the perfect weapon.
    Flaming Sword - If you prefer ranged weapons, you can get this in
                  the Cave under the City of the Forest. It is somewhat
                  less powerful than the Light Sabre, but is still an
                  excellent weapon.
    * The Best Shields
    Shield - Cheap, light, and somewhat protective.
    Battle Shield - Cheap and sturdy.
    Fairy-Made Shield - The best shield in the game. Light, very good
                        protection, and it's free! Find it in Area 1 of
                        Kaizack's domain.
    * The Best Helmets
    Helmet - Cheap and light enough to be used by a Level 1 character.
    Japanese Helmet - Cheap and more protective than a regular helmet.
    Fairy-Made Helmet - The best helmet in the game. Find it in the
                        Spaceship, and put it on immediately!
    * The Best Mail
    Leather Mail - Cheap and light. This should be your armor until you
                  reach the Heavenly City.
    Chain Mail - Good stuff, but you won't use it very long...
    Magical Mail - Same weight as Chain Mail, but much better. Find it
                   in the Cave of the Dead.
    Space Suit - Excellent armor. There is a bug in the game that makes
                 Defenders cause no damage when you wear the Space Suit.
                 Exploit this bug to train some levels.
    Silver Mail - Stronger characters can wear this great armor, but
                 weaker characters should just sell it. There is a free
                 suit in a chest in the Cave of the Dead
    Fairy-Made Armor - The best armor anywhere. Wear it as soon as you
                      find it. Buy it in the City of the Forest Weapons
                      Shop after you have visited the Forbidden Caves.
    * The Worst Weapons
    Dagger - Expensive, heavy and short range.
    Axe - Expensive, very heavy, and very short range.
    Arrow (??) - Why did they include this horrible weapon in this game?
    * The Worst Shields
    Bronze Shield - Although it offers good protection, it is insanely
                    heavy. Only Thieves should use this shield.
    * The Worst Helmets
    Star Helmet - Expensive and heavy.
    * The Worst Mail
    Bronze Mail - Insanely expensive and unfathomably heavy. This armor
                  would be worth your time if there was not a free suit
                  of Silver Armor in the Cave of the Dead.
    |V. Magic Spells|
    This section is a quick overview of the 12 spells in Super Hydlide. If you have 
    read the manual, chances are that there is nothing in this section that you 
    don't already know.
    * Spells Available to All Character Classes
    Illusion - Spins every monster on the screen 180 degrees. Costs 3 MP
    Antidote -  Removes the effect of poison. Costs 5 MP
    Time - Advances the clock by 12 hours. Costs 10 MP
    Cure - Restores Hit Points. Costs 15 MP
    Learn - Disarms traps on treasure chests. Costs 15 MP
    Move - Teleports the character to any town that he has slept in.
           Costs 30 MP
    * Spells Only Available to Priests and Monks
    Sleep - Disables enemy characters. Costs 8 MP
    Slow - Slows down enemy characters. Very useful. Costs 8 MP
    Defeat - Causes damage to all monsters on the screen. This includes
             "good" monsters, so be careful Costs 10 MP
    Flash - Lights an entire cave for a short time. Very useful. Costs
            15 MP
    Weight - Increases the character's Load Capacity for a short time.
             Costs 20 MP
    Invincible - Renders the character invulnerable for a short time.
                 Costs 30 MP
    |VI. Walkthrough of Super Hydlide|
    NOTE - Things like raising levels and purchasing spells will not be listed in 
    this walkthrough. You must decide what to spend your experience on yourself.
    * You begin your quest in the City of the Forest with 2000 gold in your pocket. 
    Go to the General Store and buy two Rations of Food, then go to the Weapons Shop 
    and buy a suit of Leather Mail. Warrior and Thieves should also buy a Knife, 
    while Priests and Monks should buy a Sling. Now, exit the city and kill monsters 
    for a little while. Be careful not to kill the green Tree Spirits (they are 
    "good" monsters, and killing one will reduce your Morality score). Kill the 
    yellow Cannibals and the white Slimes. They're "evil" monsters (Personally, I 
    think that the whole good monster/evil monster thing is really stupid). Your 
    first quest is to find the Money Changer. Go to the west three screens, north 
    two screens, and east one screen to find the chest. It's not trapped, so open it 
    up to get the Money Changer.
    * Next, you'll want to find the Subterranean City. Go north from the City of the 
    Woods until you reach the river. Follow the river northeast to find the 
    cemetary. In the southwest corner of the cemetary are three headstones in an "L" 
    shape. Walk to the front of the "L" shape and kneel in front of the headstones 
    to open the gate to the Subterranean City. If it says something like "There are 
    runes here but you cannot read them," then your intelligence is too low and you 
    must raise a few levels before you can enter the city.
    * Once you are about fifth level, armed with a Broad Sword, Shield, Helmet, and 
    Leather Mail, you should go to the Tower of Habel. The tower is a few screens 
    north of the City of the Forest. Enter the tower and fight your way through the 
    first level maze. The Slimes and Bats here are "good" monsters. You can only 
    kill the Balu-Balus (the blue spider-like things). The second level has a chest 
    that contains the Talisman. The Talisman doubles the duration of spells. Monks 
    and Priests should keep it, while Warriors and Thieves should probably sell it 
    for about 18,000 gold. The third level of the Tower is an excellent place to 
    train levels if you have the Move spell because there are no good creatures on 
    the third or fourth level. On the fourth level, dodge the Dark Eyes powerful 
    attacks and run to the small area that looks like a staircase in the southeast 
    corner of the level. It is actually an "on-switch" for the elevators. After 
    turning the elevators on, step off the black tile, then back on it to teleport 
    yourself to the second level. Get in the elevator and head to the 199th floor. 
    Climb the stairs to the roof and fight the boss - Hellstorm. See the boss tips 
    section for help on beating him if you need it. When Hellstorm explodes, take 
    the Cloud Stone out of the chest. Go down to the 198th floor and walk out the 
    window and across the clouds to reach the Heavenly City. 
    * Be sure that you have a Stone of Warrior and Cross of God (and Life Water if 
    you can afford it) before proceeding.
    * Enter the Sky Palace. Go to the left or right immediately (across the clouds), 
    up the side of the palace, then around the back. Jump into the hole in the 
    clouds to fall on the doorstep of the Water Palace below.
    * Enter the Water Palace. Find the sleeping chambers and walk over every step of 
    the floor until you hear a sound. Search there to find the ID Card. Get the Sega 
    Pack out of the left niche near the throne room, then go and speak with the 
    king. He collects rare things, and would love to get his hands on a Dragon's 
    Fang. If you've been talking to the townspeople along the way, you know where to 
    find a dragon. If not, there's one in the Cave of the Dead, located in the 
    Subterranean City.
    * Go to the Subterranean City and enter the warehouse through the secret passage 
    on the north wall. Search all the chests. Search the lone chest on the west wall 
    twice to find a passage into the Cave of the Dead. If you're a Priest or Monk, 
    use the Flash spell. If you're a Warrior or Thief, you'll need a lantern and a 
    few bottles of oil. The white ghosts here are "good" monsters, so don't kill 
    them. Get the Magical Mail from the chest in the far northeast corner of the 
    Cave. Kill the zombies for experience, but avoid the pink ghosts. They're too 
    powerful to be worth the trouble. Look for a walkway of green stone to the west 
    of the entrance to find the dragon's lair. You'll need to walk through a false 
    wall to reach the dragon. If you need help defeating him, check the Boss Tips 
    section. When you've killed the dragon, grab the Dragon's Fang out of the chest 
    and go back to the Water Palace.
    * Give the Dragon's Fang to the king. Then go to the treasure room and collect 
    your reward from the chests. Make sure you have Jeem's Scroll before you leave.
    * Go two screens west of the City of the Forest and one screen north to the 
    lake. Use Jeem's Scroll to make the Tech Fortress surface. Enter the Fortress. 
    Watch out for the laser blasting Auto-Attackers and kill as many Robo-Warriors 
    as you can find. This is another good place to train a few levels because there 
    are no "good" monsters and the Robo-Warriors give good cash and experience. Get 
    the Sun Oil and the Expensive Medicine out of the chests, then find the 
    teleporter to take you to Area 2. In Area 2, go to the west through the laser 
    barriers. They will hit you hard, but will not kill you. Heal yourself and go 
    further west to find the laser barrier control switch. Turn them off and find 
    the teleporter to Area 3. Once in Area 3, go to the east and around the upper 
    portion of the area. If you go through the archway to the west of the 
    teleporter, you'll get stuck and you'll have to cast Move to get out. Go down 
    the far west wall of the area, then go east across the southmost hallway. Turn 
    and go north to find the computer. Kneel in front of the computer (after you 
    hear a sound) to read the log. Kneel again to read the distress call. Go back to 
    the teleporter from Area 2. Go directly north of the teleporter and open the 
    chest to find the Space Compass. Go back to Area 2. In the far northwest corner 
    of Area 2, there is a wall with some Space Suits hanging on it. Stand in front 
    of that wall and kneel to find a Space Suit.
    * Return to the City of the Woods. Go three screens south and three screens west 
    to find the cracks. Put on the Space Suit and jump into the large hole in the 
    middle. Use the Space Compass and follow its directions to the Space Ship. Enter 
    the ship.
    * Search the ship. Find the computer and kneel in front of it to read the final 
    log. Search the ship and find the Long Bow, Fairy-Made Helmet, and the Horn. 
    Cast Move and go to the Subterranean City.
    * Enter the Cave of the Dead and go west until you find the wall with the 
    strange runes on it. Go south seven steps and west four steps. Kneel to find the 
    Trans-Dimentional Talisman. Use it. Now cast Move and go to the City of the 
    * Go west to the river. Follow the river north and west, past the Water Palace, 
    then north and east. Enter the strange white portal. It will take you to the 
    First Dimention. In the First Dimention, find the small island with two 
    headstones on it. Walk onto the island and use the Horn to enter the City of 
    Illusion. Go to the General Store and buy some Holy Water.
    * Return to the City of the Forest. Go to the Weapons Shop and buy the Fairy-
    Made Mail. Go west of the Sacred Temple and use the Holy Water on the seal to 
    break it. Enter the Forbidden Caves.
    * Go west and find the chest containing the Flaming Sword. Go northeast and find 
    the false wall. Walk through it and head east to find Varalys' lair. Kill 
    Varalys and take the statue.
    * Return to the City of Illusion. Go to the prison (in the northeast corner of the city)
    and speak with the prisoners. One of them tells of how his fairy companion was captured
    by Kaizack. He asks you to save her and gives you the Exit Talisman.
    * Exit the city and go northeast. Find the ruins of a penninsula. Walk to the south 
    side of the ruins and find the spot that makes a sound when you step on 
    it. Wait until midnight (you may want to use the Time Spell) and use the Statue of 
    Varalys to be teleported to Kaizack's stronghold.
    * The Move spell does not work in Kaizack's domain. To exit, go to the same place you arrived
    in, and use the Exit Talisman to return you to the City of Illusion. You may enter and
    exit Kaizack's domain as many times as you wish.
    *Get the Fairy-Made Shield out of a chest in 
    Area 1 before proceding through the teleporter to Area 2. You may wish to bring 
    along some Camping Gear (basically a portable inn) in case you get exhausted. 
    Buy some in the Subterranean City for $200,000.
    * Be careful not to fall off the glass platforms in Areas 2 and 3.
    * In a corner of the far west side of Area 3, there is a fairy that has been 
    kidnapped by Kaizack. You need to find a way to release her. You need to turn 
    off the electronic lock. the switch is on the far west portion of Area 4. Walk 
    into the small niches on the west wall until you hear a sound, then kneel to 
    turn off the lock. Return to the fairy and she will join you. You need her with 
    you to fight Kaizack, since no human's eyes can see him.
    * There is some free camping gear on the far east side of Area 4, but you have 
    to be very careful to dodge the teleporter traps that guard it. Hug the south 
    wall as you approach the chest, and open the chest with magic to get the gear.
    * Now, head to Area 5. Fight your way to the east, then turn south and back 
    west. Finally, go south through the glass walkway to reach Kaizack's lair for 
    the final battle. If you need help defeating him, see the Boss Tips section. 
    Either way, it's time to save Fairyland, hero! 
    |VII. Boss Tips|
    Super Hydlide is very light in the Boss department. There are only four bosses 
    in the entire game : Hellstorm, the Three Headed Dragon, Varalys, and Kaizack 
    (the final boss). Here are what I feel are the best (and easiest) ways to defeat 
    each boss. You cannot access the menu (to heal yourself or switch weapons) while 
    fighting a boss, so equip the weapon you want to use and make sure you're at 
    full health before entering a boss' lair.
    *Hellstorm - Keep your distance from Hellstorm until he changes direction and 
    fires a small smoke ball. Dodge the ball if it is coming your way, then start 
    hitting Hellstorm as he starts to fly off the screen. Be very careful not to 
    fall off the tower, or you will die instantly. A projectile weapon can make 
    Hellstorm very easy to beat. I suggest the Bow if you want to do this.
    *Three Headed Dragon - You have to destroy all three heads individually, and the 
    heads only take damage when yopu hit their open mouth. Stay at the bottom of the 
    screen and line yourself up between two of the heads to minimize your chances of 
    being hit by a fireball. When a head's eyes flash, that mean's it's going to 
    attack. If the head does not extend, it will fire straight down, so don't try to 
    shoot that head. If the head extends, wait for it to shoot, then stand directly 
    under it and hit its open mouth. Weaker characters might be better off shooting 
    it with a bow, while stronger characters should use a Battle Axe or Holy Sword.
    *Varalys - The easiest way to defeat Varalys is fairly cheesy and stupid. Chug a 
    bottle of Fake Medicine or cast the Invincible spell before entering his lair. 
    Equip the most powerful direct (melee) weapon you have. Now enter his lair. As 
    soon as Varalys appears, charge right up next to him and start swinging. His 
    life meter will drop to zero, then recharge itself to full several times before 
    he finally dies. If he gets a chance to teleport away, stand still and wait for 
    him to reappear, then charge him and start whacking again. If you have enough 
    Hit Points and a strong enough weapon, he should die without too much trouble.
    *Kaizack - The final boss. Use the Flaming Sword to shoot off his legs to make 
    him stay still. Now stand directly in front of Kaizack (without entering his 
    mouth, that will kill you almost instantly) while firing constantly. If you have 
    enough Hit Points, you will slay Kaizack and win the game. If not, you die. You 
    may wish to drink a flask of Fake Medicine before entering Kaizack's lair.
    |VIII. Secrets|
    * Free Experience - This little trick is very useful at the beginning of the 
    game. In the City of the Forest, there is a lake in the town square. Go to the 
    small niche just to the left of the south side of the bridge. Use a coin, then 
    kneel down. It will say that you search the floor, then pop up a window that 
    says "Lucky!" Every time you do this, you gain 30 experience.
    * $10,000 For Free - Go five screens west of the City of the Forest and enter 
    the building. Walk around the small fence and then south through the false stone 
    wall. Turn west and walk into the small grove. In the clearing in the center of 
    the grove, $10,000 is lying on the ground. Kneel to take it.
    * Silver Sword - Go one screen east of the entrance to the Subterranean City to 
    find three tombstones in a diagonal line. Go to the east-most headstone and 
    kneel in front of it to find the Silver Sword. This powerful weapon can also be 
    sold for about $15,000! 
    * Light Sabre - Follow the directions above to get the Silver Sword. Now, go to 
    the Heavenly City and enter Sky Palace. Go to the northwest chamber where all 
    several guards are wandering around. Walk to the far northwestern corner of that 
    room and kneel down to find the Light Sabre. This massively powerful weapon can 
    be wielded by almost any character, as it weighs a svelte 3,000. You must have 
    the Silver Sword in your inventory to find the Light Sabre.
    * Free Equipment - Killing certain monsters can give you items. Cannibals 
    sometimes will give you Clubs that can be sold for $350, Robo-Warriors can give 
    you free Bronze Shields, and (most importantly) the purple knight guys (I forget 
    what they're called) in the Spaceship sometimes give you free flasks of Fake 
    Medicine. Email me if you notice any other monsters giving you equiptment.
    |IX. Acknowledgements and Legal Notice|
    Well, that's about it for the Super Hydlide Walkthrough/FAQ. I hope that it has 
    been both informative and useful to help you get through the great game that is 
    sometimes known as Super Hydlide. Please feel free to email me at 
    EggNog1224@yahoo.com if you have any comments, questions, constructive 
    criticisms, or reports of bad info or spelling errors. I checked out all the 
    info on my copy of Super Hydlide, and it's all correct but you might have a 
    different version of the game.
    As of this moment, I have absolutely nobody to thank for this FAQ/Walkthrough 
    except the webmaster at GameFAQs.com, the absolute best video game FAQ archive 
    in existance. 
    ** Legal Notice - This FAQ was written by Logan H. It was not written by anyone 
    else, and it is the legal property of Logan H. Private citizens have permission 
    to distribute this FAQ over the internet, BBS systems, or email as long as no 
    part of the FAQ is changed or altered in any way and no payment is taken for it. 
    If (for some odd reason) a corporation wishes to include this FAQ in a CD-ROM 
    collection, you are legally required to ask permission beforehand. 
    Thanks for reading and happy gaming!! -Logan 

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