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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    -----------------------------[ Super Smash TV ]--------------------------------
    ----------------------------[ by Ice Queen Zero ]------------------------------
    ---------------------------[ Sega Master System ]------------------------------
    Congratulations! You're the next lucky contestant on the game show with the
    ultimate in prizes... YOUR LIFE! Pick six futuristic weapons and defeat hordes
    of cyborg mutants, power orbs, assault tanks and the 30-ton mutoid man!
    Super Smash TV and its characters are trademarks of Flying Edge and all the
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero
    and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission nor can
    it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    For more guides by myself visit this link:
    D-pad = move into indicated direction
    Button 1 = Shot 1
    Button 2 = Shot 2
    Pause button on console = pause
    In the option screen you control what shots you want to do. If you want to shoot
    forward, backward or forward lock-on.
    -Collect items to help you survive longer in the game.
    -You are initially given seven lives at the start of the game and a set number
     of continues for each level. Make every life count because deaths come easy.
    -It's easy to fight from the corner and shoot diagonally while in lock-on mode
     and move back and forth to take out most enemies.
    -Once you kill all enemies, don't stay in the room too long or the homing bomb
     will come out and try to kill you.
    Bomb - Kill all enemies on screen.
    Shield - Make you invincible to all damage for a set period of time. It'll turn
    red before wearing off. You get a shield everytime you get a new life.
    Star shield - kills all grunts that come at you but won't protect you against
    tanks and bombs.
    Missile - powerful version of the normal shot
    Spread shot - shoots forward in multiple directions
    Grenades - fires several explosive grenades forward that move in wavy directions
    and explode.
    Lob Grenades - usually obtained during boss fights. Used to attack the middle
    section of the boss.
    Orb - functions as an extra gun that shoots whatever you have.
    1up - extra life
    Keys - bonus item needed to access the secret rooms in Level 4. You need 10.
    Foot - move faster.
    Map 1:
    The map looks like this
            3 - 4 - 5
            |   |   |
    x - 1 - 2   C - 6 - X
            |   |
            A - B
    For this first map, I numbered in order of best path to take. X marks the boss.
    Lettered rooms are rooms I don't usually go through. x is the first room you are
    in before heading into the first room.
    1 - Arena 1: Grunts will flood the room and can only kill you if they touch you
    but stay on the bottom-left and pick off anyone coming at you.
    2 - Collect Powerups: Grunts will come again. Fight them as before. When they
    are gone, tanks will enter. You fight five of them. Stay level or diagonal from
    them as you shoot them. Don't get ran over.
    3 - Collect Keys. Kill one wave of taks then kill another. Some tanks will fire
    in several directions. Stay far from those. Kill off a wave of grunts and go to
    the right.
    4 - Meet Mr. Shrapnel. Kill these guy before they explode or they will send some
    deadly shrapnel that will kill you. If they explode, they are dead anyway so if
    you avoid the shrapnel, you are just as well off.
    5 - Bonus Prizes. Kill off a wave of grunts and Shrapnel men.
    6 - Tank Trouble. Kill off the first few tanks then a huge wave of grunts. After
    you kill more tanks proceed to fight Mutoid Man.
    A - Eat My Shrapnel. Kill them before they explode so you won't have much of
    the shrapnel to avoid from the ones who successfully explode. Defeat them and
    a horde of grunts and tanks.
    B - Total Carnage. A wave of tanks, grunts then more tanks.
    C - Crowd Control. Shrapnel guys then a set of tanks followed by a lot of grunts
    and that's it.
    X - Mutoid Man. Mutoid Man has several forms to destroy. He initially attacks by
    shooting lasers and snake sections. He will also try to run you over. The true
    danger of fighting him is that your normal weapon will not do any harm to him.
    The other danger is trying to get the powerups needed to damage him. Fortunately
    if you stay on the very bottom, Mutoid Man cannot run you over. Get a weapon and
    try to get directly in front of him at the bottom of the screen and just start
    blasting him. His arms are just collateral damage should you blow them off. When
    you do enough damage to his midsection, the arms are gone anyway and you will
    reveal his rib cage. The only time you need to move out the way besides getting
    the powerups are when he starts to fire his homing snake when at the bottom but
    steer clear of the lasers. After more damage, his final form is his head on a
    tank. Once he takes more damage, he is done.
    Map 2:
                D - E
                |   |
        A - B - C   F
        |   |       |
    x - 1 - 2   5 - 6 - X
        |   |   |   |
        C - 3 - 4   I
                |   |
                G - H
    1 - Orbs. You meet a new enemy. Orbs will fill in the room and fire lasers at
    you. They can zap you with their bodies as well. The lasers can be destroyed
    with powerful weapons. After several waves, you can go to room 2, A, or C.
    2 - Meet My Twin. You fight a wave of grunts then you will go up against a
    series of robots that try to run into you and they take more hits than the
    grunts. Defeat them and you can go to room 3, 5, or B
    3 - Defend Me. This is a treasure room. Defeat the tanks, the grunts, and the
    shrapnel guys as you collect the treasures.
    4 - Turtles Nearby. You fight a wave of grunts and robots. I suggest going to
    room 5 instead of D because there is one enemy that will give you hell when it
    explodes into four diagonal pieces when destroyed down the long run but you can
    just deal with them now in the next room.
    5 - Smash Em'. - You'll meet those blue rings in this level. When they die they
    will send shrapnel in four diagonal directions so stay level with them when you
    shoot them.
    6 - Lazer Death Zone. Defeat the orbs then the grunts and move right to face off
    against Scarface.
    X - Meet Scareface. Unlike Mutoid Man, you can damage Scareface with normal fire
    and you can attack him from the corners where he cannot run over you. Only move
    when he opens his mouth to fire. Keep it up till you reveal his skeleton face.
    Now he moves much faster. Be sure to stay clear of him at all times and fire at
    him with your normal guns until he seems to stop taking damage. Get a powerup
    weapon and finish him off.
    Map 3:
    Map 2:
                5 - 6
                |   |
        A - 3 - 4   7
        |   |       |
    x - 1 - 2   E - 8 - X
        |   |   |   |
        B - C - D   H
                |   |
                F - G
    1 - No dice. You fight nothing but demonic versions of the grunts. Once they are
    gone, you can go to room 2, A, or B.
    2 - Temple Alert. You fight waves of grunts, tanks, and shrapnel guys.
    3 - Extra Sauce Action. Blue snakes rain in from above then demon grunts come in
    and are easy to dispose of. Kill more blue snakes and exit stage right.
    4 - Cobra Just Ahead. This is pretty much handled the same way you did room 3.
    Stand on the left and aim your gun upper-right and shoot at the snakes coming
    down then take out the demon grunts then kill more snakes. Go up from here.
    5 - Secret Rooms Nearby. Kill the grunts and shrapnels then the demon grunts and
    tanks. Execute more shrapnels and go right.
    6 - Enjoy My wealth. This is a money room. Collect the prizes as you shoot the
    grunts and snakes.
    7 - Walls of Pain. More of the same ol' enemies. Nothing special.
    8 - Last Arena?. Ditto here. The robots do return as the final wave before you
    go right to face the Cobra Boss.
    X - Cobra Death. Unlike the other versions of Smash TV, you face one giant Cobra
    Head. All you got to do is stay far away from his fire shots as you shoot at him
    with powered up weapons. You may suffer some deaths but you got plenty continues
    but don't take that for granted.
    You probably wonder why Map 3 was easy with so many continues. After you deal
    with the Cobra, you still haven't finished the level yet. Collect enough keys
    and it says 
    You may Enter Key Room #1. You fight several waves of every enemy you have gone
    against in the whole game minus the demon grunts.
    You May Enter Key Room #2: More and More massive waves of enemies.
    Eat My Eyeballs: You fight against the Host himself. If you remember the fight
    against the Mutoid Man then you'll know what to do here. Same exact fight only
    he is a little faster.
    From there you get your bonuses then the game is over.
    Flying Edge/Acclaim for making the game.
    GameFAQs and others for hosting.
    You for reading this FAQ. See you next time in Smurfs 2.
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