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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cloudff72000

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    Sword of Vermillion Walkthrough, by Cloudff72000
    1. Introduction
    2. Getting used to the main menu
    3. Leveling Up
    4. Items
    5. Magic
    6. Weapons
    7. Armor
    8. Shields
    9. Walkthrough (WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!)
    10. Enemy List
    11. Boss List
    12. Thanks
    1. Introduction
    Hi, all. I'm writing a walkthrough for this game because it was one of the 
    first I ever played. Also, I only saw one on GameFAQs. I hope that my guide 
    lives up to the traditions of writers past, and that it provides players of 
    this game with the best possible playing experience.
    Version 0.4: The first version of this guide. Included a menu overview,
    leveling up guide, incomplete list of items, magic, weapons, armor, shields,
    enemies, and bosses. It also contained an incomplete, but detailed walkthrough.
    Version 0.5 About halfway done. Added some stuff in the magic, weapons, armor,
    shields, enemy list, and another boss. Also, some more of the game was entered
    into the walkthrough.
    2. Getting used to the main menu
    There are 8 commands in the main menu: Talk, Item, Str, Open, Magic, Equip, 
    Seek, and Take. Here's a brief explanation of each
    Talk: For the most part, self-explanatory. When this command is used, you talk
    to the person you are facing. Sometimes, you have to talk multiple times to 
    Item: This opens the item menu, where usable items are listed. Armor, weapons,
    and shields are carried separately. There is a limit of how many items you can
    Str: A series of six screens pops up in this menu. The first opens up your
     condition sheet. It lists the following.
    Condition: This is determined by how much HP you have, how much MP you have, 
    and whether you're poisoned or not. It's usually listed as "Best," "Good," or 
    "Bad (Poisoned)"
    Level: Need I say more?
    Exp: Shows how much experience you have earned in battle
    Next Level Exp: Shows how much experience you need to get to the next level.
    HP: Shows your current HP total
    MHP: Shows your maximum HP total
    MP: Shows your current MP total
    MMP: Shows your maximum MP total
    STR: Shows your strength, coupled with your weapon. To gain a pure strength 
    total, unequip your weapon
    AC: Armor Class, including any armor and shield you're wearing. To gain a pure 
    AC rating, unequip any armor and shield.
    INT: Intelligence rating. This partially determines how much damage your attack
    magic does.
    DEX: Dexterity. This determines your skill with a blade, and has a small effect
    on the swing speed on your sword
    LUK: Luck. This directly affects your encounter rate with monsters. The higher 
    the rating, the lower your encounter rating with weaker monsters.
    KIM: This is how much money you have. You kinda need money to buy items, 
    weapons, armor, and shields
    The 2nd screen shows what equipment you have on, if any.
    The 3rd screen shows what weapons, armor, and shields you are carrying.
    The 4th screen shows what magic you are carrying.
    The 5th screen shows what items you are carrying
    The last screen shows what rings you have acquired, if any.
    Open: This command is used solely for the purpose of opening treasure chests 
    and gates. Nothing more
    Magic: This is where you cast, ready, and discard magic. Cast is where castable
    magic is listed. Ready is where magic used in battle is listed, and you can 
    ready it for use in battle. Discard is where you can discard magic you don't 
    feel you need anymore, though you shouldn't really discard magic; sell it 
    Equip: This is where you equip weapons, armor and shields. the command "Put On" 
    opens up a choice of weapon, armor, and shield. Opening the individual choices 
    lists what is avialable for equipping. The command "Remove" lists what you have
    equipped, and gives you the choice of removing it. The command "Stop" returns 
    you to the main menu
    Seek: This command is used to find hidden items. You WILL have to use it once 
    in the game, so try to get used to it. Also, if you use it when in front of an 
    item, it'll give a description.
    Take: Use this to take the contents of an open treasure chest or an item in the
    3. Levelling Up
    Levelling up in this game is similar to those in most other games. You earn 
    experience through battle, and when you gain enough experience, you gain a 
    leve. The higher the level you gain, the more experience you need to gain a 
    level. What is different about this game is the fact that experience is limited
    only by the limit on the cartridge. The max amount of experience you can gain 
    is 999,999. Once you reach that, your level maxes out at 31. It cannot go 
    higher than that, so be aware.
    4. Items
    Items are invaluable tools in this game. Here's a list of what items you can
    Herbs: Cost 20 Kim (Wyclif), 25 Kim (Parma), 30 Kim (Deepdale, Stow)
    Herbs heal up to 40 HP. They last only one use, so be careful!
    Candle: Cost 10 Kim (Wyclif), 15 Kim (Parma)
    Candles are used to light up dark places, like caves. However, they only last 
    for a brief amount of time, so bring 2 or 3 with you
    Lantern: Cost 65 Kim (Parma, Deepdale), 70 Kim (Stow)
    Lanterns are a great improvement over candles. Bring one, and you'll have light
     for the entire time you're in a cave.
    Gnome Stone: Cost 300 Kim (Parma), 350 Kim (Deepdale), 375 Kim (Stow)
    Gnome stones are items that, when used, transport you to the outside entrance 
    of the cave that you were in.
    Medicine: Cost 120 Kim (Deepdale), 125 Kim (Stow)
    Medicine is a great improvement over Herbs. They heal more HP than Herbs do.
    Poison Balm: Cost 40 Kim (Parma), 60 Kim (Deepdale), 65 Kim (Stow)
    Poison Balm is the only way, other than going to a church or dying, to cure 
    poison. & you'll wanna bring them with ya, too. Being poisoned is NOT a good 
    Griffin Wing: Cost 820 Kim (Stow), 910 (Keltwick),
    Griffin Wings are great; when used outside a cave, they transport you to the
     last town that you were in. Great when you're low on HP, MP, and items.
    Agate Jewel: Cost 3200 Kim (Barrow)
    Agate Jewels are invaluable; they restore about 10 MP a piece, so use them
    Topaz Jewel: Cost 9100 Kim
    Topaz Jewels are even better than Agate Jewels; they restore more MP than 
    Agate Jewels do. Trust me; 30 MP is an asset later in the game
    Titania's Mirror: Found in Excalabria
    Titania's Mirror is one of the 4 legendary items. When used on the map, it 
    creates a map when there is none. However, it fades when you enter battle.
    Mirror of Atlas: Found in Thule Cave
    The Mirror of Atlas is a one-time use item. When used, it creates maps for all
    areas where you had none before. Plus, it's permanent.
    Rafael's Stick: Found in Swaffham
    Rafael's Stick is one of the four legendary items. When used, it removes all
    cursed equipment that you're wearing. Great for when you don't wanna drag 
    yourself to a church for a curse removal.
    Dungeon Key: Found in Keltwick
    This key opens the cave door when en route to Malaga
    White Key: Given to you by the King of Swaffham
    This key opens the cave doors in the Ivory Cave
    Red Key: Given to you by the King of Swaffham
    This key opens the cave doors in the Ruby Cave
    Blue Key: Given to you by the King of Swaffham
    This key opens the cave doors in the Sapphire Cave
    White Crystal: Found in Ivory Cave
    This is an item you must give to the King of Swaffham
    Red Crystal: Found in Ruby Cave
    This is an item you must give to the King of Swaffham
    Blue Crystal: Found in Sapphire Cave
    This is an item you must give to the King of Swaffham
    Truffles: Found in Bremen's Cave
    Give this to the King of Deepdale to get the Ring of Wind
    Treasure of Troy: Found in Cave of Troy
    Give this to the fake King of Parma in order to be trapped & force a fight with
    Digot Plant: Found in Whisby Cave
    Find & use this if you're poisoned by that spy in Hastings; Poison Balm will
    not cure her poison.
    Banshee Powder: Cost 2200 Kim (Barrow)
    This is an item that you use in a dire emergency. If you know you can't make it
    back to a town, use this item to bring you to the church in the last town you
    were in, & you won't lose any Kim. Quite useful if you are out of items and 
    Crown: Found in Harmony Cave
    Give this to Bruno  in order to receive the Ring of Water
    Old Man's Sketch: Given to you by an Old Man
    Give this to the Old Woman to receive the Dragon Shield
    Old Woman's Sketch: Give this to the Old Man to reveal the location of the 
    Crimson Armor.
    Alarm Clock: Cost 2000 Kim (Keltwick)
    Use this to wake up Doctor Basil.
    Sixteen Rings: Gathered after defeating Tsarkon
    You collect the 8 rings of good through questing, then defeating Tsarkon will
    grant you the 8 rings of evil. Using the sixteen rings at the Cartahena throne 
    will end the game.
    Pass to Cartahena: Bought from Tibor for 28,000 Kim
    This pass will allow you to enter Cartahena
    Thule Key: Found after defeating Tsarkon's minister in Cartahena Castle
    This key will grant you access into Thule Cave
    Gold Key: Found after defeating the witch in Thule Cave
    This will open one of the 3 doors leading to Tsarkon, and the door guarding the
    Ring of Power
    Silver Key: Found after defeating Luther in Thule Cave
    This will open one of the 3 doors leading to Tsarkon, the door guarding the
    Ring of Earth
    Bronze Key: Found after defeating Thar in Thule Cave
    This will open one of the 3 doors leading to Tsarkon, and the door guarding the
    Ring of Sun
    5. Magic
    Magic is an integral part of this game. There are three types of magic in this
    game: Offensive (Attack), Healing, and what I like to refer to as "specific 
    purpose" magic
    Offensive Magic
    Cost: 500 Kim (Parma)
    MP Usage: 1
    Ferros is the first attack spell you can buy. It creates a fireball which
    circles around, and once it hits an opponent, it stops.
    Cost: 1200 Kim (Deepdale),
    MP Usage: 2
    Volti is a spell that shoots a bolt of lightning in a single direction. It
    stops once it hits an opponent. 
    Cost: 3200 Kim (Stow),
    MP Usage: 3
    Aero shoots a blade of wind at an opponent, causing wind damage. If you have
    the MP to spare, get this over Volti; otherwise, stick with Volti
    Cost: 3700 Kim (Stow)
    MP Usage: 4
    Copperos shoots a fireball at an opponent. When it hits, it creates a ring of
    fire in a radius of the hit, then compresses. The first spell you can get that
    can kill multiple enemies at once. I pass on this over Aero, as I like using my
    MP for healing as well
    Cost: 4500 Kim (Keltwick)
    MP Usage: 4
    Hydro shoots up a jet of water underneath an opponent. It stays in one place, 
    so if the opponent moves out of the way, then it does no good. Not a very
    good spell, really
    Cost: 11,000 Kims (Malaga), 35,000 Kims (Swaffham)
    MP Usage: 12
    What a useless spell! It creates a ring of electricity around you, and if
    enemies get within that range, they are damaged. It doesn't block them from
    coming toward you, though. Completely useless, and an MP drainer to boot.
    Cost: 5700 Kim (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 5
    Chrono is a handy spell to have; it stops your opponents and allows you to
    zoom in for the kill without having to worry about a counterattack. 
    Cost: 11,700 Kim (Malaga)
    MP Usage: 9
    Aerios shoots out homing wind blades toward all opponents; at the point of the
    game it is obtained, it can kill most enemies with one shot. Quite handy spell
    to have
    Cost: 20,000 Kims (Swaffham)
    MP Usage: 8
    Simply put, a stronger version of Hydro. No new effects. Same ol stuff
    Cost: 8700 Kims (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 7
    Creates a ring of fireballs that speed outward in a circle, damaging enemies
    that come into contact. Too much planning for my taste, so I go with something
    Cost: 40,000 Kim
    MP Usage: 10
    Argentos shoots a humongous fireball at an opponent, and doesn't stop until it
    either runs out of juice or destroys all enemies on the screen. A good spell,
    but an MP drainer as well.
    Cost: 47,000 Kims (Hastings)
    MP Usage: 16
    Voltios is the best single-kill spell in the game. It uses too much MP,
    though, so go with Terrafissi.
    Cost: 20,000 Kim (Hastings)
    MP Usage: 10
    A double whammy of Chrono with twice the MP cost; good if you like that stuff,
    worthless if ya don't.
    Cost: 70,000 Kims (Hastings)
    MP Usage: 25
    Hands down the best spell in the game. It causes an earthquake that destroys
    even the most powrful of enemies; just make sure that you have enough MP left
    over to cast Aries or a healing spell.
    Cost: 800 Kim (Parma), 900 Kim (Deepdale)
    MP Usage: 6
    Sangua restores a small amount of HP, more than Herbs do, but less than
    Medicine does. You'll be using this for a good portion of the game.
    Cost: 4800 Kims (Malaga), 5100 Kims (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 12
    A big step up from Sangua, it will be your main healing spell until the end of
    the game. Use frequently.
    Cost: 28,000 Kims (Hastings)
    MP Usage: 31
    Heals your HP completely, but not available until the end of the game. Also
    gobbles MP like no other spell can.
    Found: Given to you by girl in Sanguios Cave
    MP Usage: 2
    This is awesome! Full HP restoration for only 2 MP! WOOHOO!! Too bad you lose
    it so soon (it's part of the game). Train all you want with this baby at your
    Cost: 8500 Kim (Keltwick)
    MP Usage: 6
    This is a great spell to have. It eliminates the need for poison balm, as it
    cures poison at a cost of  MP
    "Specific Purpose"
    Cost: 9000 Kims (Malaga), 12,000 Kims (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 13
    Aries is the kick-ass spell of this game. It transports you to the entrance of
    any town you've been to previously, thus saving you travel time. It is 
    imperative that you get this spell as soon as possible.
    Cost: 6200 Kim (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 5
    Extrios is another great spell. When cast, it acts as a Gnome Stone,
    teleporting you outside the cave you were in. Nice spell to have handy.
    Cost: 8000 Kim (Helwig)
    MP Usage: 8
    Inaudios is a mixed blessing; for the use of MP, you can eliminate weaker
    enemy encounters; of course, the effect is for a limited time, so use only if
    you wish not to train and earn money, which would surprise me.
    Cost: 5200 Kims (Keltwick)
    MP Usage: 5
    Luminos is yet another great spell to have. Put simply, when cast it lights up
    the cave you're in. Pretty much, it frees up a space in your inventory for some
    more medicine.
    6. Weapons
    All weapons are swords, just to let you know.
    Bronze Sword: Cost 80 Kim
    Strength: 28 STR
    This is the first weapon you get in this game. You'll have it for a little 
    while, so get used to using it
    Iron Sword: Cost 400 Kim
    Strength: 41 STR
    I choose to pass on this sword, as usually I have enough money to buy a Sharp 
    Sharp Sword: Cost 800 Kim
    Strength: 53 STR
    This is a good sword to have. This will last ya a good while, so make sure to 
    get it as soon as you can!
    Long Sword: Cost 1800 Kim
    Strength 82 STR
    Another sword I choose to pass on, as the Silver Sword is stronger.
    Silver Sword: Cost 3700 Kim
    Strength: 103 STR
    The better of the swords offered in Deepdale, get this as soon as you can,
    because it will last you for a long time.
    Mirage Sword: Found in Blazon's Cave
    Strength: 123 STR
    A nice find, though you'll soon be able to procure better.
    Prime Sword: Cost 5100 Kim
    Strength: 123 STR
    As strong as the Mirage Sword, but you have to buy it. Don't waste your money
    on this; get a Golden Sword instead
    Golden Sword: Cost 8500 Kim
    Strength: 156 STR
    The best there is to offer in Malaga; purchase it AFTER you've had your ordeal
    with the shopkeeper in Malaga.
    Graphite Sword: Found in Burgandy Cave
    Strength: 172 STR
    A nice find alongside those 15,000 Kims; the strenght boost is worth the trip.
    Platinum Sword: Cost 14,800 Kim
    Strength: 189 STR
    One of two swords available in Tadcaster, I tend to go with the Diamond Sword,
    as its strength boost is better
    Diamond Sword: Cost 21,000 Kim
    Strength: 210 STR
    A strong sword indeed; however, the Barbarian Sword in Darmon's Cave is
    slightly stronger than this, and free to boot. Your call on whether you want
    it or not.
    Barbarian Sword: Found in Darmon's Cave
    Strength: 235 STR
    A sword worth its name; equip this as soon as you get it.
    Royal Sword: Cost 42,000 Kim
    Strength: 256 STR
    Not a bad sword by any means, but the Ultimate Sword is stronger, so go with
    Ultimate Sword: Cost 34,600 Kim
    Strength: 271 STR
    The strongest sword one can buy; get this before you start your work for the
    king of Swaffham
    Critical Sword: Found in Sapphire Cave
    Strength: 280 STR
    A great sword; only the Sword of Vermilion is better than this puppy.
    Sword of Vermilion: Obtained from shopkeeper in Malaga toward end of game
    Strength: 300 STR
    The namesake of the game, and an awesome, awesome weapon. Equip this as soon
    as you get it
    Dark Sword: Found outside of Parma
    Strength: 0 STR
    This is a cursed weapon, with no offensive strength to it. It's found
    relatively early in the game, so feel free to utilize it for a super strength
    Death Sword: Found in Secret Cave
    Strength: 0 STR
    This is also a cursed weapon, with no offensive strength to it. Find this
    later in the game and utilize it to have a permanent-effect super strength.
    7. Armor
    All armor is similar; there is no "mail" in this game, just "armor"
    Leather Armor: Cost 200 Kim
    Strength: 9 AC
    One of two types of armor available at the beginning of this game. I bypass 
    this and save up for the Bronze Armor.
    Bronze Armor: Cost 400 Kim
    Strength: 29 AC
    One of two types of armor available at the beginning of this game, I save up 
    for this and get it, because it will serve you for a good amount of time.
    Metal Armor: Cost 900 Kim
    Strength: 35 AC
    I usually choose to bypass this, as the Scale Armor is stronger and only 200 
    Kim more 
    Scale Armor: Cost 1100 Kim
    Strength: 38 AC
    This armor is gonna last you a while, so, again, make sure you get it as soon 
    as possible.
    Plate Armor: Cost 2800 Kim
    Strength: 47 AC
    The lesser of the two armors offered in Deepdale, I pass on this and go
    straight to Crystal Armor
    Crystal Armor: Cost 4500 Kim
    Strength: 55 AC
    The better choice of armor in Deepdale, get this ASAP. It will be with you for
    some time.
    Skeleton Armor: Found in Sanguios Cave
    Strength: 69 AC
    Find this in Sanguios Cave as soon as you get the map. This is gonna be with
    you through a couple of big fights. And no, it's not cursed.
    Emerald Armor: Found in Blazon's Cave
    Strength: 71 AC
    A good set of armor, but it won't be useful for long, as some better armor
    will be available for purchase
    Silver Armor: Cost 7000 Kim
    Strength: 100 AC
    One of two sets of armor available in Malaga; good resale value, but go with
    the Knight Armor for strength
    Knight Armor: Cost 9200 Kim
    Strength: 111 AC
    The second of two sets of armor for sale in Malaga; pick it up; it'll prove
    useful for a while
    Crimson Armor: Found by lone tree north of Keltwick
    Strength: 121 AC
    Too bad this isn't available sooner; it would've been nice.
    Gold Armor: Cost 15,000 Kim
    Strength: 139 AC
    One of two sets available in Tadcaster; Ultimate Armor is stronger, so use
    this only if your funds are short.
    Ultimate Armor: Cost 24,000 Kim
    Strength: 150 AC
    Also available in Tadcaster, this is great armor to have when you get it;
    procure it asap
    Odin Armor: Cost 38,000 Kim
    Strength: 157 AC
    Slightly stronger than Ultimate Armor, but not available til much later; save
    up for the more useful Diamond Armor
    Diamond Armor: Cost 50,000 Kim
    Strength: 174 AC
    The strongest, and most expensive, piece of equipment available for sale in
    the game; get it as soon as you can, because once Swaffham's gone, it's gone
    along with it
    Secret Armor: Found in Thule Cave
    Strength: 200 AC
    Found toward the very end of the game, it is the best protection available in
    the game; the sooner this is obtained, the better, especially with the fights
    at the end of the game.
    Old Nick Armor: Found in Whisby Cave
    Strength: 0 AC
    This set of armor is cursed, and has no defensive strength to it; therefore,
    do not equip it unless you plan on using the invincibility.
    8. Shields
    All shields are similar; there's no difference between names in shields
    Leather Shield: Cost 50 Kim
    Strength 8 AC
    One of two shields available at the beginning of the game, don't even bother 
    with this and get the Small Shield.
    Small Shield: Cost 80 Kim
    Strength: 13 AC
    One of two shields available at the beginning of the game, I choose this over 
    the Leather shield. Pretty much, Leather = bad.
    Large Shield: Cost 250 Kim
    Strength: 26 AC
    One of two shields available in Parma, I choose to bypass this as the Silver 
    Shield is stronger & available at double the price.
    Silver Shield: Cost 500 Kim
    Strength: 39 AC
    One of two shields available in Parma. Get this over the Large Shield; you 
    won't be disappointed.
    Gem Shield: Found in the wildnerness outside of Watling
    Strength: 57 AC
    One of the first unique pieces of equipment you'll find in this game. This 
    shield will give you a well-needed boost in strength for the upcoming enemies.
    Sapphire Shield: Found in the wilderness outside of Watling
    Strength: 61 AC
    A bit stronger than the Gem Shield, it makes a nice item to sell in the shop
    at Deepdale. If you want it, get it. If you don't, that's ok.
    Gold Shield: Cost 1500 Kim
    Strength: 66 AC
    Sometimes, I don't get why the shops have two choices. Anyway, pass over this
    in favor of the Platinum Shield
    Platinum Shield: Cost 3200 Kim
    Strength: 77 AC
    A shield that will last you well into the game. Get used to having this baby
    Magic Shield: Found in Bremen's Cave
    Strength: 67 AC
    You may think this is a strong shield, but it is weaker than the Platinum
    Shield. Don't bother with it
    Royal Shield: Found in Asti's Cave
    Strength: 85 AC
    Good to have for the boss battle in that cave, but other than that, it's just
    another shield
    Poison Shield: Found in Blazon's Cave
    Strength: 89 AC
    This piece of equipment is extremely valuable; it prevents you from being
    poisoned; too bad there are better shields in the game.
    Phantom Sheild: Found in Harmony Cave
    Strength: 97 AC
    Just a bit weaker than the Diamond Shield, which you can buy in Malaga; you're
    better off with that.
    Diamond Shield: Cost 4100 Kim
    Strength: 100 AC
    A nice shield to have, and the only one avalable for a while; get it if you
    wish to live
    Grizzly Shield: Found in Darmon's Cave
    Strength: 108 AC
    Just one point less than the Knight Shield, but worthy nonetheless. Get it to
    sell it.
    Knight Shield: Cost 6300 Kim
    Strength: 109 AC
    A bit stronger than the Grizzly Shield; use it for what its worth
    Dragon Shield: Given to you by Old Woman in Helwig
    Strength: 125 AC
    A mighty shield worth its name. Equip it as soon as you get it.
    Carmine Shield: Cost 12,700 Kim
    Strength: 132 AC
    The best shield in the game; get this before you are done in Swaffham, and you
    shan't be disappointed.
    9. Walkthrough
    "Long Ago, King Tsarkon of Cartahena unleashed his evil hordes upon the 
    peaceful land of Excalabria. Though the people of Excalabria fought bravely, 
    in the end they were overwhelmed. As his castle collapsed around him, King 
    Erik V of Excalabria summoned Blade, his most trusted servant. Erik commanded 
    blade to escape with Erik's infant song and the Ring of Wisdom, an ancient 
    family heirloom. Blade slipped out a secret passage as the castle was engulfed
     in flames. He fled to a distant village and raised the child as his own. 
    Tsarkon vowed to devote all of Cartahena's power to searching for the Prince. 
    Eighteen years have passed since Tsarkon began his search ....."
    Thus begins this tale.
    Part I: Starting Out.
    You start out in the village of Wyclif, where you were raised by Blade. You 
    find you are unable to leave town, as well as enter any building, save your 
    own house. Talk to the people, and you find that Blade is on his deathbed. 
    Go to him, and he shall set the stage for the game's first quest.
    Head to your house, and up the stairs to find an old man on his deathbed. 
    This is Blade, the once mighty warrior. He reveals to you that you are the 
    lost Prince of Excalabria, and that you must find 8 rings in order to save the
    world from the evils of a man known as Tsarkon. One of these rings, the Ring 
    of Wisdom, is your inheritance. Find it, and the seven others, and you will be
    able to save the world. He tells you to go to a cave south of the village; 
    that is where the ring is hidden. He also gives you 300 Kim to start your 
    journey with. Then he passess on.
    Once this sequence is finished, you are now able to leave town and enter any 
    building of your choice. I suggest the Weapon shop. Here you'll find the 
    following things for sale
    Bronze Sword: 100 Kim
    Leather Shield: 50 Kim
    Small Shield: 80 Kim
    Leather Armor: 200 Kim
    Bronze Armor: 400 Kim
    Right now, you can't afford the Bronze armor, but don't get the Leather Armor!
    Instead, buy yourself the Bronze Sword and the Small Shield, then save up for 
    the Bronze Armor. Don't forget to equip your weapons and armor! Can't fight 
    without a sword, now can ya?
    Next, head to the Item store, to see what items are available
    Herbs: 20 Kim
    Candle: 10 Kim
    Don't buy anything as of yet. You won't need it. Talk to the villagers and 
    gather information; one will have a map of the area for you. Also, note that 
    there is an Inn in town. This is where you recharge when you run low on HP & 
    MP. The cost at Wyclif is 10 Kim, but it increases as you venture from town to
     town. One of my most recommended tips is to always have enough money to stay 
    at the inn in the town you're closest to.
    Venture forth into the world and start building up your levels. Enemies you'll
     encounter out in the Wyclif area:
    Green Slime
    Blue Jelly
    Dog Kobold
    Be careful of the Dog Kobolds, as at this point a group of 6-8 will almost 
    surely knock you out.
    Roaming the world is an interesting experience. You do it from a first person 
    point-of view, with your map up at the top. When enemies pop up, you switch to
    an overhead point of view. Only one type of monster will attack you in any 
    encounter. Most encounters will feature up to 8 of them at once. Some enemies
     will come in max groups of 4 or even 2, depending on the monster.
    When you're training, save up your money, and return to town for a stay at the
    inn when you're low on HP. By the time you reach level three, you should have 
    enough money to purchase Bronze Armor, 2 herbs, and 2 candles. With your armor
    equipped, head to Peak Cave
    Cave 1: Peak Cave
    Levels: 1
    Enemies encountered: Blue Jelly, Dog Kobold, Skeleton
    Items found: Candle, Herb, Ring of Wisdom, 100 Kim
    Peak Cave is the first cave you'll encounter. It is relatively simple, and 
    you should have no trouble at all. Just go straight forward until you see an 
    opening on the left. Take it, open the chest, and take the map that's inside. 
    All caves, except the last couple or so, have maps hidden within them. I 
    highly recommend you find them, as it makes your quest so much easier. Return 
    to the main path, and you'll be faced with 2 gates: one in front of you, the 
    other to your left. Go to your left to be faced with another fork, with one 
    leading to a chest with 100 Kim, and the other leading to a chest with Herbs 
    in it. Return to the main path and go through the front gate, and continue 
    along. A sidepath leads to a Candle if you so choose. Head to the end to find 
    an old man. Speak to him and receive the Ring of Wisdom (Woohoo!). Once you've
     obtained that, exit the cave and return to town.
    Once in town, head to the inn and save, then speak to the townspeople again. 
    One will have a map to Parma for you. So, heal up, and head to Parma.
    Part II: Deception in Parma
    Parma is the biggest town in the entire game, as well as the first. Here's an 
    overview of the town:
    Inn: 13 Kim/night
    Magic Shop
    Ferros: 500 Kim
    Sangua: 800 Kim
    Equipment Shop
    Iron Sword: 400 Kim
    Sharp Sword: 800 Kim
    Large Shield: 250 Kim
    Silver Shield: 500 Kim
    Metal Armor: 900 Kim
    Scale Armor: 100 Kim
    Item Shop
    Candle: 15 Kim
    Herbs: 25 Kim
    Poison Balm: 40 Kim
    Lantern: 65 Kim
    Gnome Stone: 300 Kim
    As you can see,there is plenty of new equipment, magic, and items to buy. It 
    is therefore obvious that you won't have enough money to buy everything at 
    once. Talk to the townspeople; one will say to go to the west to gain 
    experience & money, and will give you a map to do so. Take his advice.
    While training, you will encounter these monsters west of Parma:
    Blue Jelly
    Dog Kobold
    Fruit Bat
    Neophyte I
    Also, you'll find an Herbs, a Candle, and 100 Kims in chests scattered across 
    the region. Train at least until you have enough money to buy a Sharp Sword, 
    Scale Armor, and a Silver Shield, as well as a book of Ferros and Sangua 
    spells. When this is accomplished, proceed into the castle to have a chat 
    with the King.
    The king will tell you he has a ring, but he won't give it to you, feeling 
    your not strong enough to defeat Tsarkon. He does offer a test, though: 
    retrieve the Treasure of Troy from the Cave of Troy, and he'll give you the 
    ring. Easy, right? Well, "The cave does has its guardians ..." 
    Now, I don't know about you, but this king sounds a little weird to me. His 
    minister seems a suck-up, and an advisor find him moody. Enough pondering for 
    now. Off to the Cave of Troy!
    Obtain a map from the person in the house close to the town entrance, then 
    proceed east. You'll see the cave easily enough; however, you could go for a 
    little more training to the southwest. The monsters you'll find there are:
    Red Glunk
    Fruit Bat
    Neophyte I
    Flamer I
    You'll also find some treasures in here, including 300 Kims and a Dark Sword. 
    Make sure you DON'T EQUIP THE DARK SWORD! It is cursed; when cursed, you 
    cannot cast magic, nor can you unequip the piece of cursed equipment. When you
    feel ready, enter the Cave of Troy; Just make sure you have some herbs, a 
    lantern, and a Gnome Stone, just in case.
    Cave 2: Cave of Troy
    Floors: 2
    Treasures: Treasure of Troy (Duh), Herbs, Candle, Scale Armor, 300 Kims
    Enemies Encountered: Fruit Bat, Skeleton, Eyeball
    Ah, the first multi-floor dungeon. Most dungeons will have at least two floors
    from now on, and that always complicates things. Maps have to be found for 
    individual floors, but at least the lantern lasts. The Treasure is located on 
    the second floor, and there is only one ladder down to the second floor.
    The first floor is simple enough. Take the first left to find the map for this
    floor. Using the map, you should be able to find your way to the ladder to the
    second floor, and, if you search, you'll find a candle & some herbs. 
    The second floor is a bit trickier. You have to go a bit farther to find the 
    math. Follow the main path until you come to a fork. When you do, go to the 
    left from your perspective (not the map perspective), and go down the passage 
    to find the map. With that, you'll be able to work your way around the floor. 
    If you search, you'll find Scale Armor and 300 Kim. The Treasure of Troy is in
     the upper right-hand corner of the map. Once you have that, you can either 
    warp outside using the Gnome Stone or walk out of the cave.
    When you get out of the cave, proceed directly to town, but don't go to the 
    king just yet. If you feel you're too weak, train a little bit. I like to be 
    around level 7 for what's coming up next. Once you feel ready, talk to the 
    Present the Treasure of Troy to the king, and he makes you an offer: Become a 
    citizen of Parma. It's one you can't refuse, so just accept it, & be of for 
    now. Talk to the citizens, & they'll question why you chose to do so. Well, 
    you didn't! Go complain to the king, & he'll surprise you in a way not 
    Boss Battle: Giant Dragon
    Exp received: 500
    Kim received: 500
    Well, your first battle with an Archmonster. It's quite different from your 
    battles out in the overland. The way the dragon move is that it's head comes 
    up & down, & if your close enough to it, it'll speed down on you
    your best bet is to let it come down slowly, get some hits in, then move back,
    out of its range. Keep doing this until its head falls to the floor & dies. 
    Congrats! You just beat your first Archmonster!
    Once you defeat the Archmonster, the people in the castle will be stunned, 
    band the back room will now be open. Go into there to find the true King of 
    Parma, who will explain what happened and give you the Ring of Sky. He'll also
    point you to Watling, where your next task awaits.
    Stock up on Herbs and Poison Balm, buy another Lantern, and if you used your 
    Gnome Stone, pick another one up. Lastly, obtain a map from the same man who 
    gave you the map to the Cave of Troy, and say your farewells to Parma.
    Part III: Apparently, "Only the Good Die Young"
    En route to Watling, you will encounter the following enemies:
    Red Glunk
    Coyote Kobold
    Dog Kobold
    Neophyte I
    Neophyte II
    One of the sidepaths leads you to a Gem Shield. Find and equip it; it is
    stronger than a Silver Shield. Work your way through the monsters, and don't
    take anymore sidepaths; you're not strong enough yet. When you get to Watling
    It's all old people! On top of that, there are no shops; just a church and an
    inn. I advise against staying at the inn unless absolutely necessary. It may
    be free now, but just wait until later. Anyway, talk to the man in the house
    that's in the upper right corner of the village. He'll explain that a monster
    stole the youth from the villagers, and that he resides in a cave to the
    north. Finally, he gives you a map, and send you on your way.
    On the way to Verlin's Cave, you'll encounter the following monsters:
    Red Glunk
    Neophyte II
    Coyote Kobold
    Cave Bat
    Also, make sure you take the first path, NOT the second one. Along the path,
    there are two side roads you can take; one leads to a Lantern, while the other
    leads to a Medicine. Get both. Then enter the cave
    Cave 3: Verlin's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Bosses: 1
    Enemies Encountered: Gray Ooze, Skeleton, Eyeball, Creeper I
    Treasures found: 600 Kims
    Verlin's cave is the first with multiple ladders leading down. I will give you
    the quickest path to the Archmonster.
    From the ladder, follow the path downward, and bang a U-shaped (not a
    turnaround) turn to your left, then follow that path until you see an opening
    your right. Take that path to find the map to this level. With the map, you
    should see where you are & where you're going. If you wish, there's a chest
    with 600 Kims in the lower left corner of the map screen. When you're finished
    on this floor, use the ladder in the upper left corner to go down to the second
    Once on the second floor, follow the path, going right at any given 
    opportunity. This should lead you to the map for this floor. There are no
    treasures on this floor, so head straight for the Archmonster. He's in a 
    little alcove, near the ladder on the upper right-hand corner. When you're at
    full health, talk to him to engage the fight.
    Boss: Giant Cyclops
    Exp received: 1000
    Kim received: 1000
    This boss will be a little more difficult than the first one. It attacks by
    shooting lightning out of its hands. When you see and hear it charging its
    attack, move backward to avoid the blast, then close in for an attack.
    When you weaken it enough, one of its arms will be destroyed. After you give
    it enough damage, the monster will die, and the youth of the people of Watling
    will be restored.
    Return to the village, and talk to the townspeople. If you stayed at the inn,
    the innkeeper will charge you an exorbitant sum, or force you to work. Nice
    guy, huh? One of the villagers will give you a map to Deepdale, so be on your
    (Note: Should you decide to return to Watling at anytime, the inn will cost
    18 Kims/night)
    Part IV: A King amongst commoners; where the heck is he?
    Remember those sidepaths I told you about before? Take them now to find some
    including 200 Kims, 300 Kims, and the Sapphire Shield. Obtain it; you'll be
    using it for a little bit. After getting the treasure, make your way to
    It's in your best interests; trust me.
    Along the way to Deepdale, you'll encounter the following enemies
    Cave Bat
    Creeper II
    Neophyte II
    Be especially careful of Needlers, as they can poison you.
    When you get to Deepdale, you'll find a bustling town, complete with a magic
    shop, item shop, and equipment shop.
    Magic Shop
    Volti: 1200 Kim
    Sangua: 900 Kim
    Equipment Shop
    Long Sword: 1800 Kim
    Silver Sword: 3700 Kim
    Gold Shield: 1500 Kim
    Platinum Shield: 3200 Kim
    Plate Armor: 2800 Kim
    Crystal Armor: 4500 Kim
    Item Shop
    Herbs: 30 Kim
    Medicine: 120 Kim
    Poison Balm: 60 Kim
    Lantern: 70 Kim
    Gnome Stone: 350 Kim
    Inn: 28 Kims/night
    As you can see, Deepdale is a bustling town. With the funds you have, purchase
    Crystal Armor, a Platinum Shield, a Silver Sword, and a book of Volti spells.
    Once you're finished, proceed into the castle to chat with the king.
    Where is he, you ask? He's amongst the people, dressed as a commoner. Go back
    into the town, & ask around; they say to check the castle again. This is when
    you'll find out what is going on. The king likes to blend in to "normal" life.
    There is no way to distinguish him from an ordinary townsperson, except if you
    present him with truffles. Unfortunately, you can't buy truffles; they're 
    found in Bremen's Cave, to the west. That is where you must go next. One guy
    in the castle will give you a map to show you the way.
    Along the way, you'll encounter the following monsters:
    Neophyte II
    Creeper I
    Flamer II
    Creeper II
    On the way, there are some sidepaths that lead to 500 Kims, 700 Kims, and some
    Herbs. Find them if you want, then head to the cave
    Cave 4. Bremen's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Puffball I, Creeper II, Gray Ooze, Skeleton, Puffball II,
    Treasures found: Truffles, 700 Kims, Large Shield, Magic Shield, Metal Armor
    To find the map for the first level, just go left (from 1st-person perspective)
    until you reach a dead end. The map should be right in front of you. With map
    in view, you should be able to navigate your way to the ladder leading down.
    Along the way, you can find 700 Kims and a Large Shield. Get them if you so
    choose, then move down to the second level.
    Now, there are two ways to find the map for the second level: a longer, but
    easier to explain way, or a quicker way, with more chance of getting lost.
    I'll go through both.
    Long way: From the ladder, just follow the main path around, not taking any
    sidepaths, until you come to a dead end, where you'll find the map.
    Short way: From the ladder, go forward until you see an opening on your right.
    Take that right, & follow it to the end, then go left, following that road
    until you reach the dead end where the map is.
    Either way you go, once you have the map this level becomes much easier with
    the map. Searching this level will get you a Magic Shield and Metal Armor. The
    Truffles are in the alcove that's in the upper left-hand corner. Obtain those,
    and any other treasures you feel are worth taking, and return to town.
    Once you get to town, heal up and head into the house closest to the entrance.
    This is where the king is, in disguise. When he sees the Truffles, he'll
    reveal himself and give you the Ring of Wind. Leave, and talk to the
    townspeople again. One will tell you to go to Stow, and gives you a map of the
    way there.
    Part V: A Little Girl Stirs Up Some Serious Trouble
    Brace yourself; you're in for a long haul to Stow. On the way, you'll
    encounter the following enemies:
    Creeper I
    Creeper II
    Creeper III
    Conjurer I
    Black Glop
    Strong enemies indeed. Good for raising levels, but first you'll want to get
    town. When you get to town, check out the shops:
    Item Shop
    Herbs: 30 Kim
    Medicine: 125 Kim
    Poison Balm: 65 Kim
    Lantern: 70 Kim
    Gnome Stone: 375 Kim
    Griffin Wing: 820 Kim
    Magic Shop
    Copperos: 3700 Kim
    Volti: 1400 Kim
    Talking to all the townspeople reveals some details: they're very busy. One
    points out that a book of spells was stolen, and that whoever took it fled to
    a cave to the west of town. Remember that cave you passed by? That's the one.
    Go there, stocked up with a lantern, Gnome Stone, a couple of poison balms, &
    a Griffin Wing. 
    Cave 5: Sanguios Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Puffball I, Puffball II, Puffball III, Basher
    Treasures: Lantern, 850 Kims, Skeleton Armor, Sanguios Spell Book
    Like mushrooms? If ya do, Sanguios Cave is the place for you! Little treasure
    is to be found in this place. To find the map for the first floor, simply
    follow the main path, ignoring the first sidepath & taking the second instead.
    Once the map is obtained, you can either head straight for the ladder, or find
    the Lantern and 850 Kims hidden on this level. 
    Once on the second floor, follow the main path until you're faced with a turn.
    Go left (1st Person), and you'll find the dead end with the map. With map in
    view, head to the upper right-hand corner to find Skeleton Armor, then the
    upper left-hand corner to find a girl who's selling a book of spells. A book of
    Sanguios Spells, to be more precise. All for the mere price of 1000 Kims. It's
    an offer you can't refuse. No, really. The game won't let you say no, so just
    say yes. When you do, exit the cave and return to town. Don't talk to the king
    just yet though. Use this opportunity to train: Sanguios restores your full HP
    for only 2 MP. I recommend getting yourself up to level 18, so that you won't
    die in the upcoming battles.
    When you feel ready, talk to the king. He'll notice that you have a book of
    Sanguios spells. HIS Sanguios spells. He'll accuse you of theivery, and,
    obviously, you'll declare innocence. He'll therefore offer you this challenge:
    find whoever stole the book, and bring that person to him. To make sure you'll
    do this, he'll hold on to your rings. Nice guy, huh? Now, find that girl & show
    her what's up
    Cave 5 returned: Sanguios Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Puffball I, Puffball II, Puffball III, Basher
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures: (Same as last, if you didn't find any before)
    Well, you've been here before, so you shouldn't need advice on getting through
    the cave. When you find the little girl, in the same spot, make sure your HP is
    at full before you talk to her. Say yes to her to engage a fight with an
    Boss: Two-Headed Fire Demon
    Exp received: 3000
    Kim received: 3000
    This is one tough cookie. The monster will shoot fireballs with its hands; one
    is at chest level, the other is at the level of your legs. Duck the high
    fireballs, and slash the low ones, and get in hits on the beast when possible.
    When enough damage is done, one of the hands will become useless, and thank
    goodness, too. When enough damage is done, the monster will be defeated. Don't
    be surprised if you're defeated at least once when fighting this beast: it is
    not easy to beat this beast.
    When you defeat the monster, the girl will return, "apologize," and return to
    town to ask the king for forgiveness. Yes, you have every right to suspect
    something, so get your butt back to town!
    When you return, you find that the townspeople are in serious shock; they were
    just attacked by the archmonster you just fought. Go to the king, and he'll say
    that your rings were stolen! OH NO!!! He'll also say that the beast fled to
    Asti's cave, to the east, and that the tavernkeeper has a map. Well, get the
    map & get to Asti's cave. On the way, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Flamer III
    Creeper III
    Oozer I
    Melter I
    Along the way, you'll find a Ruby Brooch. It's the only one in the game, and I
    don't advise that you use it right now. Save it for later; don't worry, I'll
    tell you when to use it. Just make your way to the cave, and take care not to
    get poisoned, will you?
    Cave 6: Asti's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Puffball III, Puffball IV, Basher, Zombie,
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures Found: Royal Shield
    Man, what a pain-in-the-ass cave. The first floor contains the cave's only
    treasure, a Royal Shield. To get the map for this floor, just go straight out,
    bang a right at the wall, follow that path, bang another right, keep goin, 
    bang yet another right, and this path will take you to a dead end with the map.
    The Royal Shield is in that wrap-around part of the cave.
    The second level map is a bit trickier to find. To find it, simply go backwards
    until you see a treasure chest in the road. This has the map. You'll see a maze
    of paths as a map. The boss is at the dead end of that maze. Talk to her to
    fight her once more
    Boss: Two-Headed Fire Demon (Rematch)
    Exp received: 5000
    Kim received: 5000
    Same tactics as last time. Be careful, though: she's much stronger than when
    you last battled. Defeat her to gain your rings back, as well as the Ring of
    Fire. Once you've beaten her, head back to town to heal up & find out what
    to do next.
    When you get back to town, the people are still injured. They'll say the same
    things as when the monster attacked. Talk to the king: he'll ask you to find
    a doctor for the town, and recommend Basil, who resides in Keltwick. Do you
    have a map to Keltwick? No, but the king does, and he gives it to you for good
    use. Along the way, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Oozer I
    Flamer III
    Melter I
    Hyena Kobold
    Creeper III
    It's a bit of a hike, but nothing like the haul to Stow. It's a small town,
    complete with an item shop, inn, and a magic shop. Here's what each holds:
    Item Shop
    Medicine: 130 Kims
    Poison Balm: 70 Kims
    Lantern: 75 Kims
    Griffin Wing: 910 Kims
    Alarm Clock: 2000 Kims
    Magic Shop
    Aero: 3400 Kims
    Luminos: 5200 Kims
    Hydro: 4500 Kims
    Chrono: 5700 Kims
    Toxios: 8500 Kims
    Inn: 96 Kims/Night
    An alarm clock? What the heck is that for? Well, buy it, and I'll tell you what
    to do with it. Go to the second floor of the inn, and you'll see a man
    sleeping. Stand right next to him, and use the alarm clock; that'll wake him
    up. Once he's awake, talk to him, then head back to Stow.
    When you return, you'll be hailed as a hero. Talk to the king one more time to
    receive a book of Sanguia spells and some advice: head toward Malaga, north of
    Keltwick. Well, with that said, head toward Keltwick: there's a chore that
    needs doing.
    Part VI: A Kingdom without a king: Solve the problem, why don't ya?!
    When you arrive in Keltwick, talk to the people. One will be a child named
    Anselm, who will explain that his father, Bearwulf, went to get something for
    you from a nearby cave. Another townsperson will have a map to the cave, called
    Blazon's Cave. Another will have a map to Malaga for you, but don't think about
    heading straight for Malaga; there's something Bearwulf has for you that you
    need to get to Malaga.
    Along the way to Blazon's Cave, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Be careful of Stingers: they poison you. Hope you took my advice and bought
    a book of Toxios spells. The cave won't be too hard to find.
    Cave 7: Blazon's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Puffball IV, Zombie, Toadstool I, Killer Bat, Zombie
    Treasures found: Emerald Armor, 1000 Kims, Mirage Sword, 
    When you get in the cave, head forward, bang a right, and keep going, ignoring
    the first two sidepaths you see. Take the third one, and that will lead you to
    the map. The only treasure on this floor is the Emerald Armor; get it, as it
    will serve you well later. When you approach the ladder, you'll encounter
    Bearwulf. Speak to him, and he'll tell you he's returning to town. He'll also
    say that the Poison Shield is in the lower reaches of the cave. I highly 
    recommend that you find this shield, so we're going to in this guide.
    Head down to the second floor. Bang the first two possible lefts to find the
    map. You'll see four long paths leading down. The one furthest to the left has
    the Poison Shield at the end. The third one to the left has the Mirage Sword,
    which I also advise taking. Once you have the treasures, leave and return to
    Keltwick. Make sure you equip the Poison Shield: it immunizes you from being
    When you get back to Keltwick, make sure you have a free item space. Talk to
    Bearwulf: he's in the house. He'll give you a key which opens the gate in a
    cave along the route to Malaga. That's why I said wait before going to Malaga:
    you need that key to advance. With key in hand, head north. Along the route and
    in the cave, which has no treasures worth mentioning, you'll encounter the
    following enemies:
    Conjurer II
    Puffball III
    Toadstool II
    Melter III
    Killer Bat
    It's not a long road to Malaga. When you get there, you'll find a bustling
    kingdom, complete with an item shop, equipment shop, magic shop, and inn
    Item Shop
    Vase: Cost ?Kims
    Small Bomb: Cost ?Kims
    Joke Book: Cost ?Kims
    Magic Shop
    Aries: Cost 9000 Kims
    Voltio: Cost 11000 Kims
    Sanguia: Cost 4800 Kims
    Aerios: Cost 11700 Kims
    Toxios: Cost 9100 Kims
    Equipment Shop
    Prime Sword: Cost 5100 Kims
    Golden Sword: Cost 8200 Kims
    Diamond Shield: Cost 4100 Kims
    Silver Armor: Cost 7000 Kims
    Knight Armor: Cost 9200 Kims
    Inn: 128 Kims/night
    Avoid the Item Shop for now. Now, follow my instructions carefully. Sell your
    book of Volti/Aero spells, and purchase as many books of Aerios spells as
    possible. Next, go into the equipment shop. Sell all gear you have except your
    Emerald Armor & Mirage Sword. Buy as much Silver Armor as you can. Now, head 
    into the Item Shop. Purchase the "Vase." The shopkeeper will say you can't 
    afford it, and take all your money and your sword. Real bastard, huh? Anyway,
    head back to the equipment shop, sell all your armor & the Iron Sword that guy
    gave you, and purchase a Golden Sword, Diamond Shield, and Knight Armor. Head
    over to the magic shop following, and sell all but one of your Aerios spell
    books, and purchase an Aries spell book. Lastly, use your Aries spell book to
    teleport to a town with an equipment shop, so you can sell your Vase at 10000
    Kims. By using this method, you should have at least 30000 Kims with you after
    all your transactions are complete.
    With all this accomplished, head into the castle and talk with the princess.
    Apparently, she's been waiting for you. Whoever possesses the Ring of Water
    will become the next King of Malaga. The ring is hidden in Harmony Cave, to the
    east of Malaga. Guarding it is Bruno, a loyal servant of the dead king. She
    gives you a map of the way there. Stock up on any supplies you may need, and
    head out.
    Along the way, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Conjurer II
    Oozer II
    Black Glop
    Melter III
    It's not far to the cave.
    Cave 8: Harmony Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Basher, Flamer III, Toadstool III, Oozer II
    Treasures Found: Crown, Phantom Shield
    Harmony Cave is the first time you'll see a single level divided in half.
    The map for the first floor is easy to find: simply take the first sidepath
    you see, and follow it around. When you approach the ladder downward, you'll
    encounter Bruno, who'll ask you to find the Crown in order to receive the Ring
    of Water. 
    Finding the map of the second floor is not an easy task. I'll guide you through
    it. From the ladder, follow the main path, ignoring the first two openings,
    until you come to a four-way intersection. Go right until you hit a wall, then
    head right, left, right, then left twice. You should end up at a dead-end wall
    where the map is. Head for the lower ladder to the first floor, and the crown
    will be within the confines of the gate that you see.
    Return to town, heal up, then enter the castle to chat with the ministers.
    They hate your guts now, and vow to get revenge upon you. Exit and re-enter
    the castle, where you find that Bruno has returned. Talk to him, and agree
    to marry the princess after you finish your task. A man in the castle will have
    a map to Barrow, a village to the northeast. Stock up on supplies and head out,
    with only 3 rings left to obtain. 
    Part VII: Double vision? Somebody's masquerading around as you!!!
    Along the route to Barrow, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Melter III
    Oozer II
    Scorcher I
    It's not a long way from Malaga, so you should be fine. When you get there,
    check out the item shop and the inn
    Item Shop
    Medicine: 142 Kims
    Lantern: 80 Kims
    Griffin Wing: 990 Kims
    Agate Jewel: 3200 Kims
    Gnome Stone: 400 Kims
    Banshee Powder: 2200 Kims
    Inn: 148 Kims/night
    Talk to the people: they will refer you to a town called Tadcaster, which is to
    the west. However, take this time to talk to an old man, who will give you
    a piece of advice: head to Burgandy Cave and obtain a treasure of 15,000 Kims.
    Not a bad idea. Let's take him up on his word. He gives you a map. It's to the
    south-southwest. Along the way, you'll run into the following monsters:
    Scorcher I
    Conjurer II
    Melter III
    It's not far; take the southern fork to reach the cave: the other leads to
    Cave 9: Burgandy Cave
    Floors: 3
    Enemies encountered: Cobra, Red Eye, Toadstool IV, Zombie, 
    Treasures Found: 2000 Kims, 3000 Kims, 2000 Kims, 8000 Kims, Graphite Sword
    Ah, the first tri-level cave. It's actually quite simple, really. To find the
    first floor map, simply follow the main path until you come to a split. Head
    left at the split, and you'll find the map. You'll see a series of inlets. The
    second one from the top contains a treasure chest with 2000 Kims in it. Get it,
    and head to the second floor.
    Once on the second floor, head straight, then turn left, ignoring the sidepath,
    and you'll find the map at the dead end. In the little inlet on the "island"
    near the ladder leading to the third floor is a treasure chest with 3000 Kims
    in it. Grab it, and head to the third floor.
    The third floor is the trickiest of them all. From the ladder, head straight
    out, then go right, following the path to the dead end, where the map is
    located. From there, you'll see a lot of sidepaths. The one in the middle of
    the map contains a treasure chest with 2000 Kims in it, while the third one
    from the top contains a treasure chest with 8000 Kims in it! Lastly, the real
    treasure, a Graphite Sword, is at the upper left-hand corner of the map. Grab
    it and get out of there. Your work is finished. Head back to Barrow.
    Talk to the man who gave you the map. He'll take half of the 15,000 Kims. Why
    do this, you ask? I just happen to be a nice guy; you don't HAVE to do this if
    you don't want to. But, you've already got so much gold; what's 7500 to ya?
    Anyway, if ya didn't already, talk to the townsperson who gives you the map
    to Tadcaster, and be off. Be careful; it's a long way. You'll encounter the
    followning enemies:
    Oozer II
    Scorcher I
    Mage I
    Conjurer II
    Scorcher II
    When you get to Tadcaster, check out the equipment shop:
    Equipment Shop
    Diamond Sword: 21,000 Kims
    Platinum Sword: 14,800 Kims
    Knight Shield: 6200 Kims
    Gold Armor: 15,000 Kims
    Ultimate Armor: 24,000 Kims
    There is no inn. Enter town, leave, warp to another town with an inn, stay,
    and warp back. Talk to the townspeople; they're scared of you like the plague.
    Talk to the king, and apparently someone who looked just like you already
    obtained the ring. Return to town to find soldiers walking the streets. Talk
    to one of them to initiate a battle with a few zombies. Easily defeated,
    they tell you that their "master," the copycat you, is in Darmon's cave, to
    the northwest. The townspeople will then come to their senses, and one will
    give you a map to the cave. You'll encounter the same monsters along the
    way there as you did along the way to Tadcaster.
    Cave 10: Darmon's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Shroom I, Ghoul, Mage I, Cobra, Oozer III, Smasher, Black
    Glop, Shroom II
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures found: Grizzly Shield, Barbarian Sword
    This cave is actually 2 caves: the first level is the first cave, and the
    second level is the second cave. Each cave is one level. The first cave is
    simple: follow the main path, take the second sidepath, and grab the map. Then
    head to the upper left hand corner of the map to find the powerful Grizzly
    Shield. Then exit the cave and head to the next. The map is straight ahead. In
    the lower left corner of the screen is the mighty Barbarian Sword equip both,
    then head to the central lower area of the screen to encounter your 
    counterpart. Talk to him to find that the ring has been sent to Tsarkon, and
    that you're about to face yourself
    Boss: Necromancer
    Exp received: 8000
    Kim received: 10000
    This is the easiest of the boss types to face. Rather than combat you himself,
    the Necromancer summons skeletons to fight for him. Slash through them and get
    to him. A couple of slashes should do it, then he'll collapse and die. Now,
    wasn't that easy? It's just too bad that the ring was already sent to Tsarkon.
    Head back to Tadcaster. An old man will give you a map to Helwig, where the
    Cartahenans are using the men to dig a mine for them. 
    Part VIII: "Where Have All the Good Men Gone?"
    On the way to Helwig, you'll encounter the following monsters:
    Oozer III
    Scorcher III
    Mage II
    Wolf Kobold
    Helwig is west of Tadcaster. Head in the same direction you headed when you
    went to Darmon's Cave, but head southwest at the fork instead of northwest.
    It is not far from there. Once in town, check out the magic shop, item shop,
    and inn
    Magic Shop
    Aries: 12,000 Kims
    Sanguia: 5100 Kims
    Mercurios: 8700 Kims
    Inaudios: 3000 Kims
    Extrios: 6200 Kims
    Item Shop
    Medicine: 155 Kims
    Griffin Wing: 1020 Kims
    Lantern: 92 Kims
    Agate Jewel: 3780 Kims
    Gnome Stone: 420 Kims
    Poison Balm: 90 Kims
    Inn: 172 Kims/night
    You'll find that the entire village is filled with women. Unfortunately,
    they're all married, so it doesn't matter. Ask around, and you'll hear that
    the men were taken by the Cartahenan army to Methuen's Cave, where they mine
    gold to supply the campaigns. One of them gives you a map to the cave, so
    hurry along and get them outta there! The cave is to the west of town. It's not
    hard to find.
    Cave 11: Methuen's Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Zombie, Ghoul, Scorcher III, Shroom III, Slimer I
    Treasures: None
    Methuen's Cave isn't that much of a challenge. There are two floors to it, and
    the men are on the first floor. Of course, you have to traverse the second
    floor to get to the part of the first floor where the men are. To find the map
    for the first floor, head straight until you can take a left, then take that
    passage way and head in the opposite direction you were heading before; the
    map should be straight ahead.
    Once you obtain the map, you'll notice two ladders leading down. One is closer
    to your present location, and the other is farther away. Use the ladder that's
    closer, as it'll serve as a point of reference for finding the second floor
    map. Head down the ladder and follow the path until you see openings on your
    right and left. Take the left opening and it'll lead you to the map. 
    Once you have the map, look for a ladder toward the bottom of the screen, and
    make your way to that. Once you head up, follow the path around and you'll
    find the men. Talk to them to free them, and then leave; there's nothing else
     worth doing in that cave.
    Once back in town, speak with everyone again. They'll praise you and tell you
    about Swaffham, and how "nice" the king is. One will give you a map and another
    will give you a "Secret Key", but don't leave when you get it. There's an old
    woman who can help you on your quest. Talk to her to get the Old Woman's
    Sketch. What to do with it, you ask? Well there's an old man in Keltwick. Why
    not give it to him? Just use it like an item when standing next to him, then
    talk to him to recieve the Old Man's Sketch. Talk to him one more time to
    reveal the location of his gift to you, a set of Crimson Armor. Pass on it;
    it's weaker than what you have on right now. Return to Helwig, give the old
    woman the Old Man's Sketch, and receive the Dragon Shield in return. Now
    you're all set to head to Swaffham
    Part IX: One man's avarice leads to another getting really ticked off
    Along the road to Swaffham, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Wolf Kobold
    Scorcher III
    Vampire Bat
    It's a long way, so be prepared for more than a few encounters. Once you reach
    Swaffham, check out the Item, Magic, and Equipment Shops
    Equipment Shop
    Ultimate Sword: 42,000 Kims
    Royal Sword: 34,600 Kims
    Carmine Shield: 12,700 Kims
    Odin Armor: 38,000 Kims
    Diamond Armor: 50,000 Kims
    Magic Shop
    Hydrios: 20,000 Kims
    Argentos: 40,000 Kims
    Voltio: 35,000 Kims
    Item Shop
    Medicine: 171 Kims
    Poison Balm: 108 Kims
    Lantern: 102 Kims
    Gnome Stone: 1050 Kims
    Agate Jewel: 4120 Kims
    There is no inn, so you have to teleport elsewhere to heal; remember that. 
    Talk to the people around the town; they'll complain about how greedy the king
    is and how he covets jewels in local caves. You need his ring, so speak to
    him. He won't give it to you! He does make you a proposition: bring him the
    White Crystal from the Ivory Cave, and he'll "consider" it. He gives you a key
    to get in the cave, and sends you on your way
    The Ivory Cave is southeast of Swaffham, but you have to be careful; nobody
    gives you a map of a way to the place. Therefore, you have to search for it
    yourself. What the game doesn't tell you is that if you hit a certain dead
    end, then you'll run across an old man who gives you a map, which comes in
    handy for the entire Swaffham area. Enemies you'll encounter along the way
    include the following:
    Incinerator I
    Vampire Bat
    Black Glop
    Head southeast from Swaffham, and when you see an opening on the left, take
    it, and you'll find the old man with the map. With the cave in sight, enter it.
    Cave 12: Ivory Cave
    Levels: 1
    Enemies Encountered: Shroom IV, Ghoul, Incinerator I, Vampire Bat, Slimer I
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures: White Crystal
    Use the White Key on the door in front of you, and then go right, following
    the path to the end to find the map for the cave. Using the map, make your
    way to the other end of the cave. Once you reach the gate, heal up, head
    through, and go to the end to face the guardian of the White Crystal.
    Boss: Dark Demon
    Experience Received: 10,000
    Kims Received: 15,000
    This can be a really tough battle, if you don't know what you're doing. Don't
    try and force anything. When it flies up, go underneath in the opposite
    direction. You can't change which way you're facing, so patience is key. It
    flies up toward you, go underneath it and wind up behind it. I'll launch its
    fire breath. It flies up again, and you dodge underneath it again, this time
    getting some hits in before it launches its fire breath. If you notice it just
    coming toward you without going up, get back as fast as possible. You'll
    probably end up taking some damage if that happpens, but the best you can do
    is try to minimize it. Just get your hits in when you can, and it'll go down
    When you defeat the Dark Demon, retrieve the White Crystal and return to
    Swaffham to heal up and claim your prize.
    When you talk to the king, he shall snatch the White Crystal and White Key
    from you. You politely remind him of the agreement, and he, in his greedy
    ways, decides against it. He does say that if he had the Red Crystal, he might
    reconsider. One more quest couldn't hurt, right?
    Ruby Cave is to the southwest of Swaffham. Along the way, you'll pass
    Sapphire Cave; do not mistake it for Ruby Cave.
    Cave 13: Ruby Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Slimer II, Wizard I, Mage II, Crusher, Morel I
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures: Red Crystal
    Ruby Cave is more complex than Ivory cave in the fact that it contains two
    levels, and the maps are harder to find. I shall make this as simple as
    Unlock and go through the gate at the entrance to the cave, then go straight
    ahead, down the ladder. Once on the second floor, go straight ahead, taking
    the first left you see. Head down this corridor until you see an opening on the
    right. Take it and go up the ladder. From there, go left when you can't go
    forward, and you'll find the map with no problem whatsoever.
    Turn around and follow the path all the way to the other ladder leading down.
    You'll come out reasonably close to the map. Pull a left, and then another
    left as soon as you can. At the end of this passageway is the map for the
    second level.
    Once you can see where everything is, head toward the gate on the second
    level. When you reach it, heal up, head through, and prepare for another tough
    Boss: Blood Demon
    Experience Received: 15,000
    Kims Received: 20,000
    Use the same tactics as when fighting the Dark Demon. The Blood Demon hits
    harder and takes more punishment than its counterpart, so be careful. With the
    right strategy and enough strength, you should be fine.
    When victory is attained, pick up the Red Crystal and get out of there. Heal
    up, then pay another visit to that greedy king. He, again, will take the
    crystal and the key from you, and make yet another demand: obtain the Blue
    Crystal from Sapphire Cave. He gives you the key, and sends you off. King 2,
    You 0
    Stock up on supplies and head to the cave. It's not far at all.
    Cave 14: Sapphire Cave
    Levels: 5
    Enemies Encountered: Shroom IV, Morel I, Vampire Bat, Ghoul, Slimer I, Slimer
    II, Wizard I, 
    Bosses: 1
    Treasures: Blue Crystal, Critical Sword
    This cave is quite the pain in the butt. Please use the map I have uploaded
    onto GameFAQs for reference, because it would be much harder to otherwise.
    You start on the first floor, and you must make your way down to the bottom
    floor, and then back up to the second floor to find the chamber with the Gray
    Demon. It'll take a while, but it'll build up good experience. On the fifth
    floor, you'll find a Critical Sword. It is the second-strongest weapon in the
    game, so I urge you find and equip it. Once you reach the gate, heal up and
    prepare to engage.
    Boss: Gray Demon
    Experience Received: 20,000
    Kims Received: 25,000  
    It follows the same tactics as its predecessors, but it takes more damage and
    deals out more damage. Without proper tactics and/or preparation, this is a
    battle you will lose. Make sure that you stay out of its way as best you can.
    When the beast is beaten, claim the Blue Crystal as your own and leave this
    dungeon. It's finally time to get your reward.
    Present the Blue Crystal to the king, and he'll take them and the key. He
    gloats, and then scoffs at you when you ask for his ring. I don't know about
    anyone else, but I've had it with this guy. When appeasing him fails, only one
    thing will work: a death threat. Only that will net you the ring. 
    Once he gives you the ring, talk to the people in town. They'll be stunned
    that the king actually gave you something. They'll also mention a ruined town
    to the southeast. Three caves block your way, so heal up, stock up, and head
    Part X: Destruction revealed, and the fall of the once-mighty
    You'll know you're close to the cave when the map disappears on you.When you
    get to a fork, head right, and into the first cave.
    Cave 15: Excalabria Cave I
    Floors: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Incinerator II, Morel II, Crusher, Vampire Bat
    Treasures: None
    Just follow the main path around until you hit the exit ladder. There is no
    need to traverse the second floor of this cave.
    From here, follow the path until you come to a fork. The left fork leads to
    the second cave; the right leads to an old man with a map of the area; take
    the map, then head into the second cave.
    Cave 16: Excalabria Cave II
    Floors: 1
    Enemies Encountered: Morel II, Incinerator II, Wizard I, Zap Eye
    Treasures: None
    Head straight from the ladder and you'll run into the map. Take it, and make
    your way to the exit.
    From here, it's a straight shot to the third cave.
    Cave 17: Excalabria Cave III
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Slimer III, Incinerator II, Morel II, Zap Eye, Wizard I
    Treasures: None
    This is where it gets a little complicated. There's no immediate route to the
    maps, so you'll have to trust my judgment.
    From the entrance, head in a clockwise decision and you'll hit a ladder
    heading down. From there, bang a left, then a right, and straight until you
    hit a ladder heading up. Next, bang a left, and you'll be out of the cave.
    Wasn't that easy?
    When you're out of the last cave, Excalabria won't be too far.
    Enter the town to find a completely destroyed city. Only one person remains:
    a servant of your father's named Knute. Talk to him, and he'll ask to see your
    rings. He'll point out one oddity: the Ring of Earth is fake! That greeedy son
    of a gun! He's gonna get what's coming to him!
    Return to Swaffham to claim what is rightfully yours; unfortunately, Tsarkon
    got to him first.The town's completely destroyed, and the king is lying on the
    ground. Talk to him, and he'll explain what happened. Tsarkon's got the ring,
    so you're out of luck. On the other hand, that stingy king got what was coming
    to him. 
    Return to Excalabria and speak with Knute once more. He'll say that Tsarkon
    has the three remaining rings, and that you must obtain them BEFORE you face
    him. There's a town between here and Cartahena, so we're heading there before
    we tackle Cartahena itself.
    Part XI: Preparing for the Final Battles
    Along the way to Hastings, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Slurper I
    Incinerator II
    You'll lose sight of the map, so follow my instructions to get the map to
    Hastings. Head straight, and then bang 2 straight lefts. You'll run into the
    guy with the map. It's pretty much a straight shot from there. When you get
    into town, check out the item and magic shops:
    Magic Shop
    Chronios: 20,000 Kims
    Voltios: 47,000 Kims
    Sanguio: 28,000 Kims
    Terrafissi: 70,000 Kims
    Item Shop
    Medicine: 190 Kims
    Poison Balm: 122 Kims
    Topaz Jewel: 9100 Kims
    Lantern: 115 Kims
    Banshee Powder: 3750 Kims
    Plenty of good things, but even more great information. Listen carefully to
    what the people have to say, but, whatever you do, do NOT go in the house in
    the northwest corner of town yet. We have tasks to perform, first.
    First, there is a man who tells of how he was a shopkeeper in Swaffham. He
    left because of the king (Smart man!), and left his treasure buried in his
    shop. So, go to the item shop in Swaffham (rather, the remains of the shop),
    and search around to find Rafael's Stick. Now curses are no problem whatsoever!
    Next, there is an old man who says he survived the destruction of Excalabria.
    He buried his treasure beneath a tree. Go to Excalabria and find a tree, and
    search underneath it to find Titania's Mirror; no more worries about areas
    with no maps; this creates a temporary one for you!
    Third, there is an old man who says something to the effect of he stole your
    stuff to make it into a more powerful form. Hmm. That shopkeeper in Malaga
    stole your money and your sword. What could he be up to? Visit him again, and
    he'll give you the Sword of Vermilion, and apologize for his actions before.
    Well, let's forgive him; he did give us the most powerful weapon in the game.
    Fourth, a woman mentions that you need a pass to enter Cartahena. Another
    mentions that one can be obtained in Barrow. Warp to Barrow and ask around;
    they'll mention a man named Uncle Tibor, and that his house can be reached
    through the woods. Talk to him, pay the 50,000 Kims, and get your pass.
    Lastly, I hope you still have that Secret Key that you got in Helwig; it's
    going to prove its usefulness now. Teleport to Excalabria and head south,
    following the long, long path to the Secret Cave. Along the way, you'll
    encounter the following enemies:
    Conjurer II
    Scorcher I
    Melter III
    Incinerator II
    Slimer III
    Slurper I
    Zap Eye
    Gold Pudding
    It's a straight path, so there's no real need to use Titania's Mirror.
    You'll hit the cave soon enough
    Cave 18: Secret Cave
    Levels: 1
    Enemies Encountered: Wizard III, Zap Eye, Slimer III, Incinerator II
    Treasures: Death Sword
    Now, there's a crapload of gates in this cave, so follow my instructions
    exactly. From the entrance, there will be three gates you can enter, 2 on
    your left, and one on your right. Take the second one on your left, and go
    through it. Turn right, and head all the way down the passage way toward the
    gate. Go through it, then turn right and go through the gate that appears in
    front of you. Follow the path from there to the locked gate. Use the Secret
    Key on that gate, and go through it. Now, you have two choices. You can go
    left and get the Death Sword, or you can go right and get the map. I go for
    both, and then get the heck out of there. Do not equip the Death Sword; it is
    cursed. It's use, though, will appear soon enough.
    Once you have the Death Sword, return to Hastings, heal up, and head into the
    house in the northwest corner of the village. There's a woman inside. Talk to
    her, and she'll feed you a meal. Head out of the house, and talk to the
    villagers; they'll mention that you look ill, so check your status. You're
    poisoned! How the .... that woman who fed you! Go back to the house and you'll
    find out she's a spy for Tsarkon. Talk to the villagers again; one will
    mention the cure is the Digot Plant, which grows in Whisby Cave to the east.
    Stock up and head out; you can't cure this poison by dying or Poison Balm, so
    you'll have to get the plant. Along the way, you'll encounter the following
    Slurper II
    Black Glop
    The cave is not far from town, luckily; the poison will drain you pretty
    quickly, even at level 31.
    Cave 19: Whisby Cave
    Levels: 2
    Enemies Encountered: Cryptkeeper, Slurper II, Killer Eye, Morel IV
    Treasures: Digot Plant, Old Nick Armor
    Your first priority is the Digot Plant, so we'll get that first. From the
    entrance, move in a clockwise decision toward the ladder leading downward.
    From there, take the path, and go right, then go right again when you see
    another opening. That will take you to a ladder to where the Digot Plant is.
    Use it immediately. 
    Now, before you leave, there is a piece of equipment that you should pick up,
    but first we need some maps. Head down the ladder and continue going in the
    direction you were before. Go right at the fork and up the ladder to find the
    map for the first floor, then head back to the entrance. Head down the other
    ladder and head left, then left again, and then bang a right when you see a
    passage. That will take you to the map for the second floor. Grab it, and head
    up the ladder you are closest to. That passage will lead you to the Old Nick
    Armor. Do not equip it; it is cursed. Once you obtain it, head back to
    Hastings to heal up and pick up some final bits of advice.
    Now I shall explain why I had you get the cursed items. Go ahead and equip one
    of them. Once equipped, use Rafael's Stick to remove the curse and your item.
    Your strength or armor class will go down. Once it reaches 0, it'll reset.
    Don't stop there, though; keep going until it resets again. Then equip your
    regular armor/weapon again, and you'll either be invincible or able to take
    down the strongest enemies with a single blow. I strongly advise you reach
    your maximium level, Level 31, before trying this; a level gain will wear down
    your power. 
    When ready, head south to Cartahena. Use Titania's Mirror to show you the way. 
    Part XII: Time to End This!
    Along the route, you'll encounter the following enemies:
    Sluprer II
    Wizard II
    Incinerator III
    It takes a while, but if you used one or both of my little tricks, then it
    won't be much of a problem. When you reach Cartahena, provided you have a
    pass, head straight to the castle. Unfortunately, Tsarkon's not there; his
    minister is, though, and he has a little surprise for you ....
    Boss Battle: Tsarkon's Minister (Golden Giant Dragon)
    Experience Received: 25,000
    Kims Received: 30,000
    Been a long time since ya faced one of these, huh? Attack the head while its
    coming down, and quickly dodge back to avoid its outward thrust. Should be no
    trouble at all.
    Talk to him again and he'll disappear. Head into the southeastern house to
    find a man hiding. Talk to him to receive the key to Thule Cave. Heal up, and
    head east. It's a deceivingly long way, so be prepared when you reach the end
    of it. Along the way, you'll encounter these powerful enemies:
    Wizard II
    Incinerator III
    Killer Eye
    Slurper II
    By the time you reach the cave, you'll either be raring to go or completely
    worn out. Let's hope its the former.
    Cave 20: Thule Cave
    Levels: 3
    Enemies Encountered: Obliterator, Wizard III, Incinerator III, Slurper III, 
    Treasures: Bronze Key, Silver Key, Gold Key, Ring of Sun, Ring of Earth, Ring
    of Power, Mirror of Atlas, Secret Armor, Sixteen Rings
    Bosses: 5
    Here we are, the site of the final battles. 3 Regular bosses, and then an
    all-out war with Tsarkon. You ready? Well, here we go!
    Use the Thule Key to enter the cave. Titania's Mirror won't work in here, so
    the first thing we're gonna find is the Mirror of Atlas. From the entrance,
    follow the main path and go down the ladder. Go right at the fork and down the
    ladder at the end of the path. from there go right until you hit a treasure
    chest. In here is the Mirror of Atlas; use it, and you'll never get lost again.
    Go back to the second floor. Go down the ladder opposite the one from which
    you came, and go left at the fork. This path will lead you to a set of Secret
    Armor, the strongest armor in the game. Now you are ready to tackle the bosses
    in this cave.
    Go back to the second floor, and go down the ladder you used to get to the
    Mirror of Atlas. Go left at the fork and go up the ladder, and go up the
    ladder that appears in front of you. Head toward the gate on your left, and
    as you approach, you'll encounter a woman. Talk to her to discover she's the
    woman who poisoned you, and that Tsarkon's transformed her into a beast.
    Revenge, anyone?
    Boss Battle: Spy from Hastings (Giant Crimson Dragon)
    Experience Received: 25,000
    Kims Received: 30,000
    Just a repeat of the dragons you have fought before. Use the same tactics and
    you should be fine.
    When she goes down, take the Bronze Key that she drops. Unlock the gate in
    front of you with it, and go through it to find the Ring of Earth. That's one
    ring down; only two to go.
    Using the ladder closest to you, head down, and then go left at the fork. Then
    take the other ladders up. Head toward the gate in the lower right corner, and
    as you approach, you will find an old man. Talk to him to find out it's
    Luther. He destroyed Swaffham (Yay! I mean, good Lord!) and is off to Wyclif,
    barring your butt-whooping of him.
    Boss Battle: Luther (Giant Pink Cyclops)
    Experience Received: 30,000
    Kims Received: 25,000
    Another cyclops. All ya gotta do is stay out of his range while he's charging
    his lightning, and you'll be all set. Nothing to worry about.
    Defeat him to get the Gold Key, which opens the gate that's ahead, and go
    through the gate to get the Ring of Power. Two down, one to go.
    Head the way you went to get the Secret Armor, but instead of going left, go
    right and then right again to take the ladder up, and then up again. Follow
    the path to encounter yet another old man. This time, it is Thar, and he's
    also a monster. Time to blow him away.
    Boss Battle: Thar (Two-Headed Red Fire Demon)
    Experience Received: 35,000
    Kims Received: 35,000
    A repeat of the Stow Demon, you now are better prepared to fight this type.
    Dodge the high ones, and slash the low ones. He'll go down soon enough.
    Defeating him nets you the Silver Key, and that unlocks the gate ahead. Go
    through it, claim the Ring of Sun, and stand proudly, as you have collected
    all 8 Rings of Good. Your task is not yet done, though; Tsarkon remains.
    Head to where you fought the the Hastings spy, and go down the ladder closest
    to the gate. Go right instead of left, and go down that ladder. Head toward
    the gate, and unlock it using the Bronze Key. Go up the ladder, and toward the
    next gate. Unlock that gate with the Silver Key. Go up the ladder, and head
    toward the final gate. Use the Gold Key to unlock it and go through it. It is
    in here you shall encounter Tsarkon. 
    He calls you "son," claiming he married your mother. The jerk. Reject his
    offers, and let the final battle begin!
    Boss Battle: Tsarkon (Necromancer)
    No Experience or Kims earned from battle
    He transforms into a Necromancer and launches skeletons at you. Lame! Hack
    through'em and knock him out. But this is far from the end. After you defeat
    this form, an earthquake shakes the field and a beast rises up from the floor. 
    Final Boss Battle: Tsarkon (Two-Headed Demon Thingy)
    No Experience or Kims earned from battle
    The strategy is to slash the two heads. As you defeat them, they shrink.
    Defeat a head four times to eliminate it. Defeat both heads to destroy him
    completely. Just watch out for the bolts that shoot out of the mouths of these
    things. Good Luck to you!
    After he's beaten, he is freed from the evil. He says some things to you, and
    then passes on. From this point, there are no monster encounters, and you are
    in possession of all sixteen rings. Follow his instructions and return to
    The men have returned, and the women and children are no longer stone statues.
    Speaking to them nets you thanks and praise. Enter the castle to find your
    servants. They instruct you to use the rings in front of the throne. Before ya
    do that, though, speak to your mother. It's been, what, 18 years? I think she
    deserves that much. When you're ready, use the rings in front of the throne,
    and enjoy the ending sequence.
    10. Enemy List.
    I took the time to compile the stats of each & every monster in this game, and
    I even got the official names of each. I organized them by type, rather than 
    by appearance in the game.
    Green Slime
    Exp given per: 1
    Kim given per: 2
    Found: Wyclif area, Parma area
    Your basic, and weakest, enemy. One slash always does the trick
    Blue Jelly
    Exp given per: 2
    Kim given per: 2
    Found: Wyclif area, Peak Cave, East of Parma area
    A stronger version of the Green Slime. Be careful.
    Red Glunk
    Exp given per: 39
    Kim given per: 10
    Found: West of Parma area, Watling Area, Verlin's Cave area
    A stronger slime; be careful, as they are quick. I like to fight these to gain
    Gray Ooze
    Exp given per: 65
    Kim given per: 30
    Found: Verlin's Cave, Bremen's Cave
    Yet another slime, faster and stronger than its predecessors.
    Gold Pudding
    Exp given per: 396
    Kim given per: 100
    Found: Secret Cave Area
    WOW! These things are strong! They are the only enemy I know of to survive a
    Terrafissi spell. Luckily, they don't do much damage, but be forewarned; they
    are really, really strong!
    Black Glop
    Exp given per: 180
    Kim given per: 70
    Found: Stow Area, Malaga Area, Swaffham Area
    Finally, a slime to be feared. These things are lightning fast and strong to 
    boot. Take care; they always attack in groups.
    Dog Kobold
    Exp given per: 4
    Kim given per: 5
    Found: Wyclif area, Peak Cave, East of Parma area, West of Parma area
    Be careful of these at the beginning of the game. Their attacks hurt, and 
    it'll take multiple slashes to take one down!
    Coyote Kobold
    Exp given per: 42
    Kim given per: 20
    Found: Watling Area, Verlin's Cave Area
    Stronger than Dog Kobolds; treat them as you normally would.
    Hyena Kobold
    Exp given per: 306
    Kim given per: 68
    Found: Keltwick Area
    Usual kobold monster; treat as such
    Wolf Kobold
    Exp given per: 384
    Kim given per: 109
    Found: Helwig Area, Swaffham Area
    Need I say more about a kobold?
    Exp given per: 8
    Kim given per: 16
    Found: Peak cave, Cave of Troy, Verlin's Cave
    Weaker attackers than the kobolds, but have much higher defenses. Use caution!
    Exp given per: 210
    Kim given per: 71
    Found: Asti's Cave, Blazon's Cave, Harmony Cave
    Much quickdere, but still not much to worry about.
    Exp given per: 277
    Kim given per: 115
    Quickest of the bunch, thus the most to worry about.
    Exp given per: 441
    Kim given per: 161
    I dunno why this one is so slow! This is a piece of cake
    Fruit Bat
    Exp given per: 10
    Kim given per: 9
    Found: West of Parma area, East of Parma Area,
    Bats are extremely quick, and have a decent amount of strength. Use caution
    Cave Bat
    Exp given per: 77
    Kim given per: 27
    Found: Verlin's Cave area, Deepdale Area
    Use the same caution as you did before with the Fruit Bats.
    Killer Bat
    Exp given per: 212
    Kim given per: 131
    Found: Tadcaster Area
    Another bat. Use the same caution.
    Vampire Bat
    Exp given per: 316
    Kim given per: 180
    Found: Swaffham Area, Excalabrian Caves
    No, these don't suck the life into themselves. They are insanely strong, 
    though. Use extreme caution.
    Neophyte I
    Exp given per: 17
    Kim given per: 11
    Found: West of Parma area, Watling Area, 
    Spellcasting enemies are extremely dangerous. Touching them or their spell is 
    gonna hurt. Neophyte Is shoot a spell in one direction. However, 8 of them 
    shooting in all different directions is gonna kill.
    Neophyte II
    Exp given per: 57
    Kim given per: 36
    Found: Watling Area, Verlin's Cave Area, Deepdale Area, Bremen's Cave Area,
    Sanguios Cave Area
    Neophyte IIs shoot spells in all directions at once! Use caution!
    Conjurer I
    Exp given per: 112
    Kim given per: 23
    Found: Stow Area
    Conjurer Is are stronger than any Neophyte. They attack the same as Neophyte 
    Is, so take the same precautions.
    Conjurer II
    Exp given per: 213
    Kim given per: 72
    Found: Malaga Area, Tadcaster Area
    Conjurer IIs are the Conjurer-equivalent of Neophyte IIs. Use the same 
    Mage I
    Exp given per: 249
    Kim given per: 102
    Found: Tadcaster Area, Helwig Area
    Mage Is are stronger than their predecessors. They follow the same attack 
    usage as previous Type I sorcerors. Use the same patterns of defense.
    Mage II
    Exp given per: 319
    Kim given per: 152
    Found: Swaffham Area
    Mage IIs are the Mage-equivalent of Type II sorcerors. Use the same 
    precautions when fighting them.
    Wizard I
    Exp given per: 329
    Kim given per: 247
    Found: Excalabrian Caves, Ruby Cave, Sapphire Cave
    Wizards are the strongest of the sorceror type. Wizard Is are the strongest of
    the Type Is. Use the same precautions
    Wizard II
    Exp given per: 472
    Kim given per: 106
    Wizard IIs are the strongest Type IIs. Use the same precautions
    Wizard III
    Exp given per: 472
    Kim given per: 206
    Wizard IIIs are unique. They shoot a spiralling ball of energy at you, and if 
    it hits, it hurts. A lot. Use the utmost precaution against these enemies.
    Exp given per: 15
    Kim given per: 31
    Found: East of Parma, Cave of Troy, Watling Area, Verlin's Cave
    Eyeballs are extremely strong enemies. Take care not to touch them, unless you
    want a world of hurt
    Red Eye
    Exp given per: 243
    Kim given per: 107
    Found: Burgandy Cave
    Strong enemies indeed. Just make sure they don't get to you.
    Zap Eye
    Exp given per: 422
    Kim given per: 154
    Found: Excalabria Cave II, 
    Killer Eye
    Exp given per: 455
    Kim given per: 276
    Exp given per: 85
    Kim given per: 40
    Found: Deepdale Area, Bremen's Cave Area, Sanguios Cave Area, Blazon's Cave
    Rattlers are pure attack monsters. Attacking in groups, they are quick and 
    powerful. Use caution.
    Exp given per: 173
    Kim given per: 65
    Found: Stow Area, Blazon's Cave Area
    Pythons are more powerful Rattlers. Again, use caution when fighting these.
    Exp given per: 246
    Kim given per: 105
    Found: Tadcaster Area, Burgandy Cave, Helwig Area
    Cobras are deadly adversaries. Luckily, they aren't poisonous. Still, use 
    Exp given per: 437
    Kim given per: 360
    Found: Hastings Area, Cartahena Area
    Anacondas are among the strongest enemies in the game. As such, take great 
    care against them.
    Puffball I
    Exp given per: 224
    Kim given per: 37
    Found: Bremen's Cave, Sanguios Cave
    Any type of mushroom you encounter is poisonous. Take care NOT to touch them, 
    otherwise you WILL be poisoned. Puffball Is move, so use caution when moving
    Puffball II
    Exp given per: 333
    Kim given per: 39
    Found: Bremen's Cave, Sanguios Cave
    Type II mushrooms are stationary, and they shoot a homing spore at you. The
    spore is not poisonous, but it still hurts
    Puffball III
    Exp given per: 267
    Kim given per: 52
    Found: Sanguios Cave, Asti's Cave, Blazon's Cave, Cave to Malaga
    Type III mushrooms are also stationary, and they shoot spores in all
    directions pretty quickly. The spores aren't homing though
    Puffball IV
    Exp given per: 395
    Kim given per: 70
    Found: Asti's Cave, Blazon's Cave, Cave to Malaga
    Type IVs are the most dangerous of the bunch. Even though they are stationary,
    they shoot out spores in all directions, and they home in toward you. Be
    really careful with these.
    Toadstool I
    Exp given per: 318
    Kim given per: 67
    Found: Blazon's Cave
    A step up from the Puffballs, they possess a more powerful venom, and are
    noticeably faster. If poisoned by one of these suckers, make sure you have a
    Poison Balm or a Toxios spell ready
    Toadstool II
    Exp given per: 416
    Kim given per: 70
    Found: Harmony Cave
    Toadstool III
    Exp given per: 321
    Kim given per: 95
    Found: Harmony Cave
    Toadstool IV
    Exp given per: 441
    Kim given per: 93
    Found: Burgandy Cave
    Shroom I
    Exp given per: 351
    Kim given per: 99
    Found: Darmon's Cave
    Shroom II
    Exp given per: 472
    Kim given per: 113
    Found: Darmon's Cave
    Shroom III
    Exp given per: 414
    Kim given per: 129
    Found: Methuen's Cave 
    Shroom IV
    Exp given per: 524
    Kim given per: 156
    Found:  Ivory Cave
    Morel I
    Exp given per: 437
    Kim given per: 130
    Found: Ruby Cave, Sapphire Cave
    Morel II
    Exp given per: 618
    Kim given per: 143
    Found: Excalabrian Caves
    Morel III
    Exp given per
    Kim given per
    Morel IV
    Exp given per: 657
    Kim given per: 609
    Found: Whisby Cave, 
    Exp given per: 169
    Kim given per: 63
    Found: Sanguios Cave, Keltwick Area, Malaga Area
    Cyclopedes are dangerous adversaries. They're strong, and can take a lot of 
    damage. Be wary when there are many of them
    Exp given per: 458
    Kim given per: 110
    Found: Tadcaster Area, Helwig Area, Swaffham Area
    A faster opponent than the Basher, the Smasher poses an even greater threat. 
    Be careful
    Exp given per: 501
    Kim given per: 135
    Found: Swaffham Area, Excalabrian Caves
    Faster & stronger than the Smasher, use extreme caution when fighting these 
    Exp given per: 600
    Kim given per: 250
    Man, do these things fly! Use the utmost care when fighting these
    Flamer I
    Exp given per: 25
    Kim given per:13
    Found: East of Parma Area
    All Fireball enemies are resistant to fire magic (obviously) and weak against
    water magic. Type I fireballs are the least dangerous of the bunch. They simply
    float across the screen.
    Flamer II
    Exp given per: 94
    Kim given per: 43
    Found: Deepdale Area
    Type II Fireballs are quite a bit more dangerous, but still not much of a
    worry. Rather than move across the screen, Type IIs teleport to random points
    around the screen. Just move to where they are & slash; one or two should
    usually do it.
    Flamer III
    Exp given per: 183
    Kim given per: 67
    Found: Stow Area
    Type III Fireballs are the most dangerous of the bunch. They stay stationary
    when attacking, and shoot fireballs in a counterclockwise direction
    Melter I
    Exp given per: 203
    Kim given per: 70
    Found: Keltwick Area
    Melter II
    Exp given per: 215
    Kim given per: 90
    Found: Malaga Area
    Melter III
    Exp given per: 217
    Kim given per: 100
    Found: Barrow Area, Harmony Cave
    Scorcher I
    Exp given per: 233
    Kim given per: 99
    Found: Burgandy Cave Area 
    Scorcher II
    Exp given per: 210
    Kim given per: 120
    Found: Helwig Area
    Scorcher III
    Exp given per: 293
    Kim given per: 133
    Found: Methuen's Cave, Helwig Area
    Incinerator I
    Exp given per: 301
    Kim given per: 140
    Found: Swaffham Area
    Incinerator II
    Exp given per: 412
    Kim given per: 172
    Found: Excalabrian Caves, Hastings Area
    Incinerator III
    Exp given per: 618
    Kim given per: 220
    Exp given per: 90
    Kim given per: 33
    Found: Verlin's Cave Area, Deepdale Area, Bremen's Cave Area,
    All scorpion-type enemies are dangerous foes. A single touch will poison you, 
    & poison is never a good thing. Use the utmost care when fighting these, and 
    bring poison balm with you.
    Exp given per: 280
    Kim given per: 68
    Found: Blazon's Cave Area
    Faster and with deadlier poison, these are dangerous foes indeed. Just be 
    careful when fighting these.
    Exp given per: 366
    Kim given per: 145
    Found: Swaffham Area
    Another scorpion-type enemy; as such, you need to take extreme care when 
    fighting these.
    Exp given per: 452
    Kim given per: 209
    Found: Hastings Area, Cartahena Area
    The last and deadliest of the scorpions, there is no better advice than to 
    just use magic on these enemies. Trust me, it's better than getting poisoned 
    by these bad boys.
    Creeper I
    Exp given per: 76
    Kim given per: 38
    Found: Verlin's Cave, Deepdale Area, Bremen's Cave Area, Bremen's Cave
    Moldy-looking monsters are divided into three types. Type Is shoot a spore 
    around them, which does damage. Provided that you can kill it in a couple of
    slashes, these shouldn't pose a problem.
    Creeper II
    Exp given per: 104
    Kim given per: 45
    Found: Bremen's Cave Area, Bremen's Cave
    Type II Molds are much more of a danger than their type I counterparts. They
    shoot a tentacle straight out in a single direction, then retracts. Be
    extremely careful when fighting these.
    Creeper III
    Exp given per: 141
    Kim given per: 50
    Found: Stow Area
    Type III Molds are the most dangerous of the group. A tentacle constantly
    wraps around in your direction. To be quite honest, without using magic you
    are going to take some damage. Get on the inside of the tentacle for your best
    chance of defeating this beast.
    Oozer I
    Exp given per:192
    Kim given per: 68
    Found: Asti's Cave area, Keltwick Area
    A step up from the original Type I. Takes more punishment, but when you
    encounter these for the first time, you'll be dealing out more damage as well.
    Still no problem.
    Oozer II
    Exp given per: 219
    Kim given per: 93
    Found: Harmony Cave, Barrow Area
    Still nothing to worry about; just a juiced-up version of the Type II. Use
    normal precautions
    Oozer III
    Exp given per: 269
    Kim given per: 123
    Found: Helwig Area
    Again, magic is your friend here with the Type III. Avoid all contact if
    possible with these.
    Slimer I
    Exp given per: 302
    Kim given per: 136
    Found: Methuen's Cave, Swaffham Area, Ivory Cave
    As you get stronger, so do your enemies; as little contact as possible, but
    still not much of a threat.
    Slimer II
    Exp given per: 361
    Kim given per: 158
    Found: Ruby Cave, Sapphire Cave
    Slimer III
    Exp given per: 374
    Kim given per: 168
    Found: Excalabrian Caves, Hastings Area
    Slurper I
    Exp given per: 325
    Kim given per: 172
    Found: Hastings Area
    Slurper II
    Exp given per: 451
    Kim given per: 197
    Slurper III
    Exp given per: 512
    Kim given per: 390
    11. Boss Battles
    There are a certain number of battles against bosses, or "Archmonsters. At key
    points in the game, you will be faced with one of these bad boys. There are 
    three types of Archmonster, and each has it's own strengths and weaknesses.
    First Archmonster: Fake King of Parma
    Experience given: 500
    Kim given: 500 
    Type: Giant Dragon
    The first Archmonster you face is a Giant Dragon. By moving its head up &
    down, then stretching out to attack you, it can do damage quickly. The best
    time to attack is when it's head is lowering/raising. If you're strong enough,
    you can shoulder the damage and defeat it even more quickly.
    Second Archmonster: Verlin's Cave Monster
    Experience given: 1000
    Kim given: 1000
    Type: Giant Cyclops
    A bit more of a challenge than the first, this beasty attacks by shooting
    lightning out of its hands. When it's moving, charge it & attack, then move
    quickly back while it's charging its attack. After it's weakened, one of its
    arms will disintegrate. After doing enough damage, it'll die.
    Third Archmonster: Little Girl in Sanguios Cave
    Experience given: 3000
    Kim given: 3000
    Type: Two-Headed Fire Demon
    A challenge by far. At the point in the game you face her, her attacks can do
    some serious damage to you. Dodge the high fireballs, and slash the low ones,
    and victory should be within your grasp.
    Fourth Archmonster: Rematch with Little Girl
    Experience given: 5000
    Kim given: 5000
    Type: Two-Headed Fire Demon
    The same battle as before, but this time her attacks hurt a lot more. Defeat
    this little brat to get your rings back.
    Fifth Archmonster: Your Doppleganger
    Experience given: 8000
    Kim given: 10,000
    Type: Necromancer
    Quite easy, really. Slash through the skeletons he summons and then whoop his
    sorry hide! He'll go down fast.
    Sixth Archmonster: Dark Demon
    Experience given: 10,000
    Kim given: 15,000
    Type: Flying Demon
    A true challenge. Figure out his patterns, and then attack accordingly;
    othewise, you'll suffer immensely.
    Seventh Archmonster: Blood Demon
    Experience given: 15,000
    Kim given: 20,000
    Type: Flying Demon
    Same type as the Dark Demon, but deals more damage and takes more as well. Same
    tactics apply.
    Eighth Archmonster: Gray Demon
    Experience given: 20,000
    Kim given: 25,000
    Type: Flying Demon
    See above strategies for defeating this type of archmonster. Just be sure that
    he doesn't hit you much; his blows hurt.
    Ninth Archmonster: Tsarkon's Minister
    Experience given: 25,000
    Kim given: 30,000
    Type: Giant Dragon
    A stronger version of the fake King of Parma. Be sure to avoid his outward
    Tenth Archmonster: Hastings Spy
    Experience given: 25,000
    Kim given: 30,000
    Type: Giant Dragon
    A repeat of the past boss; put this sucker out of its misery with the same
    Eleventh Archmonster: Luther
    Experience given: 30,000
    Kim given: 25,000
    Type: Giant Cyclops
    A stronger version of the Verlin's Cave monster; avoid its lightning, and
    you're golden.
    Twelfth Archmonster: Thar
    Experience given: 35,000
    Kim given: 35,000
    Type: Two-Headed Fire Demon
    Just remember to dodge the high fireballs and slash the low ones; that is the
    key to a swift victory.
    Thirteenth Archmonster: Tsarkon
    No Experience or Kim given
    Type: Necromancer
    Easy as pie; just slash the skeletons and dice him to bits.
    Fourteenth Archmonster: Tsarkon (Second Form)
    No Experience or Kim given
    Type: Two-Headed Demon Thingy
    Not a cakewalk anymore. Dodge the lightning balls and slash those heads to
    bits. Defeating this thing essentially wins the game for you.
    12. Thanks.
    There are some credits due in this, so I musg give them
    1. Thank you to SEGA of America, for creating this game.
    2. Thank you to GameFAQs, for posting this
    3. Thank you to Voltron, for posting his Walkthrough, which inspired me to
    write my own.

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