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    Save State Hacking Guide by demonsword2

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    Sword of Vermilion(c) Sega, 1990
    Save State Hacking Guide 
    Copyright 2009 Carlos Eugenio
       This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike,
    avaiable here http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode. 
    Simplifying the legalese, that means that you are free to copy, print, 
    distribute, and otherwise use this guide any way you want as long as you don't
    violate the license i.e. give credit where it is due! :)
       Derivative works of this guide are allowed provided that you credit me for
    the original work *AND* release it under this same license or other free, 
    copyleft license compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike. If
    you indeed produce a derivate, kindly inform me after it's done so I can enjoy
    it too and maybe even improve this guide (you will be credited for it too of
    Version History
    2009 March 18: v. 1.0
            -First Version of this guide. AFAIK everything is fine.
    2009 October 6: v. 1.1
            -Corrected my name in the beggining (not everyone uses ISO-8859-1 or
             Unicode after all)
            -Changed license terms, this work now licensed under a open license,
             check it out right above. 
            -Added some text here and there, hopefully improving the guide :)
            This is a save state hacking guide for Sword of Vermillion, a classic 
    Genesis RPG by Sega. Why I bothered writing this stuff for a game that has 
    almost 20 years? Well... this game smells like my childhood, and I played it 
    beginning to end many many times over the years. I wanted to play it again 
    but... couldn't bear the thought of grinding for hours to level up & acquire 
    money! (or kim in this case). So I did fiddle a little with a hexeditor, a 
    diff tool, some save states and now I want to share it with you, my dear lazy
    classic RPG gamer. Enjoy :)
    PS: This guide won't teach you hex editing. There are plenty of other guides 
    who'll teach you better than me.
    PS2: I used Gens 2.15.5 for Linux as emulator, I think that the offsets are 
    the same on Gens for Windows but since I can't and won't install that OS on my
    machine I can only guess. Dunno if any of this will work on any other 
    emulators too, mail me if it does so I can update this notice.
    PS3: Use this guide with moderation! You can ruin your fun if you go overboard
    and max out everything. In fact, I recommend that you beat the game first
    without cheating, and in subsequent replays hexedit away.
    And, before anyone bug me with annoying accusations, I played on a emulator
    yes, but I DO OWN a copy of this game!
    Well, on to the guide...
    1.0 Save state?
    1.1 Stats offsets
    1.2 Money
    1.3 Experience
    1.4 Magic
    1.5 Items
    1.6 Battle Gear
    1.7 Lists
    1.8 Thanks & contact info
    1.0 Save state?
            Save state is a file with a snapshot of the game progress on a given
    instant. More specifically, its the CPU & Memory data on a given instant. This
    guide was made and tested on Gens for Linux as stated above, before the index.
    The files you want to edit ends with the extension .gs* (where * goes from 0 
    to 9). Open it on your favorite hex editor, hack away the values you want to
    edit, load the save state on the emulator and voila!
    1.1 Stats offsets
    *All values must be between 0001 - 270F, else they overflow (i.e start over 
    from zero again)
    HP (current/max) 0xEAA4, 0xEAA5 / 0xEAA6, 0xEAA7 
    MP (current/max) 0xEAAA, 0xEAAB / 0xEAA8, 0xEAA9
    STR: 0xEAAC, 0xEAAD
    AC:  0xEAAE, 0xEAAF
    INT: 0xEAB0, 0xEAB1
    DEX: 0xEAB2, 0xEAB3
    LUK: 0xEAB4, 0xEAB5
    1.2 Money
    0xEA99, 0xEA9A, 0xEA9B 
    Note: value is NOT hexadecimal, dunno why... Must be between 000000 - 999999
    1.3 Experience
    0xEA9D, 0xEA9E, 0xEA9F
    Note: not hexadecimal, like the money offsets. Likewise, values must be 
    between 000000 - 999999
    1.4 Magic
    Magic quantity: 0xE8DB, max value is 08.
            From this offset on begins the magics list. An magic is composed of two
    bytes, the first a modifier and the second the magic value itself (refer to the
    magics list for valid values). The modifier values which work are 00 (for field
    magics), 02 (for battle magics not readied) and 82 (for readied battle magics).
    BUT even if you change the modifier byte for a magic that isn't meant for 
    combat and equip it, nothing happens - the same battle magic readied before it 
    still applies when you enter in a battle.
            Note: if you go beyond the values the game accepts as valid magics, 
    funny things occur sometimes.  For example, beyond the last acceptable value
    (16 - Sanguios spell), weapons & other battle gear appear on the list (and 
    some even work as field magic, healing you for free). And, further on, phrases
    used by various salesmen on the game pop on! You can try them later just for 
    some cheap laughs.
    Funny overflow values
    50-52 Maybe next time!
    53-55 Thank you. 
    56-58 Anything else for you today? 
    59-5B Thank you for your business! 
    5C Do you have anything to...
    ...got bored and did'nt went all the way to FF.
    Be careful, using some of the bugged "spells" freeze the game sometimes :)
    1.5 Items
    Item quantity: 0xE8BB, max value is 08.
            From this offset on begins the item list. Like magics (explained in
    1.4 Magics), an item is composed of two bytes, a modifier and the item value
    itself (refer to the items list for valid values). BUT, for items, the modifier
    seems to do nothing meaningful, mail me if you find out what they do!
    1.6 Battle Gear
    Battle gear quantity: 0xE8FB, max value is 08.
            Battle gear list follows the same rules of the Magics and Items list.
    The modifier byte indicates where you can equip the item and it if is already
    equipped. Valid modifier values are:
    04 - Sword
    08 - Shield
    10 - Armor
    84 - Equipped Sword
    88 - Equipped Shield
    90 - Equipped Armor
    Refer to the Battle Gear lists for valid values for the second byte.
    1.7 Lists
    * = Cursed Item
    Magic           Weapons                Shields               Armors 
    00 Aero         00 Bronze Sword        14 Leather Shield     28 Leather Armor
    01 Aerios       01 Iron Sword          15 Small Shield       29 Bronze Armor
    02 Volti        02 Sharp Sword         16 Large Shield       2A Metal Armor
    03 Voltio       03 Long Sword          17 Silver Shield      2B Scale Armor
    04 Voltios      04 Silver Sword        18 Gold Shield        2C Plate Armor
    05 Ferros       05 Prime Sword         19 Platinum Shield    2D Silver Armor
    06 Copperos     06 Golden Sword        1A Gem Shield         2E Gold Armor
    07 Mercurios    07 Mirage Sword        1B Sapphire Shield    2F Crystal Armor
    08 Argentos     08 Platinum Sword      1C Diamond Shield     30 Emerald Armor
    09 Hydro        09 Diamond Sword       1D Dragon Shield      31 Diamond Armor
    0A Hydrios      0A Graphite Sword      1E Magic Shield       32 Knight Armor
    0B Chrono       0B Royal Sword         1F Phantom Shield     33 Ultimate Armor
    0C Chronios     0C Ultimate Sword      20 Grizzly Shield     34 Odin Armor
    0D Terrafissi   0D Sword of Vermillion 21 Carmine Shield     35 Secret Armor
    0E Aries        0E Dark Sword*         22 Royal Shield       36 Skeleton Armor
    0F Extrios      0F Death Sword*        23 Poison Shield      37 Crimson Armor
    10 Inaudios     10 Barbarian Sword     24 Knight Shield      38 Old Nick Armor*
    11 Luminos      11 Critical Sword      25 Carmine Shield
    12 Sangua       12 Dark Sword*         26 Carmine Shield
    13 Sanguia      13 Dark Sword*         27 Carmine Shield
    14 Sanguio        
    15 Toxios        
    16 Sanguios
    Items                    Effect
    00 Herbs                recover some HP
    01 Candle               illuminate a dungeon for some time
    02 Lantern              illuminate a dungeon, lasts while you don't leave it
    03 Poison Balm          Removes poison status
    04 Alarm Clock          Needed to wake dr. Basil
    05 Vase                 Nothing (need to buy while in Malaga to forge the 
                                  Sword of Vermillion)
    06 Joke Book            Nothing (need to buy while in Malaga to forge the 
                                  Sword of Vermillion)
    07 Small Bomb           Nothing (need to buy while in Malaga to forge the 
                                 Sword of Vermillion)
    08 Old Woman's Sketch   Needed to find the Crimson Armor and the Dragon Shield
    09 Old Man's Sketch     Needed to find the Crimson Armor and the Dragon Shield
    0A Pass to Cartahena    Needed to get inside Cartahena
    0B Truffle              Give to the king of Deepdale
    0C Digot Plant          Needed if you get poisoned by Cartahenan spy
    0D Treasure of Troy     Give to the fake king of Parma
    0E White Crystal        Give to the king of Swaffham
    0F Red Crystal          Give to the king of Swaffham
    10 Blue Crystal         Give to the king of Swaffham
    11 White Key            Opens the White Crystal cave
    12 Red Key              Opens the Red Crystal cave
    13 Blue Key             Opens the Blue Crystal cave
    14 Crown                Give to Bruno
    15 Sixteen Rings        Won't spoil this for ya ;)
    16 Bronze Key           Last cave key
    17 Silver Key           Last cave key
    18 Gold Key             Last cave key 
    19 Thule Key            Last cave key
    1A Secret Key           Secret cave key
    1B Medicine             recover some HP
    1C Agate Jewel          recover some MP
    1D Griffin Wing         Teleports you to last visited town
    1E Titania's Mirror     Shows temporary map of uncharted lands
    1F Gnome Stone          Teleports out of dungeons
    20 Topaz Jewel          recover some MP
    21 Banshee Powder       Kills you! but you don't lose any money
    22 Rafael's Stick       Remove curses
    23 Mirror of Atlas      Gives you ALL maps of the game
    24 Ruby Brooch          Same as Inaudios spell
    25 Dungeon Key          Needed in a cave (forgot which)
    26 Kulm Vase            Raises AC with a funny message
    27 Kasan's Chisel       Raises DEX with a funny message
    28 Book of Kiel         Raises INT with a funny message
    29 Danegeld Water       Raises Max MP with funny message
    2A Mineral Bar          Raises STR with a funny message
    2B Mega Blast           Raises LUK with a funny message
    1.8 Thanks & contact info
    -Thanks to Sega, for this wonderful game, I enjoy it to this day!
    -Thanks to the free & open source software people!
    -Thanks to the GameFAQs people!
    -Thanks to anyone who deserves a thanks but I forgot to mention!
    You can reach me on demonsword at gmail dot com. Please, if you want to mail
    me, write in proper English so I can understand you. Offensive mails won't 
    get replied. And please, I'm a busy man, so if I don't reply to you the same
    day/month/year/century don't be mad at me ok? :)

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