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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

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    Target Earth FAQ/Guide (Sega Genesis)
    6/13/2005 v1.1
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2005
        This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    * Introduction
    * Gameplay
       Gameplay Mechanics
    * Option Mode
    * Weapons List
    * Mission Walkthrough
    * Secrets
    * Japanese Version Differences
    * Closing
    * Introduction
                   #### This guide has NO story-related spoilers. ####
                                 |                    |
                                 | IT BEGAN WHEN      |                    
                                 |                    |
                                 | EARTH'S OUTCASTS   |
                                 |                    |
                                 | RETURNED FROM THE  |
                                 |                    |
                                 | DARKEST REACHES OF |
                                 |                    |
                                 | SPACE.             |
                                 |                    |
                                 |  THEY ATTACKED THE |
                                 |                    |
                                 | PLANET AND ALL HER |
                                 |                    |
                                 | GALACTIC OUTPOSTS  |
                                 |                    |
                                 | WITH LIGHTING      |
                                 |                    |
                                 | FURY.              |
                                 |                    |
                                 |  THE EARTH DEFENSE |
                                 |                    |
                                 | LEAGUE FOUGHT FOR  |
                                 |                    |
                                 | EARTH'S SURVIVAL   |
                                 |                    |
                                 | WITH WARRIORS OUT- |
                                 |                    |
                                 | FITTED IN GIGANTIC |
                                 |                    |
                                 | CYBORG BATTLE      |
                                 |                    |
                                 | ARMOR.             |
                                 |                    |
                                 |  THE BATTLE BEGAN  |
                                 |                    |
                                 | ON GANYMEDE...     |
                                 |                    |
    * Gameplay
    D-pad: Controls aiming and movement. See aiming mode for details.
    A button: Fire selected weapon.
    B button: Jump. Hold to jump higher. Also uses B-PACK if it's in your inventory.
    C button: Select next weapon if enabled in option mode. Otherwise does nothing.
    Start: Pauses game and shows weapon selection.
      Most levels have normal gravity, which means you walk and jump around 
    normally. Some levels are lo-grav, so you can move in any direction with the 
    D-pad and the jump button doesn't do anything. Also some weapons are affected 
    by gravity. Lo-grav levels tend to have lots of wide open space, which gives 
    you more room to maneuver.
    Gameplay mechanics:
      There are no power-ups or ammo refills to be found during the levels. 
    However, damage taken is gradually and automatically healed over time; about 
    one bar every three seconds. It's important to hang back when hurt in order to 
    heal. Also, in most levels you will be supported by friendly assault suits or 
    other help. While they aren't all that aggressive, they are still helpful by 
    distracting the enemy and absorbing damage for you.
      Something to keep in mind is that explosions from enemies blowing up can hurt 
    you and other robots. Sometimes enemies spout a great plume of flame when 
    exploding. Therefore you should try to take out enemies from a safe distance 
    when possible.
      Whenever you see enemies coming on screen at random and attacking, there will 
    also be allied suits (the ones in brown) arriving to help from time to time, 
    though in smaller numbers. Some areas have no random enemies.
      If you die or fail a critical objective, it's "Game Over." You can continue 
    from the main menu two times. You can also continue if you reset the game 
    during play, though this also costs you a continue. Dying does not cause you to 
    lose your items.
      When starting a mission, you choose up to six weapons to take. You may take 
    more than one of the same type. Some of these are actually support items rather 
    than weapons. All of the weapons except for the LG-GUN and HG-GUN have limited 
    ammo. You can reuse weapons from level to level, even if you spent all the ammo.
    See the Weapons List for details.
      Upon finishing a mission you will be shown the points earned. Points come 
    from killing enemies, and most levels also have a special bonus that is given 
    at the end. See the walkthrough for details. The number of weapons you get 
    depends on the total points you earned, including the level bonus.
    * Option Mode
    I'm not sure what the precise differences between the levels are, but you can 
    see for yourself that even normal is pretty hard.
    If enabled this lets you cycle weapons with the C button, without going to the 
    inventory screen.
                 B TYPE
    A type points your weapon in whatever direction you push the D-pad.
    B type lets you control the aim by tapping or holding up and down on the D-pad. 
    Both are pretty clumsy, as the gun takes time to swivel around. In lo-grav 
    levels they are practically the same.
    Note that you can change modes during gameplay by pausing, then pressing A, B 
    and C together.
    If enabled you can reset to the main menu by holding A, B and C then pressing 
    You can hear the sound effects and music from the game.
    Shows records for each of the 8 missions. This information is not saved when 
    you turn off the power.
    * Weapons List
    LG-GUN    20 Ammo
      This is a rapid fire gun that shoots plain bullets. When the clip is empty it 
    reloads automatically after about 1 second. Since this is practically the only 
    weapon with unlimited ammo, it may seem like a bad idea to go without it. 
    However, after the first level, you probably won't need it until level 6.
    HG-GUN    20 Ammo
      This is an upgraded LG-GUN with increased power. Like the LG-GUN it has 
    infinite reloads. Too bad you don't get it till the last level.
    25-SC     60 Ammo
      This is a shotgun that shoots 3 bullets in a spread pattern. Rapid fire. An 
    efficient way to kill weak enemies is to get up close (but not too close) and 
    blast once with the 25-SC. Also good when you need to hit those turrets without 
    getting too close.
    40-SC     50 Ammo
      Upgraded 25-SC which does more damage.
    GL        50 Ammo
      This fires grenades that arc except in lo-grav levels. If the capsules hit 
    the ground they spread three explosions around. Powerful but the rate of fire 
    is low.
    MGL       45 Ammo
      Upgraded GL which does more damage.
    150BZ     50 Ammo
      This bazooka fires medium power shots at a medium rate.
    203BZ     40 Ammo
      Upgraded 150BZ which does more damage.
    MISSILE   50 Ammo
      This fires homing missiles. It has medium power and persistent homing ability 
    but low firing rate and slow speed. Homing missiles are considerably more 
    useful in lo-grav levels because there are no walls for them to run into, and 
    if one enemy is destroyed they can pursue another. They are also useful against 
    M-POD     50 Ammo
      Upgraded MISSILE which has both a higher rate of fire and increased power. 
    Essential on the later levels.
    E-AS      70 Ammo
      This shoots fast blue beams, and can only be fired horizontally. Extremely 
    rapid fire but the shots have low power. Seems to miss a lot, and the ammo is 
    quickly depleted. Overall this weapon is powerful but hard to aim, which 
    makes it a good substitute for D-D.
    E-CN      55 Ammo
      Upgraded E-AS with more power, but note the reduction in ammo.
    D-D       30 Ammo
      This shoots a pellet that travels a fixed distance then explodes, releasing 
    four clouds of shrapnel which sink slowly. The shrapnel does damage 
    continuously for a few seconds, though the pellet itself does no damage. 
    Extremely low rate of fire. Useful against stationary bosses and worthless 
    against normal enemies. You'll forget all about it once you get M.PODs though.
    BLAST     10 Ammo
      This is a strange weapon that shoots small spinning missiles. I really don't 
    understand what it's for.
    SHIELD    1 Ammo
      Rex holds a shield in front, which reduces the damage taken by half.
    ARMOR     1 Ammo
      Extends your health by 4 bars. You have 16 bars without any armor, and up to 
    32 bars with four suits of armor.
    B-PACK    1 Ammo
      When you are carrying this, you can hold the jump button while airborne to 
    provide some additional upward thrust. The effect is a moderately increased 
    vertical range and greatly increased horizontal range for your jumps. Can be 
    used as much as you want without running out. Really only useful for mission 4. 
    * Mission Walkthrough
    Note: I have listed the bonus weapons in the order I received them, but I have 
    observed two variants for some of the levels. Both sets are shown, when 
    applicable. Also, it may be possible to get more weapons than I did, if your 
    score is higher. 
    STAGE1: Assault on Ganymede
      You start with LG-GUN, 25-SC and D-D available. Be sure to take all of them. 
    After a certain amount of time, you will be told of the approaching warship. 
    The ship starts at the far right of the map (56 miles away from the base) and 
    approaches at about 1 mile per second. To finish the level you must destroy the 
    warship. D-D works well for this purpose.
    Bonus: 500 x miles from base when the warship was destroyed
    Bonus Weapons:
    GL       ARMOR    150BZ
    STAGE2: Escape
      The objective is to evacuate the base. The escape shuttle appears when you 
    reach the far right of the map. Your bonus depends on how many friendlies 
    (worker bots and brown assault suits) make it onto the shuttle. The shuttle 
    leaves immediately when you get in, but you can wait around at the shuttle and 
    more friendlies will show up. During this time, the shuttle will be providing 
    covering fire. 60 seconds after opening the hatch, the captain says "Hurry up." 
    60 seconds after that, the hatch closes. Be sure to get in before then.
    Bonus: 600 x friendlies rescued
    Bonus weapons:
    MISSILE  MGL      25-SC    150BZ
    STAGE3: Orbital Attack
      This is the first lo-grav level. In this stage, going too far down into the 
    atmosphere will cause you and other robots take damage. The objective is to 
    destroy the enemy warship, which is at the right side of the map. It is well 
    defended by turrets and enemies, so take your time and be careful. The total 
    mission time is 300 seconds. After destroying the warship you need to fend off 
    the enemies until there are 60 seconds left. 
      At that time, your next objective is to return to one of the three shuttles. 
    The bonus depends on how many seconds were left when you entered the the 
    shuttle. Don't enter too early because this leaves the shuttle almost 
    defenseless, and it won't survive the enemy attacks. Don't be too late or 
    you'll be left behind. At about the 30 second mark, give or take, enemies will 
    stop coming. That is the best time to get in.
    Bonus: 600 x seconds remaining when you entered the shuttle
    Bonus weapons:
    B-PACK   40-SC    M.POD    40-SC
    D-D      E-AS     B-PACK   40-SC
    STAGE4: Front Line Assault
      The B-PACK is recommended for this level. First, drop down to the earth. Then 
    keep moving to the far right. It is hard to fight in the water, so try to hover 
    over it. When the hatch is opened for you at the end, go in and move to the 
    bottom of the base. 
      When you enter the base, an unseen timer is started which will affect your 
    score for the level, although there is no penalty for running out of time. 
    Shotgun weapons are useful against the annoying turrets here, but don't stick 
    around to kill them. Try to keep moving. Long jumps and hovering with the 
    B-PACK are useful for avoiding the red beam traps. Be careful: about halfway 
    down there is a drop towards the left that leads to a trap you can't escape 
    without the B-PACK. To be safe, stick to the right until you get a feel for the 
      At the bottom you need to destroy the boss, which is a big spinning turbine. 
    Shoot the top part of the hub to damage it, but watch out as it lobs grenades 
    at you. Homing missiles kill it very fast.
    Bonus: 600 x seconds remaining when you destroyed the boss
    Bonus weapons:
    40-SC    GL       MISSILE  ARMOR
    STAGE5: Surprise Attack
      In this mission you simply wander around and kill enemies for about 120 
    seconds. As usual, enemies come from the right and allies from the left. After 
    that time, a boss (who is invincible) will come and attack you, but the mission 
    ends quickly.
    Bonus: 400 x enemies killed
    Bonus weapons:
    MGL      40-SC    203BZ
    STAGE6: Headquarter Blitz
      This is like stage 4 but longer and much more difficult. You may want to 
    bring along the LG-GUN, because you will need to do a lot of shooting. First 
    get the the right side of the map. About halfway across, at the bottom of the 
    canyon, there will be a huge barrier generator machine that you need to take 
    out. It is very well defended with grenade launchers, but you can fire at it 
    while its guns are off screen. Continuing to the right, you need to climb up 
    the canyon walls. You may be able to hide under the cliffs for awhile when you 
    need to regenerate life. From time to time a friendly bot may come to help but 
    you are mainly on your own here. At the far right side, the door will be opened 
    for you to enter the base.
      This base has less platforming and more enemies than the stage 4 base. The 
    enemies will keep coming, and there are more red beam traps to avoid. You may 
    even encounter some friendlies in here. Use the same strategy as before: when 
    you find cover, stop to heal. Never stop at a broad flat area or you will only 
    exchange hits with the enemies. 
      At the end you will encounter a boss which you must defeat. He attacks by 
    shooting bullets which pause overhead briefly then move toward your position. 
    He will also claw you at close range. To damage it you must hit the head, which 
    requires jumping or using homing missiles. 
      For this level and the remaining levels, take it slow and easy, and don't 
    worry about bonuses.
    Bonus: No bonus available.
    Bonus weapons:
    ARMOR    203BZ    E-AS
    STAGE7: Space Colony Smash
      This level starts out lo-grav. Head to the right (watch out for mines) and 
    blast the hatch to enter the colony area, where gravity is normal. Pass through 
    and try to destroy the egg-shaped canisters. There are 19 in this area and they 
    are pretty hard to miss. There are plenty of places where you can take cover 
    behind buildings to heal. Keep going and you will find another hatch, beyond 
    which is lo-grav again.
      Here you have to destroy the boss, a huge warship. Watch out for its exhaust 
    streams, which are pointing to the left. Approach from above or below to avoid 
    them. The ship is bristling with lasers and cannons, and also defended by mini 
    mechs. M.POD makes this battle a piece of cake. This level is easier than 
    level 6.
    Bonus: 400 x pods destroyed
    Bonus weapons:
    STAGE8: The Final Conflict
      This is a lo-grav level. I recommend you take the HG-GUN, an M.POD, the 
    SHIELD, and at least two ARMORs. You start off in the middle of the allied 
    fleet. Head to the right and eventually you will meet up with the enemy fleet. 
    You can destroy the cannons on the large stationary ships, but not the ships 
    themselves, though it's best to just keep moving. All the way to the right you 
    will find the flagship and you will be attacked by a boss. Do him enough damage 
    and you will enter the ship.
      This base is much bigger but not as difficult as the previous two. It is also 
    lo-grav inside here. You start at the upper left and must make it to the lower 
    right, but there are lots of dead ends, and many, many turrets. When you have 
    to choose between going right or going down, try to go down. Remember that you 
    can take as much time as you need to regenerate life when you reach safe spots.
      At the end there is a boss who attacks with rapid fire missiles that go 
    horizontally, and with a long beam he swings around himself. M.POD gets the job 
    done quickly.
      Now in the next room is a second boss. He attacks by spawning little droids 
    which shoot fireballs. They are not so tough but they just keep coming, even if 
    you run away. The boss is protected by a blue barrier. Blast the barrier enough 
    times and it will disappear. Then shoot at the guy standing behind there. The 
    way I did it was by moving in a clockwise circle around the room, firing off 
    shots with the M.POD or HG-GUN whenever I was pointing at the boss. In this way 
    you can dodge the droids' fire while hitting the enemy.
    Bonus: No bonus available.
    Bonus weapons:
    E-CN     ARMOR (if you missed them before)
    * Secrets
    This section is copied from the Secrets page of Gamefaqs.com.
    All Weapons
    Do not collect any bonus weapons or destroy anything except the ship at the end 
    of the first level. Your score after the level is completed should be more than 
    2,800 points.
    Contributed By: Vengeance
    Control the Logo
    Press A + C + (Left or Right) on the second controller at the logo screen. Use 
    the D-pad, A, and C to change the size and rotation of the logo.
    Contributed By: Vengeance
    Durind the game press Start on controller two and you should be invincible
    Contributed By: Mike Truitt
    Nine Lives
    Begin playing the game and get past level 2. After it's over, enter the options 
    screen and press Start. A woman will appear and say ''Continue Up'' to confirm 
    correct code entry. This may be repeated at any time if your lives have dropped 
    below three.
    Contributed By: Vengeance
    Two Players
    Wait until the first green alien appears on the right side of the screen in the 
    first level. Press Start on controller two. One player can control the normal 
    robot while the other player controls the enemy robot.
    Contributed By: Vengeance
    * Japanese Version Differences
      The Japanese version is known as "Assault Suits Leynos." The main menu and 
    the option screen are in English, while the in-game dialogue is in Japanese. 
    There seems to be more dialogue between the main character and his allies, and 
    some parts were taken out of the American version. For example, there is a grim 
    scene at the end of level 3, and in level 6 Rex makes a remark when the pilot 
    opens the door to the base.
      The first part of the intro description is different, reading:
                                 |                    |
                                 |  IT BEGAN WHEN     |
                                 |                    |
                                 | EARTH'S  OUTCASTS  |
                                 |                    |
                                 | RETURNED IN  GREAT |
                                 |                    |
                                 | WARSHIPS FROM  THE |
                                 |                    |
                                 | DARKEST REACHES OF |
                                 |                    |
                                 | SPACE.             |
                                 |                    |
      As far as the game mechanics go, the two versions are the same, and the 
    Japanese version is fully playable if you don't know Japanese.
      There is a sequel to this game for the Sega Saturn, "Assault Suits Leynos 2," 
    which was only released in Japan.
      Also of interest is the game Juusou Kihei Valken (Assault Suits Valken) for 
    SNES, also developed by NCS. An English translation has been released by the 
    group AGTP, and a FAQ/Guide has been released by me.
    * Closing
      Credit goes to the people who submitted the secrets given above.
      This document is my own work. Any questions, comments, corrections or 
    complaints should be addressed to the address below, with clear indication in 
    the subject line that the email is concerning this FAQ. 
      Given that I prefer to write for obscure titles, I enjoy hearing from people 
    who read my guides. If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel free to 
    drop me a line and tell me what you think.
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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