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 Thunder Force III Boss FAQ
 Written by: Scott Clemmons (SClemmons/FFMrebirth)
 Last Updated: March 6, 2005
 Genre: Horizontal Shooter
 Version: Final

 Table of Contents

 A1. Contacting Me 


      B1. Hydra 
      C1. Gorgon  
      D1. Seiren 
      E1. Ellis 
      F1. Haides 
      G1. Cerberus  
      H1. OrnBase 
      I1. Orn Core

 J1. Disclaimer

-                                A1. Contacting Me                            - 

 Contacting me isn't all that hard. If you actually need to contact me about
 in this FAQ then send the e-mail to:

 E-mail: ScottClemmons[at]gmail.com 
 AIM: swtzwondrboy20

 Any game play questions will be deleted, and your e-mail name will be
 blocked. I've written FAQS before and have gotten questions about a completely
 different game. This is very annoying and I don't tolerate it. Granted I sound
 like an over-bearing ass, but that's just the way it has to be.

-                                B1. Hydra                                    - 

Target: Gargoyle 
Weak point: Stomach

 Gargoyle comes onto the screen and moves up very close to you. Don't be too
 anxious to start attacking him right off the bad since he'll begin to blow a
 stream of fire that effects the entire bottom portion of the screen. To dodge
 this, make your way up to the top left-hand corner of the arena. Afterwards,
 go ahead and open up on his stomach. He'll start to shoot out fireballs that
 have a pattern to them. The first one will come right for you. Go ahead and
 move down some to evade this. He'll fire out two more sets; keep moving down
 slowly to elude these as well. Between all of this, you should have time to
 get some attacks in on his stomach. He'll go down without a fight.

-                                C1. Gorgon                                   - 

Target: Twin Vulcan 
Weakpoint: Search Radar

 Twin Vulcans are very easy if you have the Hunter weapon equipped going into
 the battle. One of them will be at the top and one will be at the bottom once
 the fight starts. Just sit there with your Hunter weapon and let them home in
 on the weak points of the Vulcans. If you don't have the Hunter, this battle
 may be a tad harder if you use any another laser. You're going to have to
 position yourself to so you don't get killed by running into the Vulcans and
 still be able to do damage. Go ahead and finish one of them off. The other one
 should go down without a fight. 

-                                D1. Seiren                                   - 

Target: King Fish 
Weak point: Eye

 King fish is King pushover. The top and bottom of him will keep firing out
 yellow rings the entire battle in a straight line. Right after that, he'll
 fire two yellow lasers from his eye ball that you're going to have to dodge.
 To do this, just simply slow your ship down some, and slowly move out of the
 way. If you go too fast, you might end up hitting one of the rings. I used the
 regular laser during the battle to do the damage.

 Midway in, he'll begin to fire the yellow rings even faster than before. If
 you stick right in front of his eye, this won't concern you. Just keep firing
 the lasers at his eye and dodge the ones he fires at you. He'll die in a
 matter of seconds.

-                                E1. Ellis                                    - 

Target: Mobile Fort 
Weak point: Control Unit

 Three parts will appear and combine into one to form this boss. He's not
 really a hard boss at all, just an annoying one. The first thing he does is
 shoot ships at you from the top and bottom guns that he has. The second thing
 he does is he'll fire out some attacks at you that look like this:


 To dodge this, simply slow down your ship and get in the middle of the two
 beams at first followed by moving up just a tad. Going too far will mean
 death. Going too slow means death as well. After you keep the pressure on for
 about ten seconds, he'll die.

-                                F1. Haides                                   - 

Target: G Lobster 
Weak point: Eye

 The G Lobster will come from behind you, making you have to move to the front
 of him to do damage. G Lobster is a total wimp. Get between his claws and just
 start opening fire on him. He'll fire out a packet of missiles your way, but
 it's really nothing to worry about; your weapons will be able to bust through
 them. Once he extends his claws, he'll fire out a charged homing laser that's
 capable of actually doing some damage. Go forward a tad to dodge this. The G
 sLobster will fall in under ten seconds.

-                                G1. Cerberus                                 - 

Target: None 
Weak point: None

 Stage Cerberus ends after you make your way to the center of the ship and
 destroy its core with only a few bullets. After this, you'll find your way to
 the Orn base.

-                                H1. Orn Base                                 - 

Weak point:?????????

 The only actual hard boss in the entire game I think. He'll have four blocks
 at all four sides of the screen that'll move around. They have quite a lot of
 patterns. They can move back or forth. Sometimes they're able to move up and
 down. Other times they'll be moving and stop, only to start moving backwards
 at you. The only advice I can offer is just to keep an eye out on them while
 trying to blow the cover off the boss. Once you manage to do this, he'll start
 to fire one straight laser right at you. This is very easy to dodge, but
 things can get complicated with the boxes moving around the entire battle. I
 used the standard weapon to take him out. After his death, you'll move further
 into the Orn base.

-                                I1. Orn Core                                 - 

Target: ??????? 
Weak point: ?????????

 They begin with throwing a boss at you in the opening moments of the stage.
 This guy will

 This is the main boss of the entire game. At first, he'll begin to unleash a
 plethora of bullets right at you. Subsequently, he'll begin to fire bouncy
 balls at you as well. Make sure you destroy his first form rather quickly
 because if he managed to get enough of these bouncy balls out, you will die.
 Once you get past his first stage, it's pretty much smooth sailing. He'll
 start off by firing a large, rotating ball of lasers at you. Just dodge this
 like you would anything else. Afterwards, he'll release a set of wave beams at
 you. You may have some trouble with this to be honest. What I did was go to
 the very left-hand bottom portion of the screen to dodge these. Keep the
 pressure on, and he'll die within a few seconds. What a pushover for a main

 Sit back and enjoy the ending. You saved the world (who would've guessed?)

-                                J1. Disclaimer                               - 

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Clemmons (FFMrebirth/SClemmons). I don't own any rights to this game; I simply
wrote a guide in my spare time since I had nothing more productive to do.

- EOF -