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    FAQ/Walkthrough by madhair60

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/29/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.4 - Added in the level select code and began adding all available
    level passwords.  It may take a while.  I plan to revise a lot of the text of
    this walkthrough soon, so wave goodbye to the original...
    Hi, I'm Hoffman Frenchman, AKA madhair60.  This is my very first walkthrough,
    and it's for a very old Genesis/Megadrive game.  Why, I hear you ask?  Well,
    it's because I loved Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure SOOO
    much, I decided it needed a walkthrough.  If you've got a Genesis, and you
    haven't played this game, then I practically INSIST that you go on eBay NOW
    and buy it.  It's one of the best KONAMI games out there.  Right up there with
    Contra, Sparkster and MGS!
    1. Characters
    2. Items
    3. Controls
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Passwords
    6. F.A.Q
    7. Conclusion
    +Buster Bunny+
    THIS IS YOU!!!  Well, actually, it's not you.  It's who you
    play as in this game.
    +Dr Gene Splicer+
    This is the nasty boss you fight lots of times.  He's
    extremely annoying.
    +Dizzy Devil+
    This is Buster's buddy.  He is extremely similar to
    Taz, of Tazmania fame.
    +Calamity Coyote+
    It's Wile E Coyote's little brother!  Or something.
    +Plucky Duck+
    It's another of Buster's friends.  You meet him twice in
    this game.  Once as himself, and once as-
    +The Toxic Revenger+
    Plucky's superheroic alter ego.
    +Montana Max+
    The big cheese, the boss, the numero uno. This dude wants
    the treasure and he's not taking any prisoners.
    This is the vacuum wielding pig that killed you so
    many times on the ice stage.
    An incredulously annoying girl who wants nothing better
    than to hug and squeeze Buster until he chokes.  Bleech!
    +Gogo Dodo+
    The exit!  The exit!  Touch him to exit!  He lives in
    Wackyland, and is cool.
    A little mouse with a serious sneezing problem.
    +Lil' Beeper+
    Road Runner's counterpart.
    +Concord Condor+
    A dodo who flies over and drops anvils in some pressure
    place that causes all enemies that are visible to die horribly.
    2. ITEMS
    The token collectables in TTA.  50 give you a helper.
    This gives one health point.  Very handy.
    Gives you all your health back plus one more on top of that.  Nice!  First
    priority in power-ups.
    +Buster Head+
    Makes you invulnerable for a short time.  (About 40 seconds)
    +Helper Head+
    Gives you an extra helper (Either Lil' Beeper, Sneezer or Concord Condor).
    +Wackyland Portal+
    Takes you to a bonus stage!  Extra items aplenty.
    Here are the (Rather simple) controls!
    D-PAD= Move around the levels
    A= Call helper
    B= Slide (When running at full speed)
    C= Jump (Hold down for more height)
    =Special moves=
    Run at full speed then press B to execute a lovely slide manoeuvre!
    +Wall bounce+
    Jump against a wall and press against it.  Press jump again to
    bounce off it.  You can repeat this to climb high distances.
    +Drop a level+
    Press DOWN and C when on a level above the lowest (Floor
    Here comes the walkthrough!  I've put the passwords next to the stage names.
    They're a total work in progress, so expect me to fill in the other passwords
    at a later date.  You might as well use the level select code anyway.
    Move to the right and jump over the rock.  You'll see a ledge with some carrots
    on it.  Leap up and grab 'em then drop back down to the level below.  Head
    right, grabbing more carrots, and then jump up to the level above.  You'll see
    your first enemy- A RAT!  Stand above it and use the "DROP A LEVEL" trick to
    land on its head.  Go right and walk onto the spring.  You'll soar up and grab a
    few carrots.  When you land, collect all the carrots and head right again.  Make
    your way to the top level, avoiding or stomping the bird and rat, and hop on the
    platform.  A moving 3-block platform will come from the right.  Hop on it and
    across subsequent platforms until you reach land again.  Head right and grab the
    carrots, and you'll see a heart icon below you.  DON'T TAKE THE HEART
    ICON.  Instead, grab the Diamond above you, and leap to the right across the
    platforms.  They fall, so watch out!  After 6 falling platforms, you'll land on
    another set of 3 blocks.  A moving platform will come into view.  Hop on it,
    then onto the next two.  Collect the Bell icon (Yes!) then drop to the left to
    collect a helper.  Drop off to right and make your way to the floor level.  Go
    right to the quicksand and let yourself sink through it.  Head left to get an
    Extra Buster (Watch out for the pogo nasty) and then head right to get some more
    carrots.  Bounce up and right and just go right to Gogo to exit.  Level
    Head right and leap onto the moving ground.  From here, leap onto the falling
    platform, then onto the next piece of moving ground.  DO NOT FALL INTO THE
    PITS.  If you do, try and bounce off the walls onto the moving ground again.  Do
    not get crushed.  You will die.  Watch out for spikes down the second pit.  They
    kill in one shot.  Leap onto the rat, and then fall down into the final pit.
    Head right to pick up an Extra Buster, and then use the spring to bounce back
    up.  DON'T GET CRUSHED ON YOUR WAY BACK UP.  Head up the slope, and
    bounce off the pogo nasty holding C for extra height.  You'll land on the top
    level.  Hop across the platforms to get a Heart Icon.  After this, leap to the
    right across two falling platforms.  Run across the path to grab some more
    carrots.  Hop across two MORE platforms to reach a Diamond icon.  Grab it and
    hop along the falling platforms (They head downward) and make your way to the
    floor level.  Now just head right until you see a pogo nasty against the wall.
    Stomp him!  Head right and hop over the can.  You'll see 3 rats lined up.
    Dispose of them and head right to Gogo.  YEEEAH!
    From the normal exit head left along the bottom level until you reach some
    quicksand.  Jump onto the small block then left into the cave (also, dropping
    down at this point and heading left through the wall will net you a Heart Icon).
    Make your way along the platforms over the spikes and crawl through the small
    gap at the end.  Gogo, my MAN!  This is the exit to stage S-1.
    At the start, head right over the slopes until you reach two rats and a pair of
    false teeth.  Kill the rats and leap over the teeth.  Continue right and kill
    the approaching rat.  Leap over the carrot filled gap and bounce off the rat to
    reach the heart icon.  Drop down the carrot filled gap and kill the rat.  Make
    your way along the platforms until you reach an area where you can either drop
    down or go right.  Drop down to get the free helper and bounce up the walls and
    right.  Leap over the spring and head right to get another heart icon, then go
    back and spring up.  Head left, bounce up on the next spring and, once on floor
    level, continue left.  Drop down and to the right.  Continue right (Don't drop
    down) and grab the Extra Buster.  Make your way back to the floor level and head
    right until you reach another spring.  Bounce up and make your way along them
    (Collecting carrots) and you'll see Gogo.  Bounce OVER him, head right and kill
    3 rats.  You'll reach a Wackyland portal.  Enter it.  In Wackyland, drop off and
    keep to the right hand side and you may get an Extra Buster.  Touch Gogo to
    exit.  Make your way back left to the spring and return to the original exit.
    Head right, grabbing carrots.  After a short while, you'll come across a, uh,
    thingy.  Push the spring to the left, and release- you'll fly up in the air.
    Hold right and head to the top level.  Head to the left of the platform you're
    on, run back and leap, following the trail of carrots.  Keep going right.  When
    you see platforms, hop onto them.  Hop to the right (You'll get a heart icon).
    Drop down and push the next spring left.  Release and you'll fly up, again.
    Head right, bash the crow, and grab the free helper.  Push the spring left, and
    bounce up and right.  YOU'RE SURROUNDED!  Push A to use your helper.  All the
    crows'll die (Yeah!!!).  Head right some more and pelt across the bridge.  Fall
    in, pressing against the right wall.  You'll go right through it for an Extra
    Buster!  Head back and use the spring to get out.  Bounce to the top level.
    Leap OVER Gogo.  Head right to grab some more carrots and a Bell icon.  Oh,
    yes!!!  Head back to Gogo.  All done.
    Oh no!!!  It's Dr Gene Splicer!  And - Dizzy Devil?  What's going on here?  Hop
    up onto the branch above you immediately.  When Gene goes underneath you,
    drop down onto him.  Now, all that you need to do is jump on his head, avoiding
    Dizzy.  Sorry, that's all the help I can give you.
    Hop over the stump and go up on the branches.  Jump from tree to tree until you
    reach an overhead wire.  Cross it, then slide down the zipline.  Jump across the
    spikes and then kill the wolfman.  Avoid or kill the tomato thrower, and take
    the spring up.  Kill another wolfman and tomato thrower, and climb the branches.
    Slide down another zipline, kill the two wolfmen, and dispose of the tomato
    tosser.  Stand on the branch and leap through the wall.  Through the wall is a
    LOVELY Bell icon!  Climb up and head right (avoiding tomato freaks) until you
    reach quicksand.  Hop on the bat above it and bounce through the leaves above.
    You'll get an Extra Buster!  Go right, kill the wolfman, and use the spring to
    get up onto the overhead wire.  Shimmy across it then jump from branch to branch
    until you reach another.  Shimmy across and leap from branch to branch again
    (Use the logs to help you) until you reach a zipline.  Take it down and you'll
    land on a can and fall flat on your face (Ha, ha, KONAMI.).  Now it's the simple
    matter of heading right to reach Gogo!
    Head right until you reach a spring.  Bounce up onto the wire and head right.
    It's a long wire, so be patient.  Get on the zipline (mind the freak) and head
    down.  Hop on the 3-log platform and it'll escort you across the spikes (watch
    out at the end, it'll drop).  Kill the owl and continue right.  Keep going
    right, avoiding owls, wolfmen and tomato throwers, and you'll reach a wall with
    a slight cave-in.  Kill the bats and make your way through the cavern, avoiding
    the spikes.  Soon you'll reach a circling platform- all you need to do is to
    switch logs whenever you can- you'll be OK.  Gogo awaits!
    From the cave-in, head up and right.  Avoid the enemies until you reach a
    swinging pendulum (SONIC, anyone?).  Hop onto it, and onto the next one to
    make it across safely.  Head right avoiding more of those freakin' owls to reach
    Gogo.  Exit to stage S-2!
    Head right.  You'll see a, er, rake.  Hop over it and keep on.  Ignore the
    pendulum and fall to the left, and you'll go into the wall for a (YES!) bell.
    Head right, avoiding spikes, wolfmen and bats until you reach a line of carrots
    going down. Follow them and you'll land on a water wheel.  Go left and get the
    carrots.  Stand on the stump and jump into the wall for an Extra Buster!  Head
    back up the water wheels and go right.  Now, this is tricky.  Small spiky balls
    will come at floor level towards you.  Leap over them and you'll see a BIG spiky
    ball.  Time it and hop over it.  Go right, and hop over another one and you'll
    reach dry land.  Go right, kill the two wolfmen, go through the right wall for a
    heart, and ride the platforms upwards.  Kill the tomato tosser and head right.
    Watch out for the spikes!  Head right, killing the NASTY owls and the other
    goons, and you'll reach a cliff face.  Head right through the treetops avoiding
    the strategically placed tomato tossers and at the end Gogo awaits!  Phew, that
    was a nasty one.  Exit to stage S-3.
    Aagh!  Gogo is RIGHT THERE!  You can't reach him for now, so drop off to the
    left.  Walk into the tree where the ? arrow is and you'll ZOOM up to the top!
    You'll grab more carrots and then you need to head to the bottom again.  This
    time just keep heading right (It's not too tough) until you need to go up again.
    Head into the trunk to go down, then head into the next one to go up again.
    Drop down and hold right for a Bell Icon.  Head back ino the tree trunk and
    return to where you can see the pendulum.  Hop on it then into the subsequent
    trunk.  Get on the moving platform and head down.  Be careful.  These jumps are
    killer!  Head through the narrow gap and you'll see some spiky logs moving up
    and down.  Run under them (Don't get crushed) then head up and over.  Head
    across to the left and avoid the spinning spiky sticks (What a tongue twister).
    Go up, kill the tomato-tossing twerp (and another!) and enter the tree trunk.
    Make your way across from left to right, while heading upward.  Get into the
    tree trunk and then just drop down to Gogo!  Exit to Boss 2.
    Go right, avoiding teeth and tomato tossers.  Head up on the spring and you'll
    see a Helper Icon.  Grab it when there are no spikes.  Head right, and kill all
    three owls.  Go back left and use the run up to make a BIG jump right.  Head up
    the water wheels, and past a big spiky ball.  You'll see carrots making up the
    word, "TINY".  How cute!  Head right and up the tree for a heart, avoiding them
    pesky owls.  Watch out for tomato tossers!  Go right to reach some conveyor belt
    logs.  Head down, pressing against the left wall to get- wait for it- an Extra
    Buster, a Bell AND a Wackyland Portal!  It jus' don't get any better than this!
    Head into the portal and swim through the level, avoiding Gogos.  Up for grabs
    here are a Helper, a buttload of carrots and a Bell!  Not forgetting the Extra
    Buster!  Drop right onto the platform (Not into the spikes like I just did.
    Really, I did and it was REALLY ANNOYING).  Bounce off the left wall and onto
    the conveyor belt, head into the cave to the right.  Just head through the cave
    avoiding spikes etc. to reach Gogo!  That was an absolutely diabolical level!
    Merely head right, avoiding or killing the enemies.  Jump into the first tree
    trunk you find.  When you emerge, jump right.  Head into the narrow gap (Right).
    Jump upward collecting carrots to get a heart icon.  Kill the tomato tosser and
    head into the trunk.  Head up and left, across the treetops.  Get into the trunk
    and you'll zoom down.  Head across and up into the NEXT trunk.  Head to the next
    trunk (Phew, I'm getting typers cramp.) and go up from your exit.  Head down the
    log stairs and it's GOGO! (Yay!)
    Aagh!  It's Calamity Coyote! Right, this is kind of a tough one.  Leap onto the
    wheel.  Gene Splicer will pop his head out of the boxes in  random order.  When
    he does, jump on him.  Keep moving at all times to avoid Calamity's bombs.
    Welcome to the cave.  These levels are some of the best in the game; so enjoy
    them while you can.  They're also tricky, so do pay attention.  Thank you.  Go
    left and hop on the frog.  Above you you'll see a bell Icon.  Bounce off the
    wall to get it.  Head left and grab the carrots, but don't slide too far.  A
    pendulum covered in spikes swings back and forth.  Time a jump over it and
    continue left.  Kill the mouse and bats and make your way left to a spiky wall.
    Run left and don't stop and you'll be fine!  Avoid the bat and walk through the
    right wall.  Grab the carrots and the Helper Icon then go out back left.  Run
    from the boulder ala Indiana Jones (it goes faster than Buster, so you will need
    to jump it) and you'll fall into a hole with some dumb looking blue frogs in it.
    Grab the diamond Icon and go right as fast as you can, hopping off the wall to
    grab the Extra Buster a little further on. Head up and you'll see a loner frog
    standing on a platform to your right.  Stomp him then grab the two Hearts
    through the wall next too him.  Through the wall from the Heart room lays
    another chamber.  Head right, killing frogs, until you reach a Heart Icon.  Edge
    your way towards the Stalactites and they'll fall harmlessly to the ground.
    Head right, avoiding Stalactites and killing frogs to reach Gogo!
    When you reach the loner blue frog head left.  Go up the slope, hopping the
    boulders, and you'll reach another boulder, this time rolling in an arc.  Hop
    onto the moving platform and go up.  Eventually you'll reach two bats and a
    Sneezer.  After this point, head right and DON'T FALL.  Edge up to the
    Stalactite and take it slow.  You'll soon reach Gogo.  Exit to stage S-4.
    STAGE S-4
    RUN right at full speed and no Stalactites will hit you.  Head up and when the
    left and right spikes are out, use them as a bridge.  Edge your way through the
    next set of stalactites and kill the frog.  You'll come to a platform "Wheel".
    Grab the Heart Icon in the bottom right corner, then go up and right.  Head down
    the waterfall grabbing carrots.  At the bottom, head left and down.  Through the
    wall to the left lies an Extra Buster and two Heart Icons, but the road to them
    is perilous.  Be careful!  Head back up and this time go right.  Make your way
    past the really annoying bats and frogs and you'll see a steep slope.  Slide
    down (IGNORE the carrots) and head right.  You'll reach a rising platform.  As
    it goes up, avoid the bats and get off it before you are crushed!  Go left and
    get the Heart Icon then go down on the grey platforms.  Head through the left
    wall at the bottom to enter Wackyland.  It is the supreme challenge to get all
    the items in this bonus area.  Try it!  Head back up and left across the
    platforms for a free Bell Icon!  Eventually you'll see three blue frogs.  Hop
    off their SHOTS (HARD!) and up right.  You'll get a bunch of carrots and an
    Extra Buster, a Diamond Icon and a Bell Icon (I only just found this)!  Using
    your invincibility, head left and go as far as you can. When you reach the mini
    spikes, hop on the platform then jump off as soon as possible (It falls, y'see).
    Keep going left to find Gogo.  Exit to stage three.
    Man, is this ever easy.  All you need to do is go right until you reach the
    platforms going up.  Once up there, just head left again, avoiding the crushers.
    When you get to go up, avoid the spikes and head along the obvious path to the
    water part. Head to the slope and get on the grey platform.   Head right along
    the high road until you drop down.  Go left, down and right. Gogo!
    Head right and collect the carrots spelling "Toon".  Follow the carrots down and
    left.  Watch out for all the crabs, fish etc.  Head down, avoiding the spiky
    balls, then right.  This bit's easy if you take it slow.  Keep going right, then
    up and right.  After a while, you'll find a nook in the ceiling.  Swim up then
    get out the water and go up the blocks for a Bell Icon. Go back to where you
    were, go right and up and presto!  It's Gogo.
    And so we reach the next (frankly, pathetic) boss of the bunch.  It's that
    annoying little duck!  Right, you're best off avoiding him for now.  Wait 'til
    he LEAPS up in the air and whacks the ground, then avoid the Stalactites and
    jump on the Doc when he swoops down.  Easy meat.
    +Lava Cave+
    Now we're cooking (literally).  The game takes a massive leap forward in
    difficulty here.  These levels are probably the toughest in the game.  OK, head
    right until you reach the blatantly obvious collapsing floor.  Drop down into a
    line of carrots and you'll land on a sinking platform.  Jump right to avoid the
    lava of DEATH!  Go right and hop on the Goblin. Run under the first crusher,
    and then edge toward the next.  Oh no!  Little fiery imps pop out the ground and
    head left and right.  Hop over 'em and go under the next set of crushers.  Hop
    onto the platform and it'll take you uuuup.  Head right and you'll reach a
    downward slope.  Head cautiously down it, avoiding the bursts of flame from the
    ceiling, and jump on the Goblins.  Another crusher is ahead.  Walk under it and
    suddenly fiery imps will POP out and they WILL hit you.  They hit me, damn it!
    Next up are some stairs.  The imp will climb two, and then send another little
    bugger back at you.  Hop over it.  It will go further, and then send another.
    Boing.  A kind of convoy of evil fire imps will commence.  Drop carefully
    between them and go right up the slope.  Kill greenie boy, then hop left and off
    the wall for a bell icon.  HALLELUJAH!!!  Head right and hop across the bricks
    over the lava (mind the fireballs).  Grab the Heart Icon and go up.  Head left,
    past the spiky things and Stalactites (should be easy meat by now) and go left.
    You'll see a load of TINY little platforms.  Hop across to the left.
    Unfortunately, they fall, so be careful.  It's HARD.  Kill the Goblin, go past
    the hot things and more Goblins, and onto the flame lift.  Head left, across
    another lift, to reach a crusher. Past it, grab the carrots and Gogo is below
    From the first ickle falling brick, hop onto the wall to your right, and bounce
    off it.  You'll land on another little block.  Hop right quick (It falls) and go
    up the slope.  Heading right you'll reach another lava crossing.  Hop off the
    brick up to the top for an Extra Buster!  Now head across the sinking blocks and
    past a crusher to a slope.  Slide down to Gogo.  Exit to stage S-5.
    Edge right and avoid the imps. Hop onto the circling platforms.  Right, the rule
    here is, whenever a platform passes OVER you, jump on it.  This should see you
    to the other side safely!  Once across, head up and right to a slope.  Avoid the
    Goblin and flame and bounce off the left wall for a Heart Icon.  Mind the flame,
    go right and jump onto the pulley.  Hop to where three carrots lie and through
    the wall for a Wackyland Portal.  Get some quick Icons then hop back onto the
    pulley.  Ride it up, and go right (Mind the Bat!).  Avoiding the flame, bounce
    off the left wall for a Heart Icon.  Kill Mr Goblin and Mr Bat and bounce off
    the left wall for an Extra Buster.  Head right, avoiding Spikes, Goblins, and
    Bats then onto a pulley.  Jump left across the small blocks and off the wall for
    a Heart Icon.  Head back and go right.  Go right and run through the Stalactites
    to Gogo.
    STAGE S-5
    Head down the slope killing Goblins.  You'll reach an upward passage.  Hop
    upwards QUICKLY.  Hear that rumbling?  That's the lava following.  This is the
    hardest stage in the game, so just GO!  GO!  GO!  Hop off the wall whenever
    you can and hurry up, man!  Once you've done that, go left to Gogo.  Phew!
    Here's how to do this amazingly easy boss.   Head up.  Bounce on the Doc's
    head.  He'll die after a while.  Oh dear, how sad.  On to the lake.
    Phew!  Now that the Lava Cave's out of the way, we can get back to the easier
    levels.  Head left and kill Crocodile Dumb-Dee (I kill me).  The next bit's
    totally random- just make your way down- it isn't hard.  When you reach a
    pendulum spiky thing on the RIGHT, go along the top to the left to reach a
    Wackyland Portal.  When you're done bouncing, drop right into the water.  Head
    down and right, then up and out (easy).  GOGO!
    +Pirate Ship+
    This stage is something of an oddity, as it is the only stage (except Elmyra)
    with a level before the boss.  Go right, kill the frog and enter the ship.  Drop
    down to the next level when the spikes are retracted, and go right.  Head for
    the top right and get up and over the mask- watch out for Afro Knights.  Go
    right, kill the frog, and get in the ship again.  Once in, go left.  You'll fall
    through a collapsing floor.  Don't panic, this is where you're meant to go!  Go
    right and bounce off the wall onto the platform.  Kill the frog and make your
    way up to the Afro Knight.  Kill him, push the barrel left, hop on it and out
    the ship.  Go down and right, run across the collapsing floor.  Head left,
    avoiding the ghosts, Afros, rake and spikes (and, er, dentures) to reach a door.
    BOSS 5
    Stand by the treasure.  When Montana pops up, bounce on him.  Run back to the
    treasure.  Easy meat!
    +Lake Two+
    This level is so straightforward, it doesn't need a walkthrough!  Just head up
    and right, avoiding all the usual nasties, to Gogo!
    So you've reached the Ice World.  Where would a platformer be without one?
    Anyway, this world relies more on pixel perfect jumping than any of the others,
    so unless your jumping skills are up to scratch, I'd go replay some other levels
    first to get the hang of it.  Well, here goes.  Head right, killing the snowmen
    on the slope (Note: It may help to wait for them to reach the bottom before you
    try and bounce them.) then at the top, hop on the FREAKY lady on the flying
    snowmobile (!).  Run and stand in between the two Pitbulls, then continue up the
    slope, past more snowmen and another Pitbull.  Watch the spikes!  At the top,
    some clouds will lead off to the left.  Head up them to get a Bell Icon!  Clouds
    will also go up and to the right.  Head across and up them until you reach the
    disappearing clouds.  When faced with these, you must jump on one, then, as it
    disappears, jump onto the next.  Repeat this until you reach the diagonally
    moving clouds.  Continue right along the clouds, and you'll reach a free Buster,
    and Gogo!  Sweet!
    At the diagonal platforms, follow the carrots down and to the right to reach
    another Gogo. (Note: just past it lies another free Buster!)  Exit to stage S-6.
    STAGE S-6
    Head up and right past the usual nasties until you reach a cannon.  When you
    bounce into it, you'll be shot into the stratosphere.  To get what you want
    EVERY time, take heed to this advice.  When you reach the peak of your flight,
    there are two small blue planets in EXACT ALIGNMENT with the
    corresponding item.  Aim for these and you won't go far wrong.  Go for the Bell
    Icon.  Head right, over the collapsing bridge and past the frogs.  Sink down
    into the quicksand (snow?).  Belt it down the hill, slide through the three
    snowmen, and head right slowly, avoiding the HARD spikes.  You'll reach a
    crusher.  Run under it and you'll see a Bell Icon.  To get it, you must jump up
    ON TO the protruding spikes, and, to be honest, it really isn't worth the
    bother.  Now head right (don't worry, it's EASY) and you'll reach LOTS of icy
    blocks.  Make your way left and kill the Pitbull to get a heart.  From here,
    head up (You'll kill two more Pitbulls) to a "No Bunnys" sign.  Jump up, and
    you're done!
    Head up the slope.  Jump onto the blocks at your first opportunity, go left
    under the crushers.  Continue to go up until you reach some SINGLE blocks.  They
    will fall, so jump up as quickly as you can to a frog.  Kill it and coninue
    upward to another set of crushers.  Go under and go on until you reach another
    SINGLE block.  Hop onto it and stand still.  A crusher will come down and miss
    you.  Go THROUGH the crusher and up until you reach a heart.  From here, jump to
    the top of the slope, and head right, through a very long, but quite easy
    straight.  When you reach a steep hill, just belt it down.  Mind the spikes,
    there's Gogo!
    Contender for hardest level of the game here, at least at the beginning.  Go
    right, across some falling blocks, onto a moving platform.  Ride across the next
    few, then across some falling blocks.  Hop onto another moving platform.  And
    now, ladies and gentleman, a REALLY HARD BIT.  Hop from the moving platform
    onto the blocks, WHICH FALL, onto the NEXT moving platform onto the next
    bit of dry land.  PHEW.  From here on in, it's easy.  Just follow these two
    rules.  One: Go down steep hills SLOWLY.  Two: Climb to the tops of things for
    Extra Busters.  Sorted!
    Jump onto the platform in the middle.  Jump onto the doctor's head five times.
    Beware of the suction and the bomblets from the Doc's plane.  Sorry, but it's
    that simple.
    +Montana's Base+
    This is the final world.  You've done well, my friend.  This world is actually
    easy enough, but it has an ace up its sleeve - Elmyra.  She will cause you to
    die.  A lot.  Anyway, wait for the little orange bot to go to the far left.  Hop
    on his head and ride it upwards.  You'll go through the ceiling.  Grab the Extra
    Buster and drop down.  Avoid the aeroplane's bomblets and head right up the
    steps, killing off stupid robots.  Mind the spikes and hop onto the first
    floating platform.  Hop onto the next and you'll see a staircase covered in
    death spikes!  Wait for them to retract and follow them up.  Hop off the wall
    and hold left to land on the next platform before the spikes kill you.  Make
    your way up and you'll reach a TV robot.  You can only kill it when it isn't
    live, so be careful.  Keep going up, avoiding electric currents.  If you reach
    the top, go right (kill the damned stupid robots) and you'll reach two springs.
    Hop up and right from the first one and push the thingy left.  You'll career
    straight into a rake.  Hilarious.  Go right and down.  Head left.  "Touch not
    the springs lest you impale thy head horrif'clly," MHK, v1:6.  Head down the
    slopes and make way for the bottom.  It's not tricky, just don't hit any spikes.
    You've done it!
    Make your way up until you reach a permanently live TV.  Follow it right, hop
    over it, then head across the top until you reach the end.  Drop down and ride
    the mine cart to Gogo.  And yes, that was the second to last level.
    Head all the way right to get an Extra Buster.  Go back left to the penultimate
    ceiling hole and hop upward. Jump into the THIRD ceiling hole to the right.
    Hop up the first ceiling hole and go right to get an Extra Buster.  Drop down
    and head (Crawl?) left for a Bell Icon.  Go into the last door on the right to
    get into the next room.  Make your way to the top left of this room, it's very
    simple.  In the next room, ride the pendulum up and hit the ON switch.  Go
    across the disappearing platforms, under two crushers and drop down.  Head left
    for a Bell Icon and right for the ON switch.  Go across more platforms to Gogo.
    It's getting tense!
    Hardest level in the game.  Also the last.  Figures, I guess.  Now, you will
    face the TERRIBLY DIFFICULT Elmyra.  She will chase you- one touch, you die.
    Run right, jumping every two seconds or so.  You'll clear the steps without
    slowing down at all.  Now, after three step ups, you'll reach a funny looking
    "Down-up-down" thing.  Up over Elmyra, then again, and dash through it.  Now,
    take it slow, going right through more "down-up-downs" and steps.  Jump over
    Elmyra whenever possible, and one more thing- good luck.  Reached the exit?
    Wow.  Meet the final boss.  A big robot, wooo.  Original.  It'll shoot three eye
    lasers.  Jump them if you need to.  It'll charge.  Hop off the wall, and onto
    its head!  Score!  Run to the right hand wall, and, as it re-assembles itself,
    hop onto the wall.  Time your hop so you can bounce onto its head as soon as it
    completes its reassembly.  Five hits later, its head explodes.  Stay by it, and
    listen to the explosions.  Count ten, then hop up and smack it on the head.  Now
    run to the opposite wall and repeat the "Robot assembly" thing.  Another few
    hits later, and
    you've done it.
    Thirty-three stages of platform mayhem and carnage and what do we get?  The
    lamest, stupidest ending ever conceived for a videogame.  DUDE!  We deserve
    more than this cutesy junk!  Why didn't they spend the money on a damn
    mansion or something?  Why a freaking amusement park?  Grrr. And there was
    me hoping there'd be a "Play as Babs" cheat- no really!
    5.  F.A.Q
    That's "question", singular.  And only one guy asked, so it's not particularly
    Q) How do I receive passwords?
    A) Lose all your lives.  The password will appear on the game over screen.
    Q) Stuff that for a game of soldiers.  Can I just have a level select?
    A) Sure.  Enter this code.
    6. Conclusion
    Well guys, it's been a blast, but your pal madhair60 is signing off for now.
    Feel free to distribute this walkthrough because I sure as hell can't stop you,
    just PLEASE don't make any changes to it!!!  Thank you.  And now to die. (Dies.)
    Check out my other FAQ for
    Bucky O Hare (NES)
    And coming soon
    Quattro Adventure (NES)
    Castle of Illusion (SMS)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SMS)
    Copyright 2003-2007 Stuart Gipp
    Extra credit to "Beefy" for actually asking me a question.  Glad you liked the
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