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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iwillruleyou

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: May 3rd, 2002
    Version: v1.0
    Toe Jam and Earl in Panic on Funkatron
    Email: s2dlharr@mail2.vcu.edu
    System: Sega Genesis
    Table of Contents
    1. FAQ Version / Updates
    2. The Story So Far (Introduction)
    3. Controls
      3.1 Jammin' Controls
      3.2 Slammin' Advanced Controls
      3.3 2 Player Goodness
    4. Awesome Stuff You Should Know
      4.1 Earthlings
      4.2 Friends
      4.3 Jam Out
      4.4 Fungus Olympics
      4.5 Hyper Funk Zone
      4.6 Trixie's Rendezvous
      4.7 Lamont's Favorite Things
      4.8 Presents
    5. Tubular Walkthrough
        -Funky Forest
        -Peabo's Groove Pad
        -Homey Street
        -=Oh So Secret Spot=
        -Homey Street 2
        -=Mighty Secret Spot=
        -Homey Street 3
        -The Underfunk
        -Mac Daddy Meadow
        - Lower FunkyTown
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - Upper FunkyTown
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - Lewanda's Cave
        - Upper FunkyTown
        - Blue Rock Blvd.
        - Snowy Street
        - Chill'n Fields
        - Frozen Fungus
        - Awesome Icy Alley
        - =Really Secret Spot=
        - El Choice-o Grande
        - Present Meadow
        - Stylin' Street
        - Funky Furnace
        - Stylin' Street
        - =Totally Secret Spot=
        - Bustin' Bubbles
        - OuterSpace Place
        - Kickin' Cliffs
        - =Mega Secret Spot=
        - Peabo's Party
        - Funky Fungus
        - >Pickle Place<
        - Slumpy's Shack
        - Slammin' Slopes
        - =Incredibly Secret Spot=
        - Slammin' Slopes
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - The Awesome Arctic
        - >Sneaker Street<
        - Danger Alley
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - Hip Hop'n Way
        - =Unbelievably Secret Spot
        - >Lamont's Picture<
        - Pasture Bedtime
        - The Caverns of Coolness
        - Pesky Place
        - The Catacombs
        - >Alexander's Hangout<
        - Sharla's Boombox
        - Squidly's Pad
        - Happen'n Hills
        - =Extra Secret Spot=
        - La Place du Funque
        - Way Cool Cave
        - >Eyeball Alley<
        - Querpwacky... what?
        - =Lewanda's Party Hut=
        - Mount Funkerhorn
        - The Big Slide
        - >The Fan Club<
        - The Ice Cold Jam
        - The Winter Wonderfunk
        - The Funky Foliage
        - The Jammin' Canyon
        - Flarney's Fat City
        - Boogie Down Caves
        - >The Rubber Ducky<
        - The Funkotronian Moon
        - >Slimy Slug Spot<
        - Galactic Getdown
        - Mayhem Mountain
        - =Way Secret Spot=
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - >Lamont's Record Player<
        - The Bottomless Pit
        - The Hype Hills
        - The Door Dilemna
        - Roastin' Road
        - =Scorchingly Secret Spot=
        - >Pillow Place<
        - Fire Fight
        - Bubble Blvd
        - Hot n' Bothered
        - The Rumble Room
        - The Crazy Chasm
        - *Trixie's Rendezvous*
        - The Final Battle
        - The Way Out
        - Home Stretch Meadow
        - Jerome's Place
        - Funk D'mension
        - Ending
    6. Frequently Asked Questions Yo!
    7. Other Cool Stuff that Doesn't
       Fit Anywhere Else
    8. More Legal Funk
    9. 'Homeboy' Credits
    1. FAQ Version / Updates
    This is the first and hopeless not last version of the FAQ.
    2. The Story So Far (Introduction)
    Somewhere in outer space...
    uh... around here somewhere...
    On the peaceful planet of Funkatron...
    'We interupt this broadcast to bring you terrible news.
    Funkatron has been invaded by Earthlings! The strange aliens are
    scaring the local inhabitants...
    making an awful mess...
    and generally being a nuisance!
    No one knows exactly how they got here.
    But it is believed that they clung to the outside of a
    returning spaceship owned by two teenage funkotronians
    "We are in some serious hot water, Earl."
    "Uh huh"
    "So here's the plan: We find all the Earthlings, trap 'em with our trap-o-matic
     and ship 'em back to Earth. Presto. No more problem."
    "Yeah, no more problem."
    Yes, the hippest alien duo are back in a major way. They messed up big time
    and have to jar every Earthling on their beloved planet Funkatron. But, that's
    least of their problems!
    3. Controls
    3.1 Jammin' Basic Controls:
    *Note! You can configure the controls to your liking in the option menu.*
    A: Funk Move - allows you to go through walls and other objects.
    B: Throw Jars - Throws Jars/SuperJars.
    C: Jump/Swim - Jumps on land. Swims in water.
    Up: Rings doorbells, shakes trees, checks bushes, use Parking Meters, reads game
    presses buttons, enters doors, aims upwards.
    Down: ducks, checks manholes, covers eyes (only when Tourists are on screen),
    for cover (only when Flying Duck in on screen).
    Left/Right: Moves them left and right.
    Start: Pause/Menu - Pauses the game and brings up a menu, where you can...
    A: Funk Scan - Shows you what in on the screen. Funk Scans can see what's in
    trees, bushes,
    under rocks and other stuff. They also show invisible earthlings, hidden doors
    and 'actuators' where,
    if you touch it, something happens. This costs one funk move. (X button on a 6
    button controller)
    B: Panic - The Panic Button - For a short period of time, Toe Jam and Earl will
    run around,
    throwing jars out randomly. It also provides limited invincibility. Costs one
    (Y button on a 6 button controller)
    C: Funk Vac - Sucks up every Earthling on screen and jars them. Costs one
    (Z button on a 6 button controller)
    3.2 Slammin'! Advanced Controls
    High Jump - Hold down and press jump to get extra height.
    Drop Jars - Hold down and press jar  to drop jars straight down. You can make a
                effect if you drop a jar close to the ground. You can also do this
    in mid-air.
    Float     - While you are jumping, drop jars. It will slow your decent for a
    Throw Jars Up - Hold up and press jar to throw jars into the air. Useful against
    Bubble Ridin' - While riding a pink bubble, Toe Jam and Earl will start slipping
                    To stay on, hold the arrow in the opposite direction that they
    are slipping.
    3.3 2 Player Goodness
    The High Five - In 2-player mode, have Toe Jam and Earl face each other and
    press down.
                    This move evens out their strength bar.
    Togetherness  - If somehow Toe Jam and Earl seperate, the screen will only show
    one. Have the other
                    press Start to rejoin his partner.
    Double Bubble - Toe Jam and Earl can ride the same bubble. Have one person stand
    on the bubble
    Ride            and have the other stand on his shoulders. Only the bottom rider
    has to
    4. Awesome Stuff You Should Know
    4.1  Earthlings
    These are the enemies. You have to jar them all in order to move
    on to the next level.
    Boy      - A little kid with a baseball hat and glove. He throws
               tomatoes for damage. 300 points (Hey, catch!)
    Girl     - She runs around with her arms in the air. If she stops next
               to you, prepare for a kick in the shin. (Hee hee! La la la)
    Male Tourist- He takes your picture. You can block it by holding down.
                  You cannot block in midair. 700 points (Say 'cheese'!)
    Female Tourist- She also takes your picture. 800 points
    Construction - He jackhammers the ground. If you stand next to him, you'll
    Worker         slowly take damage. 600 points (*jackhammer sounds*)
    Poodle       - Hides often. Usually near a Fat Lady. If she gets jarred,
                   it'll go bezerk! Can jump and bite. 200 points (Grr.. yipe)
    Fat Lady     - Takes up space. No attacks. 100 points
                   (Poochikins! Poochy poochy poochy!)
    BoogyMan/    - Invisible unless attacking. Very annoying. 400 points.
    BoogeyMan      (Boogy! Boogy! Boogy!)
    Fairy        - Flies around. Drops laughing dust on you that causes you
                   immobility. 400 points! (Hee hee! Whoo!)
    Naked Man in - He's invincible if his box is on his head. He sometimes
    a box          flings tomatoes and bumps into you. 1000 points (Figaro!)
    Flying Duck  - He zooms a high speeds, swooping down at you. Press down to
    on a Carpet    duck. 900 points. (*zoom*)
    Ghost Cow    - It's the ghost of a cow. If it touches you, it will possess
                   you, causing massive damage. 400 points. (*spooky* Moo!)
    Flying Brat  - He's flying on balloons. He spits spitwads at you.
                   (Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah~!)
    4.2 Friends
    It's necessary to talk and listen to them if you want secrets
    and Lamont's favorite stuff.
    Peabo - Short, green kid. He has the hiccups alot.
    Lewanda - Toe Jam and Earl's object of desire and stuff...
    Smoot - Very conceited. A good friend of Lamont.
    Otis - The wise old sage. He despenses advice.
    Bloona - Chubby girl who is love with Peabo.
    Chester - A yellow child who gets in trouble alot.
    Lester - ditto.
    Flarney - Two headed and very confused.
    Sharla - Blue girl who has frequent mood swings.
    The Dog - There's a dog hanging around alot. He says nothing.
    All other friends are in houses and are mentioned in the
    4.3 Jam Out
    Occasionally, Peabo, Sharla and Lewanda will be standing next
    to Boombox and a Parking Meter. Put a coin in to Jam Out.
    To Jam Out successfully, you must match their beat exactly.
    They start out easy but end up difficult.
    A - shAka
    B - Boom
    C - Clap
    4.4 Fungus Olympics
    Usually, if there is a meter to the left of a fungus, that means
    it's a Fungus Olympics. You'll start in midair. Three judges will
    rate you on style and form. If you land on your head, the judges
    The technique that I find effective is to do a head first dive and then
    backflip at the last second.
    The prizes for doing well: Points and SuperJars
    4.5 HyperFunk Zone
    HyperFunk Zones are little doors that open up when something happens.
    When you fall in, you are in a race against time to the end.
    There are 5 objects in a HFZ:
    (T)ime - Little clocks that give you more time.
    (L)ightning Bolts - Speeds you up drastically.
    (P)resents - Ranging from points to FunkVacs.
    (S)low Strips - They slow you down.
    (E)xits - Little portals that end the HFZ.
    Your objective is to run through three scenes of the zone.
    After completely beat a Zone (grabbing all the presents in one run) twice,
    another will appear. After beating 3 Zones, you get Unlimited SuperJars.
    From left to right, these are the order in which items appear.
    Zone 1:
    Zone 2:
    Zone 3:
    4.6 Trixie's Rendezvous
    Trixie's an vision that you see if you go through a hidden door
    and touch her Funk Orb. She gives you a power until the end of the
    4.7 Lamont's Favorite Things
    There are ten items, scattered throughout the game. If
    you find them all, you get a super bonus at the end of the
    4.8 Presents
    There are many presents on Funkotron.
    Floating - These presents stay suspended by a balloon until you
                grab it. Also in the water.
    Hidden   - These are in trees and bushes. If you miss them, they
               are gone for good.
    Walking  - Some presents have feet and run away from you. If they
               reach a wall/cliff, they disappear. They won't run if
               you jump or Funk Move.
    Presents contain:
    Points: ranging from 100-1000.
    SuperJars: Giving you 1-4 SuperJars. These are used automatically.
    Panic: Gives you one Panic Button.
    FunkVac: Gives you one FunkVac.
    5. Tubular! Walktrough:
    Level 1:
    Funky Forest
    Head to the right and grab various presents. There is a Super Jar above the
    fungus. If
    you walk left from the fungus into the wall, there is a hidden point bonus.
    To the right of the fungus, you will meet your first Earthling, Boy. Jar him and
    go on.
    In the first tree to the right of the parking meter, there is another Earthling,
    Jar her. If you use the parking meter, you will get a panic button. Head to the
    right to get
    some points in the bushes before the next fungus. If you go to the right of the
    fungus, there
    will be a hidden door, between the bush and the danger sign. Do a Funk Scan to
    see it. Inside,
    there is a FunkVac, some Funk and some points. Exit.
    Bounce on the fungus and there will be a Girl on a high platform to the left.
    Right below that,
    there is a parking meter. If you put money in, another will pop up. If you put
    money in that one,
    another button shows up. Press and get a flying hamburger.
    If you press the button on that platform, you will be warped to where the last
    Earthling (Boy) on the level is.
    To the left, there is a cliff with water at the bottom. To the left of the
    water, there is a cave
    with a button that makes presents appear. Swim to the bottom of the lake for
    points and
    a Funk. Head to the right.
    Peabo's Groove Pad
    Put a coin in if you want to Jam Out. To the right, Rocket Pad to next level.
    Level 2
    Homey Street
    As soon as you start, a Boy will run right up to you. To the right of the danger
    there is a bush with a Male Tourist in there. Head the right. Past the bouncing
    a Girl will run to you. Before you get to the bubble, there is a Super Jar in a
    Ride the bubble to the left to get a Hyper Funk Zone.
    (Hyper Funk Zones will be referred to as HFZ)
    To the right, a Boy will jump out of a bush. To the immediate right of the game
    there is a hidden door.
    Oh So Secret Spot
    Food and points in here. Go through the door to head back to Homey Street.
    To the right, there is a parking meter. Use it if you need health. Fall down the
    and jar the Construction Worker at the very bottom. Press the button on the
    right to
    return to the top of the cliff. Jump to the right to find Sharla. Put a coin in
    to Jam Out.
    Head back down to where the Worker was and head to the right. There is a Girl in
    the bush
    beside the continue flag. Straight up from there, there is another hidden door
    on a platform.
    Mighty Secret Spot
    Just a lot of food in here. Go through the door to return to Homey Street.
    To the up/left of the Mighty Secret Spot, there is a meter. Put money in it for
    a HFZ.
    Head to the right to find the Fat Lady with 2 Poodles. Head through the wall to
    the right
    to find some SuperJars and a Panic. Above where the Fat Lady was, press the
    button to make a
    bubble appear. Ride it to some other bubbles and a bush filled with Funk and
    Now, it's time to swim. Go through either of the ponds; they are connected.
    Swim all the way to the bottom for some presents. Head right then straight up.
    The Underfunk
    Leap over the fire and head to the right. A Button will appear when you jump on
    the platform.
    Press it to stop the fire for a while. Head into the water for some points. To
    the right, there
    are two buttons. Press the first to make another appear. That button will stop
    the fires
    for a while. The other button makes presents appear. The right, another button
    will take you
    upwards and out. There is some points in the water to the right of the button.
    Mac Daddy Meadow
    The Meadow named after a member of Kris Kross. Head to the rights for presents,
    food and Fairy.
    A little bit to the right is a Flying Brat.  To the right, a Rocket Pad.
    New Password here. Mine is P0d6Hvx8x807.
    Level 3
    Lower FunkyTown
    Put a coin in to do Gymnastics. To the left, there is a Girl and a Boy.
    Push the rock to find another Boy in the manhole. Walk into the hill on the
    right and do
    a funk scan to see a hidden door.
    Trixie's Rendezvous: Unlimited Coins
    Head to the right to see a house. Ring the doorbell to chew the fat. Head up.
    Use the multiple meters to get a HPZ. Head to the right to find Chester. To the
    right, if you put a coin in, two timed presents will appear. Head down the small
    Two Girls and Two Boys will jump out. (SUPRISE!) If you walk/jump through the
    wall on the left,
    you can Jam Out with Lewanda. Press the button on the right to get out of that
    You can talk to some alien in his house. A Boy and a Fairy are just a step to
    the right.
    Upper FunkyTown
    To the right, you'll find your best friend, the BoogyMan. And even farther, a
    Boogeyman to the right of the manhole. In the second two trees on the right,
    there are a Boy
    and a Girl. Head near the house and a bubble will appear. Also, the screen will
    turn black and white.
    If you look in the bottom left corner, you will find that all your funk is gone!
    It will return to normal soon. Ring the door to get some plot info. It seems
    that the funk
    is disappearing! What a dilemna!
    Ring the second doorbell and Genzer will give you some SuperJars in the bush
    his house. Ride the bubble for 1000 points. Fall down to find 2 Guys, a Girl and
    a Pizza Place.
    I mean... 2 Boys, a Girl and a BoogeyMan...
    There will be a Button to the right ledge. Press it and touch all the timers
    that appear. A bubble will
    show up. Ride the bubble to another bubble to 3 buttons. Press the middle one
    three times for presents.
    If you go back near the ledge Genzer was on, you can find two houses in you Funk
    through the wall. The guy on the left will tell you that if you see a row of
    three buttons,
    only press the middle one. (Whoops. I told you that already.)
    Press the button to pop back out. Head to the right, into a lake. Swim to the
    left and you can see
    some arrows pointing to a hidden door. Wanna get there? I know you do.
    Go back to where the guy told you about the three buttons. Funk move to the
    left, through
    the wall. Walk to the left and fall down where you can find some presents. Don't
    press the
    button. Hop up to the bush on the right and funk move through the right wall.
    Walk right
    and fall through yet ANOTHER present room. Still, don't press the button. Head
    to the right
    and jump (don't funk move) to the right. Get jumping to the right until you
    can't move.
    Do another funk move to the right. Walk to the right and jump over into the room
    with a hidden door.
    Trixie's Rendezvous: Unlimited SuperJars. Sweet!
    Funk into the water and swim to the right. When you get out of the water,
    there's Naked Man
    in a Box and a Fairy. Double back to the left and jump. There are hidden
    platforms and a
    Keep jumping to the left, jumping on hidden platforms along the way.
    There will be a platform with a meter on it. There is also a BoogeyMan on it.
    Use the meter, get a HFZ. On the longest platform to the left, there are 2
    Keep pressing buttons to warp to the right. Swim across a long pool.
    Four Poodles are in the three trees and the left bush. There's also a BoogeyMan
    about. Head to the right to talk to Mrs. Pubbly. (Lewanda's mom?) She gives you
    a message
    from her. To find Lewanda (which is optional) Swim to the left past the first
    big pond to reach the second.
    Swim down and swim through the second path from the top. Then swim up.
    Lewanda's Cave
    Hop over the fires to find Lewanda. She tells you about the previous Trixie
    It's kinda late since there aren't many more Earthlings left. Finish talking to
    the babe
    and split. (She likes you, dawg!) Head back to Upper FunkyTown.
    Upper FunkyTown
    Ride the bubble to floating button. Don't worry about falling. The bubble
    The button gives you points. Head back to the right, past Mrs. Pubbly.
    BlueRock Blvd.
    There's a BoogeyMan lurking about. Press the button and fall down the small gap.
    There's a Male Tourist running around to the left. Head to the right until you
    get to
    the danger sign. There are two Poodles in the bushes on the right. Go back to
    the left.
    Jump on the fungus and head left to find a Construction Worker. Push the rock to
    find a Girl.
    There's a BoogyMan to the top left platform. Head to the left to get some
    presents and
    a lone Construction Worker. Go back to the right of where you found that
    BoogyMan to find
    a Girl and a Boy running around and a Girl in the bush near the rock. Head to
    the right
    for the Rocket Pad.
    Level 4
    Snowy Street
    Fall down the pit. If you funk move through the right wall, you can get some
    Press the buttons and follow the arrows to make a bubble appear. Ride the bubble
    and press the final button to get out. Slide down the hill and there will be
    a Boy and a Fat Lady walking around. There are 2 Poodles in the bushes that
    you may want to get before you jar the Fat Lady. Slide down the next hill and
    get thrown into a HFZ.
    After that, you'll fall right into Ballona's lap. She tells you about how
    the Great Funkapotomus is leaving. Who? If you have a lot of funk to spare,
    funk move through the left wall from Ballona. Do this 7 times until you fall
    down. Then, funk move a few more times to the right. You'll get some
    points and a FunkVac. Press the button to get back to Balloona. Go through
    the door to head back to the top of the hill. Slide down again. This time,
    three timed clocks appear. The first bush contains a Panic. The middle is 100
    and the right is 800 points. You can grab 2 if you're fast. Head to the right.
    Chill'n Fields
    If you funk move into the wall, you will find a room filled with empty
    bushes, 1 coin and a meter. Use the meter to return to where you started.
    Head to the right. Look in the first bush to have a meter show up. Use it and
    will show up, leading you to 900 points. Not really worth it unless you're
    loaded with coins. If you start sliding, jump to stop because there is a Poodle,
    a Boy, a BoogeyMan, a Girl, a Construction Worker and a Fairy waiting for you.
    A little further, there is a Boy, a Poodle and the SCARIEST earthling ever,
    Ghost Cow.
    In the bush near the exit, there is a Female Tourist waiting for you.
    Frozen Fungus
    Put a coin in the meter if you want to do some Fungus Olympics. Over to the
    there's Smoot. He's tells you about Lamont. Walk on by.
    Awesome Icy Alley
    Head to the right and lose your funk. It'll return soon. If you funk into the
    you can press that button which will warp you into a HFZ.
    Funk out of the cave. If you use that meter (and the others that pop up), a
    bubble appears
    so you can get some points. Slide to the left and you'll see Otis. He's
    worried about Sharla. Straight above Otis is a BoogyMan. To the left of the
    Sharla is crying and waiting. Press the button to the right of Otis to warp onto
    a bubble.
    Jump to get some points. Do some bubble hoping to the left of Sharla
    to get some SuperJars and a button that returns you to Otis.
    Slide down that massive slide to land next to Peabo. He suggests that
    you get all of Lamont's favorite stuff. So do I.
    Lamont's stuff = huge point bonus. I'm not exaggerating... Massive!
    Anyway, go back to left, past the water, to find Two Poodles. If you funk into
    the wall on the left a couple of times, you will fall near a hidden door.
    Really Secret Spot
    Do a high jump to see a platform with many presents. Some points and
    superjars here. Go through the door to return.
    Awesome Icy Alley
    Nothing left to do here. Behind Peabo is the rocket pad.
    New Password... Pj0WM0QEXEV-
    Level 5
    El Choice-o Grande
    3 doors. One chance. Will you pick door number 1, door number 2, or door
    number three? Flarney... isn't much help. He's always confused...
    Door 1: The best choice. You will fall through two screens filled with
    presents. Superb on two player mode. Head right to go to Present Meadow.
    Door 2: It's not death even though some people think it is. Just head right
    and use your panic button if you ... well... panic. It will lead you to
    Present Meadow.
    Door 3: A tough swimming challenge. If you manage to get through, Lester
    tells you that Bloona is 'in a secret passage that's in a cliff
    wall next to some bouncy fungus.' Head right to Present Meadow.
    Present Meadow
    There are a few presents running around. Look for 2 poodles, and a Fairy.
    It's a straight shot to the next area.
    Stylin' Street
    Huzzah. As soon as you get here, your radar shows that an Earthling is
    near. It's a Boogyman on a platform. Jar him. Around there is a HFZ. To the
    a ghost cow is lurking about. Do a High Jump from where the BoogeyMan was
    to find a platform with 2 doors and a bubble. For now, do none and head
    right. You'll lose your funk as your radar turns red. There's a Girl in the
    first manhole. Head right and jump straight down. There's a Female Tourist
    running around on the left. There's also a Boy behind her. There's a BoogeyMan
    on the small platform to the right of where the Female Tourist was (or is).
    Head to the left for the next area.
    Funky Furnace
    There's alot of presents here. Also, there's alot of fire here. Hence the name,
    Funky Furnace. Grab the presents and press the button to stall the fires. Then,
    return to the Stylin' Street.
    Stylin' Street.
    All the water here are connected from underneath. There are presents
    floating underneath.
    Head to the right of the water and you'll find a Fairy and a Boy in a tree.
    To the right of them, there is yet another Boogyman on a platform and Poodle
    in a bush. To the right, near the game tip, there is a Flying Duck on a Carpet.
    You know, I can understand the Tourists, the Boys, the Girls, and even the naked
    But when was the last time you've seen a Flying Duck on a Carpet? Don't say
    Howard the Duck. He wasn't on a carpet. Anyway...
    Double back to wear the fungus is. Walk into the wall on the right and land
    in some water. Swim to the right. Bloona has a 'cool secret' for ya. 'If
    you find a rock on a platform near here, and stand on it, you'll find a
    secret door if you do a funk scan.' Put a coin in the meter to find a HFZ.
    Press the button to leave Bloona. Bounce on the fungus where Bloona's hidden
    place is. Above you is a platform with 2 buttons and a rock. Push the rock
    to the right. Stand on it to go through a hidden door.
    Totally Secret Spot
    A bunch of presents are running around. Grab them and get out.
    Stylin' Street
    Head to the right. There is a Boy running
    around on the ground. There is a Male Tourist and a Construction Worker above
    To head right, press the button and enter the door that appears.
    Bustin' Bubbles
    Head to the right. (I say that alot.) Keep going and you'll find a Boy.
    Right the bubbles to the left. Check the bush for a Poodle. If you fall off
    this ledge (or if the Poodle jumps off), just ride the bubbles again. Jump up
    and ride the bubbles to the right. There's a Girl in this bush. High jump up and
    the new bubble to the left. There's a Construction Worker over here. Jump up
    and ride the bubble to the right. In the middle platform, there's a BoogeyMan.
    Keep riding to the right. There are 2 BoogyMen on the platform on the right.
    High jump
    to find a Female Tourist in the tree. Ride to the left to find a Fat Lady and 2
    Poodles in
    the bushes. Ride the final bubbles to the right. Lewanda greets you with
    some information about a Chocolate Covered Pickle. 'Yuck!' says ToeJam. 'Yumm!'
    Earl. 'I haven't had it' says me. Smoot knows where to find one.  Rocket Pad on
    the right.
    Level 6
    OuterSpace Place
    Not much here but a lot of fungus. If you see a meter, you can do some
    Olympics.  Fall down to move on.
    Kickin' Cliffs
    Head to the right to find Otis. 'At the top of this cliff there's a rock.'
    Well, if you push it to the edge as far as you can and then jump off it,
    you'll find something.'
    I was gonna tell you that...
    Walk to the right for a Fat Lady, a Girl (in a bush) and a Boy (in a bush).
    As you push the rock to the right, a Fairy might fly up from the right.
    Jump as far as you can to the right. Use the Float method to find a hidden
    with a hidden door.
    Mega Secret Spot
    Presents galore, like usual. Go through the door to leave.
    When you leave, notice how it doesn't say 'Welcome back to
    OuterSpace Place'?
    Move to the left. There's a Male Tourist behind a wall. Either Funk move
    or use a FunkVac.
    Move to the right to find a Construction Worker, a Naked Man in a Box, and
    2 Boogeyman. Fall off the cliff and head left then right. There are
    three dogs ready to fall on you. Either, use a FunkVac or walk under
    them and they will fall automatically. Funk through the three walls on the right
    to find a BoogeyMan. Bounce on the fungus to find a Button. Press it, ride the
    press the next button to warp. 	Jump up on the bubbles to reach a button
    that will warp you to a cave with presents. Press the button to get back
    to the fungus. Bounce to the top right. Naked Man, Dog in tree, BoogyMan, Dog
    in bush, Dog in bush behind rock. Simple enough.
    Peabo's Party
    Jam out with Peabo. Or not...
    *NOTE: If you go back the way you came, you'll see 'Welcome to Kickin'
    Cliffs'. Maybe a programming error? Who knows?
    Funky Fungus
    As you walk, you will be suddenly thrown into a HFZ. Ring the doorbell
    for a message from Smoot. 'He says if you want to meet him, jump from
    the fungus and into the cliff wall'. Head right to find a Flying Brat
    above some fungus and a Girl running around. Like the message said, bounce
    on the fungus into the cliff to find Smoot. 'At the far right of this area,
    there's a platform with a secret door on it. I think there's one in there.'
    Go right from the fungus. When you see an arrow pointing straight up, keep
    jumping up hidden platforms. Head right to find running presents and 3 Boogymen.
    Past the water, you'll find a Constuction Worker, a Boy, and a Girl in a
    bush. There are two Boogymen on the right. One on the ground. One on the
    platform. Jump on the platform. Then, jump on the second platform on the left.
    There's a Hidden Door on it.
    Pickle Place
    Lamont's favorite stuff number one: Chocolate Covered Pickle.
    Leave Funky Fungus to the right.
    Slumpy's Shack
    Put money in the meters to get points and food. Head right to find...
    Slumpy's Shack. There's some crying under Slumpy's house. Guess who?
    Go left and funk into the wall on the right. Sharla says 'In the next
    snowy place, when you find a platform, jump up on it. Then keep jumping
    up 'til you get to the top platform. Then ride the bubble. But, when you're
    on the bubble, do a funk scan and jump up in the right place. If you do that
    right, the bubble will take you some place with a secret door.'
    That's a mouthful. Press the button to leave this place.
    New Password... V0y-M8QjWP-H
    Level 7
    Slammin' Slopes
    Immediately, the funk hits the fan. You're dropped next to a Fat Lady.
    There are 3 Poodles in the bushes/tree near her.  Head right for a Flying
    Brat. Try not to slide because there's a Construction Worker. Keep sliding
    to the right to find an angry Poodle. When you see a fungus with an arrow
    pointing up, use caution! There's a Ghost Cow flying around up there.
    There is one more angry Poodles in a bush, a Male Tourist in
    the manhole and a Boy running around.
    Two meters here. The one on the right gives points. The left, HFZ.
    At the top of the hill, there is a hidden door.
    Incredibly Secret Spot
    There's trash in every bush and tree. Jump around for hidden presents
    and food.
    Slammin' Slopes
    Head to the right and find a platform with a bush full of trash.
    Jump up til you reach a button. Press it. Ride the bubble. This part
    is tough. If you mess up, you can't try again! When the platform is out
    of sight, do a funk scan. Jump up, touch the spot and land back on the
    bubble. It will take you to a hidden door. If you don't touch it, the
    bubble will take you to some other platform.
    Trixie's Rendezvous - 'Any Presents you find will have twice the stuff
                           inside.' Righteous...
    Boy in a bush to the right and Fat Lady walking around. Keep sliding to the
    to find a Fairy. As you walk to the left, a HFZ will open up behind
    you. Slide down the hill to find an angry Poodle in the last bush
    of the area.
    The Awesome Arctic
    (Wait... Arctic?)
    Boogyman lurking about and a Boy in the last bush.
    Slide down the hill to get thrown into the waiting arms of a Boogeyman.
    There's 2 more on the hill above him and a Flying Duck.
    Fall to the right to find a Naked Man in a Box. Head right to find some fungus
    and a Flying Brat. To the right, 3 Poodles and a Fat Lady. Bounce on the
    fungus to the top left platform. Jump to the left. Ride the bubble to a little
    cave with presents. Press the button to leave.
    Go back to the fungus. Bounce to the top. In the bush, there is a HFZ. To the
    direct right, there's a Ghost Cow. Slide down to the right to find
    Bloona for yet another secret path. It will lead you to Funkapotamus'
    favorite red sneakers. She makes an arrow appear.  Follow the path. It will
    lead you back to the cave of presents. Funk move through the right wall
    to get a hidden door. (It won't appear unless you talk to Bloona!)
    Sneaker Street
    Lamont's favorite stuff number two: Red Sneakers.
    Leave and press the button on the left.
    Ride the bubble on the right of the pond. It will take you to the last
    a Fat Lady.  Head to the right for the Rocket Pad.
    Level 8
    Danger Alley
    Action starts quickly. Three BoogeyMen, a Contruction Worker, Poodle,
    Flying Duck, Girl, Naked Man, and another BoogeyMan.
    Do a High Jump around where the Naked Man was to find a platform with
    Trixie's Rendezvous - 'Instant Height on Bouncy Fungus' Meh...
    Even more Earthlings, Boogymen, Poodles, a Fairy, a Boy and Fat Lady.
    Hip Hop'n Way
    Follow the arrows. All your funk will leave but you'll find Lewanda. She's
    afraid, but she knows that Peabo knows where Lamont's Favorite Picture is.
    But when the funk went away, Peabo got scared and ran to hide.
    Go back up. Boy in a bush. Jump on the platform. A Flying Duck appears.
    Construction Worker to the right and a Female Tourist. Move to the right.
    There's a Fat Lady and a danger sign. If you jar her, 2 angry Poodles come
    out from behind a rock.
    To the right, past the water, there are two more angry Poodles in bushes.
    Bounce on the fungus to get over to the right. There is a Ghost Cow flying
    around and a Girl running around. There's also a Boy too. Bounce on the fungus
    reach a Naked Man on the right. If you walk through the wall on the left,
    you'll be able to reach a hidden door.
    Unbelievably Secret Spot
    Some presents. Don't forget to look behind the rock.
    Hip Hop'n Way
    If you jump into the wall on the right, you'll find a secret room with
    a few presents.
    Fall down to the right and find Otis. He has nothing useful to say.
    Below him are a whopping 8 Boogeymen. Sharla's on the right. She heard
    some hiccuping sound. Head to the right. See the bush in the middle of
    two rocks? There's Peabo. He'd tell you about the picture, but his hiccups
    are so bad. You have to got back to see Otis again. Go left, swim, cut right
    and find Otis. He tells you the secret word to cure hiccups. Go back and see
    Peabo again. 'Fligglefritz' Now, he'll tell you how to find the picture.
    Head back to Otis and funk move into the wall to the right. There's a hidden
    Lamont's Picture
    Lamont's Favorite Thing number three: Picture of Uncle Snarf
    Head back to Peabo and head right.
    Pasture Bedtime
    Pasture Bedtime? Get it? Past you're bedtime? ahahahha!
    Anyway, go right to find many presents, a Ghost Cow and a Flying Duck.
    The Caverns of Coolness
    Go right, ride the bubble, and jar the Construction Worker on the left.
    Go back and ride the bubble higher til you see two Girls running around.
    Go back and ride the bubble even higher. Watch yourself. A Ghost Cow is
    wandering aimlessly. At the top right, there's a Naked Man. Go right of him
    and fall to find a Male Tourist on the left. To the right, a Fat Lady and
    two Poodles in bushes. Fall to the left to find two more Poodles and a
    bubble. To the right, there's a boy and on the higher platform, oodles of
    Boogymen. They tend to travel in packs. Head back to where the Poodles were
    and ride that bubble. Go back to where the Fat Lady was to ride that bubble
    to the exit.
    New Password... PdFARLQ1KVCR
    Level 9
    Pesky Place
    Flying Fairy, Female Tourist, Construction Worker, and a Flying Duck.
    Press the Button to find a Poodle and a Boy. To move on, you have to
    start swimming. And what a swim it is. The correct path is down and
    then up the third path to the right. You can explore for presents
    if you dare. When you come up, there will be a Fat Lady and a Poodle running
    around. There is another on in the bush up top and 3 in the tree/bushes
    through the wall. There's also another in a manhole at the top. There's
    a Flying Brat there too.  Straight above the manhole are hidden platforms.
    Above there, two (probably) angry Poodles and a Male Tourist. Press the button
    to the left to warp to the right. There's a Ghost Cow above you and a Naked
    Man to the right. Head to the right. Two doors. Door one takes you to a
    Construction Worker. Move right to find a Flying Duck. Door two just moves you
    up a bit. There's another Flying Duck to the right.
    The Catacombs
    As soon as you start, chuck some jars at the Boogey Man and Flying Duck.
    Over the gap, there are two more BoogeyMen. Use the meter for a HFZ.
    Fall down the gap and hold on to the right arrow.  There's a Poodle in
    the bush. Continue falling and get a Boogyman and a Naked Man. To the right,
    grab some Poodles, a Fairy, a Boy and a Fat Lady. Go to the right.
    Flarney tells you about Alexander.
    'Go back to the bottom of the pit, there's a button that will take
    you to the top. Fall down again... ride bubble... wall... door...'
    Go back to where you fell down the pit. Press the button to take
    you back to the top. Fall down again. Hold the left arrow or land
    on the bubble and jump left. There's a hidden door.
    Alexander's Hangout
    Lamont's Stuff Number 4: Alexander, the plant.
    Fall down the pit and head left.
    Funk move to the leftmost wall to get a Male Tourist and a Construction Worker.
    Keep on funking to the left to get a Girl in a Bush and a Ghost Cow.
    Now, go through the door. Fall off the ledge to the left. There are alot of
    Earthlings about here: 2 Ghost Cows, Fairy, Poodle in a bush in the left wall.
    There's a button on the left of the Fungus. Press it to find 2 Boogeymen
    and other hanging around the fungus on the left.
    To the right of the giant fungus, four Boogymen, a Flying Duck
    and a Fairy too.
    Go right to get out of the freakish level.
    Sharla's Boombox
    Jam Out time for some much needed Funk! Head right to leave.
    Level 10
    Squidly's Pad
    Squidly tells you ... nothing important.
    Happen'n Hills
    If you do all the things the arrows tell you to, a bubble will appear and
    take you to many presents. Girl in the bush. Poodle in the tree. Boy in the
    bush. Move to the right. Female tourist in the tree with 2 Boogeymen at her
    feet.  Beyond the left wall, there is a Girl. Move past the pit with fungus in
    it to
    get a Female Tourist and 2 Boogeymen.  If you jump into the wall to the left of
    fungus, you'll find a hidden door leading to...
    Extra Secret Spot
    Like other secret spots, it's a bunch of presents.
    Happen'n Hills
    Go back and all the way to the right.
    La Place du Funque
    Two Boys (one in a tree) here. Construction Worker and a Ghost Cow to the right
    of them.
    Bounce on the fungus to get a Naked Man on the right. Past the next fungus are a
    Ghost Cow, Male
    Tourist, a Boy in a bush, and a Flying Duck.  Jump up some platforms and head up
    to the right.
    You'll run into Bloona. She knows of another one of Lamont's favorite things.
    'Below is an under water maze. If you go in there, and then keep going right,
    not up, you'll find a secret
    cave.' With that, go right to find a few last Boogeymen.
    Fall to the right to find a lot of bubbles. Jump across them to
    the right. If you fall, swim down. This is not an easy swim.
    Swim straight down. Go right then up. If you go up at the 4 way intersection,
    follow the path to the exit
    of the stage.  However, if you go right and keep going right, you'll end up at a
    Way Cool Cave
    Lester/Chester tells you that the hidden door is to the right.
    Eyeball Alley
    Lamont's Favorite Stuff Number five: Eyeball collection
    Swim back the way you came to exit this level.
    Or... almost out of here...
    Querpwacky... WHAT?
    Crazy place here. One giant maze filled with your friends.
    To the right, Lewanda greets you. Press the button above her.
    Go through the door. Jump up to find Otis. He tells you about a magic
    button. Fall to the left then right. It's Sharla. She's lost too. Fall to the
    Put money into the meter and go through the hidden door.
    Lewanda's Party Hut
    Food and a Jam Out with Lewanda
    Querpwacky... WHAT?
    Fall down to the left to find Peabo.  He tells you about Lewanda's Party Hut.
    Funk through the wall to the right of Peabo and move right and down to
    find Mrs. Bloona. No help from her... Press the button to the top right
    of her. Go through the door again. Head up to the left of Otis and press the
    Go through the door to the right. Keep pressing the button to the left of Otis
    until you move up. Then head right, fall, head right, jump up, head right and
    Level 11
    New password... E0dFMLtydK37
    Mount Funkerhorn
    It's Smoot. He states that Bloona knows where Lamont's Ceiling
    Fan is. She went by, chasing Peabo.
    The Big Slide
    Slide. Follow the red radar to a Boogyman and a Male Tourist
    in a bush. Swim to the right. In the second pool, you can make
    a HFZ appear.  Swim right to get a Female Tourist.
    Near her, there is a Boy in a bush and a Naked Man to the right.
    Above them, there are three Boogeymen and a Poodle in a bush.
    To the right, there's are 2 BoogeyMen. To the right, 2 Construction
    Workers. To the right, there are some platforms. Jump up and get
    two Boogeymen. There's also a Fairy flying around. Jump up to
    lure it closer. Follow the arrows to some hidden platforms.
    Keep jumping up. Use Funk Scans to find out where to jump.
    Or just jump randomly. Soon, you'll find Bloona.
    She wants you to find Peabo. There's a Boogeyman over to the left.
    Go down the slide, bounce over to the left, follow the arrow down,
    and find Peabo in the bush. He wants to stay hidden.
    Press the buttons. Then, slide to the left.
    Press the button. Ride the bubble. Press the button.
    Bounce up to bunch of bubbles. Press that button.
    Grab the presents. Go through the door. Talk
    to Bloona. ' Down below, if you go into a little room in the
    ground, jump up into the wall next to the door. That's
    the way to the fan.' Great. Fall down. Find the button with
    a down arrow. Jump through wall to the left.
    Keep jumping into you fall into a room with a
    meter and a button. In between, there's a hidden
    The Fan Club
    Lamont's Favorite Stuff number six: Ceiling Fan
    Leave. Press the button and follow the arrow.
    After you fall, there are two Ghost Cows. And they
    can go through walls. You can't. I suggest
    using a FunkVac! Press the button. Go through the
    door. Slide to the right.  Go through the
    door. Jar the Girl. Go through the left
    door. Jar the Construction Worker. Go
    through the door on the right. Jar the female Tourist.
    Door on the left. Jar the Naked Man.
    Door on the left. Two Boys and a Girl here.
    Head to the right.
    The Ice Cold Jam
    Jam Out with Sharla.
    The Winter Wonderfunk
    Fungus Olympics here. Also, the last Earthling,
    a BoogeyMan, is here on the right. Easy area.
    Level 12
    The Funky Foliage
    New trees here. They act like the same.
    5 Boogymen walking about. Next...
    The Jammin' Canyon
    DUCK!!! There's a Flying Duck. And a Ghost
    Cow. Fall into the canyon and be on the defensive. There's a Fairy, a
    Female Tourist in the bush, and a Naked Man. Male
    Tourist and a Construction Worker to the right.
    Ride the bubble out the canyon and get a BoogyMan.
    Fall down the gap into the water. Swim left.
    There is a Fat Lady and 3 Female Tourists on
    the right. Swim left and press the button.
    Ride the bubble again to the right and head
    right. Two BoogeyMen past the rock on the right.
    Ride the bubble up to find a Flying Duck.
    To the right, a Boogyman on a platform. Bounce up
    to the right.
    Flarney's Fat City
    Shouldn't it be Phat City? Head right. Jump up and get a BoogeyMan.
    There's another on a high platform. To the right, a Fairy and 4 Poodles
    in trees/bushes. Another Boogyman on a platform. What is with all the
    Boogyman/Platfrom combos? To the right, a Boy in a bush and a pair of
    Tourists. Turn around to get a female Tourist in a bush.
    Bounce on the fungus and head left. There's a Boy ruining around.
    Fall down to find Flarney. He says that Lewanda is in a secret
    place inside BOOGIE MAN CAVE!!!!!! (*NOTE: SEE FAQ*)
    Press the button. Go right. Go through the door. Go
    Boogie Down Caves
    Head right. Take a swim to find Presents. Turn around and head back
    to Flarney's and take the high road. There's a Fairy. Head right.
    Don't press the button yet. Keep going right. Some Poodles, a Fat
    Lady and a Female Tourist await. There's two more Poodles below
    that will be angry if you jarred the Fat Lady already. Head right
    to find a hole, surrounded by danger signs. There's some
    BoogeyMen down there. Either FunkVac them or Funk through
    the wall and jar them. There's also a Girl and a Boy in the
    next two trees. Bounce on the fungus to find a BoogeyMan on a
    Platform. Press the button on the ground to the right. Keep
    pressing the buttons until you get to a spacious hole with a
    Naked Man to the left. There's a BoogeyMan above him and a Ghost Cow
    flying to the right. Press the button to return to the surface. Don't
    leave yet. Bounce on the fungus again and jump on the now empty
    platform where a Boogyman was. Jump to the right. Slightly to the
    right of a platform with a meter is a hidden door.
    The Rubber Ducky
    Lamont's favorite thing number 7: Quackster the Rubber Duck
    Leave and head right for the Rocket Pad.
    Level 13
    New password... dEyj56N0EPQ7
    The Funkotronian Moon
    Hate this place. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
    Let's get this over with...
    Ride the bubble upwards to find Ol' Otis.
    He'll tell you about Theodore, Lamont's pet moon slug.
    'Well, if you keep goin', you'll come to a bubble next to a
    sign with an x. Ya with me so far? Ok. Ride the bubble
    until it pops. Soon after that, you'll come
    to a secret door.' There's a Boy on a platform behind
    Otis. There's a bajillion BoogeyMen below you. Head to the right.
    Jump on the small platforms to the right. Head to the
    right. See that danger sign? There's a Poodle in the bush near
    the rock. However, about four Poodles will fall on you. To make
    matters worse, the funk leaves. Panic if you want.
    Go through the door and head right. Sharla's here.
    She lost Chester... or Lester... whatever. Head to the right,
    jumping on bubbles as you go. Try not to fall.
    Two Girls, a Boogyman and a Female Tourist in the tree.
    Walk right to find a sign with an 'x' on it and a bubble.
    Sound familiar? Ride it. Press the buttons until you
    see a door. There's a hidden door to the right. So is
    Chester/Lester. Talk to the kid. Then go through the hidden
    Slimy Slug Spot
    Lamont's favorite Stuff number 8: Theodore the Moon Slug
    Leave and head through the door on the left. You'll appear
    near Peabo, my bro. He saw Sharla. She went through a doorway
    off to the right. Well, head right, across the bubbles
    to find a door. You'll practically land in Sharla's lap.
    She'll give you many presents for finding Chester.
    Go through the door and go left. Fall towards the right.
    Follow the red arrow. There's a Naked Man and 2 Boogeymen.
    There are two Poodles and a Ghost Cow to the right. Man,
    I HATE Ghost Cows. Press the button on the left. Fall
    to the right. Then head left, following the red arrow.
    Jump left and you should land in some water. A bubble should
    appear on the right edge. Ride it to the BoogeyMan. Jump up
    to get another BoogeyMan. Fall down to find a Boogeyman, Poodle,
    Construction Worker, another Boogeyman, and a Ghost Cow.
    Ride the bubble upwards. There's 2 Poodles, a Girl, and a
    Male Tourist. Head left and ride the bubble down. There's
    a Boogeyman near the bush. Jar him and head right. Swim
    right. Head right.
    Galactic Getdown
    Jam Out with Peabo. Head right to leave this level.
    Check this out. At the Rocket Pad, jump over the
    next level launcher. You'll find some hidden presents
    to the right. Awesome!
    Level 14
    Mayhem Mountain
    Two Poodles (one in a bush), Boogeyman, Ghost Cow and Fat Lady.
    Head right to find Smoot. He's above you. His psychic powers
    tell you about Lewanda and Bloona. Tubular.
    Boogyman on the platform with a tree to the right.
    Boogyman and Male Tourist (in tree) to the right of him.
    Bounce on the fungus. There are hidden platforms above it.
    When you reach to top of the mountain, you'll find a Boogyman.
    To the right, you'll find a Naked Man and a Girl. There's also
    a hidden door here.
    Way Secret Spot
    Much food and presents here.
    Mayhem Mountain
    To the right, Female Tourist and a Boogeyman.
    Head right to find Lewanda.
    She says she's angry but she's going through the same
    'I love you' motions... Bloona ticked her off. Go
    find that Funkatronian.
    Not very tough to find her. She's above the arrow that is
    pointing up.
    Bloona's mad a Lewanda because she said that she was always
    sappy. What a mean thing to say! Take a flying leap to the
    left to see Lewanda again. Apparently, there was some misquoting.
    She didn't say she was always sappy. She said she was always
    happy! Well, that was great. But, Bloona said that when she sees
    Lewanda, she wishes she was dead! Bummer, dudette. Go find
    Bloona again. You know where she's at.
    More misquoting again. 'I said when I see her, I wish I was red.
    She's such a pretty color.' Fantastic. About that record
    player... 'Look for three little flags in a row. There's a secret
    door just underneath them that will take you there.'
    Goody. Now, head right. Swim across a little pool. There's
    a Male Tourist and a Fairy. Female Tourist in the bush
    to the right. Danger sign? uh oh. Turn around!
    There's a reappearing bubble to the right of the pool.
    Ride it. There's a hidden platfrom to the left.
    (Funk scan to see it)
    Jump towards the top right corner of the screen to find
    another hidden platform. Do the jump again to find another one
    and a bubble. It's a long ride. Try not to fall or you'll land
    in the middle of some aliens! Err... Earthlings... At the end
    of the ride, some Cake and a hidden door.
    Trixie's Rendezvous: You will have unlimited FunkVacs!
    You don't understand how awesome this is. If a problem comes
    along, use a FunkVac! If something's going wrong, use a
    FunkVac! If this level seems to long, use a FunkVac!
    Now FunkVac! Into shape! Shape it up! Get it straight!
    Go ... for ... it...
    And that end's the Devo song... *ahem*
    Below you: Ghost Cow, Flying Brat, Poodle,
    Construction Worker, Poodle in a bush, Boogyman, and
    another Poodle. Put a coin in the meter on the right near
    the exit. An arrow will point up to a hidden door that you can
    reach from below.
    Head left. Swim under the water. You'll reappear on the
    left side of the mountain. Funk into the right wall
    to find another hidden door.
    Lamont's Record Player
    Lamont's Favorite Stuff Number Nine: Record Player
    Walk right to the fungus. Bounce up to the right. There's
    a Female Tourist in the bush. Walk down to the fungus to the right.
    There's more water. Take a swim to the right. If you got the Unlimited
    FunkVacs, use one when you hop out the water. You'll nab a Ghost Cow,
    2 Boogymen, and a Female Tourist. Open the farthest bush on the right
    to get a HFZ. Head to the large fungus that's above you to
    the right. Bounce to the bush and funk to the left. Jump up the
    platforms. Head left and press the button. You'll appear near
    a Boogyman on the right. There's two on the 'stairs' on the left.
    At the top, a Naked Man and to the right of him, a Boogeyman
    on a platform. Press the button to move left for
    a Poodle and a Boogyman. Take a swim. There's presents below.
    Swim to the right and then up and out. If you take the second path
    from the left, you'll find that dog. Swim out the way you came.
    Get out of there to the right for the Rocket Pad.
    *sob* goodbye FunkVacs...
    New Password.... dZZF7QNdKHXF
    Level 15
    The Bottomless Pit (Sounds like fun.)
    You fall down this hole, you'll reappear at the top and keep
    falling. Let's take this one section at a time.
    The Hype Hills (Top Right Path)
    Head straight to the right. Two Ghost Cows and a Female
    Tourist to the right. If you use the meter, get ready for
    the hardest Fungus Olympic ever. The fungus is small. No
    room for error.
    Also to the right, Flarney. He gave Lamont's favorite
    pillow to Sharla. Since Flarney's directions aren't reliable,
    he shows you the way with signs.
    Follow them to...
    The Door Dilemna
    Otis is there, with 4 doors... Sharla went through these doors.
    You have to also. For convience, let's name them 1,2,3 and 4 from
    Left to Right. Go through 1, 3, 4, 2 in that order. To the right,
    Sharla. Of course, she doesn't have the pillow. She says, go
    through the door and it's behind some fire. Go through the door.
    Roastin' Road (Bottom Left Path)
    If you put money (and a lot of it) in the meters, you'll stop
    the fire long enough to find the hidden door that's near the little
    valley in the road. If you don't have enough money, Panic to the
    left to find a button that stops the fire.
    Scorchingly Secret Spot
    There are two hidden doors, each being pointed to by it's own arrow.
    Take the one on the right.
    Pillow Place
    Lamont's Favorite Things Number Ten: Lumpy Pillow
    Leave and take other door to 'Roastin' Road'.
    Head left to the Fire Fight.
    Fire Fight
    Just a Construction Worker and a Female Tourist. What
    where they doin'? Go back to the Roastin' Road.
    Head left this time to return to the Bottomless Pit.
    Bubble Blvd (Top Left Path)
    If you follow the arrows back and forth, press the button
    and then use the meter, Peabo shows up, with a boombox
    for a Jam Out session. Head left and up to the right.
    Naked Man, BoogeyMan on a Platform, Female Tourist and
    Poodle in a tree. There's a Girl hiding behind the rock.
    A Flying Duck should zoom by and a Ghost Cow will float down.
    Two Boogeymen on the same platform above. Head left to find
    some Bubbles. Bounce to the left until you get to a platform.
    You can go up and to the left for a meter with 2 HFZs.
    By the way, if you fall, swim right and try again. It may
    get frustrating. If you get to the platform, you can press the button
    instead of right the bubbles. When you get to that platform,
    jump to the left and ride the second bubble. It will take
    you to a group of Earthlings: 2 Construction Workers, a Boogeyman,
    and a Flying Duck. Shake the leftmost tree to find another
    HFZ. Do a high jump to find a bubble which will take you to
    a treeful of presents. Fall down, press the button and head right
    to lead back to Bottomless Pit.
    Hot n' Bothered (Bottom Right Path)
    Head right until you see a small floating platform. Jump on
    it. There's fire right below you so don't fall. If you do fall,
    press one of the buttons to take you back to the top.
    After the first bubble, it's a long jump to the next platform.
    The Rumble Room
    Head right from Hot n' Bothered to find this aptly named place.
    Ghost Cow, Flying Brat and Naked Man. Go back the way you came to
    return to the Bottomless Pit.
    If all the Earthlings are jarred, jump down the pit one more
    time for the Rocket Pad.
    Level 16
    The Crazy Chasm
    How's this for Room Service? Stay still and a Flying Brat and Ghost
    Cow will come to you from the right. Go through the door and grab
    the Girl on your left. Head right (not down) past the platforms
    to get a Naked Man, a Ghost Cow and a Flying Duck.
    Head back to the platforms. There's loads of presents to be received.
    Ok, on the right most platform right next to the wall, funk move
    to the right twice to find a hidden door.
    Trixie's Rendezvous - 'You'll never run out of air underwater.'
    Trust me. It will become useful.
    Head through either door. Now, this chasm... once full of
    presents is now full of Earthlings. And you have to jar them
    all. Let's go. Ghost Cow, 2 BoogeyMan on a Platform, Flying Duck,
    3 hiding poodles, Fat Lady and a Male Tourist on a platform.
    Phew...  By the way, if you head to where Trixie was, you'll find
    some presents but no Trixie. Head right for...
    The Final Battle
    Boogeyman and a Ghost Cow immediately. There's a Female
    Tourist, a Boy and a Poodle to the right. Even more to the right,
    a Construction Worker and a Flying Duck are hanging out. Take a swim
    to the left to find a lone Boogeyman.
    Back on land to the right, there are 2 Naked Men and a Fairy.
    Head right to find a Button with arrows pointing to it.
    Press it and talk to Peabo. He tells you about the big
    party. Press the button to return to the surface.  Head right
    but watch your step. Fall down and head left. Your funk
    should disappear... great. Usually, if you hang around,
    a Flying Brat will show up from below. If you press the button,
    a Boy, a Male Tourist and 2 Poodles will pop out. Ok. Time
    for the royal rumble. Head right. You should fall down a hole.
    Unfortunately, you can't see them but they can see you. Boy and
    Female Tourist down in this pit. Funk to the left.
    On the other side of the hole, Poodle, Girl and
    Flying Brat. Fantastic. All Earthlings jarred. Now the fun part.
    Head up and left into the water. Swim down and I hope you
    saw Trixie...
    This is a huge underground water maze. There's a lot of dead ends.
    Each has some hidden presents. The right path. Note: At each
    intersection, follow to the directions below.
    Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Lower Path, Down, Down,
    Left, Lower Path on the Left.
    If you happen to have seen Trixie, it may be a good idea to
    explore the maze since there's presents at all the dead ends.
    The Way Out
    Ah, Cool. Now, walk to the right to end this level.
    Level 17
    Home Stretch Meadow
    At least five Fairies flying about. Those are the only
    Earthlings on this level.
    Walk left and you'll be pulled into a final HFZ. Otis is to the
    right. Even more to the right, Chester/Lester tells the truth
    about himself. Then Flarney greets you. Then Sharla. Then Smoot.
    Jerome's Place
    Bloona's here. And Peabo. Ring the doorbell to speak with
    Jerome. Deja vu, but I do love the joke. You can funk into the wall
    under Peabo for a few good presents. Jerome lives right next to the
    Rocket Pad.
    Funk D'mension
    It's the ending! Ta-da! (Hallelujah!)
    I think the ending's practically the same even if you don't get all
    of Lamont's stuff.
    "Yea, and verily did he sit upon his throne of funk..."
    Damn! ToeJam can NOT dance! Three legs and two left feet.
    Earl on the other hand...
    You get:
    100 pt for each Funk
    100 pt for each Coin
    900 pt for each Panic
    1000 for each FunkVac
    800 for each SuperJar
    10000 for each Extra Life
    Super Bonus for finding all of Lamont's favorite things!
    Credits are shown as you dance away.
    6. Frequntly Asked Questions Yo!
    Q: Who are you?
    A: I'm iwillruleyou. I make FAQs occasionally but mostly,
       I post on the message boards.
    Q: Can I print out this FAQ and make money off of it?
    A: No.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks!
    A: That wasn't a question. Besides, there's other FAQs
       besides mine.
    Q: I can't find [insert Lamont's Favorite Thing]!
    A: Make sure you talk to all the friends.
    Q: How do I know if a friend will talk to me?
    A: Wait awhile next to him or her. Each friend has an
       animation that lets you know that they are about to
    Smoot: Let's at himself in the mirror.
    Bloona: Puts her hands together.
    Sharla: Cries/Laughs in the air.
    Chester: Points at you and talks.
    Lester: Ditto
    Peabo: He hiccups.
    Otis: He stops raking and talks.
    Lewanda: She blows a kiss
    Blarney: Looks at you.
    Q: You forgot to mention the button over there or the meter or the bubble...
    A: If it's something minor, I left it out. This walkthrough only
       takes care of the minimum when it comes to catching Earthlings, finding
       secret areas and Lamont's favorite stuff.
    Q: You spelled 'Bloona' wrong.
    A: Don't care.
    Q: Did you like TJ&E 1 or 2 better?
    A: They both have their advantages but I'd rather play
       TJ&E 1.
    Q: You missed something important in your FAQ!
       I wanna make suggestions! Etc!
    A: Email me at s2dlharr@mail2.vcu.edu
    Q: I can't understand your Hyper Funk Zone guide.
    A: I'm going to TRY and make some ASCII art to help.
    Q: I still have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ. What do I do?
    A: Email me at s2dlharr@mail2.vcu.edu It won't be valid after 2006.
    7. Other Cool Stuff that Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else
    There's a sort of glitchy move that you can do in 2 player mode.
    Have one player walk in a wall and turn around so that their
    rear is in the wall. Then, do a high five. You'll move up on the wall.
    Keep jumping to reach the top.
    You have 40 seconds to breath underwater. If you find a round little
    fish, you can kiss it and gain it's air.
    The only that hurts besides Earthlings is fire.
    When bouncing on fungus in two player mode, whoever is in front
    controls them both.
    Two players share lives, SuperJars, Funk, Coins, Panic, and FunkVacs.
    Don't re-enter a 'Trixie Rendezvous'. You may end up stuck there.
    10,000 points for an extra life.
    8. More Legal Funk
    Legal Information This is a copyrighted work from Delbert Harris (2002).
    Any usage of this FAQ not noted by its author is banned. If you want to have it
    on your
    site, just e-mail me at s2dlharr@mail2.vcu.edu and I'll be more than happy to
    allow you to have it on your site, but you MUST ask. This FAQ should only be on
    gamefaqs.com. If you see it on any other site, please notify me.
    9. 'Homeboy' Credits
    First, I thank my cousin, Carl Jr. He let me borrow the game.
    Second, my cousin Takhia. She helped me beat it the first time with
    all of Lamont's stuff. She's a great player.
    Next, my brother, Zorak2k1. He helped me with the High Five Glitch. Also,
    I've said it before. Playing with someone else is better than playing with
    Next, Dragoon77 for suggesting making a Secrets FAQs. Without him, I wouldn't
    have thought about making a FAQ.
    Next, Sega and whoever for making this game.
    And then, thanks to CJayC for making and running a gnarly site.
    I'd also like to thank y101 for cranking tunes, Devo for whipping it,
     and any other factors that helped me create this.
    May the Funk be with you.

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