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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A.K.A

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      MMMM                      MMM   MMMMMMMMM  MMM  ,.    MMM  MMM         MMM
       MMM  ...  ,;ii;;;         MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  ,:;: MMM MMM .;i;:  MMM  
       MMM      Z .;;;;i MMMMMMMMMM#:           MMMMMR .,,:  MMMMM .;;;,  MMM
       MMMMMMMMMMM :;;;; PMMMMMMMMMM j,;;;;;i;:    HMMM..7:: MMMM  ;;i  MMMM 
       MMMMMMMMMMM :;;;;  MM RMM   . ,:;:,.,:;;i;:   MMM. L:  MM  ;;:  MMM
        MMMM   MMM :;;i;: MMMMM   .,:;,       .;;;i;  MMM ;Z, i  i;.  MMM
               MMM  ;;i;; MMNM  ::;;;i 7MMMMM# ,;;;;;  MMR 27,:::;  MMMM
               XMM  ;;;;i KMNM :;;;;;; MM   #M7:;;;;;: MMM j2:;;:  MMM   
                MMZ :;;:; :MHM ::;;;;; MMMXHMM ,;;;;;, MM# 2j:;i. MMM    
                MMM :;;;:, MHM  ,:;i;i.  RMN7  ;;;;;:  MMi L;:;; MMM    
                MMM ,;;;;i MNMM  .;;;;;:     ,;;;;;,  MMM ;7,;;; MMM    
           7P7i @MM .;;;;i MMNMML  .:;;;;;;;;;;;;,  iMMMM   .::i MMM    
           MMMMHMMM         M@#MMM7     .,,,.     ;MMMMNM        MMM    
          #HX99@X       9R        @H#i      @957        iMi   .M2   :#P9#X 
          MR999#   .@MM#MH   ;;   HN   :9:   M@R ;:LM::  M@M:      MNX99XM 
          MX9XXHMKZ     XMMM :; MM#R .,9MR,: K@R i,   :,KM9KM9 i:,MX999PPML 
         iM9X99H  XK    7NPM    M9XNi       ,MRR   .M7   2#5@9    MP9X99PRM
         9N9999@.   .iLKMX9# ii MP9RN#2,,iLMMRXR i: M@,i, MPR9 ;::M599999PM
                                    Game: Toy Story
                                 System: Sega Genesis
                                   Platform: Action
                              Creator/Developer: Capcom
                              Author of this FAQ: A.K.A
                            Type of FAQ: FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Email: arminjewell(at)yahoo(dot)com
                                     Version: 1.0
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1.0 Version History
    2.0 Copyright Information
    3.0 Contact Information
    4.0 Introduction
    5.0 Game Basics
    6.0 Walkthrough
       6.1 That Old Army Game
       6.2 Red Alert!
       6.3 Ego Check
       6.4 Nightmare Buzz
       6.5 A Buzz Clip
       6.6 Revenge of the Toys
       6.7 Run Rex, Run!
       6.8 Buzz Battle
       6.9 Food and Drink
       6.10 Inside the Claw Machine
       6.11 Really Inside the Claw Machine
       6.12 The Claw!
       6.13 Sid’s Workbench
       6.14 Battle of the Mutant Toys
       6.15 Roller Bob
       6.16 Day-toy-na
       6.17 Light My Fire
       6.18 Rocket Man
       6.00 Bonus Level
    7.0 Cheats
    8.0 Credits
                            < < < 1.0 VERSION HISTORY > > >                        
    1.0 – July 17, 2005 – Finished up the walkthrough, made some minor changes.
    0.5 – July 6, 2005 – Halfway through the walkthrough, all other sections 
                          < < < 2.0 COPYRIGHT INFORMATION > > >  
    Unpublished work Copyright 2005 Armin Jewell
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be 
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written 
    or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of 
    commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This 
    FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, 
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This 
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot) 
    com>.  It can be found exclusively at www.GameFAQs.com and at 
    www.neoseeker.com.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and 
    respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
                         < < < 3.0 CONTACT INFORMATION > > >  
    PLEASE read this section before trying to contact me.  My e-mail address is 
    arminjewell[at]yahoo[dot]com.  You can e-mail me questions ONLY under these 
     - The information you are requesting is NOT in the FAQ
     - It is in English, I can’t read other languages
     - If I can’t understand what you are saying, I won’t answer.
    Contributions are always welcome, they might not always be posted, but any tips 
    or information is always welcome for submission.  Constructive criticism is 
    welcomed even more.  My goal with this FAQ is to help others, and if there is a 
    way where I can make this FAQ better, e-mail me that and I will make the 
    appropriate action.  Spam being sent to me is the worst thing you can ever do, 
    so PLEASE no spam.  Also, deconstructive criticism is not welcome, and will be 
    deleted immediately, but if you feel you want to send it to me you can waste 
    those five minutes of your life and I won’t care.  Other than that, happy 
                             < < < 4.0 INTRODUCTION > > >  
    This is one of the oldest and best games ever released for the Sega Genesis.  
    It is one of the few games released from a movie that is actually good and 
    especially it is actually a very difficult game.  I’ve only beaten the entire 
    game once without cheating, and it was a tough, tough journey.  I’m guessing 
    this FAQ will be fairly useful, as it is a pretty tough game.  The graphics in 
    this game are very good for the Genesis and should be marveled at for such an 
    old game.  I hope you enjoy the FAQ!
                             < < < 5.0 GAME BASICS > > >  
    The default controls are as follows.  You can change to whatever you like 
    later, but if you don’t change it, it is in this format.  You can change it by 
    pressing the directional button left or right.  The first format is this:
    A – Jump
    B – Whip
    C – Jump
    And the second format is this:
    A – Whip
    B – Jump
    C – Whip
    - Star #1 – This is a star that looks more 3D and spins in a circle.  These are 
                called bonus stars because if you get 200 of them you will go to 
                the bonus level.  
    - Cowboy Hat – This is very rare, and these give you an extra try, or basically 
                   and extra life.
    - Star #2 – These are the more 2D stars that spin sideways.  In the game, they 
                will be jumping around.  They restore one star of health.
    - Flag with Hat – These are checkpoints that you will undoubtedly need 
                      throughout the game.  When you first get to a checkpoint it 
                      looks like a post, and when you pass through it, the flag 
                      will show, saying that you got the checkpoint.
    *** Just a quick note, there is only one difficulty level, and there is no way 
    to change the difficulty. ***
                             < < < 6.0 WALKTHROUGH > > >  
    Here is the bulk of the FAQ of this terrific game.  This should help you get 
    through every part of the game as well as some of the extra parts of the game. 
    |                        -= 6.1 THAT OLD ARMY GAME =-                         |
    Description: Open the bucket of soldiers and then locate the baby monitor and 
                 pass it down to the sergeant’s troops.  The toys will then meet 
                 you at the other baby monitor.  Good luck and watch out for trains 
                 and planes!!
    Objectives: - Open the bucket of soldiers
                - Knock down the baby monitor to the soldiers
                - Meet at the other baby monitor
    From the beginning, head straight forward ignoring the train, and you will hear 
    a plane come by you.  Attack that with your whip and continue until you get to 
    a bouncy ball with many stars over it.  Bounce up and get the stars, then 
    bounce up to the dresser and knock open the bucket of soldiers.  Move forward 
    and attack the train that is in the way.  Get the four stars that is hovering 
    above as you continue, then you will come to a bouncy ball.
    From the bouncy ball, bounce up to the bottom shelf and then use the B blocks 
    to make your way to the top.  The balloons with a question mark hurt you if you 
    touch them; so whip them from far away to release the bugs.  Once you get to 
    the top you can knock down the baby monitor.  Now here you can either finish or 
    backtrack a bit and get many more stars and such.  To backtrack, read on below. 
    If not, skip the next paragraph.
    From the top where you knocked down the bouncy ball, jump left at where there 
    are two stars and a plane.  Hit the plane of course before you do that, and 
    then jump across the shelf to the dresser to the next shelf.  Climb up that 
    using the B blocks, being careful of the balloons, until you reach the top.  
    From the top, look left and you will see a cactus hanging, a cowboy hat 
    hanging, and mysteriously a hook hanging there.  Use your whip to jump and hook 
    on it and swing to the next platform.  From there jump across to the next set 
    of three stars, then follow the two stars downward to the next dresser.  Go up 
    to the top of the dresser, jump to the shelves, climb up to get an extra life.  
    Then you have two options.  You can either jump down and get the eight or so 
    stars in a row, or you can jump over them and land on the other dresser to get 
    a health point.  Once you are done head back to the top where you knocked down 
    the baby monitor.
    From the top of the shelf with the baby monitor, jump right onto the dresser 
    picking up some stars along the way.  Then jump right again and you will get to 
    the baby monitor.  First level completed!
    |                            -= 6.2 RED ALERT! =-                             |
    Description: Help the other toys get to their places before Andy gets to his 
                 bedroom.  Rex, Hamm, and Robot need to go into the toy chest.  RC 
                 Car and Rocky need to go under the bed and you need to get onto 
                 the bed.
    Objectives: - Jump on the air pump to get Rex, Hamm, and Robot in the toy chest
                - Free Rocky so that he can free RC Car
                - Get onto the bed 
    You have 150 seconds to complete all of these tasks, and it is plenty of time.  
    At the start you will be putting Mr. Potato Head into the toy chest.  Get the 
    stars if you so desire and then head right.  You will then come upon Hamm, who 
    is stuck between blocks.  Make sure you knock the blocks down that ensures he 
    goes toward the toy chest.  You don’t need to worry about him leaving though, 
    once he gets to the toy chest he just sits there.
    Continue on and you will see Robot going back and forth on a small dresser.  
    Again, break the blocks on the left side so he goes towards the toy chest, and 
    then quickly head back, because this time Robot won’t stop so you need to time 
    it exactly right.  Head forward again now, and use the tennis ball to get over 
    the chair.  Then, once you get to another chair, jump to the other side to find 
    a tennis ball.  You can use that to get on the desk to get some stars and free 
    Rex towards the toy chest.  He also doesn’t stop, but he moves considerably 
    Now head forward, bouncing along the tennis balls, and you will get to another 
    table.  This time, hit the blocks to free Rocky going to the right.  Now you 
    basically have nothing left to do, Rocky will come down, push the bucket of 
    toys and the crane will lift it, letting RC Car go underneath the bed, and 
    Rocky will follow.  To finish the level, head to the bed and jump on top.  Once 
    everyone is in their right places, Woody will do the splits, finishing the 
    |                             -= 6.3 EGO CHECK =-                             |
    Description: Try and keep up with Buzz to show that you are just as good a toy 
                 as him.  Hint: Try to swing on the hooks using your pullstring to 
                 cross larger gaps.
    The basic premise of this level is to get to the end.  The biggest 
    misunderstanding of this level is that one must keep up with Buzz, which is in 
    fact impossible, so attempting it would be useless.  From the beginning, you 
    will have to cross large gaps, so be careful in approaching these gaps as there 
    might be traps set up for you.  Here are more step by step instructions.
    From the beginning, move forward and cross the first gap to get to the table.  
    Stop there and wait for the shark to jump up, then jump across to the bookshelf 
    with two levels.  Wait again and time yourself right to jump out of reach of 
    the shark and onto the ball to bounce across to the next bookshelf.  If you are 
    on the upper level, don’t try and hook on, just jump on the tennis ball but 
    make sure you wait for the toy to leave the area.  Make the leap of faith 
    across to the next table and you should make it easily.
    Jump across to the large table and move until you see a hook.  Pass it and you 
    will come to the edge and see another hook.  My suggestion is to wait for the 
    shark to pass then jump forward and latch onto the hook to make it across.  You 
    will cross a checkpoint right now.  Jump across another couple gaps until you 
    reach more hooks.  Again, wait for the second hook, then you’ll have to attach 
    onto two hooks to make it across.  Go across one gap to get to some more hooks 
    and again wait until the second one so you can hook up to the very quick second 
    Jump across more gaps until you reach a very skinny platform.  Once you are on 
    it, jump naturally, not too far, to the hook and move on past the gap.  This is 
    much less of a hassle than the tennis balls but it takes a bit of finesse.  
    Cross more and more gaps until you get to another hook, which you need to take, 
    because the bouncy ball is very hard to get to the next platform, where you 
    will find the next checkpoint.  Next jump on the bouncy ball onto the rope, and 
    climb across that, timing it so you don’t get hit, and jump down.  QUICKLY move 
    and start attacking the helicopter and jump down onto the bouncy ball.  From 
    the bouncy ball you can hook onto the hook and jump across the gap.  Almost 
    done, don’t worry!
    Cross several more gaps, avoiding the helicopter by just simply moving forward 
    and getting to the checkpoint.  Eventually you will get to a table with a hook. 
    You want to start with this hook so you get into a rhythm, as you will be doing 
    this across 5 hooks.  The trick is to realize you don’t have to be perfect, 
    just time it close and it will work.  Once you get across, you will have two 
    more to cross, a gap to cross, deal with the helicopter by taking each jump one 
    at a time across those gaps, then go across the hooks to yet another 
    checkpoint.  Maybe I lied earlier...you aren’t really done yet...or are you?
    Keep crossing those gaps!  Make sure even though it is getting long that you 
    stay sharp you don’t want to lose a life just by being careless.  After 5 jumps 
    you’ll get to a hook and you can deal with that.  A couple more and you’ll deal 
    with a two-hook jump.  Finally a couple gaps later, you get to the end!  YAY 
    congratulations on beating the most boring level ever.
    |                        -= 6.4 NIGHTMARE BUZZ =-                             |
    Description: While you are sleeping you have a bad dream about a huge Buzz 
    Lightyear with real lasers.  Try and defeat this illusion to awake from Woody’s 
    worst nightmare...
    “You don’t wanna be in the way when my laser goes off.”
    Well well well... your first boss battle!  Now most people when they first get 
    to this boss they freak out because freaking out and using your drawstring 
    every second will get you killed and FAST.  So what you need to do is chill out 
    and just follow my instructions to defeat this monster.
    From the start he will appear on one side of you with several orange orbs 
    circling him.  He will sit there for a little while, fire a laser at you, then 
    teleport to either the other side or the same side.  What you need to do is 
    start attacking those orbs so you can get a clear shot at him.  Make sure you 
    don’t touch them though, they hurt you as well.  Now when he suddenly yells, 
    “Take That,” that is his signal that he will shoot a laser.  All you have to do 
    is duck.  Yes I know, sounds hard, but that’s it, just duck and wait for him to 
    appear somewhere else.
    Once you have successfully knocked off all of his protecting orbs, it is time 
    to widdle away at his life, or four cowboy hats, whatever you want to call it.  
    The only time when you can actually hurt him is when he is not flashing.  The 
    only time this occurs is right after his laser and right before he teleports.  
    He will actually be in the middle of teleporting when you can hit him.  One 
    thing that he will do to hurt you is move closer and closer to you, all you 
    have to do is hit him to fend him off a little bit even though it doesn’t hurt 
    him at all.  Once you successfully hit him 4 times, that will be the end of 
    Nightmare Buzz and your first boss!  Did I mention collect all the stars?
    |                           -= 6.5 A BUZZ CLIP =-                             |
    Description: Use the RC Car to try and knock Buzz behind the desk.  Hint: Keep 
    the car going by collecting all the power cells that buzz drops.
    This is a very difficult level to FAQ you through because it is very difficult 
    and very time-based.  The objective of this is to go around the place and hit 
    every Buzz icon there is and collect the battery.  YOU MUST COLLECT THE 
    BATTERY.  By the way, you must collect the battery.  You have to collect 
    the...battery!  Get the point?  Good.  Now, one thing that I know I did when I 
    first started was to absolutely panic and go berserk with the driving.  Don’t 
    do that, just calm down and go slowly.  Very seldomly in this level is it worth 
    it to do more than just tap the acceleration to get you in the right direction.
    One thing I must warn you about is that if you crash into the wall the car goes 
    crazy and wastes quite a bit of battery so be careful and drive safely and 
    carefully...except for hitting people that’s fine with me.  You’ll have to 
    drive through and hit Buzz 10 times, yes I even cringed with you, and this 
    level is a big pain as all three RC levels are in this game, but they are 
    necessary to beat it as well.  I know you will be frustrated and it will be 
    tough, but it does get easier with practice.  You will know those first four 
    levels like the back of your hand.  Good luck, and stick with it, you can do 
    |                       -= 6.6 REVENGE OF THE TOYS =-                         |
    Description: Avoid all the angry toys as you try and help Rex across Andy’s 
    room.  Hint: Remove the blocks to free Rex.
    Well, at least it isn’t an RC level right?  Yes, that’s right...keep looking at 
    the positive.  I know this is getting tough but stick with it you’ll feel much 
    better when you beat it all!  The main idea with this level is to find a way 
    for Rex to get to the other end of the level.  The only thing holding him back 
    are blocks, and what you need to do is find a way around them and hit the 
    blocks down.  This level can be done in several ways.  You can either risk many 
    stars and lives and get a bunch of extra stars or you can take it the easy way 
    and get no extra goodies but stay relatively safe.  It’s up to you, so I will 
    write both ways!  How nice of me, yes I know.
    For the first set of blocks, go forward until you get to a place where there 
    are blocks and a shelf.  Go right underneath the Y block and aim upwards to hit 
    the helicopter.  Right away jump up and then jump up again.  Keep climbing up, 
    avoid the balloon, it does hurt you, and when you get to the top, watch out 
    right away for a helicopter.  Jump to the right after it is out of the way and 
    immediately start attacking so the helicopter doesn’t hit you.  Jump up using 
    the Y blocks and over to the shelf on the right.  Avoid every level of the 
    shelf and fall all the way down.  Turn left and you will see Rex, so hit them 
    blocks and get the first checkpoint and the health.
    Next, move forward, hit the train when it is not underneath the Z block, and 
    use the Z block to jump on the bucket.  From the bucket, jump forward onto the 
    toys jar on the shelf.  Jump all the way up and start climbing across the pole. 
    The thing that usually works for me is to just go straight across and not worry 
    about the balloons, but the actual strategy is that you should start moving 
    when it is going back up.  Go all the way across, and then jump all the way 
    down and you should land either next to or behind Rex and you can hit the next 
    blocks and get the next checkpoint and health.
    Move forward and start climbing up the bookshelf using the Y blocks.  Watch out 
    for the airplane coming across the first level, for the Mr. Potato Head on the 
    third level, and for the other airplane on the top.  Make sure you watch the 
    airplane on top before you jump up, it has some tricky patterns and it’s easy 
    to get careless.  Jump to the right and upwards twice to get the health and 
    avoiding the airplane if at all possible.  Jump right again then to the right 
    once more to get to the top of the train bookshelf.  Drop down from here and 
    you will see Rex, so knock the blocks down to get him through with a checkpoint 
    and some health!
    Go forward, ignoring all of the shelves, hit the robot, and use the block to 
    jump over the bucket.  Hit the train, and then start climbing the shelf right 
    next to it using the Y blocks.  Careful as you climb and watch out for the 
    coins coming from above.  Once you reach the pig, hit it and resume climbing to 
    the top.  Go to the very top Y block and hit the airplane before jumping onto 
    the ledge.  Jump across and quickly jump on the blocks to avoid the plane.  
    Keep jumping to the right on the bucket to avoid the train, then jump right 
    again.  Jump down to the right of this multi-level shelf, careful of the plane, 
    and land on the dresser or past it.  Go back a bit and you will see Rex being 
    held back, hit the toy so Rex can go free then follow him to the end of the 
    level!  That wasn’t so bad was it?
    For the first set of blocks, go forward until you get to a place where there 
    are blocks and a shelf.  Go right underneath the Y block and aim upwards to hit 
    the helicopter.  Right away jump up and then jump up again.  Keep climbing up, 
    avoid the balloon, it does hurt you, and when you get to the top, watch out 
    right away for a helicopter.  Jump to the left and you will land on a dresser 
    to get three stars.  Go back to where you where but this time, jump to the 
    right after it is out of the way and immediately start attacking so the 
    helicopter doesn’t hit you.  Jump up using the Y blocks and over to the 
    platform on the left where you will find some health.  Go back right across two 
    gaps to the shelf.  Avoid every level of the shelf and fall all the way down.  
    Turn left and you will see Rex, so hit them blocks and get the first checkpoint 
    and the health.
    Next, move forward, hit the train when it is not underneath the Z block, and 
    use the Z block to jump on the bucket.  From the bucket, jump forward onto the 
    toys jar on the shelf.  Jump all the way up and start climbing across the pole. 
    The thing that usually works for me is to just go straight across and not worry 
    about the balloons, but the actual strategy is that you should start moving 
    when it is going back up.  Go all the way across, and then jump all the way 
    down and you should land either next to or behind Rex and you can hit the next 
    blocks and get the next checkpoint and health.
    Move forward and start climbing up the bookshelf using the Y blocks.  Watch out 
    for the airplane coming across the first level, for the Mr. Potato Head on the 
    third level, and for the other airplane on the top.  Make sure you watch the 
    airplane on top before you jump up, it has some tricky patterns and it’s easy 
    to get careless.  Jump very carefully to the left avoiding the plane, then jump 
    up using the Y blocks.  Jump to the left again and quickly jump to avoid the 
    snake.  Jump left one last time to get to a pyramid of blocks and a health.  
    From there, climb up the pyramid and hang onto the pole.  Climb all the way 
    across and jump down several times until you see health underneath you.  Get 
    that if you’d like, and then jump right again then to the right once more to 
    get to the top of the train bookshelf.  Drop down from here and you will see 
    Rex, so knock the blocks down to get him through with a checkpoint and some 
    Go backwards a bit, jump on the shelf back on the bucket then forward onto the 
    higher level of the shelf.  Climb up and jump to the dresser, getting your two 
    extra stars and then jump forward. Hit the robot and use the block to jump over 
    the bucket.  Hit the train, and then start climbing the shelf right next to it 
    using the Y blocks.  Careful as you climb and watch out for the coins coming 
    from above.  Once you reach the pig, hit it and resume climbing to the top.  Go 
    to the very top Y block and hit the airplane before jumping onto the ledge.  
    Jump across and quickly jump on the blocks to avoid the plane.  Keep jumping to 
    the right on the bucket to avoid the train, then jump right again.  Jump down 
    to the right of this multi-level shelf, careful of the plane, and land on the 
    dresser or past it.  Go back a bit and you will see Rex being held back, hit 
    the toy so Rex can go free then follow him to the end of the level!  That was 
    pretty bad wasn’t it?
    |                       -= 6.7 RUN REX, RUN! =-                               |
    Description: Ride on Rex to escape from Andy’s room while avoiding the other 
    Well, this is a hard level to FAQ...but I will do my best to help you avoid any 
    traps that are normally going to catch any player who wouldn’t read this.  The 
    main idea behind this is that you are riding on Rex and you have to avoid 
    everything.  Yes, everything, because everything in Andy’s room, except the 
    furniture and stars, is against you.  You will be doing a LOT of jumping, so 
    get ready!  The way I will do this, is that I will give you a strategy for each 
    enemy you will face, or the ones that will give you trouble anyway.  It would 
    be pointless for me to do a step-by-step because it is so on the fly it is 
    impossible to do this while reading something and people jump differently so my 
    jumping strategies wouldn’t work for them.  Here goes by order of appearance as 
    best as I can!
    SINGLE/DOUBLE TRAIN – Jump over it!  This is the easy one...
    HIGH AIRPLANE – Do nothing...even easier!
    TRAIN/AIRPLANE COMBINATION – A little tough you have to jump JUST the right 
    amount as to clear the train but not hit the high airplane, it takes a bit of 
    practice.  Sometimes you can even offset them and jump over the train fast 
    enough so that you don’t have to avoid the plane.
    RACECAR – Ahh yes!  This is the most common one that people lose health on and 
    it really is not that hard, I promise!  You will hear it screech before it 
    comes, but don’t jump right away!  Let it come into sight, and then when it 
    starts going, jump backwards over it.  When it stops jump forward over it, then 
    when it starts up again, jump backwards over it again.  It’ll work every time.
    LOW AIRPLANE/ARMY MEN – This one is kind of tricky, but this is another attack 
    that people freak out and don’t think so they get hurt.  The low airplane will 
    come across the screen and then you will hear the army soldier saying, “Move, 
    move, move!”  You will then see them coming out, and as soon as they all come 
    out then you can jump all the way over them, not before.
    Good luck!  Practice makes perfect, if anyone has any questions about how to 
    get past a certain part in it, e-mail me and I will answer as soon as possible 
    with any help I can give.
    |                         -= 6.8 BUZZ BATTLE =-                               |
    Description: Stay out of Buzz’s way as you tire him out.
    Ohhhhhhhhh boy!  I hate this level, it is your second boss battle and it is 
    MUCH harder than any level you have been to so far.  It will frustrate you 
    beyond belief and you will most likely break a controller or two in the 
    process.  When you beat him though, you will feel like dancing for joy!
    The idea is fairly simple.  You are on the ground and Buzz is doing all sorts 
    of attacks, which I will go over shortly.  You will also find that there is a 
    tire lying around, and you will finally find that hitting him with your whip 
    won’t do anything.  The basic idea is that you must hit the tire into the air 
    so it lands around Buzz.  This needs to be done 4 times in order for you to 
    beat him.  Before we get into strategy, let’s do attacks.
    He always does the same attack pattern every time, so when you can master how 
    to dodge it every time, this will be a piece of cake.  He starts with two 
    charges, he starts at one end of the screen puts his head down and runs.  
    Simple dodged by jumping at the right time.  He will do it from both sides, 
    then he will stop and say, “To infinity, and beyond!”  He will go into a frenzy 
    and jump up while twirling.  This time, however, he follows you around every 
    where.  So you just need to keep on moving and running underneath him when he 
    does it.  It is important to note that when he is spinning, you cannot hit him 
    at all with the tire, so be patient.  Finally, when you get the tire around 
    him, he will do the same attack, except stars will drop.  Unless you want to 
    start over, don’t go for the stars.  You can pick some up as you are running, 
    but never go for them, you will die and fast.
    The best piece of advice I can give you is to stay conservative.  Never get too 
    aggressive if it involves risking your health.  Stick with your slow but sure 
    ways, it will work out in the end.  Keep hitting the tire around him and do 
    your best to get him 4 times before he gets you.  If you beat him, 
    congratulations!  If not, keep at it, you’ll get it!
    |                         -= 6.9 FOOD AND DRINK =-                            |
    Description: Try and cross Pizza Planet avoiding the falling food and drink.  
    Watch out for Buzz bumping into you!  Hint: Look out for the kids running after 
    their paper airplanes.
    I actually like this level quite a bit...it is entertaining and definitely a 
    break considering the last couple levels you have been through.  That said, it 
    is very easy to die on this level, carelessness is an easy way to die, so 
    though it is easier, you must stay focused throughout the level.  Now, you have 
    probably noticed you aren’t in any position you have been before.  Both you and 
    Buzz are underneath boxes fast food wrappers.  Pressing down will put you 
    underneath the cup and make Buzz stop moving.  This is important, because as 
    soon as you start moving, Buzz will not stop unless you go down, and you will 
    get hurt if he runs into you.
    Start moving forward and go just before you would cross the table and then go 
    back to let the food rain down.  Move on and do the same thing twice more and 
    you will get to tables with stars.  Get as many stars as possible, still 
    avoiding the food on the tables.  After four tables you will get to a pop 
    machine.  You have to time it just right so that when you cross it a can will 
    not fall on you.  Pass another table and another pop machine and you will get 
    to an open space.  You will then shortly see a paper airplane soar by, which is 
    your signal to duck under your cup.  You will pass by several more pop 
    machines, but the most important thing to do is watch for the kids and to avoid 
    the kids.  There isn’t much more new, you will pass by many pop machines, some 
    with two cans at once, so you’ll need to be extra careful, and keep moving so 
    Buzz doesn’t hit you.  Stay cautious and alert, and you will eventually get to 
    the end of one of the easier levels.
    |                     -= 6.10 INSIDE THE CLAW MACHINE =-                      |
    Description: Try and find Buzz who has disappeared in the depths of the claw 
    This is quite a long level, and has quite a few ways for you to die, but it is 
    getting to the later part of the game.  Officially, you have just entered into 
    the second half of the game, so be prepared for nothing but hard and harder 
    levels.  Let’s go!
    From the start, climb up using the levers and smash the tubes at the top.  Be 
    careful not to get hit by the coins, they do hurt you.  Continue on and you 
    will get to a section with moving blocks.  This is not that tricky, but can be 
    frustrating if you don’t know what to do.  Jump onto the lowest one and 
    whenever you can jump onto the next one up that is blue in color.  This block 
    will start to move inward, right as you are about to fall off jump for the 
    other side and you should land on another red block.  Let it take its course 
    and when it is about to disappear jump on the next blue one.  Wait just like 
    the last one until it is almost gone, and then jump left and onto the final 
    block, and you can right away jump up to the ground.
    From there, move forward through the stars and use the lever to jump up on the 
    suspended block.  Jump to the next higher block and then onto the ceiling so 
    you are climbing.  Climb all the way left, and jump as hard left as you can and 
    you will make it.  Smash through the two tubes, watching out for the coins 
    again, and then time it over the open tube.  You will soon figure out that you 
    have to jump between disappearing blue blocks and dodge the coins at the same 
    time.  The best way is to get into a rhythm of some sort to get all the way to 
    the top.  Jump up three blocks to the lever and wait patiently to jump up and 
    get your first checkpoint!
    Time your way through the propeller and stop after you jump up once so it 
    cannot hit you.  Time it VERY carefully and jump up once and duck right away so 
    you don’t get hit, jump up and repeat, then jump up and watch out for the 
    exploding cases coming at you.  If you got through all that, then jump up the 
    two blocks and onto the row of red blocks.  You will go up the sides, and to 
    dodge the exploding cases, jump from side to side, and go to the side that is 
    going to explode next, which is always the left one first.  After you pass that 
    jump up to some more blocks, and then continue forward for a little bit to get 
    your second checkpoint!
    Return back to the red blocks, continuing on is a trap and a dead end with no 
    reward so go back to the single red blocks.  To get up these you will need to 
    jump very fast to the next one.  For the first one, let it sink down then jump 
    twice to catch it at the top and then continue your way up to the top in the 
    same fashion.  For the last jump, wait for it to sink just a little bit then 
    jump to avoid hitting the ceiling.  Once you land, duck right away to avoid the 
    bombs going off, then move forward.  Jump up by the already fired cases to set 
    off one more, then climb up on the lever.
    Move left, and time it past the blade and duck to avoid getting hit.  Jump up 
    to the block in the same way, ducking in-between each jump.  When you get to 
    the last jump and the block, you almost have to get hit once, so get it over 
    with and jump on the block up and over onto the pole and climb across to the 
    ledge.  Jump up on the lever to trigger a case, jump up to trigger another, 
    then jump across.  To time this exactly right, jump right when it starts going 
    down or right before that happens.  Jump on the next one and let the last case 
    trigger, then jump over to the last one and up to the top.  Move right and jump 
    up the three levers, hit the pole, and only jump off the lever when you think 
    you can jump up and make it through without being hit.
    Move left, and jump close to the cases before moving away so you trigger all 
    five of them and climb up the makeshift stairs.  Jump to the right carefully to 
    avoid running into the propeller blade.  The best way to go through this is to 
    when it is moving upward, and to pretend like you are chasing one single blade, 
    so you go in between the blades.  The second one is easier just run through at 
    the right time, use the same strategy for the last one as the first one, and 
    run through to finish the level!  Whew, a tough one, but easier than it could 
    have been.
    |                  -= 6.11 REALLY INSIDE THE CLAW MACHINE =-                  |
    Description: Rescue all the aliens that are trapped inside the claw machine.  
    Hint: The quicker you do the level, the more stars you’ll get at the end!
    This level is very, very easy if you know where everything is.  If you are 
    getting frustrated or can’t find one of them then this is the place to go.  
    What I will do is give directions starting from the pit of aliens to each of 
    the aliens so it is easy to get them back.  This is a very unique level, 
    because you are in first person!  No whips or jumping, and nothing can hurt 
    you.  All you can do is go forward, backwards, left and right.  You have 180 
    seconds to get 8 aliens back to the pit.  Oh and by the way, take note of the 
    hint.  Good luck and good hunting!
    You start out facing the pit, so that’s easy enough.  Start first by turning 
    left and heading down the corridor, then taking the first right you see.  You 
    will get one alien, bring it back, then go back down that same right through 
    the X door to find another one.  Now turn left, go down the corridor to the 
    end, take the right and go through the door to get to another big room.  First, 
    go straight and the right along the wall to find an alien in a little alcove, 
    bring him back and then return to the big room.  Do the same thing, except when 
    you reach the corner turn left through the X door, to get another alien.  This 
    time keep going forward through the corridor into another big room.  The first 
    turn on the right side is another pit to drop this alien off.
    Turn around from the pit and go straight across to get another alien, drop him 
    off as usual.  Only four more to go, hang in there!  Turn around and go up and 
    to the right to get the next one, bring him back and then turn around.  Follow 
    the right wall around into another corridor to find the last two aliens sitting 
    in their own corners.  Return both of them to finish out the level!  That 
    wasn’t so hard was it?
    |                         -= 6.12 THE CLAW! =-                                |
    Description: Try and stop Sid from picking up Buzz with the claw.  Hint: Keep 
    Buzz safe until Sid has used all his coins up.
    Oh boy...this, in my opinion, is by far the hardest level in the game.  Many 
    consider this the final boss, the dreaded claw level with the aliens, so first 
    and foremost, best of luck!  Now, let me set up the situation for you.  You are 
    in the bottom of the claw machine with Buzz.  Sid is the kid outside using the 
    claw trying to pick up Buzz, and you must stop the claw by hitting it when it 
    has Buzz in its grasp.  Now this sounds easy, but the hard part is hitting the 
    claw.  You must whip up the toys to make it hit the claw, like you whipped that 
    tire around when you fought Buzz earlier.  It would be hard enough to do this, 
    but in-between each time the claw grabs Buzz, it will come down and try to hit 
    you.  Also, there is a cable running through the level, which if it hits you 
    will hurt you as well. 
    Now that you know how to hit him, let’s get to the actual strategy.  What will 
    happen is that the claw will scan the bottom of the floor the first two times, 
    then it will rise to the top and bob up and down for the third time, then four 
    the fourth and fifth time it will just grab at as soon as it can.  You will 
    notice at the top that there are five coins, and that is five times you must 
    hit Buzz out of the claw’s grasp!  After the bobbing up and down, he will go 
    for Buzz, so as soon as it descends and grabs him, starting hitting the toys at 
    him, as that is the easiest time to do it.  Keep in mind that he is trying to 
    move Buzz all the way to the right, so try your best to stop him as soon as 
    possible.  This takes a lot of luck and practice, so keep at it and best of 
    luck to you, I truly mean it.
    |                       -= 6.13 SID’S WORKBENCH =-                            |
    Description: Make your way across Sid’s desk but look out for Sid!
    This is one of the harder levels where you control just Woody and travel across 
    several challenges.  There are many enemies and many ways for you to hurt 
    yourself, so be careful and don’t let down after that beast of a level you just 
    From the start, head right, avoid the spider and run through the darts from the 
    ceiling.  Jump over the anvil, hit the spider and avoid the spouting of flame, 
    it is really easy they fall down really slowly.  Keep going and avoid the next 
    one coming out of the beaker, and then jump onto the wire to climb across the 
    pit.  Go straight across and all the fireballs will go right behind you.  Jump 
    off and quickly get ready for two darts that will fall on you by jumping pretty 
    far into the platform.  Jump through the cup and on top of the books to avoid 
    the spider and then jump back from the books onto another wire to climb on.  
    Avoid the fireballs again, and jump down at the end.
    Move forward, crouch and hit the spider, watch out for the burning cup, and 
    jump up and latch onto the hooks.  There are two of them, and then you will 
    land on some more wire.  This time there are spike balls coming down, so time 
    yourself in-between each one of them.  Jump down right away to hit the spider 
    and avoid the flaming balls.  Jump up on the anvil to launch yourself up to the 
    first checkpoint!  It’s about time I say...
    From the checkpoint, move forward and ignore the extra life, you’d have to kill 
    yourself to get it anyway.  Jump down past the hooks and onto the next chain to 
    climb across, avoiding the fireballs of course.  From the end, jump and hook 
    onto any one of the three hooks and when you land quickly run forward to avoid 
    the darts.  Jump up on the books directly underneath the fireball shooter to 
    avoid them, then jump up to the next platform and hit the spider.  Move across 
    and then fall down onto the chain and climb across watching out for the spike 
    balls.  Go all the way to the end of the chain, and to get onto the hook, jump 
    straight off, no directional buttons, and hook over to the over side, it should 
    work every time.  Just jump up and over the scorpion and spider and jump over 
    the gap to the second checkpoint!
    From this checkpoint, you will get to do something weird and new, but a little 
    tricky as well.  Move forward and eventually you will just stop and flop.  Sid 
    will come along with a magnifying glass and fry your head, so you will go into 
    a frantic rage and end up moving really fast.  The only way to cure it is to 
    get to a bowl of cereal, which is unfortunately past several spike balls.  The 
    way to time yourself through the balls is to quickly press left and right so 
    you stay put until you really want to go forward.  Once you get to the cereal 
    bowl and dunk your head, you will be back to normal, and you can now move 
    Jump across the gap and once again he will come along and set you to flames.  
    This time you will have to run across an extended set of chain balls and even 
    some fireballs.  Just avoid the fireballs, the chances of them hitting you are 
    so low, and trying to dodge them will just make you a bigger target.  Keep 
    patient, and run back and forth to time it right, and eventually you will get 
    to the end after at least 10 spike balls.  Once you reach the cereal, go 
    forward, carefully avoid the last spike, and you have finished the level!!!  
    Whew, nice work!
    |                   -= 6.14 BATTLE OF THE MUTANT TOYS =-                      |
    Description: Buzz is somewhere in Sid’s room and you have to find him, but keep 
    moving and look out for.....things...
    Alright well, let’s get started.  Start moving forward at the beginning, and 
    jump upward using the two cans sitting there.  Hit the spider then jump onto 
    the chain on the right using the crushed can.  Jump off at the other end, hit 
    the spider, and then time your jump so you don’t hit a falling can onto the 
    stack of boxes.  Time your jump up to the hook so you don’t hit a fireball, but 
    hook yourself over using that rope to the other side.  Jump up on the can and 
    onto the chain to climb across, watch out for the cans and fireballs that 
    appear halfway through the chain.  Jump down at the end and move on.
    Now, you must master the skill of climbing with your draw string.  Move forward 
    and hit the spider and then jump and use the hook to jump to the smaller 
    platform.  Now to your left, you see several hooks slowly going upwards.  Yes 
    you need to hook back and forth across them until you get to the top.  While at 
    first, it sounds tough, but once you get into a rhythm it’s easy.  The best way 
    to describe it is to always hold up and the direction you want to go and to 
    whip as soon as you release towards the next hook.  If you have trouble with 
    this drop me a line and I can help you out.  You will need to do this twice, 
    once up a staggered one back and forth, and one that is more of a spiral form.  
    Jump forward and then you can fall all the way down those boxes.
    Move forward until you can’t anymore, hitting those spiders or scorpions as 
    they appear, then move back to the non-crushed cans and jump up on them and 
    over to the chain.  Climb across avoiding the fireball right at the end, then 
    jump down and hit the scorpion right away.  Then, use the hook to jump up to 
    the box, and then use the climbing technique to climb up those hooks to the 
    higher platform.  Avoid a couple more spiders and then you will have to do a 
    rather long climbing session, just stay calm and focused and you will get it.  
    At the top, jump off at the end towards the chain, and then cross it while 
    watching out for the spike balls.  From the end jump and go all the way down 
    and left as possible.  There you will find a checkpoint!
    From the checkpoint, go through the myriad of scorpions and spiders quickly but 
    efficiently, and jump up once you get to a bunch of cans.  Jump up and then 
    left over to the metal platform, then up on the can and left to the wooden 
    platform.  From there, jump and hook right three times and you will land right 
    next to Buzz!  Move right next to Buzz and you will grab onto him.  Now the 
    Mutant Toys will show up, and my suggestion is to ignore the guy on the left, 
    and just hit B to karate chop the two on the right.  Keep moving right and 
    pressing B until you get to the end.
    |                           -= 6.15 ROLLER BOB =-                             |
    Description: Use Roller Bob to escape across Sid’s house.  Oh...watch out for 
    Scud, Sid’s pet dog.
    Well, this is a level that is very reminiscent of Run Rex, Run!  You are on 
    this skateboard with a guy on the front that is propelling you forward, and you 
    have to dodge many strange attacks that come your way.  Again, going through 
    this level with a walkthrough would be pointless, because it’s hard to pause 
    every second you will easily lose a lot of life.  If you have any questions 
    don’t hesitate to e-mail me, however.  Here are the enemies or attacks 
    SINGLE/DOUBLE CAN THROW – From off the screen, cans will start coming at you.  
    Easy enough by itself, but when combined with Scud or rockets or bombs it can 
    get rather overlooked, so be sure to pay attention to them!
    HIGH/LOW ROCKETS – From behind you, these rockets will fire straight across the 
    screen at two different levels, one at a jumping height the other at your 
    ground height.  Again, it is pretty simple by itself, but when combined make 
    sure you time your jumps carefully and really watch and be patient.
    SCUD – The big dog that comes up behind you is Scud.  All he does really is 
    shorten your screen, because running into him hurts you, so if you stay in that 
    upper half you will be okay.  Then, of course, the game throws a bunch of other 
    stuff for you to dodge while the screen is shortened for you...oh joy!
    SKULL BOMBS – These come in all amounts and distances.  They are just little 
    circles on the screen that explode when they hit the floor.  At first there are 
    just one or two, but mostly there are fired off in huge and sequential ways.  
    For example, it could fire off in a line, or back and forth around one point.
    That’s all the enemies in the level, there are two checkpoints throughout the 
    level, so make sure you get those and that you are very careful throughout the 
    entire level.  It is very easy to die here so be patient and stick with it I 
    know you will be able to make it through, if you have made it this far already 
    this shouldn’t be too tough.
    |                          -= 6.16 DAY-TOY-NA =-                              |
    Description: Drive RC Car back to Andy’s house to pick up Buzz.  Hint: You get 
    two stars for every power cell you collect to keep RC on the move. 
    I told you the RC levels would come back!  This one, however, isn’t nearly as 
    difficult or challenging as the first one.  This is much simpler.  You are in a 
    race format, and you are just driving down a road, accelerating with A, B, or C 
    and turning left or right.  You need to collect power cells to stay moving, and 
    stay off the grass as it makes you slow down.  You will get the hang of this 
    level very easily, directions are not necessary, and neither is getting all of 
    the power cells.  As a matter of fact, getting half to two-thirds of them would 
    be quite enough.  You will go through several twists and turns, you can make it 
    continuously accelerating, but the more correct way to do it would be to let up 
    on the accelerator to carefully make it around each corner.  Eventually, you 
    will make it to the end, you are almost done with the game, keep it up!
    |                         -= 6.17 LIGHT MY FIRE =-                            |
    Description: Keep on racing!  Head after the moving van along with Buzz.  
    You’re getting closer to Andy and the other toys all the time!  Hint: Get those 
    power cells.
    In my opinion, this is the last major challenge in the game.  This is very 
    similar to A Buzz Clip, so it has those nasty awkward controls and now it is 
    even tougher.  You must get every power cell you can find, as the battery runs 
    out extremely quickly.  Once you start, the most important thing to do is 
    follow the stars, because that will lead you in the right directions.  Going 
    back to get missed power cells is VERY tricky, and only if you are confident 
    you can get it should you go back and get it.  Everything here you hit will 
    make you go crazy and spin out, so be VERY careful.  If ever you lose track of 
    stars, go up.  The exit is up so just keep moving upwards.  I would recommend 
    never fully accelerating, coasting works well and keeps you on your toes and 
    able to react.  You will eventually realize there isn’t a whole lot to this 
    level, and you will complete it!  One more to go, hang tight.
    |                         -= 6.18 ROCKET MAN =-                               |
    Description: This is it!  The truck is in sight and Andy’s mom’s car is just in 
    front of it.  Reach the car and you are no longer lost toys!  GOOD LUCK!
    As the description so clearly states, this is it!  This is the final level, and 
    not much of one to be honest with you.  You get to drive RC car again, for all 
    of a second, and Buzz will blast off!  Now all you have to do is go up and down 
    to avoid the cars and the top of trees.  The easiest way to go about this is to 
    go exactly where the stars go.  This requires very precise movements, but it is 
    the last level and you need to pass it using these precise movements so you 
    don’t get hurt.  
    Eventually you will get to a HUGE truck, so make sure you go ALL the way up to 
    the top of it.  Once you pass it on the other side, Buzz will start yelling at 
    you, and that is your cue to go all the way down to the bottom right corner so 
    you don’t get hit by any tires.  If you get squished you automatically lose a 
    life, so WATCH OUT!  Once the truck starts backing off, Buzz will start yelling 
    again, and you will see the beautiful blue car.  Just fly up to the top of it 
    and coast and eventually you will just drop in automatically.  Congratulations! 
    You have just beaten the game!
    |                         -= 6.00 BONUS LEVEL =-                              |
    This isn’t really a level you go to, but after you collect 200 stars in a 
    level, you will be taken to a bonus game.  It will consist of 9 squares in one 
    larger square, like a tic tac toe board.  Stars will appear on the board and 
    will count down from 5.  You must move your shooter to that star and press A 
    before it runs out.  If you miss, one of the stars on the side will disappear, 
    and you get three misses or those 5 seconds before the game is over.  It is 
    rather challenging, you need to hit 20 stars, and they get very quick towards 
    the end.  Make sure when you go to a certain place to hit a star you hold the 
    button, because it will automatically return to the center.  If you beat it, 
    then the number of stars you have left is the number of health that you get 
    added on.
                              < < < 7.0 CHEATS > > >  
    Ah yes, a video game would not be complete without cheats would they?!
    INVINCIBILITY – In the second level, Red Alert, collect seven stars exactly.  
    Then go inside the treasure chest and duck for several seconds.  Eventually, 
    your health star will spin, indicating you are invincible.
    LEVEL SELECT – At the title screen, where you need to press start and Woody is 
    there, press the following combination:
    A, B, R, A, C, A, D, A, B, R, A.
    Once you press that you will hear Woody say Hot, Hot, Hot!  Start the game, and 
    whenever you think a level is too hard, pause it and press A to complete that 
    level.  And yes it does spell abracadabra!
                              < < < 8.0 CREDITS > > >  
    - Thanks to CJayC for posting my FAQs
    - Thanks to Capcom for creating a fun and still challenging game
    - Thanks to you for reading this
    Copyright Armin Jewell 2005

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