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    Hints and Tips by TK

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    WARSONG Hints and Tips by TK/Sega
    Level select: Move cursor to square (2,2), press and hold C.
    Music Test: Move cursor to square (2,2), press and hold B. 
    Secret character class: All female characters can become Rangers after reaching 
    Magic Knight level 10. This is a very strong class with high mobility, it's only 
    disadvantage being that it cannot use troops. However, you don't really need 
    troops in the original Warsong, once your commanders gain enough levels 
    (something that has been fixed in the other games). 
    Gameplay Hints and Tips
    [obtained from the Sega of America FTP site] 
    Packaging mistake:
    On the back of the box, there is a picture of the characters at the beginning of 
    the game, with all of the items. This was done with a code that was taken out on 
    the final revision of the game and is NOT possible. 
    General Tips:
    SAVE OFTEN . Interrupt the game often, that way if you lose an important leader 
    (they are almost all important), you can go back to the save and try something 
    different. If worse comes to worse, go back to your last saved data and start 
    again with new strategy. 
    At the beginning of the game, use Baldarov to hurt the enemies, then use another 
    leader to finish them off. That way, Baldarov doesn't take any experience from 
    another leaders troops (Baldarov CAN'T go up levels, and will die later on, 
    When choosing troops, use the soldiers with the best attack/defense ratio. The 
    only time that this isn't true, is with Archers, as they always get to attack 
    first, thus even though they may have a lower attack, they will still do more 
    If you put your hurt armies around their leader, and surround your leader, the 
    leader will heal them before the beginning of each "players turn" round! 
    You can learn how to play this game, simply by watching the computer! The 
    computer generally doesn't make "mistakes", so it's good to watch what it does 
    and learn from it. 
    Choose your troops wisely! If there is no water in the next scenario, don't use 
    Mermans. If it's rocky, don't use Horsemen. 
    Game Walk-through:
    Scenario 1:
    Object: Get Garett off the screen before losing ANY of your leaders.
    Hints: Move Garett to the left and down, all the way to the bottom of the 
    screen. Defeat as many of the enemies armies as possible, that way you might go 
    up a couple of levels (work on Garett FIRST).
    Placement: Doesn't really matter. Put Garett on the far left to make escape 
    Scenario 2:
    Object: Move your way up to the town, protecting Mina. 
    Placement: Put Garett on the left, Baldarov on the right. 
    Hints: Use Baldarov to take out the guys in the lower right corner. Move Garett 
    in front of Mina, so Mina's troops don't have a chance to get into battle (they 
    are WEAK). In this scenario, try to build up Garett's levels. 
    On turn 13, there will be reinforcements that appear for the enemy. 
    Scenario 3:
    Object: Protect Mina again while in the town.
    Placement: Automatic.
    Hints: Use Baldarov to weaken the Barbarians. Finish them off with Thorne's 
    troops to increase his levels. Have Garett protect Mina. 
    Scenario 4:
    Object: Move to the bottom left corner of the valley. 
    Placement: Put Garett to the far right; Baldarov in the middle; Sabra to the 
    Hints: Move as quickly as possible to the bottom left corner of the valley. On 
    turn 5, reinforcements Thorne and Mina will show up to protect you (they are 
    much better at defeating the slime than your characters are). 
    Scenario 5:
    Object: Defeat the Royal Guard Lance. 
    Placement: Garett, second to the right; Baldarov to the far right; Mina second 
    to left, Sabra, center; Thorne to the far left 
    Hints: Use Baldarov to weaken the enemy, then finish them off with Garett's 
    troops to gain Garett's levels. Use Thorne and Mina to take out the first 
    commander. Defeat Lance and the scenario ends. Baldarov dies. 
    Scenario 6: 
    Object: Save Mina and defeat the Geryon lord. 
    Placement: Use your best characters towards the top (highest levels). Put your 
    weakest characters to the far right. 
    Hints: This scenario is HARD! Try to place your guys along the walls for the 
    best defense. Use Thorne and Sabra's troops to defeat the soldiers and send 
    Garett's troops in to defeat the leaders. By this point, Garett should go up a 
    level and have to choose whether to become a knight or lord. Refer to the 
    diagram at the end to find out which to make him. 
    Scenario 7: 
    Object: Protect Bayard. 
    Placement: Garett, far right; Mina, next to Garett; Tiberon, next to Mina; 
    Sabra, next to Tiberon; Thorne at the end. 
    Hints: Move Garett up the bridge as quickly as possible. When you reach the top 
    of the bridge, stay towards the top of the lake. If you choose to go straight 
    for the castle, Lance will appear and kill you (by the time he appears, you will 
    be weaken ed by the water enemies and other troops). 
    Scenario 8: 
    Object: Build levels. 
    Placement: Put your weakest characters at the top, with the strongest right 
    behind them. 
    Hints: Lance will show up on turn 5, so try to defeat as many Commander fighters 
    as quickly as possible. 
    Scenario 9: 
    Object: Defeat Commander Grand Knight. 
    Placement: Tiberon, third from the left; the others don't really matter. 
    Hints: Take a defensive stance. Don't move all of your troops out into the open, 
    because on turn 5, Leviathon's will appear. Leviathon's will destroy ANY troop 
    it's close to. If it's close to you, you're dead, if it's close to the enemy, 
    the enemy is dead (use this to your advantage). Let the Leviathon's destroy the 
    troops. On turn 6, Lance will appear again. 
    Scenario 10: 
    Object: Defeat the High Priest Bishop. 
    Placement: Garett, bring up the rear; Calais to the far right; Tiberon next to 
    Bayard; Sabra in the center; Mina next to Sabra; Thorne to the far left; Bayard 
    in the front. 
    Hints: Send Garett in to defeat the third commander and keep Mina and Calais in 
    their position to defeat the First Commander. Use Tiberon for the Second 
    Commander. Use Sabra and Garett to defeat the High Priest. Hold Thorne and 
    Bayard back to defe at the reinforcements that arrive on turn 10. 
    Scenario 11: 
    Object: Move to the center of the castle to defeat the Arch Mage. 
    Placement: Try to group a strong fighter with a weak fighter, so as not to have 
    two weak fighters in the same corner. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter. 
    Hints: Move your strong troops in to weaken the enemy, then finish the enemy off 
    with the weak troops. Use Calais's magic. Place troops on Castle wall for a 
    better defense advantage. 
    Scenario 12: 
    Object: Save your troops from the Emperor Pithion. 
    Placement: Automatic 
    Hints: This scenario is HARD! Move Garett and neighboring troops to defeat the 
    Magician Wizard and First Commander. The captured troops, move towards the 
    bottom of the screen and wait for Garett to arrive. 
    Scenario 13: 
    Object: Move your troops North to the treasure box. 
    Placement: Doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Use Garett to take out the Ants to the right. Mina takes out the slime 
    above. Calais takes out the slime to your left. Rush the remaining troops North 
    to the treasure box. Once at the treasure box, Lance will come to life and... 
    HELP YOU! 
    Scenario 14: 
    Object: Fight for your life. 
    Placement: DO NOT use Mina and Tiberon. Instead, substitute Bayard and Carleon. 
    Otherwise, doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Use Horsemen. Soldiers have a strong disadvantage in this scenario. Stay 
    in a group, don't spread out. 
    Scenario 15: 
    Object: Save the town from the Great Dragon. 
    Placement: Doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Take out the Stracosaurs with Thorne and Carleon's Horsemen. Use Garett 
    to back up 
    Carleon and keep the path through the middle clear, so the citizens can retreat 
    safely. Send Mina up to defeat the spell user and she will summon the Fire 
    Elemental. Send Garett up to help the Fire Elemental defeat the Great Dragon. 
    Scenario 16: 
    Object: Move your troops to the center of the valley and defeat the Great 
    Placement: Use strong troops in front and weak troops in back. 
    Hints: Send Calais and Mina after the Slime to the left. Carleon and Thorne 
    should go after the Ants in the lower left. Use magic to weaken the Great 
    Dragon, then finish him off with Garett, Sabra and Thorne. 
    Scenario 17: 
    Object: Build up levels. 
    Placement: Doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Use archers against the Gargoyles. Use Gryphons against the Stracosaurs. 
    Scenario 18: 
    Object: Defeat the Naxos Conjuror. 
    Placement: Tiberon to the upper right. Mina below Tiberon. Calias below Mina. 
    Sabra below Mina. Thorne to the left of Tiberon. Garett below Thorne. Bayard 
    below Garett. Carleon on the bottom. 
    Hints: Have Calais use Earthquake on the wall to destroy it. Send Mina and 
    Calais up to defeat the slime. Use the rest of your leaders to defeat the Living 
    Armor. Use your Horsemen against the Ants. The Golems are nearly invincible, so 
    take Sabra in from the back and take out Naxos from the back. 
    Scenario 19: 
    Object: To defeat Mortimus the Sorcerer. 
    Placement: Doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Use Garett and Tiberon to defeat the first and second commanders. Use 
    Earthquake magic from Calais to break a hole in the wall. Send in the archers to 
    take on the Dark Elves. Send Sabra after the royal soldiers. Once you've 
    defeated the en emies archers and soldiers, bring Calais to the center of the 
    map. Mortimus will try to use magic on her, but if she is an Arch Mage, it will 
    not affect her. Finally, send Mina's Monks in to finish off the Skeletons and 
    Scenario 20: 
    Object: Defeat Chaos. 
    Placement: Doesn't matter. 
    Hints: Move everybody to the right. Don't worry about building levels here, just 
    go directly for Chaos. Use magic to your advantage... it's the only real 
    advantage you have here. It may take two or three horsemen to take out one 
    Skeleton! If you can draw Ganelon off his throne, you will have a GREAT 
    defensive position (use Sabra to dissipate his magic)! After defeating Ganelon, 
    set the leaders one after one up on the throne to heal (just in case they get 
    attacked). When Chaos appears, he will have Elementals with him. Take the 
    Elementals out with Garett and go after Chaos with ALL the other characters. 
    Warsong Item List
    Item		Attack rating		Defence rating 
    Amulet		0				+2
    Orb		0				0
    Cross		0				+2
    Wand		+2				0
    Shield		0				+4
    Evil Axe	+8				-10
    Dragon Slayer	+5				+3
    Great Sword	+2				0
    Warsong		+4				+4

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