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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheStarbird

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    (c) Treco 1991
    Walkthrough v1.0 by: 
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    I. Story
    II. Gameplay
    III. Characters
    IV. Enemy Characters
    V. Troops
    VI. Walkthrough
    VII. Commander Classes
    VIII. Enemy Troops
    IX. Items
    X. Spells
    XI. Tips
    XII. Thanks
    I. Story
    Baltia was a peaceful kingdom ruled by King Alfador and his son Prince Garett.
    One day, the Dalsis empire attacked Baltia to retrieve one thing; the
    legendary sword Warsong. Being overwhelmed, Alfador sent Garett to leave the
    castle and find help. Baltia is taken over by Dalsis and Warsong is stolen.
    Evil is reborn and monsters start to appear in great numbers in order to get
    back Warsong.
    II. Gameplay
    Warsong is a tactical RPG, much like the later Shining Force series. You are
    given commanders who have their own special abilities to lead their troops into
    battle. If the commander dies, all the troops will die as well. Also note that
    when a commander dies, s/he DIES, which mean you can no longer use them.
    Characters start at a certain class and end at a certain class. Each class has
    a specific AT (attack power), DF (defense power) MV (movement range), MP
    (Magic Points), A (attack bonus for troops) and D (defense bonus for troops).
    These stats (especially A and D) should be taken into consideration when
    choosing what troops to take and how to fight.
    Before you start a battle, you can hire troops if you have enough points
    (which are made by defeating monsters) and equip items if you have them. You
    can hire up to 8 troops of the same type, you can't mix two types of troops
    per commander.
    Once you start the battle, you will have the first go. Select what you want
    to move then move it. If you are adjacent to the enemy, you can attack it,
    though it is not always wise to attack. Keep an eye at the bar on the bottom.
    At the left side of the bar, it shows your terrain. The % beside it is how
    much of a defensive bonus you have. The higher the %, the better you'll be
    able to defend from attacks (but your movement will be less on these parts,
    depending on the class and troop).
    If your commander can use magic, select the Magic option from the menu. You
    cannot move and use magic, you have to stay where you are.
    If your commander is running low on HP, have them use the Treat command, which
    will use their turn to restore 3 HP. Also note that if your troops are weak,
    you can place them adjacent to your commander and when your turn comes up,
    they will regain 2-3 HP. Keep that in mind instead of wasting your troops on
    the enemy.
    The Command option can save your life. This will determine what you want your
    troops to do. Move means they will just move with the Commander and attack
    anything near. Attack means they will move to strike and attack as long as
    they are within the Commander's range (usually 3-4 squares away). Defense
    means that they will get close to the commander, and Manual means that they
    will not move unless you move them yourself. Use Defense when your troops
    start running low on HP.
    When you engage in battle with the enemy, you will be shown on one side and
    the enemy on the other. The big numbers show how much HP you have. The green
    bar at the top shows your experience points, and when it fills, you gain a
    level. Get to level 10 and you get a class change. For every point of damage
    you give, it will show with one sword under the experience bar, and the same
    for the enemy. When HP reaches 0, the troops or commander will die off the
    Once your turn is over, press Start and select "End of Phase". Any available
    troops or NPCs will make their move. After everyone is done, the enemy will
    have their Phase and make their moves. After they are done, you get your turn
    That is basically how you play this game.
    III. Characters
    A list of each character in order of appearance with a little description and
    a recommendation of what to make them. The tree below each character is their
    growth tree as far as what class they can become.
    Garett is the Prince of Baltia and heir to Alfador's Throne. During the first
    battle, he is sent to escape and to find help. Garett is the main character,
    and if he dies, it's game over.
    Magic Knight and Knight Master are two lame classes to end up with, so that
    leaves Grand Knight and King. Both have the same defense, but the Grand Knight
    has +2 AT points than the King. However, the King can use Magic Arrows and
    Healing 1. I personally go with the Grand Knight, as both of those spells are
    weaker than other spells.
                                    Grand Knight
                                    Knight Master
                                    Magic Knight
    Baldarov has long since been the bodyguard of Garett. His trustworthiness and 
    power help Garett out for quite a while.
    Baldarov is a Swordmaster and will not change no matter how much you make him 
    kill. Do NOT let him kill any enemies, as he cannot gain XP from the kills, 
    and can go much better to Garett.
    Alfador is the King of Baltia and the father of Prince Garett. Wise and always 
    thinking of his people, standing by his throne until he dies.
    You only get Alfador for the 1st Scenario, and even then, he is still a king. 
    Not much you can do with him.
    Sabra is one of King Alfador's finest fighters for Baltia. Though Sabra is 
    female, she is one very tough cookie and a force to be reckoned with.
    I always recommend taking the Dragon Knight route with Sabra. As long as you 
    keep her away from Dark Elves, she will be nearly unstoppable. Her DF in this
    class lacks a bit compared to a Grand Knight, but she has a higher AT and can
    use Magic.
    A risky plan is that if you're playing the game without troops, then an
    alternate path is to become a Ranger. Rangers cannot command troops, but they
    have a super AT and DF and some decent Magic to back it up. But, it takes a
    LOT of time to get her to that high a level.
                                    Grand Knight
                                    Knight Master
                                    Dragon Knight
                                    Magic Knight    Ranger
    Calais is King Alfador's head magician in the kingdom of Baltia. Her magic
    powers are without compare in all the world over.
    Well, there are two ways to side here. Either a Saint or an Arch Mage (or
    Ranger if you are going troop-less). If Calais can get to a high level by
    the end of the 1st Scenario, then you might think of going to a Saint, but
    be warned, you're more likely to finish the game with her as Priestess than
    a Saint. It is possible though. If you don't want to wait, she can quickly
    level up to an Arch Mage, but Arch Mages have a VERY low defense, so if you
    want one, give her the Magic Shield. If you think you can make it, make
    Calais a Magic Knight and then try to make her a Ranger.
                                    Arch Mage
                                    Magic Knight    Ranger
                                    Warlock (repeat)
                                                    High Priestess
    Mina is traveling with a bunch of civilians when Garett and her first meet.
    They eventually catch each other's eyes and fall in love... in a way.
    Mina is better off as a Saint, no questions asked. Whether you are using troops
    or not, a Saint is the way to go. Their AT is the same as a King, and her
    Magic is very strong. Some people go High Priestess due to its massive defense
    power, but a Saint won't need defense if you know how to use her.
                                                    Arch Mage
                                                    Magic Knight    Ranger
                                    High Priestess
    Tiberon at one point was a pirate, but he eventually decided to work for King
    Alfador and become a Crocodile Knight.
    Making Tiberon a Serpent Knight is basically the same as making him walk the
    plank. It is NOT worth it. For most of the game, there isn't even water for
    Tiberon to be effective. Just make him a Knight Master, even though it isn't
    a great class, at least it's better than a Serpent Knight.
                    Knight          Knight Master
    Crocodile Knight
                    Serpent Knight
    Thorne is one of the men under the orders of Duke Carleon. Thorne is your
    basic fighter and there really isn't anything special about him.
    Well, you don't have much of a choice, do you? Either a Knight Master or a
    Magic Knight. Knight Masters have the 2nd highest AT power of every obtainable
    class (tied with Dragon Knight and behind Ranger), but their DF is terrible.
    Make Throne a Magic Knight, as Magic is good, as is defense.
                    Knight          Knight Master
                    Lord            Magic Knight
    Bayard is the man garrisoned in the Fortress Anzel which is one of the last
    strongholds of Baltia.
    Bayard is a lot like Thorne, and as so should be treated like Thorne. Again,
    stick with the Magic Knight.
                    Knight          Knight Master
                    Lord            Magic Knight
    Duke Carleon is an ally to Baltia and friend of Alfador's. He commands many
    troops below him, but is in reality more like Thorne or Bayard.
    OK, a 3rd person with the same growth tree. Just make him a Magic Knight and
    forget about the rest.
                    Knight          Knight Master
                    Lord            Magic Knight
    Once served under Lord Pythion, after Pythion's defeat, Lance will be turned
    to stone, only to be rescued by Garett. You will fight Lance a couple of times
    in the early stages, but he will eventually join as a Dragon Knight.
    By this point, you'll have 8 characters who will be more valuable to you.
    Lance will never gain experience, so needless to say, NEVER work with him
    unless you need his Dragon Knight abilities (of course, you should have made
    Sabra into one).
    Dragon Knight
    IV. Enemy Characters
    Here is a list of enemy characters in order of appearance.
    Geryon - Lord
    Geryon leads the charge against Baltia in Scenario 1 and ends up taking control
    over the Castle. You will meet up with him again in Scenario 6 to reclaim 
    Malvese - Shaman
    Malvese is the head thief that attacks the village of Sulras during Scenario
    Momus - Fighter
    Momus is ordered to attack Anzal Fortress during Scenario 7.
    Pythion - Kaiser
    Phythion is the emperor of the Dalsis Empire and the one who ordered the
    attacks on Baltia and Anzal. You fight him during Scenario 12.
    Great Dragon
    A powerful being that was created by the darkness to retrieve Warsong. You see
    this beast during Scenarios 15 and 16.
    Naxos - Conjurer
    Naxos guards Saneferia with his army of nearly indestructible Golems. You will
    see him during Scenario 18.
    Mortimus - Conjurer
    Once Naxos is defeated, Mortimus runs the show in Saneferia Castle. Very
    much the same, but Mortimus controls the Undead. Meet him in Scenario 19.
    Ganelon - Wight
    Ganelon can be considered the Prince of Darkness, as he is revived by the
    Darkness to spread it around. He at one point was a Magic Knight who turned
    into a Wight. You will face off against him in Scenario 20.
    The being created in order to keep the balance between order and chaos. He's
    very powerful and will be revived after Ganelon is defeated in Scenario 20.
    V. Troops
    Here is a list of troops who you can control and which classes can control
    Troop        Cost AT DF MV  Classes
    Archer       70   19 14 7   Arch Mage, Bishop, Grand Knight, King, Lord,
                                Knight Master, Magic Knight, Sword Master
    Gryphon      100  27 13 9   Dragon Knight
    Guardsman    30   16 10 6   Arch Mage, Cleric, High Priestess, Priestess,
                                Saint, Warlock, Wizard
    Horseman     60   21 15 8   Grand Knight, King, Knight, Knight Master
                                Magic Knight, Sword Master
    Merman       80   24 6  7   Crocodile Knight, Serpent Knight
    Monk         60   20 13 6   Bishop, High Priestess, Priestess, Saint
    Soldier      40   20 14 6   Arch Mage, Bishop, Crocodile Knight, Fighter,
                                Grand Knight, High Priestess, King, Knight, 
                                Knight Master, Lord, Magic Knight, Saint, 
                                Serpent Knight, Sword Master, Wizard
    VI. Walkthrough
    To easily access this walkthrough, just use Ctrl+F and type in "Scenario #"
    where # is the number which you need help on.
    Note: The walkthrough in no way will give much information on the storyline.
    If you want to know what happens and why, you'll just have to play it.
    Note: If you're going with troops, it is sometimes always useful to have full
    control over them. When you use troops, set your Command to Manual.
    Note: Each Scenario will have a troop and troop-less walkthrough in it to give
    a guide to those who needed an extra challenge. Enjoy.
    Scenario 1: Escape from the Castle
    "The legendary sword, Warsong, was said to give its possessor magical power. 
    But now, regarded as sacred, it was hidden deep within Castle Baltia."
    Win: Garett's Escape.
    Lose: Death of Garett.
    Control: Garett, Baldarov
    Friends: Alfador, Sabra, Calais, Tiberon
    Lord/Dark Elf x8, Bishop/Elemental x4, Serpent Knight/Lizardman x8
    Geryon/Soldiers x8
    -With Troops-
    Give Garett Soldiers for this first battle. Your main concern is to get
    Garett to the upper left side of the map. This will be his escape to safety.
    But, why let good experience go to waste? There is a couple of enemies you
    can kill right now. Before you act, wait a turn. Let the enemy attack, not
    worrying if your friends get killed (most likely Tiberon and Sabra will be
    defeated in a round or two). 
    After the first turn is up, now you can make your move. Get Baldarov away from
    any of the action so that he won't wind up getting any experience. The Dark
    Elves on your left should be close enough for Garett to get to attack, and
    Tiberon's men might have weakened them. Attack them with your troops. Though
    all your men may eventually fall, you're still getting the experience from
    them. When only the Lord is left, send in Baldarov to weaken him down to 1 or
    2 HP, then have Garett or his Soldiers finish him off.
    Once you have the Lord defeated, you are free to follow the road north to
    freedom. But, why don't you wait a bit? Get close to the end and just wait.
    Why you ask? Well, to see exactly how many enemies are going to be killed and
    for your other characters to gain experience. Chances are, they will all die
    except for Alfador (unless he steps off his throne). If he does step off his
    throne, you might as well call it good and end the Scenario by escaping.
    -Without Troops-
    Whenever you go without troops in this game, you have to make sure to use the
    terrain to your advantage. Whatever gives you the highest defensive %, stay
    there and let the enemy come to you.
    In this case, head left from the start, then start climbing to the walls.
    Tiberon's Mermen should die quickly. Don't worry about anyone else, just keep
    an eye on this group of enemies. Hang on the wall and attack anyone who is
    near. Have Baldarov weaken the enemies if you can. When the Dark Elves are
    all gone, send Baldarov after the Lord and keep fighting it until it has
    around 1 or 2 HP left. When that's all said and done, send Garett to finish
    the job.
    Once that is set, wait for most of the enemies to die. The Elementals will
    probably not die unless Alfador can defeat them. When it looks like there is
    nothing to be gained here, follow the road north to the exit to end the
    Scenario 2: To Sulras
    "Garett escaped from Baltia and now makes his way to Sulras. On the way, he 
    meets a group of travelers."
    Win: Mina's Escape
    Lose: Death of Mina and Garett
    Control: Garett, Baldarov
    Friends: Mina
    Enemies: 4 Shaman/Barbarian x6, Shaman/Barbarian x4, Shaman/Barbarian x8
    -With Troops-
    Give Garett 8 Soldiers and set him at the bottom. Have Baldarov stay close to
    Mina and if necessary, take a Magic Arrow from a Shaman. Have Garett go down
    and fight the group down there. Do NOT fight on a road. Stay on trees or grass
    if you're gonna fight, and if your troops get weak, the next turn, set them
    adjacent to Garett and send in the fresh troops. Never fight with more than
    1/2 your sets of troops at a time.
    Once the group at the bottom is defeated, head back with the rest of the
    group. Have a weakened Baldarov weaken some of the monsters as long as his HP
    is below the enemy's HP. Don't have Baldarov attack the Shamans, as chances
    are they will destroy him. 
    Take your time and make your way up to the top. After about 13 rounds another
    group of enemies will appear to attack.  Use this to your advantage and you
    most likely will be able to promote Garett to his 2nd class.
    Just keep up the fighting and within due time, they will all fall. Most likely
    though, all of Mina's Civilians will perish, but Mina should easily be able
    to hold her own.
    -Without Troops-
    This will be a little more time consuming without troops, but it still can
    easily be done. The best strategy here is to keep Baldarov and Garett close
    by. Let Baldarov weaken anything that comes near and have Garett finish off
    the work. Go up from where you start and work with the small group and let the
    group below you make their way up. Remember not to let Baldarov kill any of
    the enemies.
    Keep making your way up and if you do things right and Garett gets like 99% of
    the kills, Garett will be able to get to his 2nd class very easily. Just keep
    attacking and the scenario should easily end.
    Scenario 3: Surprise Attack
    "While Garett rests in the city of Sulras, thieves invade taking advantage of 
    him being off guard."
    Win: Defeat the enemy leader - Malvese
    Lose: Death of Mina and Garett 
    Control: Garett, Baldarov
    Friends: Mina, Thorne
    Enemies: 3 Shaman/Barbarian x2, 2 Shaman/Barbarian x4, Shaman/Barbarian x6,
             Shaman/Barbarian x8
    -With Troops-
    If Garett is a Knight by now, load Garett up with Horsemen. If not, just stick
    with Soldiers. This is another excellent opportunity to level up Garett.
    Send Baldarov to guard Mina's crew. By now you really shouldn't need Baldarov's
    help at all. Send Garett and his men up to tackle the group just above them.
    Again, Horsemen would really help you out a lot, but even so, the enemy should
    not pose much of a problem.
    Don't worry about Thorne. Whether he dies or not, it doesn't matter one bit.
    It might be better for Garett if he does die so that he can take care of the
    rest of them.
    After you finish off the first group, head up again and work on the group
    coming from the east. Finish them off then go help Thorne out if he is still
    alive. If not, go to where the Shamans are gathering and finish them off.
    Remember NOT to kill Malvese until the very end, as his death will end the
    After the fight, Sabra will rejoin and give you the Great Sword.
    -Without Troops-
    This is just a bit trickier as Magic Arrow will most likely prevent Garett from
    killing any of the enemies. But, whether Garett is a Knight, Lord, or still a
    fighter, have Baldarov stay close to Garett to weaken the enemies. Don't
    worry about Thorne, just let him handle himself. 
    Take care of the group just to the north of where Garett starts, then go north
    again and finish off that group. After that's said and done, go down and help
    out Thorne. Don't kill Malvese yet else you'll end the scenario.
    After the fight, Sabra will join up and give you the Great Sword.
    Scenario 4: The Wood of Dead Souls
    "When Garett hears of the fall of the Castle of Baltia, he immediately decides
    to go back to the castle with troops under his command."
    Win: 10 Turns, Survival
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Baldarov, Sabra
    Friends: Mina, Thorne
    Items: Sabra - Great Sword
    Enemies: Great Slime/Slime x4, 2 Great Slime/Slime x6, 2 Great Slime/Slime x8
    -With Troops-
    I highly recommend that you don't use troops in this fight, as the Slimes will
    most likely destroy any troop you do have. It is possible to still defeat these
    monsters, but it will require a lot of patience and luck.
    If you are gonna go with troops, just give Garett some Horsemen. Soldiers and
    Archers will just be sitting ducks for the Slimes.
    There are two ways to do this, either just try to get to safety, or go ahead
    and fight. I recommend fighting, as the Slimes won't hurt your Commanders
    much if the Commanders are on the mountains. Send Baldarov with Sabra to
    weaken the Slimes down to 1 then have Sabra finish the job. Garett if he is
    at his 2nd class can handle things on his own (if he is NOT at his 2nd class
    yet, for shame). If you planned things out right, Garett should be at his 3rd
    and final class by now. If this is the case, don't have Garett do any more
    killing of his own for a while. Let him take and be like Baldarov and help
    Sabra gain some levels.
    After 5 rounds, Thorne and Mina will come out with troops of their own. Mina
    will have Guardsmen, which can totally destroy Slimes. Throne's troops will
    be destroyed by the slimes though.
    Keep up the defensive for another 5 rounds and the monsters will retreat. Mina
    and Thorne will now join the party, and Thorne gives Garett the Cross.
    -Without Troop-
    This is where I recommend going for this scenario. But, if you go this route,
    Garett will most likely not be promoted unless you are lucky enough that the
    Slimes all get killed in one shot by Garett. If you do manage to be that lucky,
    Garett should then be used to help other Commanders gain levels.
    Anyway, move Baldarov and Sabra to the mountains and wait for the Slimes to
    come. Have Baldarov weaken the Slimes, but don't worry if he kills a few, as
    chances are you won't kill all the slimes in the time given anyway.
    After 5 rounds, Mina and Thorne will come with backup and start to attack the
    Slimes. If there are some slimes near where Mina is, let them take care of it
    and put Garett over by Sabra. Keep up the defenses for 10 rounds total and the
    sun will come out and scare the Slimes away. Mina and Thorne will then join
    and you will receive the Cross.
    Scenario 5: Army of the Empire
    "Joining the reinforcements from Sulras, Garett finally beings his march into 
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's Leader - Lance
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Baldarov, Sabra, Mina, Thorne
    Items: Sabra - Great Sword, Mina - Cross
    Enemies: 2 Knight/Horseman x8, Fighter/Dark Elf x8, Fighter/Soldier x8
             Lance/Horseman x8
    -With Troops-
    If Garett is at his 3rd class already, don't give him any troops. If he isn't,
    give him Horsemen or Archers, depending on which way he went. Give Sabra and
    Thorne a bunch of Soldiers. Mina shouldn't have any troops because the
    Guardsmen will be crushed. Keep her near Baldarov and Garett at all times.
    Make your way to the lower right-hand corner of the map and stay on the
    mountains. Wait for the enemy to come. Have Garett and Baldarov weaken the
    Horsemen for Mina, Sabra, and Thorne. If HP gets too low, Treat and have Mina
    use Healing 1. Keep up the attacking, letting Baldarov and Garett weaken the
    enemy commanders.
    Don't worry if Baldarov dies in this Scenario. You'll lose him at the end of
    this one anyway. You want to focus mainly on Sabra right now.
    Once Lance makes his way down, have Garett fight him, making sure to leave
    Mina open to heal Garett in case of a stalemate. Don't let Garett kill Lance
    until all the enemies are gone. Once they are gone, have Sabra or Mina kill
    Lance. If Garett is at his 3rd class, then don't have him kill anything.
    By this time I've already got Sabra to her 2nd class.
    -Without Troops-
    This is a little more cost-effective because your Soldiers are more likely to
    be killed by the Horsemen anyway. Make your way to the lower right-hand
    corner of the map, staying on the mountains once you get there. Form a
    diagonal chain on the edge of the mountains, putting Baldarov and Garett at
    the corners. This will give you a clear terrain advantage over any of the
    troops coming near. Let them come to you and your commanders should take them
    out easily.
    Once Lance makes his way down, keep him busy with Garett so that he doesn't
    try to attack your weaker members. Baldarov could fight him as well, but
    whatever you do, don't kill Lance yet. If Baldarov dies, don't worry about it.
    Once the enemies are dead, weaken Lance with Garett or Baldarov, then finish
    him with Sabra or Mina. Sabra should be at the 2nd class by now.
    Scenario 6: Battle for the Castle of Baltia
    "After defeating Lance and his army, Garett arrives back to the Castle of 
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Geryon
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne
    Items: Thorne - Great Sword, Mina - Cross
    Enemies: Fighter/Dark Elf x6, 2 Fighter/Soldier x8, 2 Knight/Horsemen x8
             Geryon/Royal Soldier x2
    -With Troops-
    Give Sabra either Horsemen or Archers, depending on which way she went. Thorne
    should still have Soldiers for now. Leave Mina and Garett without troops. This
    can be tricky, but set up Sabra, Mina, and Thorne on the right side of the
    map, with Garett on the upper-left side. 
    Believe it or not, this Scenario is truly easy providing you have the right
    troops. Archers are real good here. The first thing you want to do is get
    Garett over to the right side. Have Sabra take out the Horsemen with her
    Archers and weaken the Knight for Mina or Thorne. Thorne's Soldiers should
    take out the Dark Elves while Mina handles the enemy soldiers. Keep Garett
    coming over to the right side, then have Sabra go up with her Archers and
    take out the Horsemen that are following Garett. Once Garett is back, take
    Mina with him and go back. Have him weaken the Horsemen and have her finish
    When everything is finished, there should only be Geryon left in the Throne
    Room. Leave the troops behind and take the 4 Commanders inside. Have Garett
    weaken the Royal Soldiers and whoever is still at their first class should
    kill the Royal Soldiers (as they give massive experience). Once they are gone,
    lure Geryon off the throne. Finish him off.
    By now, Garett should have his 3rd class, while Sabra, Mina, and Thorne all
    have their 2nd class. Tiberon and Calais will rejoin the party and you will
    be given the Magic Shield
    -Without Troops-
    There really isn't much difference here, except that instead of charging the
    enemy in the castle, wait in the mountains and let them come out to you. Have
    Garett still run around to the right side of the castle while your other
    Commanders work on the enemy. When Garett reaches the other side, have him
    take Mina back up and finish off the rest. By now, everyone should be at their
    2nd class at least.
    Now all that's left is Geryon in the Throne Room. Head there and send Garett
    in to weaken the Royal Soldiers, then somebody else there to kill them. Do NOT
    attack Geryon while he is on the throne, as he will have a huge defense bonus.
    Finish Geryon off and Tiberon and Calais will join the party, and with them
    you will get the Magic Shield.
    Scenario 7: A Brave Man of the Fortress
    "Baltia's defense fortress, Anzel, was attacked by Pythion's army. Garett 
    advances to save his men."
    Win: Bayard's Rescue - Defeating Momus
    Lose: Death of Bayard or Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais
    Friends: Bayard
    Items: Mina - Great Sword, Calais - Magic Shield, Tiberon - Cross
    Enemies: Fighter/Dark Elf x8, 2 Serpent Knight/Lizardman x8,
             Knight/Horsemen x6, Fighter/Soldiers x8, Momus/Dark Elf x8
             Knight/Horsemen x5, Lance/Horsemen x8
    -With Troops-
    With or without troops, you really have to rush through this scenario. Give
    Tiberon Mermen, Mina and Calais some Guardsmen, and Sabra with Archers (or
    Thorne if Sabra went Knight).
    Put Tiberon on the far right side and have him go towards the water to fight
    the Lizardmen coming. Have Sabra or Thorne right next to him heading up the
    bridge to pick off the Horsemen coming. Have them make room for Garett, as
    Garett should be rushing to help Bayard. If Garett is a Knight, then things
    will go smoother (though by now I have him at his 3rd class). Bayard's men
    will put up a good fight but will probably be wiped out eventually by those
    Dark Elves.
    Have Calais and Mina stick around to fend off the Lizardmen on the left side.
    The Guardsmen should do pretty well against the Lizardmen as LONG as you don't
    fight them in the water. Lure them to land and have Calais do the attacking
    with her troops until she levels up. Once that group is gone, have Mina and
    Calais join the rest.
    On Round 12, Lance will show up. Just keep Garett close to Bayard and weaken
    but not kill Momus and the other fighter. Don't let Garett's HP go over 8.
    Once Lance shows up, have Sabra and Thorne go up and get him with their
    Once it is just Momus, weaken him a bit then have Bayard finish him off. Once
    Momus is gone, the Scenario will end.
    -Without Troops-
    This can be very tough as you still have to hurry to rescue Bayard. Put
    Tiberon near Mina and Calais so that they have someone to weaken the enemies
    for them to kill. At this point, it isn't wise to promote Tiberon yet, so just
    let him do some weakening, but don't worry if he makes a kill or two.
    Sabra, Thorne, and Garett should run up the bridge. Have Thorne and Sabra
    stay away from the water and let the Lizardmen and Horsemen come down. Keep
    Garett going to the Fortress to rescue Bayard.
    After 12 rounds, Lance will show up. Get on some trees or mountains and have
    them attack you. Also by now Calais should be promoted (it really isn't that
    hard to do). Don't kill Momus until all the enemies are gone, then have
    Bayard or someone other than Garett finish him off.
    Scenario 8: The Follow-Up Attack
    "The enemy failing their attack of Anzel, withdraws. Garett immediately orders 
    a follow-up attack to finish them."
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Chief Commander
    Lose: Escape of the enemy, Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard.
    Items: Bayard - Great Sword, Calais - Magic Shield, Tiberon - Cross
    Enemies:  2 Fighter/Dark Elf x8, 2 Fighter/Soldier x8, Lord/Royal Solider x2
              Knight/Horsemen x6, Lance/Horsemen x6
    -With Troops-
    Give Soldiers to Sabra, Thorne, Bayard, and Calais (if she is a Wizard). Let
    Tiberon, Mina, and Garett go without any troops.
    This battle is so easy that you could probably beat it blindfolded. Set
    Tiberon at the upper spot and Mina and Garett at the left spots. Set Bayard
    below Tiberon and divide the rest up. You are VERY close to the enemy, so take
    advantage and send in the troops to attack. Bayard should get to his 2nd class
    by now. After that, focus your experience on Sabra, and by the end of this
    fight, she should get to her 3rd class.
    As for Garett, Mina, and Tiberon, have them go around and flank the enemy.
    Your focus is the Lord. Once the enemies are easily defeated, totally surround
    the Lord with Commanders (Garett, Mina, Tiberon, and Sabra if she's at her
    3rd class would be the best choices).
    On Round 6, Lance will show up again. The Lord will be helpless if surrounded,
    so now you can take your other 3 commanders and take care of Lance's group.
    Don't worry if you lose troops here, they will weaken the Horsemen enough for
    the Commanders to handle. Take care of Lance and the Horsemen, then have Mina
    or Calais finish off the Lord.
    -Without Troops-
    This is really just as easy, it will just take a little bit longer. Make sure
    you get a good spot to defend yourself in, else it could be hazardous. Bayard
    should be promoted during this fight, as should Sabra to her 3rd class.
    Take Tiberon at the upper pond and flank the enemy, while Garett and Mina do
    the same thing from below.
    After a few rounds, Lance will show up again. Keep the Lord occupied to make
    sure he doesn't escape, then show Lance who is boss. Defeat Lance and everyone
    else, then finish off the Lord.
    Scenario 9: The Torrents of Worth
    "Finally, Garett starts his advance on Dalsis. However, Pythion placed a 
    defensive army along the river Worth, to arrive the arrival of Garett's men."
    Win: Garett's Escape
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard
    Items: Mina - Great Sword, Calais - Magic Shield, Tiberon - Cross
    Enemies: Serpent Knight/Lizardman x8, Grand Knight/Soldier x8, 
             2 Fighter/Soldier x8, Fighter/Dark Elf x8, 2 Kraken/Leviathan x8
             Lance/Horsemen x8
    -With Troops-
    This is gonna be one long and very hard fight. Hopefully you haven't
    promoted Tiberon yet, as this is the level to do so. Give Tiberon some Mermen,
    Calais and Mina some Guardsmen, and give Bayard and Thorne some archers.
    Sabra can have troops if she's still at her 2nd class, else just make her 
    act like Garett and aid those who need it to gain experience.
    You have to act fast. Get everybody into the shallow water (it's the one of
    lighter color) and move them to the other side quickly. Lure the Lizardmen to
    shore and have Mina and Calais take care of them. Put Tiberon in the water
    with his Mermen to take care of any Soldiers and Archers coming down. Have
    Garett follow him. Tiberon should be promoted during this fight. Have Sabra
    follow Thorne and Bayard to the other side.
    Once Round 6 comes into play, Krakens and Leviathans will show up. Get to land
    quickly, but don't let the Krakens attack your enemy, as you will lose
    experience. Lure one side over with Sabra (get close, but just out of range),
    then get them onto land. Archers will be a BIG help against the Leviathans,
    but you're on your own with the Krakens.
    The next round, Lance will show up... yet again. Keep attempting to get to 
    land. Let Garett weaken Lance's troops for Tiberon to finish off. By now
    the Kraken will head to land. To end the scenario, you can either make it to
    the top of the map, or kill everything. I recommend killing everything to get
    the added experience.
    -Without Troops-
    This will weigh you down less when you're trying to cross the water, but it
    will still be pretty tough. Get to the other side of the river as quickly as
    possible. Lure the Lizardmen onto land and kill them all off.
    After a few rounds, Krakens will show up. Lure them onto land to attack you.
    Do NOT let them attack the enemy, else you will lose experience. They are
    very weak on land, so just keep that in mind. Within another round, Lance
    will show up yet again (doesn't he ever quit?) Take care of him fast. By now,
    Tiberon should be at his 2nd class (which better NOT be a Serpent Knight).
    Scenario 10: Castle on the Water
    "One after another, Garett has defeated the relentless attacks by Pythion's 
    armies. Finally, surrounds the castle of Valk, the last fortress of the 
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's Leader - Chief Commander
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard
    Items: Mina - Great Sword, Calais - Magic Shield, Tiberon - Cross
    Enemies: 2 Serpent Knight/Lizardman x8, Arch Mage/Soldier x8,
             Fighter/Soldier x8, Bishop/Dark Elf x8, Lord/Royal Soldier x4
             Grand Knight/Soldier x8, Grand Knight/Archer x6
    -With Troops-
    Give Tiberon, Thorne, and Bayard Soldiers and give Mina and Calais some
    Guardsmen. Leave Sabra and Garett without troops. Have your Soldiers storm
    the castle while your Guardsmen stay way from the water and ambush the
    Lizardmen that come. Watch out for the Arch Mage and Bishop, as their magic
    will put a hurting on you. If they use magic, have one of your Lords use
    Healing 1 and keep attacking. After they are out, head for the inner part of
    the castle with Tiberon, Throne, and Bayard.
    After 10 rounds, reinforcements come. Bring Garett, Sabra, Mina, and Calais
    together. Garett and Sabra should weaken them while Mina and Calais finish
    them off. In the meantime, have Thorne and Bayard get rid of the Dark Elves
    there and then finish off the deadly Bishop. After he's gone, head for the
    Lord and wipe out the Royal Soldiers. Lure the Lord off the throne and then
    nail him.
    Once the battle is over, you'll get the Wand and Carleon will join.
    -Without Troops-
    This might be a bit less costly, but it will take more time. From the first
    round, head to the left side of the road. This will give you a good advantage
    over them already. Form a chain down the road and keep Sabra and Garett on the
    corners. This will eliminate being surrounded by the enemy, plus if the enemy
    attacks on the road, then they will go down very easily.
    After the first wave is over, send Thorne, Bayard, and Mina into the castle.
    Keep the 3 of them close together with Mina in the middle. If HP gets low,
    Mina should cast Healing 2.
    Once the reinforcements arrive after 10 rounds, have Garett and Sabra weaken
    them for Tiberon and Calais. This time though, get on the upper side of the
    road so that they will still be on the road when they attack. Form a chain
    again and nail them.
    Go for the Lord afterwards and the scenario will be over once he's dead.
    Carleon will then join and you'll get the Want.
    Scenario 11: The Castle of Dalsis
    "Garett and his army finally arrive at the castle of Dalsis. The final battle 
    for the sacred sword, Warsong, was just about to begin."
    Win: Garett moves to castle center
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Carleon - Great Sword, Tiberon - Cross, Calais - Magic Shield
           Mina - Wand
    Enemies: 4 Grand Knight/Soldier x8, Arch Mage/Dark Elf x8
             Lance/Horseman x8
    -With Troops-
    This could be a little bit tricky with troops, but it's even harder without
    them. Your group is divided by 4 and two commanders are set at each corner.
    Give Bayard and Throne some Archers, Calais and Carleon some Soldiers, and
    Tiberon some Horsemen. Garett, Mina, and Sabra left without. Place Sabra and
    Calais on the upper left side, Tiberon and Bayard on the upper right side,
    Garett and Mina on the lower left side, and Thorne and Carleon on the lower
    right side. Work your way inward. All the enemies at the corners are Soldiers
    and Grand Knights, so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Two commanders
    together should more than take care of a Grand Knight. Take care of the
    enemies at the corners, then lead Bayard to the upper wall of the castle and
    Thorne to the lower wall of the castle. Put the Archers at the wall and wait
    At Round 5, Lance will show up for the last time at the lower-left corner.
    Mina can gain some good levels here as long as she stays in a corner with
    Garett. Don't make any moves towards the center just yet. 
    At Round 7, at the north and south ends of the map, Wyverns with 8 sets of
    Gargoyles each will attack the castle, but will attack anyone there. If
    you have your Archers lined up on the wall, they should easily take care of
    any Gargoyle that comes in the way. In order to save you time though, set
    Bayard's and Throne's command on Manual.
    After Lance and that Wyverns are taken care of, send Bayard, Thorne, Carleon,
    Calais, Mina, and Garett to the center. Kill off the Arch Mage (if you're
    lucky, Thorne, Bayard, or Calais will be promoted to their 3rd class by now)
    after you handle the Dark Elves. Do NOT let Garett enter the middle zone, as
    that will end the Scenario. Kill the enemies first, then have him go to the
    -Without Troops-
    This is far more dangerous than without troops. It doesn't matter which order
    you set your troops in, but I still recommend Garett and Mina at the
    lower-left side.
    You still have to hustle a bit to get to the middle of the map. Once you
    defeat the Grand Knights, have your stronger commanders (Lords mostly) line
    up on top of the walls while your weaker ones stand back and cast magic as
    needed on your Commanders or the Wyverns that appear on the 7th Round.
    Have Garett and Mina handle Lance's party, which should be quite easy to do.
    Once everyone is defeated, all that's left is the Arch Mage. Don't have Garett
    go yet, but kill off the Arch Mage first, then have Garett enter the center to
    end the Scenario.
    Scenario 12: The Twin Castle
    "Garett and his army breach the walls of the Twin Castle. Once inside, they 
    split into 2 groups - each group making their way to the top of the castle."
    Win: Defeating the enemy's leader - Pythion
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Mina - Great Sword, Tiberon - Cross, Garett - Magic Shield
           Calais - Wand
    Enemies: 3 Grand Knight/Soldier x8, Wizard/Dark Elf x8, Bishop/Dark Elf x8,
             Arch Mage/Soldier x8, Lord/Royal Soldier x6, Pythion/Royal Soldier x8
    -With Troops-
    Before you pick, note that the party has split into two teams for this fight.
    Garett, Mina, Tiberon, and Bayard are on the left side, while Sabra, Calais,
    Carleon, and Thorne are on the right side. This isn't a great level to gain
    levels up on because you are so outnumbered in such a tight spot. Give
    EVERYBODY some Soldiers who can use them and buy some Gryphons for Sabra if
    she's a Dragon Knight and some Monks for Mina.
    The first thing you wanna do with the right side is go up and take out the
    spell casters' troops. Have Sabra go left and work on those groups while Calais
    finishes them off with her troops. Thorne and Carleon should also work on the
    Magic uses very quickly. Then they should go down and finish the Grand Knights
    On the left side, keep any Knights away from the Dark Elves. Mina should be
    able to handle them easily by herself. Have Tiberon work on the Soldiers.
    Once both sides are cleared, have both sides of your party go down and take
    out the Lord and his Royal Guards. Only have those who need experience the
    most kill the Royal Guards and then the Lord. By this time, I have Garett,
    Calais, Sabra, Thorne, and Bayard in their 3rd classes (which for me meant
    3 Magic Knights). Mina, Tiberon, and Carleon should be the focus of the next
    round. Treat your 2nd class people and have your 3rd class people lead the
    charge against Phythion. Go up and work on the Royal Guards, making sure to
    watch out for Pythion's Blizzard. Once the Royal Guards are gone, Heal and
    Treat until Pythion runs out of magic, then lure him off his throne. Weaken
    him with Garett and have someone else finish him off. Once he is dead, you
    will get the Warsong and the Evil Axe.
    -Without Troops-
    This is THE toughest battle to do without troops. It requires a LOT of luck
    and a LOT of patience. Have Calais and Sabra start off by hitting the spell
    casters above them with magic, then have Thorne and Carleon work on them.
    Watch out for the groups from below, as they will hurt you. Beware of the
    Dark Elves for Sabra, as it could spell her doom. Keep healing and eventually
    the right side will fall.
    On the left side, just nail the Wizard with magic if you have any. Else, have
    Garett and Mina weaken them while Tiberon and Bayard go towards the Soldiers.
    Once everything is set, go down and take care of the Royal Guards, making sure
    that only 2nd class characters kill them. When you're all set (you should have
    at least 5 characters by now in their 3rd class), head for Pythion. Again,
    have the 2nd class characters kill the Royal Guards. Wait for Pythion to use
    up his magic, then lure him away from the throne with Garett. If Garett has
    the Magic Shield on him, Pythion shouldn't even leave a scratch on him. Finish
    him off and you'll retrieve the Warsong and the Evil Axe.
    Scenario 13: The City of Stone Statues
    "Returning home from Dalsis to Baltia, Garett and his army discover a ruined 
    city. They found no signs of life and found only scattered stone statues."
    Win: Total defeat of the enemy
    Lose: Death of Garett or turn into stone statue
    Control: Garett, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Friends: Lance
    Items: Carleon - Great Sword, Thorne - Cross, Tiberon - Magic Shield
           Calais - Wand, Mina - Warsong
    Enemies: 2 Queen Ant/Ant x8, 2 Great Slime/Slime x8, 2 Basilisk/Styracosaur x4,
             Basilisk/Styracosaur x6
    -With Troops-
    Leave Sabra out for this one. You're most likely gonna need all the magic you
    can get and Sabra's magic isn't exactly great. Give Mina some Guardsmen,
    Tiberon some Horsemen, and Carleon some Archers. Anyone else who hasn't been
    promoted to their 3rd class, give their best troops.
    Set Mina at the highest point. She will be very close to Slimes, which she can
    easily destroy to get real good experience. Carleon, Garett, and Thorne should
    be next highest. Set Tiberon in the middle of the lowest group with Calais and
    Bayard on either side.
    The thing you want to watch out for is the Basilisks, as one shot with their
    spell and they can turn you to stone. The way to avoid that is to bring down
    Thorne and have Calais use Earthquake or Thunder, depending on her class.
    Bayard should use Thunder as well, making sure to hit the whole group. Have
    Tiberon finish them off with his horsemen. Just keep doing that and do NOT
    let the Basilisk's HP reach above 8, else there is a chance they can use
    Watch out for the sides, as Ants will start coming. Carleon and his Archers
    should handle one set while Tiberon should handle the other. Mina should still
    focus on the slimes.
    If you need extra help, just go up and stand on the box. That will release the
    stone curse on Lance and his Gryphons. Though, I really never need his help
    anyway. After the battle is over, you'll be given the Amulet of Power.
    -Without Troops-
    Not too much different then with troops, but of course it will take more time.
    Use the same strategy as above and still have Tiberon finish them off. If
    Calais is a Magic Knight, go ahead and let her continue to beat up on the
    enemies. Have Mina work on the Slimes and Carleon take care of the Ants.
    If by some slim chance you need a hand, have Mina or somebody stand on the
    box in the middle of the map. This will remove the stone from Lance, and he
    will offer to help you out. After the fight is over, you will get the Amulet.
    Scenario 14: Wolf Pack
    "Garett had defeated the Emperor Pythion and reclaimed Warsong. But an
    extraordinary event was already set into motion."
    Win: Total defeat of the enemy
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Mina, Calais, Thorne, Bayard, Carleon
    Friends: 2 Fighters
    Items: Carleon - Great Sword, Thorne - Magic Shield, Calais - Wand,
           Mina - Warsong, Bayard - Amulet
    Enemies: Werewolf, 6 Werewolf/Werewolf x8
    -With Troops-
    Your main job is to protect the civilians. No matter really what troops you
    take, the Were Wolves are gonna crush them. Just give Mina some Monks and
    Carleon some Archers. Have Garett kill the Were Wolf in the middle, and in
    doing so, 6 packs of wolves will charge the village, 3 packs on each side.
    Send Calais, Mina, and Garett to the left and Thorne, Bayard, and Carleon to
    the right. Have Thorne and Bayard keep their distance if they are both Magic
    Knights and keep casting Thunder one at a time, as the Werewolves will group
    together. Do the same over on the left side, except Calais will only get one
    Do not fight on the road. Put Carleon on the fence and let the wolves come to
    him. Carleon will probably a lot of leveling, just not enough to get to his
    3rd class. Mina however should now be a Saint, which will help you in the long
    There is one pack of wolves that probably won't move until you get close
    enough. Let Carleon deal with that side once he finishes the other side. Back
    him up with a round or two of Thunder. This fight shouldn't last long.
    -Without Troops-
    This method is probably a LOT smarter because the wolves will go through any
    troops you have. Just follow the same strategy as above; have Garett kill the
    lone wolf, send Mina, Garett, and Calais to one side, Thorne, Bayard, and
    Carleon to the other, get on the fence, and fight them off with Thunder. Just
    keep doing that and heal when needed. Don't let the head Were Wolf's HP get
    too high. Nail them with Thunder then have Carleon finish them off. Same with
    the other side. By now, the only one who shouldn't be at their 3rd class is
    Scenario 15: Roar of the Dragon
    "The Evil came up with a surprise. It created a fierce Dragon, with one 
    purpose - to get Warsong."
    Win: Defeating the Dragon
    Lose: Death of Garett or Dragon invades city
    Control: Garett, Mina, Carleon, Sabra/Lance
    Friends: 3 Fighters, Efreet
    Items: Mina - Cross, Garett - Magic Shield, Carleon - Warsong, 
           Sabra/Lance - Amulet
    Enemies: Great Dragon, 2 Gorgosaur/Styracosaur x6, Shaman/Barbarian x8
    -With Troops-
    Give Soldiers to everybody here with Horsemen for Garett. If Sabra is NOT a
    Dragon Knight, use Lance for this battle. Give him Gryphons. Have him quickly
    fly up towards the Shaman.
    In the meantime, have Carleon, Garett, and Mina make their way towards the
    pond to await the monsters coming. Don't try attacking the Great Dragon as
    you won't stand a chance. Have Carleon take out a lot of the monsters for the
    time being. In doing this, he should finally be at his 3rd class. Once that
    happens, use anything to attack.
    Back at the Dragon Knight, have it go up and attack the Shaman and the 
    Barbarians. Once they are defeated, Efreet will join for the battle. This is 
    your only chance to defeat the Dragon. He will warp down and start casting Fire 
    Ball on the Dragon. Keep Mina close by to heal him when he needs it, else 
    you'll have to fight the dragon yourself. Once the dragon is defeated, the 
    scenario ends.
    -Without Troops-
    This is a more logical way to go. Keep your Dragon Knight at the top and make
    your way up to the Shaman and destroy their group. Have Carleon, Garett, and
    Mina go right to the pond to head off the monsters. Give Carleon the majority
    of the kills as by now he'll be at his 3rd class.
    Once the Shamans are defeated, Efreet will pop out of a pot and start to attack
    the Dragon. Keep Mina close by to heal Efreet in case the battle gets close.
    Finish off what monsters you can and when the Dragon is dead, the Scenario will
    Scenario 16: In the Darkness
    "The wounded Dragon ran into the valley of Allenst. Garett and his army 
    followed it for one more fatal attack."
    Win: Defeating the Dragon
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Thorne - Great Sword, Mina - Cross, Sabra - Magic Shield,
           Calais - Wand, Bayard - Warsong, Tiberon - Amulet
    Enemies: Great Dragon/Styracosaur x8, 2 Gorgosaur/Carrion Crawler x8
             3 Queen Ant/Ant x8, 2 Great Slime/Slime x8
    -With Troops-
    Note that now EVERYBODY should be at their 3rd class. Now you can unleash
    everything on them. Give any of your Knights some Horsemen, and any spell
    caster some Guardsmen. If Sabra is a Dragon Knight, give her Gryphons. If
    Calais is a Magic Knight, give her Horsemen as well (in which case you should
    have her take the majority of the kills so she can become a Ranger).
    This battle is really quite easy. Send your Guardsmen to the left to take care
    of the slimes and then everyone else down. Again, if Calais is a Magic Knight,
    have her kill most of the enemies off. Once the enemies are gone from both
    sides, all that's left is the dragon. Have Garett stand on the box near the
    lower-center of the map. He will receive the Dragon Slayer for the battle.
    Now head for the center. Calais should still handle the Styracosaurs if she
    is a Magic Knight, else hold nothing back and let everything loose. When the
    Dragon is alone, ditch the troops and have your commanders run at it. Surround
    it with Garett, Bayard, Sabra, and Tiberon. Keep everyone else around for
    backup. Magic won't work, so plug away at it with your best attacks you can
    get and have Mina and any Magic Knight heal when you are weakened. The Dragon
    should very easily fall.
    -Without Troops-
    This is the better idea to use. Send Mina to the left to handle the slimes
    and everyone else down. You should easily be able to take care of the Carrion
    Crawlers and the Ants.
    Have everyone meet in the lower center. Have Garett stand on the box to
    receive the Dragon Slayer. Now go up and take out the Styracosaurs. When the
    time is right, surround the Dragon with Garett, Bayard, Sabra, and Tiberon.
    Have them weaken it down for Garett to finish off.
    Scenario 17: The Fierce Attack
    "Seneferia... it had been the center of the dark battle which almost destroyed 
    the world. Now, it had become the home of Evil in the forbidden land."
    Win: Total Defeat of the enemy
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Thorne - Great Sword, Mina - Cross, Sabra - Magic Shield,
           Calais - Wand, Bayard - Warsong, Tiberon - Amulet
    Enemies: 2 Gorgosaur/Styracosaur x8, 6 Wyvern/Gargoyle x8
    -With Troops-
    Archers, archers, ARCHERS! Give everybody that can use them some Archers.
    Leave Mina and Calais (if she's not a Magic Knight) without troops and Sabra
    with Gryphons. It doesn't matter where you set up, just set up the Archers in
    On the first round, fall back a bit and crowd together. Thunder works real
    well against the enemy here. If Calais is a Magic Knight, work with her to get
    her to a Ranger at the end of this round. Let the monsters come to you and
    your Archers will take care of them.
    After that is taken care of, all that's left are the Gorgosaurs. Send Sabra,
    Garett, Mina, and Calais up there to finish them off. Stay on the mountains
    and just plug away at them. Eventually they will fall.
    -Without Troops-
    If you're gonna go this way, stay close together on the mountains, else this
    will really hurt. Let the Gargoyles start to gang up on you then when they
    start to clump together, nail them with Thunder and Tornado. Just keep doing
    that until they end up dying.
    Once the Gargoyles and Wyverns are defeated, head north and kill what monsters
    are left up there. Stay on the mountains to attack.
    Scenario 18: Seneferia
    "Garett and his army arrived and Seneferia. The found nothing but enormous 
    ruins, which were a result of a fierce battle that had taken place there."
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Naxos
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Thorne - Great Sword, Mina - Cross/Wand, Sabra - Magic Shield,
           Calais - Evil Axe/Wand, Bayard - Warsong, Tiberon - Amulet,
           Carleon - Cross
    Enemies: 3 Queen Ant/Ant x8, 2 Great Slime/Slime x8, Living Armor/Skeleton x8
             Naxos - Golem x8
    -With Troops-
    By now you really won't need a lot of troops, but the Golems might be a bit of
    a pain to take care of. If Calais is a Ranger, give her the Evil Axe and she'll
    make very quick work of the Golems. Anyway, save a bit of money and only buy
    4 Troops per commander, right now I recommend Horsemen. Give Mina some Monks.
    Now with everyone at their 3rd class, take some time to get your spell casters
    to Level 5 (basically Mina and Calais if she's an Arch Mage). After they get
    to Level 5, work on your Magic Knights. Garett's level shouldn't matter too
    much unless he is a King, then get him to Level 5. Don't worry at all about
    Tiberon's and Sabra's Level (unless she is a Magic Knight).
    If Calais has Earthquake, have her use it. This will create a shortcut to
    Naxos. The monsters should be easy to finish off (Slimes, Ants, Skeletons),
    so just kill them with everything you've got.
    Once Naxos is alone, head for him. You might have a hard time killing the
    Golems unless someone has the Evil Axe (a Ranger with this would really win
    out easily). If you find you can't kill them easily (don't worry a whole lot,
    as the Golems have a real bad attack power), just kill Naxos. He shouldn't
    be that tough to kill.
    Once you are done, the Mystic Orb will be yours, but Lance will leave the
    party (who used him anyway?)
    -Without Troops-
    The only challenge with using no troops is the Skeletons, but Mina should take
    care of them real quick. Stay together and kill anything in your path around
    to the front. Have Calais use Earthquake to knock down the walls to allow
    easy access to Naxos. Don't worry about the Golems too much, as you probably
    can't kill them anyway. Aim for Naxos and he will soon fall.
    After the fight, Lance will leave the party and you will get the Mystic Orb.
    Scenario 19: The Elusive Knight
    Garett and his army uncover an underground passage, which lead to a huge
    shrine. It almost looked like a labyrinth..."
    Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Mortimus
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Thorne - Great Sword, Carleon - Cross, Sabra - Magic Shield, 
           Bayard - Wand/Evil Axe, Garett - Warsong, Calais - Evil Axe/Wand,
           Tiberon - Amulet, Mina - Orb
    Enemies: 2 Fighter/Soldier x8, 2 Lord/Royal Soldier x8, 2 Wizard/Dark Elf x8,
             Bishop/Dark Elf x8, Mortimus/Skeleton x8
    -With Troops-
    Horsemen will slow you down, so just take Soldiers for this battle. Besides,
    you need something against the Dark Elves. As for anyone else, give Mina some
    Monks and Sabra some Gryphons for this fight. Put your Knights at the lower 
    part and your people with higher movement at the top. 
    Make your way down and around to the first wave of attackers, which will be 
    the fighters. By now they should be a pushover. Now head up and do the same
    thing with the Lords and Royal Soldiers. Make sure your Soldiers have as high
    an HP as they can, as you'll need it against the Dark Elves. Just plow your
    way through them and eventually you'll make your way to Mortimus.
    Have Mina use her Monks against his Skeletons then have someone finish him.
    It should be as easy as killing Naxos.
    There is a quick way to end this if you don't want to fight through. Have
    Sabra and her Gryphons go down and wipe out a few of the Skeletons, then have
    Sabra kill Mortimus. I'd do this only if you want to finish the game and you
    have everybody at their 3rd or 4th class (4th being for Calais if she's a
    -Without Troops-
    This is a lot tougher as the Dark Elves will make quick work of your Magic
    Knights and Tiberon. Have your Knights lead the way until you get to the
    Lords, then have Garett, Sabra, and Mina work on the Dark Elves. Thunder can
    be used here for maximum effects, but don't let the Dark Elves near your
    Once Mortimus is alone with his Skeletons, go after him. Pick off the Skeletons
    and then kill Mortimus.
    The quicker way to do this if you don't care about experience is to just have
    your Magic Knights cast Thunder on the Skeletons that are close by, then have
    Sabra fly down and kill Mortimus.
    Scenario 20: The Confinement of Darkness
    "At the deepest point in the underground shrine, Garett and his army reached 
    the Evil. Now Darkness and Light must face for the entire fate of the world."
    Win: Defeating Chaos
    Lose: Death of Garett
    Control: Garett, Sabra, Mina, Thorne, Tiberon, Calais, Bayard, Carleon
    Items: Tiberon - Great Sword, Carleon - Cross, Sabra - Magic Shield, 
           Bayard - Wand/Evil Axe, Garett - Warsong, Calais - Evil Axe/Wand,
           Thorne - Amulet, Mina - Orb
    Enemies: 6 Living Armor/Skeletons x8, Ganelon/Styracosaur x8,
             Chaos/Elemental x8
    -With Troops-
    You want to use your troops sparingly here. Mina should be given Monks,
    Sabra some Gryphons, and divide the rest into Horsemen and Archers.
    Do NOT split the group up. Have Mina lead the charge with the Monks to kill
    off the Skeletons. Take this Scenario nice and slow, as this is the last one
    and you want to keep your troops in tact. Keep your Archers in the back row
    and don't let them get attacked. Head right and face those monsters, then
    head left and finish off those ones. Just keep your party together.
    Once the Living Armor is defeated, carefully have your Horsemen lead the
    charge towards Ganelon. Beware of Ganelon's Thunder, as it can put a major
    hurting on you. Keep the commanders close and have Mina cast Healing 2 so that
    the Thunder spell won't do as much damage. Have the Horsemen take out the
    Styracosaurs then wait for Ganelon to move from his Throne. Once he does,
    have someone replace the throne then nail Ganelon with all you've got. Once
    Ganelon dies, Chaos will be revived. This is it. Heal everyone to full strength
    then get ready.
    Send your commanders with Archers up to take care of the Elementals. Then,
    once you are set, bring everything you have against Chaos. Chaos is extremely
    powerful and has a high enough attack to destroy anyone no matter how high
    their defense is. Just keep attacking him with anyone who has an AT higher
    than 35 (else the attacks will do nothing). Garett, Sabra, Tiberon, and
    Calais (as a Ranger) should surround Chaos and finish him off.
    -Without Troops-
    For the final battle, this is a bit risky, but still very possible. All you
    have to do is take things out one at a time.
    At this point of the game, you probably don't care about experience, so just
    take care of the Living Armor of each group.
    When the Living Armors are gone, head towards Ganelon. Watch out for his
    Thunder attack and keep everyone close together. Lure Ganelon off the throne
    before you attack him. Once he's off, hammer him with everything you have.
    Once Ganelon is dead, Chaos will be revived. Heal everybody then charge at
    Chaos. Don't worry about the Elementals and just focus on Chaos. Have your
    best attackers up front to attack and surround him. After a while, Chaos will
    That ends the walkthrough on this game. I hope you enjoyed it.
    VII. Commander Classes
    Here is a list of both enemy and ally commander classes in alphabetical order.
    The lower stats in a set of Commanders is the stats given to the enemy
    Note: Garett as a Fighter gets A +2 and a DF of 21.
    Name              AT  DF  MV  MP  RN A  D   Spells
    Arch Mage         31  17  6   32  4  +9 +2  Magic Arrows, Fire Ball, Earthquake
                      31  17  6   16  4  +7 +0  Tornado, Fire Ball
    Basilisk          27  27  6   1   4  +3 +2  Stone
    Bishop            27  20  6   16  4  +6 +4  Fire Ball II, Healing 2, Confusion
                      27  20  6   16  4  +4 +6  Magic Arrows, Healing 2, FireBall 2
    Chaos             35  35  7   40  4  +4 +4  Thunder, Earthquake, Healing 2
    Cleric            23  17  5   8   4  +0 +4  Healing 2
    Conjurer          19  20  6   16  4  +1 +2  Blizzard
    Crocodile Knight  28  20  7   0   4  +2 +2
    Dragon Knight     34  24  9   4   4  +4 +2  Blizzard
    Fighter           23  20  6   0   3  +0 +2
                      23  21  6   0   3  +2 +2
    Fire Element      41  34  8   16  4  +0 +0  Fire Ball
    Gorgosaur         31  28  6   12  4  +5 +0  Fire Ball
    Grand Knight      33  28  6   0   4  +8 +4
                      31  25  6   0   4  +6 +4
    Great Dragon      35  35  3   16  4  +5 +4  Fire Ball
    Great Slime       19  28  6   0   4  +2 +2
    High Priestess    27  32  6   32  4  +4 +8  Healing 2, Healing 3, Sleep
    Kaiser            32  32  6   12  4  +4 +4  Blizzard, Healing 1
    King              31  28  6   12  4  +6 +4  Magic Arrows, Healing 1
    Knight            31  20  8   0   4  +4 +2
                      31  19  8   0   4  +4 +2
    Knight Master     34  24  8   8   4  +8 +2  Lightning
    Kraken            29  26  6   0   4  +0 +2
    Living Armor      32  30  6   8   4  +5 +4  Blizzard
    Lord              27  24  6   8   4  +2 +4  Healing 1
    Magic Knight      31  25  8   16  4  +6 +4  Thunder, Healing 1
    Priestess         27  24  6   16  4  +2 +6  Healing 1, Healing 2
    Queen Ant         31  20  8   0   4  +6 +5
    Ranger            41  28  9   16  4  +0 +0  Earthquake, Confusion, Sleep
    Royal Guard       35  21  8   4   4  +6 +4  Lightning
    Saint             31  24  6   24  4  +9 +4  Fire Ball, Tornado, Healing 2
    Serpent Knight    32  24  7   0   4  +6 +2
                      31  24  7   0   4  +4 +2
    Shaman            25  15  4   4   4  +0 +0  Magic Arrows
    Sword Master      25  22  6   0   4  +0 +9
    Warlock           27  13  6   10  4  +3 +2  Magic Arrows
    Werewolf          29  21  6   0   4  +6 +4
    Wight             31  34  6   16  4  +7 +6  Thunder
    Wizard            27  15  6   16  4  +6 +2  Magic Arrows, Fire Ball
                      27  16  6   16  4  +4 +0  Magic Arrows, Fire Ball
    Wyvern            31  24  7   8   4  +3 +2  Fire Ball
    VIII. Enemy Troops
    Here is a list of all the enemy troops in the game in alphabetical order.
    Note: I placed Civilians here because you can't control them anyway, but they
    deserved a place somewhere.
    Name              AT  DF  MV  Weakness
    Barbarian         19  14  6   Horsemen
    Carrion Crawler   20  24  6
    Civilian          0   6   6   Everything
    Dark Elf          20  14  7   Soldiers 
    Elemental         23  20  8   
    Evil Ant          19  16  6
    Gargoyle          27  14  8   Archers
    Golem             19  40  6
    Horseman          21  15  8   Archers
    Lizardman         23  6   8   Guardsmen
    Leviathan         23  17  8   Horsemen
    Royal Soldier     24  18  6
    Skeleton          24  21  6   Monks
    Slime             19  20  6   Guardsmen
    Soldier           20  14  6   Horsemen
    Styracosaur       23  24  6
    Were Wolf         25  17  6
    IX. Items
    Here is a list of items in order of appearance that you can equip during the
    Great Sword 
    AT +2  DF +0
    Gained after Scenario 3.
    AT +0  DF +2
    Gained after Scenario 4.
    Magic Shield
    AT +0  DF +4
    Gained after Scenario 6.
    AT +2  DF +0
    Gained after Scenario 10. Increases spell damage by 1.
    AT +4  DF +4
    Gained after Scenario 12. Holy sword of legend.
    Evil Axe
    AT +8  DF -10
    Gained after Scenario 12.
    Amulet of Power
    AT +0  DF +2
    Gained after Scenario 13. Gives Commander a Range of 9.
    Dragon Slayer
    AT +5  DF +3
    Accessible ONLY during Scenario 16. Replaces item already equipped.
    Mystic Orb
    AT +0  DF +0
    Gained after Scenario 18. Cuts MP usage by 1/2, but you still need needed MP.
    X. Spells
    Here is a list of spells that can be used during Warsong in alphabetical order.
    *The Range number is how many squares away from the caster can the spell go.
    *The Effect number is how many squares away from the target can the spell
    Blizzard: 4 MP
    Range: 5  Effect: 3
    Does up to 3 HP of ice damage.
    Confusion: 8 MP
    Range: 7  Effect: 1
    Confuses enemy into attacking their own partners.
    Earthquake: 16 MP
    Range: 4  Effect: 11
    Does up to 4 HP of earth damage. Can destroy walls easily.
    Fire Ball: 4 MP
    Range: 5  Effect: 2
    Does up to 3 HP of fire damage.
    Fire Ball II: 8 MP
    Range: 5  Effect: 3
    Does up to 4 HP of fire damage.
    Healing 1: 2 MP
    Range: 4  Effect: 2
    Heals up to 2 HP.
    Healing 2: 4 MP
    Range: 4  Effect: 2
    Heals up to 4 HP.
    Healing 3: 8 MP
    Range: 4  Effect: 2
    Heals up to 8 HP.
    Lightning: 4 MP
    Range: 7  Effect: Line
    Does up to 3 HP of lightning damage in a straight line from the caster.
    Magic Arrows: 2 MP
    Range: 6  Effect: 1
    Does up to 2 HP of damage.
    Sleep: 4 MP
    Range: 4  Effect: 2
    Puts enemies to sleep.
    Thunder: 4 MP
    Range: 5  Effect: 3
    Does up to 5 HP of thunder damage.
    Tornado: 8 MP
    Range: 5  Effect: 4
    Does up to 6 HP of wind damage.
    XI. Tips & Tricks
    1. NEVER give Baldarov troops. The reason being as they can steal experience
    from your other characters by killing off anything that attacks them.
    2. Also, let Baldarov take some damage. Usually you should Treat when you have
    7 HP, but I usually Treat Baldarov when his HP is 6 or less. The reason being
    is that if Baldarov has 10 HP, he can kill anything. With 9 or less, he will
    significantly weaken enemies for your other characters to kill.
    3. If you plan things out right, you can get your promotions very quickly and
    easily. I had Garett as a Grand Knight before the end of Scenario 4, so it is
    highly possible to do so. If you want to focus on one person at a time to
    promote, here is the order I suggest:
    Garett, Sabra, Mina, Calais, Thorne, Bayard, Carleon, Tiberon
    4. I always suggest having one magic user on board in case you run out of
    troops. If you use magic on an enemy commander just to drop its HP by 1, then
    your commanders can safely take the enemy out without worry about death, as
    long as their HP is full.
    5. When a lot of your troops are running low on HP, use your command option
    and select Defend. This will move the troops closer to the commander so that
    they may be healed.
    6. If you plan ond going troopless, I suggest having Calais and Sabra both
    go towards the Ranger class. It is the ultimate class for those who don't use
    troops, plus their AT and DF is sky high.
    7. To access the Sound Test option, move the cursor to the upper left-corner,
    the move it down one and right one. Press and hold your B button and within a
    few seconds, you can access the Sound Test.
    8. To access the Level Select option (to replay levels over again), move your
    cursor to the upper-left corner of the map, then move it down one and right
    one. Press A to go into smaller view mode, then press and hold B. After a few
    seconds, you can access any level you want to.
    XII. Thanks
    -To my fiancee Ashley for her support and love.
    -To Treco for creating this game.
    -To the people of the Hideout Forums at
    -To me for spending so much time to create a complete walkthrough such as this.

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