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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 12/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For play on Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destoryer)
    Last Updated: 12/19/10
    Version: 1.8
    Phase: Technically Complete
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    This FAQ is technically complete.  Any information that was missed or has been
    found to be incorrect can be  corrected if you hit me with some e-mail.  If I
    verify your corrections, I will give you credit in my Thank You  section.
    10/1/01- Late Monday Night.  Although I'm about ready to expire for the night,
    I decided to give Wolf Chld for SNES  a FAQ/Walkthrough, so I'm creating one
    right now.
    10/2/01- Sections 7 and 8 up and running.  Section 2 is also going. Walkthrough
    spans through level 2. Added some  stuff to the FAQ section.  Completed the
    items section.
    10/3/01- Added some questions to the FAQ.  Added Section 1B.  Walkthrough now
    spans through Level 3.  Section 4  complete.  Seciton 1A now complete.
    10/4/07- Walkthrough covers through part 1 of Level 4.
    10/4/01 (Second Update)- Walkthrough covers all of Level 4.
    10/9/01- Walkthrough covers part 1 of Level 5 and a bit of part 2.  Expect a
    final update later today.
    10/9/01 (second update)- Okay, so thanks to college work, we didn't get the
    second update on GameFAQs right away.   However, you are getting it quite soon
    after the last one.  The game's walkthrough now covers the whole game, all
    through the final boss.  Even spellchecked while the tunes of Static-X filled
    my ears... All pollished, there might  be some minor spelling errors that made
    it past the spellcheck, but they're probably not anything really big.
    11/12/02- FAQ-wide update...
    8/27/03- FAq-wide update...
    12/19/10- Proofreading done.
    Reference credit goes to the instruction manual.
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Introduction
    1A: Saul's Conflict
    1B: Basics to Wolf Child
    Section 2: Projectile Shots
    Section 3: Transforming
    Section 4: Items
    4A: Score Building Items
    4B: Life Increasing Items
    4C: Misc. Items
    Section 5: Walkthrough
    5A: Level 1: Wolf Ship
    5B: Level 2: Dense Jungle
    5C: Level 3: Ancient Temple
    5D: Level 4: CHIMERA Base
    5E: Level 5: Inner Core
    Section 6: FAQ
    Section 7: Legal Bit
    Section 8: Thank You and Goodbye
    The year is hazy.  Actually it's not even given.  But I guess the year isn't
    really important.  What is important is  a man named Kal Morrow is a world
    renowned genetics scientist.  He's good.  REAL good!  So good that his genetic
    splicing abilities have opened our world scientifically and culturally to a
    whole new level.  Various aspects of  different cultures are influenced by his
    work.  Needless to say, he's Nobel material.  On top of his genetic work is
    his research on different psychic and physiological powers in various beings.
    He found a way to make an ultimate  being based on all of this research.  One
    that would be extremely powerful both physically and mentally.  However,  such
    a design could easily rouse to wake the desire of those who wish to use it for
    evil.  In the spotlight now...  the terrorist group CHIMERA.
    CHIMERA is just as terrible of a terrorist society as the beast Chimera from
    Greek tales.  They are led by a madman  named Karl Draxx.  Draxx is like any
    villain in a video game or movie.  Ever since his crib days, he's wanted
    nothing more than to rule the world.  "...And what would you like to be when
    you grow up, young Karl?" "I want to  rule the world!" "Oh, that's so cute!"
    "Laugh it up while you can!  You'll be kissing my feet!"  Since Karl couldn't
    major in world domination in college, he never thought his dream would be
    realized.  Finally, he saw the chance to  make his dream a reality: Kidnap Kal
    Morrow and use his research on ultimate beings to make an army of them and...
    RULE THE WORLD!  Yeah, sounds like a plot you'd see on Super Friends, sure, but
    I guess it works for this game.
    CHIMERA stormed the island in which Morrow was conducting his research.  His
    security workers, his wife, and one of  his sons were all killed by the
    terrorists.  The only person who wasn't attacked was Morrow's other son, Saul
    Morrow.  Saul was out at sea near the island as it was being attacked.  Saul
    rushed back to the island... Too  little, too late.  Seeing his family
    completely killed brought great grieving, but it also brought great anger. You
    don't want to make Saul angry.  You won't like him when he's angry.  After a
    little looking around, Saul found  something quite interesting.  Something
    called PROJECT: WOLFCHILD.  Saul got a hold of this project, using the  device
    to change his genetic coding.  With this, Saul gained the ability to become a
    werewolf.  Not just any  werewolf, but a powerful werewolf with great physical
    and mental abilities as his father had been working towards.
    With a new power at his fingertips, Saul stepped out in search of Draxx and
    CHIMERA.  He caught a glimpse of an  airship in the sky and thought it would be
    a good place for his vengeance to start.
    The game is not very complex.  Learning the controls and the button layout only
    takes simple trial and error (or  looking in the book, if you have it).  This
    game controls like any 2D side scroller game or platform game.  You run  along
    a horizontal-based screen, going from platform to platform killing enemies,
    destroying different types of  obstacles (those that can be destroyed, anyway),
    and trying to make your way to the end of each level.
    The first thing you should know is basic attacking.  While attacking as Saul,
    you can only punch.  No combos, no  extra kicks, no special aerial assaults.
    Only punch.  However, in wolf form, you can shoot projectile (see next
    section).  As said before, certain obstacles can be destroyed, which can result
    in obtaining special items found  throughout the game (see Section 4).  At the
    very end of each level (of which there are 5) is a boss.  The bosses  are
    fairly easy up until level 4, which is where the true frustration starts.
    Don't worry, though.  You always have  your Smart Bombs, which are bombs that
    can be dropped to do a certain amount of damage to every creature on the
    screen (recommended on saving for the last two bosses, if at all possible).
    Control Set Up
    D-Pad Left/Right: Move Saul Left or Right
    D-Pad Down: Crouch
    D-Pad Up: Really does nothing
    Start Button: Pause game
    Select Button: Not used
    X Button: Change weapons (can only be used if you have more than one weapon and
    are in wolf form)
    Y Button: Attack
    A Button: Drop Smart Bomb (push with B to commit suicide when game is paused)
    B Button: Jump (push with A to commit suicide when game is paused)
    R/L Trigger: Not used
    When gaining the ability to transform, you aren't limited to the constant
    punching to which human Saul is limited.   Instead, Saul can use different
    projectile shots in werewolf phase and hit his enemies from a nice, long
    distance.   This actually makes fighting enemies (bosses in particular) a
    little easier to kill.  That is the major advantage to  transforming into a
    werewolf in this game.
    When you first transform, you will only start with a regular projectile shot
    (called Basic Shot).  However, as you  progress through each level, you can
    destroy different objects to gain different items to give you the ability to
    use different projectile shots.  The only difference is that projectile other
    than the basic shot is actually  limited in quantity.  Your Basic Shot, on the
    other hand, is infinite.
    Here now is a list of different projectile shots.
    Basic Shot- This is the shot you initially start with in werewolf form.  When
    you run out of other projectile shots,  it comes right back to this one.  This
    one has no special characteristics.  It goes in a straight line until it hits
    a target or impediment.  After doing so, it's gone and you must fire another
    Dual Shot- It sounds like it would be two shots fired at once, but it's not.
    This is actually a very high speed  shot that can be fire quite rapidly.  It
    goes in a straight line until finally hitting and enemy/obstacle and  possibly
    dealing some damage to it, depending on whether or not it was a damagable
    Arc Shot- Fires outward at regular speed.  However, the big difference to this
    one is it curves downward.  Good for  hitting any enemies that are low to the
    Flamer- Probably my favorite of the shots.  This one is a big fireball that
    shoots in a straight line.  It doesn't  stop with whatever it hits, it
    continues on its path.  Unfortunately, it can't go through walls.  It can,
    however,  cut through rows of destroyable scenery.
    Homer- A shot that homes in on nearby enemies.  Good for those in very hard to
    reach places and flying enemies.  It  will continually follow an enemy until it
    hits the target or hits an obstacle.
    Plazma Ball- A strange weapon indeed.  Fires outward in a zigzag motion and
    does immense damage to enemies. Cannot  be stopped by enemies, only by
    Three Way- Fires out three, separate shots outward.  One goes straight, one
    heads up in a diagonal motion, and the  last heads down in a diagonal motion.
    Boomer- Moves around Saul's body a bit like a boomerang, hence the name Boomer.
    The defining gimmick behind this game seems to be our hero's ability to
    transform.  Transforming is indeed helpful  even though it really doesn't do
    anything for Saul's physical stats.  To transform, you must grab either a full
    life  restorer or a double life restorer (double must bring you to full, other
    wise, no transformation).
    What advantages do transforming and projectiles give you?
    -Expanded attack range.  Otherwise, you'll have to rely on Saul's fists, and
    against almost any enemy or obstacle,  the fists can be a pain.
    -An extension of the last, you can attack enemies from complex angles.  Say,
    for instance, you're going up a slope  and there's an enemy on a ledge opposite
    of you.  You certainly can't defeat him easily with fists.  This is where  your
    blasts can also come handy, for getting those hard to reach enemies.
    -Get past obstacles and enemies quicker with the Flamer.  The Flamer will go in
    a straight line and practically  destroy everything in its path.  This is
    useful a couple parts in the game when there is a long row of obstacles in
    your way.
    -The Flamer can also kill enemies faster than any other attack in the game,
    except maybe the Boomer.
    -Dual Shot allows faster fire capabilities.
    Saul can keep his ability through the whole game after first gaining it.
    However, if you take enough damage, Saul  will revert back to human.  I have
    found that at times dying as a result of suicide does not take you back to
    human  because you die and restart with full life.  So, the game still thinks
    that it should grant you all the privileges  of a wolf.  I don't know if this
    was intentional or a bug, but it's nice either way (then again, I really see no
    point to the suicide feature since it's actually quite hard to get stuck).
    /  SECTION 4: ITEMS  \
    Item are found in various areas of the level in many different ways.  Some are
    just laying around in plain sight.   Others can only be obtained if you destroy
    something.  There are other still that are hidden behind scenery.  It all
    depends on where you go in the game.  Each item serves a different purpose in
    the game.  There are quite a few that  are only put there to improve your
    score.  Needless to say, the usage of each item is very helpful in game as far
    as  survival.
    The most basic type of score building item is the different chrome and gold
    orbs found throughout the game.  You'll  find many of these just laying around,
    waiting to be picked up.
    [NOTE: All the orbs below are listed from smallest size to biggest]
    Chrome Orbs- 100, 200, 400, or 1000 points, depending on size.
    Gold Orbs- 2000 or 4000 points, also depending on size.
    BONUS Orbs- Orbs that have the letters to the word "BONUS" in them.  Collect
    all of them to spell BONUS and get  20,000 points.
    As with any platform game that uses health points to some degree, you will need
    some items that give you life points  back.  Let's not forget that you're also
    working with a limited number of lives here.  So, of course the game is  going
    to give you a shot at gaining some extras!
    Life Increaser (1 bolt)- Restores one point of health.
    Life Increaser (2 bolts)- Restores two points of health.  Can make you
    Life Increaser (Giant Bolt)- Restores life to full and transforms you (if you
    haven't transformed).
    EXTEND Bonus- A little ball with the letters EXT in it.  Adds two slots ot your
    max. health.
    EXTRA Orbs- Orbs that have the letters to the word "EXTRA" in them.  Collect
    all of them to spell EXTRA and get an  extra life.
    Items that really didn't fit in the other two categories...
    Shield- Puts a barrier around you for a limited time.
    Smart Bombs- These are very useful.  You start the game with a few of them and
    can be used by pushing the A button  (default setting).  What this does is
    damage every enemy on the screen when it explodes.  You can also pick these up
    extras laying around in different areas of the game.
    Restart Bonus- A small, square-shaped object with an arrow bouncing up and down
    on it.  This allows you to start in  a specific area when/if you die.
    NOTE: This walkthrough is assumed to be taken using the "normal" difficulty.
    Depending one what other difficulty  you take, there may or may not be the same
    amount of enemies and the difficulty rating for different bosses will
    You will start things off on the Wolf Ship.  First thing you should do is run
    left and punch the very last pole on  the far left.  This will drop a 2000
    point orb for you (I guess you should only do that if you really want all the
    point orbs).  Now, head right.  Kill the first trooper that runs at you by
    ducking and punching.  Do not give him a  chance to attack.  As you continue to
    run right after him, another one will drop in.  Finish him off as well.  Run
    right again and there should be two more green troopers, one running and one
    standing stationary and firing shots.   Kill them both and watch out for the
    beast trooper above you on the ledge.  Go right and destroy the crate next to
    the wall.  The crate should have a 4000 point orb inside it and a 200 on top of
    it.  Grab them both if you wish and  go back to the left where the beast
    trooper is firing from the ledge.
    Wait just below him (and a bit in front of him) for him to fire.  Immediately
    after he fires, jump in the air and  punch him.  If he didn't go down with the
    first punch, then wait for him to fire again and repeat the process until  he
    finally dies.  Now, jump on the ledge and head left some more.  Jump to the
    next platform on the left and there  will be another beast trooper.  He
    shouldn't be too hard since he is in a very easy to kill position.  Walk up to
    him, do not jump, but punch him while in a standing position and he will fall
    off the airship immediately.  Jump  onto the next platform and destroy the
    crate and pick up the item.  Now, you'll be transformed into a werewolf.   Jump
    to the next platform and duck.  There will be another beast trooper crouching
    and shooting.  This one will  require you to duck his shots.  While crouching,
    fire from a distance and take him out.  Now, move on.  Jump around  and up to
    the platform above you.  Duck the instant you touch ground on it and fire your
    Basic Shot at the standing  beast warrior. Once he's down, go left a little
    ways and shoot the next beast trooper and jump onto the platform he  once
    occupied. Before doing that, if you are still a werewolf, then face right
    (towards the beast trooper above you)  and jump into the air and at the top of
    a jump, fire some shots.  Fire enough to kill the guy above you.  Now,
    continue to the platform on the left.  Grab the 1000 point orb and be ready to
    jump to the next platform on the  right.  Head right along the platform.  If
    you haven't yet killed the trooper up there, do so now and avoid his fire  by
    crouching.  Don't worry too much about the hang gliding enemies that come by.
    They cannot hurt you, but you can  kill them for extra points if you wish.  On
    the farthest right you can go at the top, jump down on the right.
    You should now be on a platform with a slope to the right and some poles
    sticking up on either side.  Punch the pole  on the left for a 4000 point orb.
    Go right and be careful of the jet thrusters here.  When the top one subsides,
    go  down to the bottom of the slope and wait there.  Now, wait for the bottom
    one to subside and drop down.  You will  most likely wind up grabbing the
    energy at the bottom of the fall.  Head right.  There should be a trooper
    dropping  barrels down at you.  Jump over the barrels and attack him with
    projectile.  If you're back to being human, then  just punch the crap out of
    him while trying to avoid the barrels.  Destroy the object protruding from the
    floor to  get  an "N" for your bonus.  Now, continue right.  Grab the Restart
    Bonus next to the crates.  Now, destroy the  crates for a Smart Bomb and a Full
    Life Restorer (which will change you to a werewolf if you're not).  Now, here's
    a  mini-boss of sorts.
    This is a trooper inside a special cannon.  First it will stand straight up,
    then it will bop up and down and fire  the first of three shots in the air.
    While it is doing this, attack it until it comes up when bopping up and down.
    When it stands straight again after bopping is when it fires the first shot.
    After it fires the first shot, crouch.   The cannon will move forward in a
    semi-arc of sorts and fire a shot that's considerably low to the ground, but
    can  be dodged by crouching.  While crouching, continually fire until the
    second shot has passed over you.  Now, the  cannon will go even lower and fire
    another shot that can be dodged by jumping over it. Hopefully, you've stopped
    firing and have focused long enough to jump over the beam.  Keep repeating the
    process until it is destroyed.  Head  right up the slope and down over the wall
    and you will come to a clearing where you will fight the first boss.
    There is two ways to kill this guy.  One of them is the easy, but very cheap
    way.  The Bird Man will drop a bomb as  he flies toward the screen.  To avoid
    the bomb, stand on either the far right or left.  The bomb will make several
    different BOOMs while progressively heading both right and left.  On the second
    BOOM, jump to the very middle of the  clearing.  Wait until the flames have
    left.  Now the Bird Man will approach from the right side.  The cheap way to
    do this is to immediately use four (if you have four) Smart Bombs.  If not,
    then there's the "more fair" way to take  care of this.  As the Bird man is
    coming in, run to the far right and stay beneath him and a little bit behind
    him.   Give yourself enough room to jump behind him and be able to attack.  If
    you are in werewolf stage, then only attack  him when he is not moving in a
    back-to-forward motion.  Only when he is moving forward-to-back or when he does
    his  charge attack.  If you are not a werewolf, then only hit him when he is
    standing still or when he moves back after  coming off a forward-to-back
    motion.  With time and hits, he will fall.  Now it's on to level 2.
    You will start out on a strange-looking tree bough.  If you can, fall to the
    one below you and destroy the strange  pods down there.  In one of them is an
    orb worth 4000 points.  There should be some other orbs on that same bough
    worth 100 and 200.  Now drop down to the bough just below that one and grab the
    400 point orb.  Destroy the pod and  grab the Flamer.  If you want, just push X
    button and save it for bigger and better things.  Now drop down.  Be  careful
    if you land too close to the tree you were originally standing on.  There is a
    small plant near the bottom  of the tree that shoots up from underneath you and
    does some damage.  Further to the right of that is a plant  creature that gives
    you an X when you attack it and a 2000 point orb to the left of it.  Destroy
    the creature if you  encounter it and grab the orb and the X.  Move on to the
    right.  Go through the tree and grab the Full Life restore  on the other side
    to change to a wolf if need be.  Destroy the enemies on the right and avoid the
    bud creature  popping up out of the bough.  Go to the right and into the tree
    for some extra items.  Now, exit the tree and walk  down the sloped bough,
    heading left.
    There should be two pods there.  Destroy one to get a 400 point orb. Now head
    right.  Do not go through the tree on  the right just yet.  Instead, keep going
    down the slope (it should be going to the right) and grab the 100 point orb
    below it.  Once on the ground head left.  Destroy the trooper perched on the
    bough and go through the tree, still  heading left.  There should be a big,
    stone wall in your way.  Jump against the wall and there should be a hidden
    path leading inward, giving you some bonus items.  Head back out, go through
    the tree again and jump back on the  last sloped bough you were on.  This time
    take the bough on the right that has a vertical formation sticking out of  it
    and some recognizable orange thorns sticking out of it.  Be careful here.  If
    you're fast, you can grab a score  -building orb from the vertical formation.
    There doesn't seem to be much of a way to dodge this, so just take the  hit and
    hope for the best.  Head to the right.  There should be a trooper standing
    there.  Take him out as best as  you can and dodge his shots.  You should see
    some spikes in front of that same trooper.  You can pass those easily  by just
    walking through them.  Just DO NOT JUMP!  Head right and drop down to the
    ground.  Kill the plant and  destroy the pod to get some life increasers.  Now,
    head back onto the bough and this time make your way up.
    There should be a trooper shooting in sort of a lazy arc. Kill the trooper and
    progress left.  You should now see a  strange robot on the tree.  Jumping on
    the robot will cause it to move upward.  Jump on the robot and climb a little
    ways, then jump to the right and kill the trooper.  Jump to the bough and head
    right, up the slope.  There you  should find a nice Restart Bonus.  Go through
    the tree now.  There should be a robot below you, but just after you  jump on
    it, it dies.  Don't worry too much if you fall.  You may land on the spikes
    down below, but either way grab  the orb down there and walk to the left,
    through the tree.  You can now make your way back to the spot you were at.
    What you're going to want to do is jump from the robot underneath you to the
    robot on the right very quickly.  Now,  ride the robot on the right up a ways.
    There should be a skewering bud and a U right after it.  Climb up the slopes
    and grab the orbs on the way up.  Kill the plant monster if need be.  Go
    through the tree and head left.  Go through  the spikes, grab the orb and
    destroy the pod to get an Extend Bonus.  If you want, drop down the ledge where
    you got  the Extend Bonus to get another score building orb, a Homer, and a B.
    Don't worry, you can easily get back to where  you once were by dropping to the
    right.  Work your way back to the area where you found the Extend Bonus and
    take  out the trooper at the top of the slope above it.  Now continue to the
    There will be a strange pod that explodes and sends little missile-like thorns
    at you.  Dodge the thorns and walk  off the edge on the left.  Watch the bud
    creature and the spikes as you drop.  Grab the Restart Bonus and the life
    increaser on the far left.  Watch out because there is another snapping plant
    creature just before the life  increaser.  If you want, you can drop just below
    the ledge rather than jump to the platform on the left and grab an  extend
    bonus.  If you did, then make your way back around.  If not, then just jump on
    the platform and let it take  you up.  Jump to the next one, which goes
    nowhere, but then jump to the next one on the left and head all the way up  to
    another bough.  Destroy the pods to get a score increaser and a Dual Shot.
    Kill the trooper and head right to  grab the shield.  Now jump on the robot and
    head up.  Jump on the platform on the left when you can and right it all  the
    way, then jump on the left edge of the bough.  Grab the full increaser and the
    1000 point orb.  Destroy the pod  on the left and grab a 100 point orb.  Stay
    clear of the bud creatures (destroy them if you like) and kill the  trooper at
    the top of the slope.  There should be another trooper right after him for you
    to destroy.  Get past him  and keep heading right.  Kill the lizard monster and
    jump over the vertical formation.  There will be a bud on the  other side of
    the formation and another lizard monster on the far right.  Take it out and
    keep going.  Drop to the  next bough down and head left.  Destroy the pod and
    grab your 100 point orb.  Be careful here because the edge of  the bough is
    breakable.  Instead, jump just before the fragile end of the bough and onto the
    next bough on the left.   Go through the tree and destroy the pod to get a
    Smart Bomb.  Now head back out and drop down.
    Once down, destroy the pod for an Arc Shot and jump over the formation and stay
    clear of the bud and the spikes on  the other side.  Kill the lizard monster on
    the right and destroy the pod for an A.  Keep heading right and drop  down to
    the next bough.  Kill the trooper on the right and walk into the tree for a
    life increaser.  Now head left.   Notice that there are two breakable boughs
    further to the left.  If you can, destroy the bud creature that keeps  popping
    out on the bough above the limbs, then jump over the limbs to get a 4000 point
    orb on the other side.  Drop  down now and be sure to avoid the spikes on the
    way down.  Kill the lizard monster on the right and jump over the  formation
    and the pod.  Once on the other side, destroy the pod and grab the full life
    increaser.  Now just stay  clear of the bud and continue right and go through
    the tree.  Before dropping down, jump on the robot and up onto  the next bough
    on the right.  Jump up and around, dodging the bullets of the trooper above.
    The easiest way I found  to kill him was to jump on the very bottom of the
    slope and crouch, then fire.  Of course, that only works in wolf  form.  If
    you're not a wolf, then move up a little closer and crouch.  Do not destroy the
    pod on the right.  Use it  as a stepping stone to get to the next bough above.
    Dodge the bud creature and climb a bit of the ways up the  slope, but not all
    the way up.  If you're a wolf, then jump up from the slope and kill the plant
    creature on the  right.  If not, then you'll have to use brute force and
    crouching.  Go into the tree on the left to get some points,   Now jump to the
    next bough and again DON'T DESTROY THE POD!  Use it as a stepping stone to get
    to the items on top  of the tree.  Head back down to the last robot you used.
    Be sure to destroy the pods you used as stepping stones on  the way to get an O
    and a small life increasure.  Now, where the robot was, drop down.
    Somehow, there's supposed to be a way to get that projectile shot on the far
    right, but I'm not sure how.  Anyway,  watch for the spikes as you fall.  Do
    not fall directly below the robot, otherwise you will hit some spikes.  Grab
    the life increaser and jump on the next robot and let it fall, but do not fall
    with it lest you should hit some  spikes.  Kill the trooper on the left and
    drop down to the next small bough.  Now jump over and kill the trooper on  the
    right (further down) if you wish.  Drop down some more.  Drop to the left and
    kill the trooper there.  You can  walk through the stone wall on the left to
    get some points and an X.  Come back out and kill the plant creature by
    standing the furthest right you can without going into the wall and shooting at
    it.  If you're in human state, then  use brute force.  Either way, try not to
    destroy the pod so you can use it as a stepping stone to get the Smart Bomb
    above.  You can then destroy the pod for some life and go through the tree on
    the right.  Watch out for the plant on  the right and keep going.  You are now
    done with the level, but now it's time for the boss...
    Notice that this guy can only shoot in one direction.  That is diagonally in
    front of him.  If you're in a wolf  state, examine his shooting pattern and
    work your shots around it.  Be sure he doesn't hit you too much.  If you're  in
    a human state, there is a long but safe way to defeat him.  Head to the far
    right, but do not go all the way onto  the bricks.  There should be one lone
    standing brick on the ground with a platform way above it. Stand as far as you
    can to the right on that brick and Chameleon will appear above you.  Jump
    directly into the air and punch him as  much as you can.  Don't worry, his shot
    can't get you if you're as far right as you can be.  Keep hitting him and he
    should eventually die.  Just don't get too careless.
    -PART I-
    Starting things off, head right.  Go down the slope and walk a little to the
    right.  Before jumping up to the raised  piece of floor (where the gold column
    is), attack or fire a shot while standing.  The best way to put this, if
    you're in wolf form (I'm not sure if it works in human form), face right and
    fire at the column.  You should see  some orbs pop up out of the air.  Grab
    them (worth 100, 200, and 400 in order from left to right), and jump up to  the
    raised floor level.  While heading right, you should come across a flying
    insect.  It seems to be harmless, but  it can be quite annoying.  Kill it and
    the one after it if you please.  It does make things go by just that much  more
    smoothly.  Continue right until a boulder appears out of nowhere.  There are
    two ways to take care of this.   You could try jumping over it if you can react
    fast enough or you could run away from it until it explodes.  It  should not
    return again in the second case.  Continue right after the boulder.  Grab the
    life power-up and be  careful in the area where there are bugs on the ceiling.
    Walk slowly because maggots will fall from the ceiling  without warning.  Grab
    the B down the line and walk over the dome structure and continue right.  There
    should be  some slopes going both up and down coming up.  Careful for the two
    boulders right around here.  Keep going right  after you've gotten past them.
    After that should be some more maggots falling from the ceiling (about two to
    three  of them).  You should now see some greenish-colorer blocks on the ground
    near some spikes.  If you jump high enough  on the blocks, you can destroy
    them.  Underneath them is two score building orbs, one for 2000 and another for
    4000.  Now jump on the platform on the right.  That will take you down.
    Careful not to drop too close too the platform or you will land on some spikes.
    Drop to the far left and make your  way to the gold column.  Inch your way past
    the column carefully.  On the left side of the column is a giant,  snapping bug
    hidden in the floor.  It will bite you if you walk on it.  Destroy the bricks
    after the bug.  Grab the  life increaser and continue left.  Soon as you get to
    the slope be ready to run back.  A boulder will come at you  down from the top
    of the slope and the best way to avoid it is to run back.  It will explode and
    be out of your life  for good (or until you play this part again).  Head left
    up the slope and jump on the giant, green bug.  It will  take you across the
    spikes.  Proceed left some more.  Now you will have your first run in with a
    bug monster.   Shoot/Punch it to death and keep walking.  You can destroy the
    bricks here by jumping on them.  Be sure to get the  Smart Bomb on the far
    right in the row of bricks.  There will also be two orbs worth 4000 points, one
    worth 2000  points, and a Dual Shot in all the bricks.  After destroying all
    the bricks and grabbing the loot, continue left.   Destroy the two bricks that
    are further left (albeit that there is nothing inside) and kill the trooper
    standing  there, but watch his shots.  There will be two more similar
    situations with some bricks in the way and some troopers  right afterwards.
    Just repeat the process on each and continue left.  Avoid the boulder after the
    last trooper and  keep going.  Hidden behind the next column is a 100 point
    orb.  Grab it if you want, all you have to do is walk over  it.  Go down the
    slope and drop off into the next section.
    The first thing you'll see on the right is the tail of a bug, which throws
    projectile at you.  Stand a bit close,  you don't have to stand very close, on
    the same level at least, crouch and fire shots at the tail until it dies.
    Only stand very close if you're in human form.  Now continue right.  You should
    be able to go through the wall and  grab a Restart Bonus on the other side.
    Right after the Restart Bonus is a giant bug monster and an Extend Bonus  right
    after him (notice that you'll have to jump to grab the Extend Bonus or you'll
    fall through the floor).  Grab  the Extend Bonus and fall through the floor to
    the left of it.  When you fall through, you will have to continue  right.
    Careful as you walk through the bug-infested area as a huge, maggot-like
    monster will appear from the  ceiling.  Pay it no mind, just let it go by.  It
    won't return afterwards.  Get past that and walk part way up the  slope and
    turn left.  Jump and fire shots at the trooper if you're in wolf form.  If not,
    then just do the best you  can to dodge his attacks or use a Smart Bomb if you
    like.  Go up the slope now, still heading right, and watch out  for the next
    few maggots that fall from the ceiling.  Jump on the big, green bug and again
    it will take you across.   Here is a rather unusual, but logical part.  You can
    walk past spikes as normal, correct?  So how do you grab these  next two items
    above the spikes on the platform without touching the spikes?  Simply walk
    underneath them and jump  towards the direction they are closest to with no
    spikes.  In other words, if you wish to grab the Extend Bonus, get  underneath
    it and jump to the left.  Do the same for the 4000 point orb and continue
    right.  Watch out for the  strange looking sac here.  It will launch a strange
    bug at you.  The best way to get around it is to go under it as  soon as you
    can, but don't go too far right.  After you've gotten past the little insect,
    continue right.  Watch out  because a maggot falls where the sac is.  There
    should be another maggot and a huge tail that comes up out at the  edge further
    right.  Jump down now.
    My best recommendation is to leave the trooper alone.  If you wish to kill him,
    then crouch on the left side and  fire at his head.  When he fires a shot, be
    ready to jump over it.  Now drop down further and destroy the bricks on  the
    right to get an orb.  Head left now.  Another giant maggot should migrate
    through the ceiling and the floor and  two smaller ones will fall from the
    ceiling a little bit after.  Keep heading left, stepping over the dome
    structure.  This next part can be irritating.  Whatever you do, do not jump or
    you will break the bricks which make  up the bridge you have above the spikes.
    You will see another one of those sacs on the ceiling.  When it launches  the
    insect, run right and let it crash into the floor and die.  Heading back left,
    you will come across a boulder.   Run away from it, do not jump over it.  It
    will die on its own.  Now, go back left some more.  There will be yet  another
    boulder.  Head left, going down the slopes and grabbing some orbs for 400 and
    1000 points.  Kill the trooper  and continue.  There will be another trooper
    after him for you to dispose of and a huge bug tail that pops up out of  the
    ground at the top of the slope behind the trooper.  Kill the bug slope
    carefully and head left some more.  Use  some timing judgment here.  As you
    start heading further to the drop off, a small arrow will fire from the wall.
    Be  quick to crouch under it and drop down.  Grab the Restart Bonus on the
    left, head left some more, and jump on the  platform heading down.
    From here, there are two paths you can go: The very bottom or the midway point.
    There will be a place called The  Intersection, which is where they both meet.
    For the record, you can take the midway point on the elevator and work  back to
    the bottom if you wish.
    Decision Branch A
    1. [Assuming you took the bottom]
    While on the platform, ride it all the way down.  Do not drop off until you
    reach the bottom because there are  spikes that will stop you from taking
    shortcuts.  Once on the bottom, head right and watch out for the giant maggot.
    Continue right until you start to fall through the floor.  You will grab some
    orbs that you can't see.  Jump up to  the raise floor and as you head further
    right, watch out for the arrow that approaches from the trap on the left.
    Duck underneath it and continue to some bricks and a trooper.  Destroy the
    bricks and kill the trooper, then grab  the life increaser.  You will come to a
    huge column of bricks.  That is The Intersection.
    2. [Assuming you took the midway point]
    On the platform heading down, you will see three vertical bars all in a row on
    the right.  It should be right after  the first spike that appears on the left.
    Jump to the bars and walk through the wall.  Watch out for the three  maggots
    that fall from the ceiling and kill the flying insect that approaches.  Keep
    heading right.  A couple more  flying insects will appear.  Destroy them and
    continue.  Now you have another Decision Branch to make.  Go through  the
    column of bricks or continue right.  Yes, you can go right, then turn around
    and go through the column, which if  you want to explore the whole level, I
    Decision Branch B
    1. [Assuming you went through the column of bricks]
    Jump up and grab the life increaser and you will bust through the bricks.  If
    you wish, you can head left and grab  some stuff you missed.  Break through the
    bricks on the left and kill the trooper, then break through more bricks  for a
    life increaser.  Watch out for the arrow that shoots out further left, and drop
    down into the lower level of  the floor.  Walk left and grab some of the orbs,
    then head back right to the place where the column was.  Break  through the
    bricks on the right, take out the trooper, and grab the Flamer shot.  Use
    multiple Flamer shots to  pulverize through the bricks and troopers along the
    way on the right.  You will now come to another sac in the  ceiling with a pile
    of bricks to the left of it.  Do not destroy the higher up bricks.  Instead,
    let the bug the sac  shoots out hit the bricks and die.  Now you can destroy
    the bricks for some orbs and the ones right after those.   There will then be
    two migrating giant maggots on the way, a pile of bricks which can be destroyed
    for some orbs,  and another small arrow that fires from the wall.  Dodge the
    arrow and drop down.
    2. [Assuming you went right]
    Heading right, watch out for the sac that launches a bug.  It should hopefully
    launch the bug such that you can  easily shoot or punch it.  Do so and keep
    going right.  There will be more breakable brick bridges (try saying that  five
    time fast!).  Watch out for the boulder.  Either run away from it as it comes
    from the right or jump over it  and land on the solid piece of land with a life
    increaser on it.  Keep heading right after that.  Two more boulders  will
    appear along the way.  You can do the same with them as you did the first as
    there will be some more solid  areas to land on when jumping.  Kill the flying
    bug further right.  From here, you can either drop straight down, or  head left
    and drop through the column (see the small section above for details).
    {If you are trying to explore the whole level, the best possibilities to take
    would be combination A2 and B2 above}
    All in all, you should drop down through the floor easily.  There will be a
    trooper on the left below you.  Before  taking him out, destroy the bug monster
    on the left, walking along the platform.  Now, drop down from the platform  and
    take out the trooper on the right.  You can also walk through the wall on the
    right side of the trooper.   Continue left.  Jump on the platform and let it
    take you all the way down.  A flying insect could appear around this  time, but
    it really won't interfere with you.  Pay it no mind.  Once the platform can go
    no further, jump left to  avoid the spikes.  Head left and kill all the bug
    monsters that appear (some will fly from underneath the platform).   Keep going
    left, destroy the trooper and continue.  You will come to a small, open spot in
    the floor.  An indent,  if you will.  Right after the indent is an arrow that
    flies out of the wall.  Do not concern yourself with the  insect that appears
    on the right.  It's only a ruse to detract you from the arrow and get hurt.
    Duck under the  arrow and continue left some more.  Break through the bricks
    and it's on to the next part of the level.
    -PART II-
    Do not head right at all.  Instead, head left and watch out for the bug that
    will come up from out of the ground.   Avoid it and continue left and a tail
    will shoot up from out of the ground.  Crouch and destroy it, then continue
    forward.  Drop down and grab the Dual Shot.  If you stand right next to the
    right side of the first platform (facing  left) and fire, some health will
    appear.  Kill the trooper up on the platform if you wish.  Head left and crouch
    when firing at the next bug monster.  It can fire shots out its mouth.  There
    is a Smart Bomb hidden behind the  column here.  Grab it and now head down
    progressively, grabbing any times on the platforms on the way down.  This  part
    will be a bit tricky, but as you get closer to the bottom, there will be two
    bugs walking back and forth.  If  you can, get in between them, crouch, and
    blast them or punch them.  Grab the health restorer and the orb (if you  didn't
    already) and head left.  Now, head left, but don't destroy any bricks just yet.
    The one stuck in the floor  has nothing.  If you can, find a way to climb the
    pile of bricks.  Get to the top and destroy the trooper, but make  sure you
    don't destroy the brick sticking out from the rest just below the platform.
    You'll see why in a moment.   Head left a little after the piece sticking out
    and destroy the bricks and the flying insect and grab the A inside  it.  Now,
    here's a slightly tricky part.
    Before heading back to the other side, kill the trooper on the platform, but
    make sure the piece sticking out on the  pile of bricks is still in tact
    because you will need it to get up on the platform if you wish to.  After
    killing  the trooper, a ways right (just beyond the piece sticking out), but
    don't drop down any at all.  If you jump on the  second piece over from the
    right (it should be a long, horizontal piece), you will break a little through
    the floor,  just don't break completely through.  Now standing on the lower
    area, jump to the piece that is sticking up on the  right.  From there, jump
    onto the platform and walk right through the wall and grab some orbs.  Now drop
    down and  destroy the piece sticking out for a 4000 point orb.  Start heading
    down and destroy as many bricks as you can and  grab all the orbs you can.
    Head left, walking underneath the structure and kill the giant, bug monster.
    Keep going  left and kill the next bug as well.  Go up the slope and jump on
    the huge, silver grasshopper.  Use it to get you on  the platform and kill the
    trooper.  Behind him should be a brick that gives you a 2000 point orb.
    This next part can be a little tricky, too.  Left of the grasshopper is a
    platform that drops immediately and  explodes as it reaches the bottom.  Drop
    on it and immediately begin angling left to drop onto another.  The instant
    you hit that one, angle right right away and you should reach the floor.  Begin
    heading right.  Destroy the bricks  for a life restorer and grab the Dual Shot.
    Kill the trooper there, too and keep heading right.  Heading right, you  should
    come to some saws that pop out of the ground and ceiling.  Here's where the
    real traps start to come in...  Gulp!  When the saw disappears, walk past it.
    The best way to get around the stationary ones, as I've found, is to  stand
    near them and wait until they suck into the environment, then run past them.
    The third saw will actually  move.  What to do here is to wait for it to
    emerge, then follow carefully behind it without touching it and advance  when
    it sinks.  At the fifth saw, blast the bricks if you're a wolf, then advance.
    If not, then walk over, and  punch the bricks while ducking to avoid the saw.
    Head right some more and grab the Restart Bonus.  Get past the  next saw and
    destroy the bricks on the raised floor level and keep going right.  Kill the
    bug creature and keep  heading right.  There will be some flying ones
    descending as you approach them.  Kill them as they descend and  progress to a
    snail on the wall.  If you can, jump on the snail and ride it as it goes up.
    Jump on the platform on  the left.
    Drop down from the snail and head left.  Try hard to get past the saw and the
    spike below it.  Continue once you  have gotten past them (timing is the key).
    There will not be a pendulum with a saw on it.  Wonderful!  The way to  get
    across these is tricky.  For the first one, run as it swings left and duck a
    little ways left of the top of the  chain.  There will be another one.  Drat!
    If you time it just right, you can jump over this one right as the saw is
    heading right (make sure you clear it right as the saw reaches the bottom of
    its motion) or you can do as you did  before with the other one, only you will
    have to crouch a bit further left (basically, just above the saw as it  reaches
    the furthest left it can go).  The next one can be ducked under, but it's very
    difficult to do.  Again, you  will have to do it below the blade when it's on
    the far left.  You can also easily jump over this one.  Keep going  to the next
    pendulum.  Do the same strategy that you did to dodge the other ones.  There
    will be one with a platform  involved.  Use the platform to you advantage to
    run across the pendulum, but remember you will still have to jump  when getting
    across.  Grab the orbs if you wish.
    Keep heading left after this. Grab the life increaser and keep going.  Avoid
    the boulder that comes at you from the  left.  There will be another boulder
    for you to get around and an arrow near the end of the floor.  Dodge the arrow
    and drop down.  Destroy the bricks and grab the orbs.  Feh, another pendulum!
    Get past the pendulum and drop down.   You should notice a stack of horizontal
    bricks as you drop down from the ledge.  Jump on the bricks and break  through
    them to get an orb.  Head right now.  Be careful with the green slime on the
    slope.  It will make it extra  slippery and possibly cause you to fall onto the
    spikes.  Grab the Restart Bonus and keep going right.  There will  be another
    slope with slime on it.  Get down carefully and jump over the spikes, then grab
    the orb on the other  side.  Keep heading right some more.  Now comes a hard
    part. There will be slime all around and a pendulum on top of  all that.
    Timing, again, is the key.  Apply what you've learned before from dodging the
    pendulums (assuming you did  learn) and whatever you do, do not choke under
    pressure.  Get past that and grab the item hidden behind the column.   Another
    couple of pendulums after the slope heading down.  Get past the pendulums and
    there will be another with  some orbs under it.  Only grab the orbs if you're
    feeling courageous.  Get past that pendulum by jumping over it and  the indent
    at the same time.  Another pendulum!  Jump over this one as well and drop down
    off the edge into the next  part.
    Kill the trooper and break through the bricks.  Now drop down and kill the
    trooper that's a bit to the left.  You  can also go through the wall on the
    right.  Keep heading left and go through the wall (grabbing the Three Way
    Shot),  but try not to drop down.  If you can, time your run just right and
    jump to the floor above on the left.  If you  drop below, you will have to get
    across some saws, a bug, and some bricks at the end.  Anyway, assuming you made
    it  to the upper floor, head left and kill the bugs.  Keep going, jump on the
    snail and ride it to the top and kill the  trooper.  Head left some more.  Kill
    the two bugs that are left, but make sure you don't kill the last one with a
    Flamer.  Now, while standing on the edge of the platform, destroy the wall
    right across just enough to be able to  jump straight over.  Break through the
    bricks and grab all the stuff you can, including the Extend Bonus, the orbs,
    the life restorer, and the Boomer.  Head right and drop down from the stone
    structure, grabbing the orb on the way  down.  Kill the enemies if you need to
    and break through the bricks and head left.  Grab the life.  You'll notice
    that heading left, this is a really long hall.  Get ready for the easiest boss
    in the game!
    This boss is even pathetic in human form, just as long as you're fast.  In wolf
    form (assuming you are), change your  weapon to the Dual Shot.  Run left and
    drop down into a chamber.  This is where you'll face the Spider Brood.  Two
    spiders will run out at a time.  As they hit the ground, punch or shoot them.
    Only one shot is necessary for taking  them out.  Do this on one side then the
    next (they will drop down on either side of you).  Smart Bombs shouldn't  even
    be needed here.  When you've beaten them, it's on to CHIMERA Base!
    -PART I-
    You'll start out on an elevator going up.  First thing you need to do is avoid
    the spiked platforms that are coming  down at you.  After you've successfully
    dodged all the spiked platforms, troopers will now start dropping in.  My
    suggestion is to use the Flamer if you're in wolf form and you have it.  What
    you do is stand on a far side, fire a  shot, and chase after it letting it go
    through each enemy there.  You'll notice that you've never seen troopers like
    this before.  These ones actually crouch and attack, so crouching won't keep
    you 100% safe.  There will be lots of  enemies coming down at you.  You just
    need to destroy them all and avoid being shot (a tad more difficult than it
    sounds, sure).  After you've defeated them all, a platform will descend on the
    right side.  Jump on it and let it  carry out.
    Grab the life restorer on the right and destroy the crates on the left.  There
    should be a Dual Shot in one of the  crates and a small orb in one of the
    others (I think it's worth only 100 points).  Continue left and defeat the
    troopers as they come by.  When you can't go any further left, drop directly
    down.  Use the crate to an advantage  here. This trooper can crouch.  What you
    want to do is duck underneath his shots and let the others hit the crate.
    When he's wide open, stand and fire a shot directly at him, then destroy the
    crate if you wish, but there's nothing  inside (nor is there anything inside
    the others below it).  Walk left, drop down, and use the same strategy on the
    next trooper below.  Drop down on the left and there should be yet another one
    with which you can apply the same  strategy.  After you've defeated him, go
    left.  Kill any troopers that appear.  You can use ducking to an advantage  on
    these ones (the one behind the slope, at least).  Now climb the slope on the
    left and grab the Restart Bonus.   After that, jump on the platform and let it
    carry you upward.  Before reaching the top, you can jump to the right  and get
    some life from a crate there.  Now, jump back to the elevator-like platform.
    When you reach the top, jump through the floor.  Walk right a little ways and
    jump onto the area above you with the  two crates on it.  Destroy the crates
    and get a life restorer and a Three Way Shot.  Drop back down and head right.
    The Boomer comes quite handy on these next two enemies.  Use it on them if you
    have it to destroy them easily.  If  you're still in human form, then use the
    punching to the best of your ability.  Get past the next two troopers and
    climb the slope.  There will be another trooper at the top.  No need to jump up
    and kill him.  Equip a powerful  attack like Boomer if you can (punching is
    sufficient here), walk most of the way up and attack at his lower body.   It
    should defeat him without having him attack you.  Head right some more.
    Another of those powerful troopers is up  ahead.  Take him out with a Boomer if
    possible and head right.  Another situation with a trooper in front of a
    crate.  Again, use the crate to your advantage and destroy it to get a life
    restorer.  Now jump left and climb the  slope.  When you get to the top of the
    slope, jump through the floor.
    Kill the trooper that sits at the top and head right.  Only head left if you
    really want to destroy the trooper over  that way.  As you're heading left, yet
    another trooper appears and one right after him. Destroy them both and jump  on
    the platform to carry you upward.  Jump through the floor and beware as you're
    heading left.  This is where  you'll be attacked by the octopus creatures.
    These guys are very tough!  If you're in wolf form, Flamer is a nice  weapon to
    use here.  Head left, destroying any octopus creatures that break free from
    their chamber.  After you get  past all the octopi, head left and kill the
    enemy behind the slope with a Flamer, if possible.  If you're human,  then just
    avoid him.  It's all you can do.  Climb the slope now and take out the trooper
    up there.  Now jump right.   Destroy all the crates to get a life restorer and
    a Dual Shot.  Jump right to the next platform.  Head right, but be  careful.
    The pipes will shoot projectile.  You can intercept the shots with regular
    blasts or punches, but it is  still quite hard to do this part.  Head right
    until you come to some small, metal towers.  Jump on the platforms on  the
    towers and grab the orb at the top.  Kill the enemy on the left if you have
    projectile capabilities.  Jump left.
    If you didn't kill the enemy before, do so now.  Head left.  There will be
    spikes here.  Walk past the first load of  spikes and grab the orb. Now stand
    under the platform and jump on it.  Jump over to the next platform, then to the
    next.  After you've grabbed the orb up there, kill the enemy on the right and
    jump over onto the right.  Kill the  enemy and walk up the slope.  Kill the
    enemy at the top of the slope as well (no need to jump to do so, just get
    close and attack at his lower section).  Now jump left.  Heading left, destroy
    the crates and grab the orbs.  There  will be an enemy when heading left.
    Crouch and take him out, then jump over the sets of spikes while heading left.
    Grab the Restart Bonus and destroy the crate.  If you can, try to jump over the
    breakable floor that is presented  next to the third set of spikes here and
    destroy the crate to grab some Dual Shots.  Head left, but be ready to head
    back in a second here.  When heading left, kill the troopers using either
    Flamer or Boomer and grab the life  restorer.  Once you've gotten the life
    restorer, head right again and jump through the breakable floor.  Destroy the
    crates to grab some orbs.  One of the crates carries a Smart Bomb and the other
    carries a Flamer.  Head left.   You'll have to face more of those octopus
    creatures.  If you're in wolf form, use your Flamer to get rid of them, or
    else just punch them while avoiding their attack.  Jump onto the platform after
    heading all the way left and go up  the slope.  Destroy the crates and the
    trooper up there.  There will be some orbs.  Head back down the way you came
    and head left, down the slope.
    Jump on the platform and let it fall all the way down.  You should hit the
    floor and be standing between a couple of  spikes.  Head right and kill the
    trooper that appears.  No need to really climb the slope.  Just keep heading
    right  and jump through the floor on the far right past all the platforms.
    There will be an enemy to the right of the  platforms.  Kill him and go
    through.  There will be some orbs worth 4000 each when you fall through for you
    to pick  up.  Head left now.  Use the crate to your advantage again to defeat
    the enemy.  You can also use a Flamer to go  through the box and hit the
    trooper as well.  Head right and grab the full restorer.  If you're a wolf,
    crouch and  fire a Flamer at the enemy to dispose of him.  Otherwise, just use
    regular means.  Head right and kill the enemy on  the far right side, if you
    can.  There is a 4000 point orb there, so jump over and grab it if you want it.
    You can  also drop down, angle left, and grab a 4000 point orb there, too!
    Drop down and head right.  If you wish, jump over  the way down, kill the
    enemy, and walk through the wall on the right.  There will be a ton of crates
    there which you  can destroy and get a whole load of orbs.  Head back left and
    drop down again.
    Kill the enemy on the right and walk through the wall to get some points.  Head
    left again and destroy the crates.   There will be a Boomer in a crate for you.
    Drop down.  Now you'll be on an elevator, this time heading down.   Troopers
    will fall again.  Kill them with the Flamer Strategy spoken of earlier.  After
    you've gone through several  sets of these, the level ends.
    -PART II-
    Jump right and destroy the crates.  Grab the full life restorer and become a
    wolf if you're not one.  Drop down on  the left side and walk left, down the
    slope.  Destroy the crates for some points and a Dual Shot.  Switch back to
    whatever you had it on (I usually use Flamer myself) and run right.  Kill the
    trooper on the right and drop.  Run  right and kill the trooper with the big
    gun.  There should be a couple of 2000 point orbs for you to grab as well.   Do
    so.  Continue right.  Jump up to kill the trooper that is above you.  Then move
    on and another will appear with a  big gun again.  Destroy him as well, just
    don't let him attack you.  Move on.  Head right and drop down.  Now head  left
    and down the slope.  Kill all the troopers while heading left and also pick up
    the orbs.  Once you've gotten  the last orb on the far left, go right again.
    Along the way right, you should bump into about three different jet- pack
    troopers.  Take them out and grab the life restorer as you come across it.
    Keep going.  Make your way down the  slope.  If you're in wolf formation, jump
    in the air and fire a shot at the trooper above to take him out.  Grab the
    chrome orb and continue right, jumping over the drop off.  In front of the far
    right wall, beyond the slope, should  be a trooper waiting for you.  Fire a
    well placed Flamer through the slope to take him out, then go up the slope.
    Grab the life restorer if you need it, then kill the trooper to the left of the
    life restorer.  Now, jump left and  head up the slope and kill the trooper up
    there.  Also destroy the crate for a Flamer.  Head back to the drop off I
    previously told you to jump over and drop down it.
    Destroy the crates as you see fit.  Grab any orbs that come out.  Now head
    left.  Jump over the spikes and kill the  trooper.  Continue left and we come
    to a slight impediment in our rode.  Before you are some blocks that have a
    tendency to move.  One one side of each block is a small row of spikes.  Since
    these things move so fast, it's  almost a guessing game as to when to jump.
    Only jump on the first one when the spikes are not exposed.  When you've
    finally made your way left, jump back onto the floor and over the spikes.
    Proceed some more.  There will be a few  troopers along the way, one of which I
    know has a big gun (the others I killed before I could quite see what they
    look like).  It may look as though you've come to a dead end after heading so
    far left, but quite the contrary,  actually.  You can walk through the wall
    here and fall down to the lower level.  Grab the Restart Bonus and destroy  the
    crates.  Kill the trooper, then jump over the drop off and grab the Dual Shot.
    Now, drop down and take out the  trooper on the left.  Head right.  You should
    now come to some big, green pipes.  Some fish creatures should jump  out of
    some of the pipes.  These guys are extremely tough.  The best way to take them
    down is with the Boomer.  It  will take two shots, but that's a lot less than
    some weapons.  On average, I had to use three Flamers to take these  guys down.
    Kill each of them as they pop out of the pipes and attack.  Head right.  There
    will be a trooper that  fires with a lazy arc.  Crouch in front of him if your
    human or the crate if your a wolf and blast him.  Continue  right.  There
    should be another one.  Repeat the process and grab the Smart Bomb out of the
    crate.  Head right and  through the wall.
    Kill the troopers on the right and above you as you come in.  You can also jump
    once the trooper above you is gone  and just barely reach the Smart Bomb.  Now
    drop down on the right and kill the last trooper.  If you don't have a  Homer,
    you're going to have to take damage.  If you do have a Homer, then fire a few
    at him to destroy him, then  jump where he was standing and walk past the
    spikes.  Head left and jump over against the wall to go through it.   Fire at
    the crate to destroy it.  There will be nothing inside, but the shot will cause
    some orbs and an Extend  Bonus to appear.  Grab them.  You can either drop down
    on the left or right.  Let's assume you took the right path.   Drop down again
    and walk past another set of spikes.  After that is another drop down with an
    enemy waiting there.   Kill him as well and destroy the crate on the left.  You
    should get a Flamer out of it.  Now go through the wall on  the left and
    destroy the two big gun troopers and grab the life restorer shortly afterwards.
    Keep heading left.   You will now be under the big, green pipes.  The fish
    creatures will fall to you now.  Destroy them with the Boomer  if you can (or
    fist if you're human) and keep heading left.  Take the upper route before going
    down the slope.   Destroy the trooper there and the crates.  You should get
    some orbs and a full life restorer.  Now go back and down  the left slope.
    Kill the trooper and head right.  Watch out for the crates.  If they hit you,
    you will take damage.  Just jump over  them as they come at you.  Further right
    will be a Restart Bonus.  Grab it and continue.  There will be some  troopers
    along down the right.  Take them out and eventually jump over the drop off to
    claim a full life restorer.   Drop down and grab the Arc Shot on the left.  You
    can also go through the wall on the right.  Do so, then destroy  the trooper
    and keep heading left.  Along the line, there will be a pipe into which the
    crates are being fed.  Run  across when a crate is not present and destroy the
    troopers that appear further left.  More crates to dodge!  Do the  same as
    before.  There will eventually be a stack of crates with a 4000 point orb in
    the top one.  Destroy the  crate, grab the orb, and continue left, dodging the
    moving crates.  Head left until you come to a trooper and a  bunch of crates.
    Kill the trooper and destroy the crates, and grab the life restorers and the B.
    Drop down and  destroy some more crates.  Yay!  Finally got the Plasma Ball!
    Head right and kill the trooper with a Flamer (or  fists) then get past the
    falling crates again.  Head right some more.  Destroy the fish creature and the
    crates to  get an orb.  There should also be a trooper near some capsules.
    Destroy the trooper.
    There should be a platform here that you can jump on that will carry you.  Jump
    on it and jump onto the canisters on  the right.  Walk right and drop down from
    the canisters.  Kill the troopers here and jump on the platform here.  Now
    head right.  Kill the enemies that appear and continue right.  Kill the fish
    monster that falls from the tubes.   Now, drop down and kill the enemy on the
    left.  Grab the life restorer.  Jump back up and head right.  Kill the  enemy
    above and continue.  Grab the Three Way and destroy the enemy behind the slope.
    Head right some more.  Get  ready for quite a tough battle coming right up...
    This guy can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing.  If you're a
    wolf, I suggest using a Flamer.  If  you're a human, you're limited to hands.
    The first thing the shrimp will do is fire a plasma ball that will split  into
    several different ones.  Stand near the middle and wait for them to descend
    around you.  He will fire another.   After he does, run up against one of the
    pipes, either one, and wait for the shrimp to roll past you.  If you are a
    human, run to the opposite pipe and punch him as he goes down.  If not, then
    either side will do and do not attempt  to fire at him.  If you're a wolf, then
    run to either side, it doesn't matter which.  Only fire at him when he  emerges
    from the pipes and make sure you hit him in the head.  Keep doing this until he
    finally dies.
    -Part I-
    Head right to start, but as you approach the pipes on the ceiling, walk slowly
    because there will be flames falling  from there.  As you head right there will
    be a crate.  Destroy it, hopefully with a Flamer.  If you do so with a  Flamer,
    it will go straight through the crate and hurt (possibly even destroy) the
    enemy just beyond the crate.   Keep going right and watching out for the
    falling flames.  Just after that trooper will be another crate with an  enemy
    just beyond it.  Do the same thing again.  If you can't use Flamer, then just
    make the best of what you have  (other shots, fists).  Now destroy the crates
    below the slope to get a Dual Shot. Climb the slope and watch out for  the
    multi-blade pendulum above you.  You have two choices.  You can go to the left
    of the pendulum, destroying the  crate and going through the wall, then
    destroying the remaining crates in your way.  You can also go right and get
    some extra stuff. If you went right, to go part A.  If you decided to take the
    left path through the wall, go to B.   Heading right can eventually lead to the
    path you would take by heading left.  In other words, A does eventually  lead
    to B, but if you feel you'd rather simplify your way to the next part, take B.
    [Assuming you went right]
    Ignore the crate the left of the pendulum, as it holds nothing.  Head right.
    There is a creature below the floor  that will snap up and bite you, so be
    careful.  Further right will be some gray blocks.  Jump on one of the blocks
    on the far left and you will break through it.  Now either fire a Flamer to the
    remaining row or make the best of  your given attacks.  Under the one you
    destroyed by jumping should be a 1000 point orb.  Under the others should be  a
    4000 pointer and a Smart Bomb.  Grab them, then destroy the trooper to the
    right of the Smart Bomb and keep  heading right.  As you head right you will
    come to a slope with a pendulum further down it and an enemy up on a  ledge
    just above the pendulum.  Defeat the enemy if you need to, but there's nothing
    on the ledge.  Head down and  avoid the pendulum.  The best way to do so is to
    stand close to its leftmost point and wait until it begins to head  right.  A
    bit after it starts, run right after it and you should go right under it.  Keep
    Jump up and destroy the trooper on the platform if you can.  The crate to the
    left of him has a life restorer in it.   Also on the bottom floor here should
    be a trooper behind a crate.  There is nothing in the crate, so use it to your
    advantage by firing a shot at the trooper.  Now climb the different platforms.
    Climb with caution because on the  left just above you should be a trooper that
    aims directly at you.  Do not stand still.  Keep jumping and eventually  take
    him out.  On the right above that should be another trooper to take out.
    Somewhere on the left should be a  couple of crates, one of which has a 400
    point orb.  Grab that and keep ascending.  Climb all the way to the top and
    head left now.
    Kill the trooper and continue.  There will be a whole series of pendulums as
    you head left.  The first one should be  easy to dodge since it's pretty high
    up.  For the rest, you'll have to apply any dodging strategies you learned in
    Level 3.  For the second one, I recommend the run-duck strategy.  The third you
    should try to jump over since that  ramp boost you up high enough to make the
    pendulum low.  Past that is the next one.  I also suggest a run-duck  strategy
    for that one.
    Just beyond the last pendulum is a Restart Bonus.  Grab it and head left.  When
    you fall down here, try to angle  right and destroy all the crates in this
    area.  You should get a total of two full life restorers here.  Now, drop  down
    and you'll have met Part B below, the Intersection.
    If the crates are in your way, destroy them albeit the fact that there is
    nothing inside them.  Head left.  Kill the  troopers with heavy guns on the
    way.  On the far left near the wall should be a small orb.  Grab it if you wish
    then  jump on the left platform and let it carry you up.  Then jump to the
    right platform and fire a shot at the trooper  at the top.  You can then blast
    through the crates.  You should have gotten a Flamer from the deal.  Be careful
    when  heading right because there will be a creature that will jump up out of
    the floor.  You can see some features of it  sticking up out of the floor.  Get
    past that and jump on the next platform to let it carry you up.  Jump through
    the  floor and kill the trooper.  Head right, killing all the troopers on the
    way.  Be careful because these ones fire in  an arc.  Now jump up to a more
    elevated floor and grab a Restart Bonus.  Destroy the block on the left for a
    Shield  and then destroy the crates and head right.  There will be a couple of
    big gun carriers on the way right.  Destroy  them, grab the life restorer, and
    jump on the platform to let it carry you.
    Time your jump just right and head left.  Watch out for the falling flames
    again.  Walk left cautiously.  Destroy  the crate on the way.  If you didn't
    already, then destroy the enemy after the crate.  Now walk past the spikes.
    Destroy the arc-shooting trooper and head up the slope.  There should be
    another arc-shooter there.  Take him out as  well and jump onto the right
    platform.  On the way, take out all the troopers you can while dodging bullets
    from  above.  Run right to grab an N and head back to the left.  Destroy all
    the troopers here with caution.  Jump onto  the left wall and head left some
    more.  There will be another arc-shooter on the steel beam platform.  Take him
    out  and drop down through the far left gray block.  Do not destroy the others
    yet.  Jump on the next one on the right  and head right to grab an R.  Now, go
    back and plow through the blocks to grab a Smart Bomb.  Before climbing the
    platforms on the left, I'd suggest jumping onto the platform above the R and
    using that as a boost to fire at the  trooper on the far left.  If you can't
    fire, then just climb to him and use your fists.  Destroying the crate on the
    furthest down will get you a chrome orb.  Now climb the platforms until you get
    to one that has a slope heading to  the right.
    Climb the slope and kill the enemy on the right.  Jump to the left and grab the
    two orbs.  Now comes another  judgment call.  You can either go up or right.
    Just so you know, there isn't a whole lot extra on the right except  for a full
    life restorer, but that can be found just as easily if you go up.
    1. [Assuming you went up]
    The area should have an enemy on the right and some orbs on a steel platform on
    the left.  Kill the enemy and grab  the orbs if you wasn't already (this was
    covered above just before breaking into these two sections.  There should  be
    an elevator just to the right.  Use the highest up platform to jump to the
    elevator and let it take you up.  Then  jump left onto the middle platform.  It
    will fall, so immediately jump left again and let that one take you upward.
    Grab the Restart Bonus and plow through the gray bricks.  Head right and
    destroy the trooper, then drop down.  Break  through the bricks as best as you
    can and grab a bunch of 4000 point orbs.  Enter the room and grab the full life
    restorer.  Go right and take out the arc-shooter, avoiding his shots.  Finally,
    climb the slope on the right, if  need be, and take out the trooper.  This one
    aims, so he can be a pain.  Now head right.  Exiting the room, destroy  the big
    gun carrier and climb the platforms.  Grab a Homer at the top and head right,
    down the slope.
    On the way down, try to destroy all the troopers on the right.  When you reach
    the bottom, also take out the arc- shooter.  While still on the brown ramp,
    jump through the bottom platform overhead.  Go all the way right and jump
    through the platforms and walk through the wall on the right.  Grab the Flamer,
    then head right and grab the life  restorer. Now stand on top of the gray
    blocks and jump through them.  Be sure you try to land in a crouching  position
    because there will be an enemy on the left firing shots.  Take him out if you
    can.  If have the ability to,  destroy the blocks lining the ceiling on the
    right.  Destroy as many gray blocks on the right as you can (jumping  over the
    drop off) and grab the orbs.  Drop down on the drop off I told you to avoid and
    you will reach the  Intersection.
    2. [Assuming you went right]
    After killing the trooper, head right.  There will be a platform with spikes
    almost all the way across it.  The key  is to jump on the very edge and walk
    across, then jump to the next platform.  Head right and destroy the trooper and
    the arc-shooter.  Jump over the drop off and kill the next arc-shooter and keep
    going right.  Dodge the pendulum to  the best of your ability and keep going.
    There will be two more after that, the third of which I recommend you try
    jumping over.  Head right and you've already made it to the intersection.
    Avoid the spikes if you came from 2.  If you came from 1, go down the slope and
    take out the arc-shooter.  Either  way you came, drop down the drop off, but be
    sure to stay on the right side of the wall.  You can go through the  wall on
    the right on the way down, but there doesn't seem to be anything in there.
    Drop all the way down and  destroy all the crates.  Grab the Dual Shot from the
    crates on the left and head right.  You've completed the area.
    -Part II-
    The walkthrough for this level will be a bit confusing, but if you go through
    the level, you will see it's not as  hard or confusing as it sounds.  Just bear
    with me...
    The final stage.  Grab the Smart Bomb and head right.  Destroy the big gun
    carrier on the way.  Grab the full life  restorer and the small orb and keep
    going right.  Be cautious about this area as flames fall the ceiling.  Kill the
    enemy further right by crouching and firing/punching.  Keep going and grab the
    A.  Kill the next trooper on the  right and keep going, past the golden statue.
    Grab the orb.  If you have a firing ability, jump in the air and fire  a shot
    (Flamer hopefully) at the trooper to the right and finish him off.  Be cautious
    about climbing as there will  be two aiming troopers above.  First there will
    be one on the left near an orb.  Take him out, then aim at the  second one on
    the right.  Jump up to the top and grab the Three Way Shot.  Jump on the
    platform and let it carry you  above.  Kill the crouched trooper on the left.
    Here is where you'll find two different paths.  Do not consider  going right as
    you should actually be coming from that way if you take one of the paths.  From
    here, you can either  go up or left.  Up will just take you right back to this
    area, but it will also reward you with a few items.  If you  are heading up, go
    to the first section.   If you are going left, go to the second section.  There
    is a way to go  left without going up, but I HIGHLY recommend going up as it
    will help you get across the spikes so much easier.
    1. [Assuming you went up]
    While on the platform, destroy the trooper on the left if you haven't and grab
    the orb near him.  Now jump onto the  platforms above and destroy the trooper
    on the right and grab the gold orb nearby.  Ascend a little bit and there  will
    be an aiming trooper.  Take him out and instead of continuing the ascent, go
    right.  Beware the creature that  pops out of the ground.  Take out the arc-
    shooter a bit of the ways down and grab the life restorer.  Head back out
    (watching out for the creature again) and ascend.  You can go right from here
    and stand on the highest platform,  then jump left and go through the wall.
    You can do that or go right.  Remember, you can go back if you do go  through
    the wall, but it could cost you some life.  If you went through the wall, go to
    the section below.  If not  or you are heading back towards the left route,
    proceed to {NO WALL}.
    {Assuming you went through the wall: Grab all the orbs you can heading right.
    When you get as far right as  possible, jump through the blocks and angle left
    on your way down.  One of the blocks in here should have a Dual  Shot for you
    to grab.  Drop through the blocks.  Proceed from here to {CLOSE}}
    {NO WALL}
    On the left should be a pillar with an orb behind it and a Restart Bonus next
    to it.  Grab both of them and head  left.  Jump over the creature on the floor.
    You will come to a post with golden heads on it.  The heads fire shots  at you
    in rounds of three.  Duck down and when three shots have gone by, stand back up
    and run past it.  You will  come to another one, but this one doesn't fire.
    After that post is another one that does fire.  Use the same  strategy and get
    to the blocks.  Only destroy the top blocks and grab the Dual Shot that falls
    between the bottom  ones.  Only leave the right bottom one standing.  You can
    destroy the left one for a small orb.  To the left of the  blocks is a trooper.
    Duck under his shots and take him out, then continue left.
    Drop down to the platform below and kill the crouched trooper, then drop down
    again.  You can head right from here,  but that would require that you take
    some damage from the spikes.
    {Assuming you go right: Skip the rest of this sub-section 1 and head right.
    You will have to take damage from the  spikes and walk along them. There will
    eventually be some rotating blocks with spikes on one side of them.  Jump  when
    it's safe and make your way further right.  You will eventually come to a place
    with a bunch of platforms  leading down and some orbs on the platforms.  Grab
    all you can and drop down.  (proceed to {HERE}}
    I don't recommend heading right, but if you wanted to... Anyway, keep dropping
    downward.  Try to angle right when  dropping down from the first platform at
    the top so you can land on the next platform down, then drop from that and
    angle right again to get away from the spikes.  Walk right and drop down again
    and take out the crouched enemy.   Drop down and angle as far left as you can
    to avoid the spikes.  Run right and grab the Smart Bomb.  Continue right  and
    drop again, then kill the enemy on the left.  Drop down yet again and kill
    another enemy on the right near the  pendulum.  If you want, wait until the
    pendulum is out of the way and drop down, then run left to grab a 4000 point
    orb.  Now run right and avoid the pendulum as best as you can.  There will be
    two more pendulums after that and a  few platforms leading up.  Jump through as
    far as you can.  Proceed to {HERE}.
    Grab the full life restorer and dodge the pendulum, heading right.  Jump up to
    the next plane and jump onto the  platform.  Now, jump off the platform and you
    will be back where you started.  Time to take the left route. [proceed  to
    2. [Afterward]
    If you chose to go up, you will be guided across the spikes a lot easier.  If
    not, then you'll have to either bear  the damage or hope that you can land on
    the tiniest piece of land and run across the spikes (I've done it a few  times
    before...).  Drop down and grab the Restart Bonus.  Head right.  Grab the Dual
    Shot and avoid the shots being  fired from the mouths of the heads on the
    posts.  Destroy the crate on the far right to get an orb... Proceed to
    Drop down and watch out for the shots being fired at you still.  Duck
    underneath and wait for the third to be shot,  then run.  Watch out for another
    wave on the way left, then drop down and grab the full life restorer.  Head
    right.   Rotating blocks with spikes.  Jump from block to block carefully, and
    when you get to the furthest right point, jump  right, but try to position
    yourself in the middle of the drop (a bit hard to do since it's hard to see the
    outlines  of the drop).  Fall all the way down, avoiding the spikes.  Drop
    down, killing the two troopers on the way and  continue down.  There will be a
    trooper on the right for you to destroy.  Take him out as well and drop down
    some  more.  Another one on the right.  Also take him out, now go left.  Take
    out the enemy under the far left platform,  then climb a ways and take out the
    aimer.  Keep going up.  At one point there will be two platforms across from
    each  other, the higher one on the left.  Jump from the right platform to the
    left as best as you can and ascend, then  take out the aiming trooper above.
    Grab the Arc Shot on the right, then the Restart Bonus on the left.  Head left
    Go past all the statues and grab the full life restorer.  Kill the enemy just
    above that.  If you have the ability  to fire, then stand as far left as
    possible without falling into the spikes and fire a shot at the enemy across
    the  way.  Jump left by way of the platform above and take out the aimer and
    the other trooper below him on the way left.   On the way left will be yet
    another aimer above, a trooper against the wall and one below.  Take the aimer
    and the  one against he wall first, then drop down and take out the one below.
    Head right from here.  Head right and take  out all the troopers and aimers
    (there should be about 5-6) that you come into contact with and grab the Dual
    Shot  on the way.  Stand on the farthest right point (without dropping down)
    and jump right through the wall.  You should  come to a place with blocks that
    have a Flamer and all the letters to make BONUS.  Walk back out now.  Drop to
    the  next level down and head left, down the slope.   Drop to the floor and
    kill the enemy on the right and walk that  way, then jump through the wall.
    Destroy all the bricks here to get all the letters to spell EXTRA.  Now, exit
    back  the way you came.  There will be a few firing posts on the way left, so
    watch out.  After them are some more  rotating blocks.  Jump on those ones with
    care, continuing left.
    Drop down and walk right.  After all the statues should be some crates, one of
    which has a Smart Bomb.  Walk right  cautiously across the piped ceiling and
    watch out for the falling flames.  Kill the big gun carrier and continue
    right.  Grab the full life restorer and continue until finally you've reached
    the end (there should be two troops  and a small orb on the way).  Now the time
    is neigh.  Either face Saul's fears or run whimpering and crying.  Draxx
    -Form 1-
    Get past the spikes when entering then drop to the center chamber.  Kal is
    behind the bars!  Draxx should be on the  right in a human form.  Draxx's
    action command goes a bit like this:
    Fire Homer...roll across chamber...Fire Homer...Roll across chamber...Drop
    rocks from ceiling...Wait...Roll across  screen...Repeat process...
    If you're in human form, only attack him when he is waiting, that way you won't
    be hit by the Homer as it's coming  after you.  In wolf form, dodge the Homer
    as best as you can and take pot shots at Draxx.  When he hits his wait
    command, unleash.  The one part you should be concerned the most with (if not
    the Homers) is the blocks that fall  from the ceiling.  They will always fall
    in the same areas, so stand in the spots each time.  From there, he will  wait,
    so like I said, unleash.  If you did as I usually do and save all of your Smart
    Bombs, don't use them just  yet.  Wait for the next form.  Continue hitting and
    Draxx will reveal some new skin.
    -Form 2-
    This one didn't take me too long to figure out, but does still take a little
    practice.  Draxx will teleport around  the room.  Do not stand still.  When he
    appears fire at him.  Eventually, he will fire a row of plazma balls.  From
    here, run to the far right side of the chamber and wait.  The balls will not
    effect you there.  When Draxx appears,  time your jump and jump over his
    attack.  If you're in human form, then what to do is to only attack when he's
    doing  his teleportation strategy without the plasma factored in.  Keep running
    around the room and when he appears, turn  around and punch him.  When he does
    the plasma, use the same strategy as with the wolf and run to the far left of
    the screen.
    One question you will probably ask is this:
    Every time the plasma balls disappear, he fires more and I can't find a time to
    attack him.  When do I attack?  The  answer is this.  Attack him every time he
    appears on your way to the left side of the chamber.  Another pointer to  give
    you... When you reach the furthest right, do not face right.  Lightly tap the
    left D-pad and face the left.   That way, when you come down off jumping over
    his attack, you can fire at/punch him.  Continue hitting him or using  Smart
    Bombs until he's toast.  Enjoy what little of an ending there is.  Congrats!
    /  SECTION 6: FAQ \
    Q: Where can I get a ROM for this game?
    A: It's called a "Search Engine" for a reason.  USE IT!
    Q: How do you do the invincibility cheat?
    A: After completing a level, Saul will throw his hand into the air and catch
    some lightning in his hand.  At that  moment, pause the game and commit
    suicide.  Saul will lose all his life, but not his wolf form.  The thing is you
    cannot grab any life restoring items or the invincibility will be made null.
    Q: I ran out of Smart Bombs!  How do I get more?
    A: You can find them in different areas of different levels.
    Q: What happens if you grab a projectile shot while still in human form?
    A: You will gain 400 points, but you won't be able to use the weapon.  You can
    only use projectile shots in wolf  form.
    Q: Is there any way, short of hurting yourself, that you can change back to
    human from wolf form?
    A: No.
    Q: Are there any other transformations in the game?
    A: Well, if there were others, then why call it "Wolfchild?"
    Q: How does this version differ from others?
    A: The only thing I know is that the Sega CD version actually has FMV's (or
    maybe just one) as I saw in a magazine.
    Q: How do you commit suicide?
    A: Pause the game and push A+B simultaneously.
    Q: Any advice you can give on the pendulums on level 3?
    A: Jump over or run under them.  Either way is fine.  Make sure when you jump
    over them that you are able to clear  them easily.  This is not something that
    will necessarily happen instantly.  It's something you may have to work at  a
    couple times, maybe even more depending on your gaming skill.  Remember, when
    ducking to avoid it, make sure you  do the procedure like this: Wait until it
    starts swinging away from you.  Now run as far as you can, preferably to  the
    area just below the blade and crouch.  If you do this and you're still getting
    hit, then you're too far over and  need to run further when you do this.
    Assuming you want to head left with a pendulum swinging, then wait for the
    pendulum to swing to the left and follow it.  Crouch at the space at which you
    would be directly below the pendulum  when it's furthest left it can be.  I
    hope I didn't confuse you too much with that.
    /  SECTION 7: LEGAL BIT  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2001-2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    Thanks goes to the following
    Virgin and Core for putting this game together, I guess...
    (C) Joseph Shaffer 2001-2010

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