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    FAQ/Walkthrough by J2DK

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    X-Men (For Sega Genesis/MegaDrive) FAQ
    First Version: 07/17/03
    Last Revised: 07/19/03
    Authored by: J2DK
    If this document or any part of it is copied or used without my consent, I 
    will feel free to sue you for plagiarism or copyright infringement. If you 
    would like to use any part of my FAQ, 
    E-mail me telling me what you want to do with it and what parts you would 
    like to use, and I'll reply. Thank you for your consideration.
    I.    Introduction 
    II.   Revision History
    III.  Who Are the X-Men?
    IV.   Individual Character Information
       A.    Gambit 
       B.    Nightcrawler 
       C.    Wolverine 
       D.    Cyclops 
    V.    In-Game Character Strengths/Weaknesses and Mutant Power Uses 
       A.    Gambit 
       B.    Nightcrawler 
       C.    Wolverine 
       D.    Cyclops
    VI.   Substituting/Assist Uses 
       A     Subsituting 
       B.    Rogue, Archangel, and Storm 
       C.    Iceman
    VII.  Special Jump 
    VIII. General Tips 
    IX.   The Gambit Glitch
    X.    Level by Level Walkthrough
       A.    Danger Room
       B.    Savage Land 
       C.    Shi'Ar Empire
       D.    Excalibur Lighthouse
       E.    Ahab's World 
       F.    Mojo's Future Crunch
       G.    Asteroid M
    XI.   Final Comments 
    XII.  Special Thanks
    Hey! You might be wondering why I decided writing an FAQ for a game this old 
    in 2003. Well, I forgot I even had this game. I was rummaging through my 
    closet and found this cart. I dusted it off and played through the entire 
    game (yes, I beat it) for the first time since...I was in second or third 
    grade. I was curious to see if anyone had written any FAQs for this game and 
    I decided to write one myself. For those that actually enjoyed this game, I 
    hope this helps you complete it. If you don't like this game and...wait, why 
    would you bother playing through this if you don't enjoy it? Whatever, hope 
    this helps. ;] Oh yeah, most of this FAQ is based on stuff I figured out when 
    I was 6 or 7 Lol. =D Sometimes I will refer to buttons as A, B, and C because 
    I have never found a button configuration screen that let's you change the 
    button setup. 
    *07/17/03-07/19/03* Version 1.0: First version, everything is new.
    Look, if you don't know who the X-Men are, why are you reading this FAQ, let 
    alone playing this game? Besides that, if you haven't heard of the X-Men yet, 
    well...I don't see how someone could have never heard of the X-Men. ::Shrug:: 
    Well, the X-Men are a super team of mutants. Mutants are humans, but with 
    mutations in the DNA. It's an exaggerated take on Darwinism. The "X" in "X-
    Men" could mean two things. 1) The X could represent the X-factor in the 
    DNA/genome of all mutants that gives them their mutant powers or attributes. 
    2)  Professor Xavier's last name starts with an X. I think that speaks for 
    itself. The team itself has undergone many changes with many members coming, 
    going, rejoining, and getting makeovers. I think that's all (and more than) 
    you really need to know to play this game.
    A. Gambit
    Real Name: Remy Lebeau 
    Mtuant Power: Can charge objects with so much kinetic energy that they 
    explode on impact.
    Extra Information: Remy Lebeau originates from New Orleans, Louisiana. He 
    used to be a thief, but was exiled from the Thief's Guild. During one of his 
    heists, he save Storm from the Shadow King (A.K.A. the nightmare guy). He 
    joins the X-Men and becomes a very valuable member because of his versatile 
    mutant power and superb fighting ability (he carries an 
    extendable/retractable staff). He's part of the Blue Team along with Cyclops, 
    Beast, and I forgot who else. I think Sabretooth when he became a not-so-bad-
    guy. There's not much I can tell you about Gambit. Even though he's my 
    favorite character, I don't know much about his history. He's the mysterious 
    X-Man. He always has been.
    B. Nightcrawler
    Real Name: Kurt Wagner
    Mutant Power: Teleportation 
    Extra Information: Kurt is now a member of Excalibur, a little known mutant 
    team. He WAS part of the X-Men. Why did he join? Well, he was once hated by 
    all the people in his birthplace. It's a heavily religious area and they all 
    thought he was a demon (maybe the blue fur and pointed tail made them think 
    that...). Well, the monks in the sanctuary took him in and taught him 
    religion. He became a very spiritual person and used his powers to help the 
    people that hated him. The people of his village blamed him for the child 
    murders that plagued the town. Professor Xavier saved him and he joined the 
    X-Men to help save the ORIGINAL X-Men team except Cyclops. He was the only 
    one that escaped the island Krakatoa. Krakatoa looks like a island, but is 
    actually a really big mutant. He captured the original X-Men team except 
    Cyclops. Oh yeah, Mystique's his mom and Mystique adopted Rogue, so 
    technically Nightcrawler and Rogue are siblings by law.
    C. Wolverine
    Real Name: Logan 
    Mutant Powers: Enhanced senses and healing factor
    Extra Information: Yes, he has adamantium claws and an adamantium skeleton. 
    His skeleton was laced with adamantium in Canada through the Weapon X 
    project. He has almost no memory of his past before he broke out of the lab 
    and is a very confused character in the comics for some time. Wolverine was 
    once the leader of Alpha Flight (The Canadian superhero team now led by the 
    Vindicator), but was growing bored working for the government. When Prof. X 
    came around with his offer to join the new X-Men, Wolverine joined because he 
    thought it sounded more exciting. When I say new X-Men, I mean the team that 
    was led by Cyclops to rescue the rest of the original team from Krakatoa. He 
    is portrayed as a very aggressive fighter with and without his claws. He does 
    lose his adamantium, but somehow retains his claws in bone form. At one point 
    in time, his claws are broken, but they grow back (healing factor?). Oh yeah, 
    Wolverine started out as a bad guy in his first appearance. Wolverine's first 
    appearance was in a Hulk comic book (I forgot which number) and he, of 
    course, fought the Incredible Hulk.
    D. Cyclops 
    Real Name: Scott Summers
    Mutant powers: Optic blast 
    Extra Information: Scott is married to Jean Grey, is brother to Alex Summers 
    A.K.A. Havoc, and raised Cable with his wife by transferring their spirits to 
    the future. He was one of the first X-Men and has been in the X-Men longer 
    than most other members. He's an original. He was an orphan and used to have 
    the capacity to control his optic blasts without the use of eyewear. I think 
    he damaged the part of his brain that controlled his mutant power in a fight 
    or a fall when he was a kid. Mr. Sinister recruited him and tried to use 
    Scott's powers for his own gain (evil gain that is). Professor X saved him 
    and recruited him for the X-Men.
    A. Gambit
    Intelligence: Normal 
    Strength: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Speed: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Stamina: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Agility: Peak Human (peak of human potential)
    Strengths: He uses a staff, so his normal attack has the best range, PLUS 
    when he flips, he can use the spinning staff attack. He has the second 
    highest jump, but check the Special Jump section to see why that doesn't 
    matter too much. Gambit has an enemy-seeking mutant power. If you don't 
    believe me, stand under an enemy and fire. It should make contact. 
    Weaknesses: His mutant power uses too much of the mutant power bar. You can 
    only fire six in quick succession, but you won't need his mutant power much. 
    You'll NEVER have to fire that many in succession, so his mutant power should 
    regenerate by the next occasion you need it. Rely on his staff attacks for 
    the most part. Another weakness is his crouching stance. He squats and all 
    the others get down on a knee. This makes him taller than all the others 
    while ducking. Doesn't sound like it's that bad, but on the Shi'ar level, he 
    can be hit by the gunshots while crouching and all the others can't be hit 
    while crouching. You can fix this problem by using his regular attack just as 
    the shot is coming. He lowers his head during his crouching staff attack.
    How to use the Kinetic Card: Just hit the A button and fire. You can't aim it 
    besides left and right and you don't have to because it's enemy-seeking. If 
    you charge his cards more (hold A longer), then it should be even more 
    efficient at seeking enemies, be more powerful, and take no extra mutant 
    power. The downside is that it stays on screen for a shorter amount of time. 
    You'll know when the card is charged more because the glowing animation will 
    become bigger.
    B. Nightcrawler 
    Intelligence: Normal 
    Strength: Normal 
    Speed: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Stamina: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Agility: Peak Human (peak of human potential)
    Strengths: Unlike Gambit's incarnation, Nightcrawler's peak human agility 
    actually shows, but not much. He has the most useful jumping attack. It's a 
    diving kick. You can use it during most of those platform jumps and release 
    the attack button as you are over the platform and Nightcrawler will drop 
    onto the platform. He also has the best crouching attack due to range and 
    speed. Use his crouching attack whenever on the ground. His mutant power lets 
    him escape damage of EVERY kind. He can escape everything from a spear, to a 
    punch, to a gunshot, to Juggernaut's running charge, and even Magento's 
    blasts. Oh yeah, and the Bamf (onomatopoeia used in comics when Nightcrawler 
    teleports) does as much damage as the Optic Blast or Kinetic Card, if close 
    enough, that is. Nightcrawler can also take shortcuts through levels by 
    teleporting through walls. 
    Weaknesses: His standing attack stinks. Don't EVER use the standing attack. 
    Night's mutant power takes some getting used to. The first time I played this 
    game, I would often teleport by accident. Not many weaknesses for the game 
    version of Nightcrawler. I guess the fact that his teleport depletes more 
    mutant power than any other mutant power attack is a weakness.
    How to use the Teleport a.k.a. "Bamf": Abuse the Bamf, as you can use it 
    without depleting the mutant power bar. Just tap the button when an attack 
    comes or tap the button right next to an enemy for damage (don't push ANY 
    directions when you release the mutant power button or else you'll deplete a 
    lot of mutant power by teleporting) and you won't lose any mutant power. You 
    can give his Bamf a little more range by pressing the direction the enemy is 
    in. Just don't release the mutant power button while you are pressing a 
    direction. If you release A while pointing Nightcrawler in a direction, he'll 
    do a freak teleport and fly around the screen usually without hitting the 
    other enemies on screen. It's a waste of mutant power. If someone is too far 
    from Nightcrawler to use the Teleport attack, you can simply jump into the 
    air, dive kick at your target, and tap the A button once you touch your 
    target or are close enough. To take shortcuts and to do a CLEAN teleport 
    where Nighty only goes in one direction, hold the direction you want to go, 
    then quickly tap A. He'll go in that direction for about 3 character sprites 
    worth of distance and stop. That's how you take shortcuts. There are other 
    ways to get a clean Bamf, but this is the easiest way to explain. Mess around 
    a little when you first start so you get the hang of the Bamf, then reset 
    your game so you can get started with full mutant power. Nightcrawler can 
    carry his partner in his Teleports.
    C. Wolverine 
    Intelligence: Above Normal 
    Strength: Enhanced Human (above athlete, below peak human) 
    Speed: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Stamina: Metahuman (inhuman-like, above peak human) 
    Agility: Enhanced Human (above athlete, below peak human) 
    Strengths: Claws. Attacking with his claws unsheathed makes his attacks twice 
    as strong as they would be normally, but it's not a good idea to walk around 
    aimlessly with his claws unsheathed. Wolverine doesn't have a flip, but if 
    you hit the jump button while his claws are out, he does a Claw Spin. It's 
    very powerful, but depletes one-fourth of a full mutant power bar. Without 
    his claws, his jumping attack is a punch, but with his claws unsheathed, he 
    does a diving slash which can be used like Nightcrawlers jump attack. It's 
    just not as useful because the dive stops. If you want to make a REALLY long 
    dive, just keep hitting the attack button and hold the direction you want to 
    go so that the next dive starts as soon as the first one ends. Oh yeah, 
    Wolverine sort of has a healing power. It's not implicated very well in this 
    game. The regen is slower than that of the mutant power bar and you have to 
    stand still with your claws sheathed.
    Weaknesses: Well, Wolverine has a Berserker Rage and no, it's not useful. 
    It's very damaging...to Wolverine. The Beserker Rage happens when Wolverine 
    has no mutant power left. He goes berserker, like the name suggests, and he 
    does random attacks for about 3-5 seconds. The BR hurts you a LOT and will 
    probably make you take even more damage from surviving enemies. It also will 
    most likely make you fall off of small platforms. Other than that he has no 
    real weaknesses, but his mutant power isn't as useful as the others.
    How to use Wolverine's claws: Uh...press A once to make them extend, press A 
    again to make them retract. To the Spinning Claw, press C (jump) twice as if 
    you were going to flip or special jump. To stop Wolverine's diving claw 
    attack, press A to retract his claws and he will start to drop, much like 
    Nightcrawler's diving kick. 
    D. Cyclops 
    Intelligence: Normal 
    Strength: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Speed: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Stamina: Athlete (way above normal) 
    Agility: Normal
    Strengths: He has the optic blast. It's the second most useful mutant power, 
    really. He can rebound it (hold A longer to charge his power and it should 
    rebound off of walls and ceilings) and he can aim it in 8 directions. The 
    charged version takes no extra mutant power. He can take out at least 3 
    enemies with his flip-blast. Another strength is his jump. He has the highest 
    jump in the game, though it's not really a big deal (see special jump 
    section). Cyke's mutant power uses up the least of the mutant power bar (not 
    counting wolverine having his claws unsheathed), so you can abuse his blasts 
    a lot more than Gambit's cards. Actually, you SHOULD abuse his mutant power, 
    but save some for that boss :P. 
    Weaknesses: He can't fight. No matter WHAT you see in his fighting game 
    appearances, he has poor hand-to-hand fighting skills. If you were wondering 
    how he's able to fight as an X-Man, I have two words for you: "Optic blast!" 
    Why can't he fight in this game? He can't fight in this game 'cause he can't 
    fight in the comic books or the television show. He always, ALWAYS has to 
    reach up to his visor or glasses to defeat someone. He's poor at fighting up 
    close, but in this game, it's not that much of a big deal.
    How to use the Optic Blast: This one you have to aim. Point Cyclops' eye(?) 
    toward whatever you want to hit and press A. Charge it to make it rebound. 
    Rebound shots work for some angles where you can't aim directly at the enemy. 
    You can bounce it off the ceiling or floor if you need to. It bounces off 
    walls, too, but that's usually not too useful. You'll know the Optic Blast is 
    charged when it looks like Cyclops' eyes' glow animation gets bigger.
    A. Substituting
    Substitutions are when you switch one X-Man for another. Each level limits 
    your substitutions in different ways. Mojo's World only let's you substitute 
    once while the Savage Land and Asteroid M let you sub 3 times. If your S-Man 
    is dying and you can't find any health pickups, then you should sub. There is 
    no reason you should let an X-Man die. If your X-Man dies, you have to do the 
    whole level again. Any dead X-Man is revived after the Mojo World level.
    B. Rogue, Archangel, and Storm
    These three are useful for enemies you can't reach. Archangel makes three 
    rounds, so he'll kill everything on screen. Rogue makes one attack on one 
    enemy and Storm makes one really long attack and will kill anything that 
    comes onto the screen during her attack. They are useful for bosses if you 
    want to make things easier for yourself. Apocalypse and Magneto are immune to 
    your assists, for the most part (it's just hard to time, I think, but I 
    almost never use the assists).
    C. Iceman
    Iceman is useful for reaching hard-to-reach areas. In one level, you HAVE to 
    use Iceman if you want to get across the very large hole...unless you're 
    Nightcrawler or Wolverine. :P Iceman can be summoned at any time. You can 
    stand, crouch, jump, or fall and Iceman will come.
    You might be wondering what the special jump is. Sure, Gambit and Cyclops can 
    flip to make them jump higher, but there's another way. Tap the jump button 
    twice in quick succession to make ANY character jump almost as high as 
    Cyclops can flip (Cyclops can jump higher than anyone else if you time his 
    flip just right). Tap the jump button twice, In quick succession, but hold 
    the button down on the second tap so that you reach the peak of the jump. If 
    you were wondering how I found this, I have a question for you. Have you ever 
    seen the Wolverine demo at the Sentinel level? He jumps into a little room he 
    normally wouldn't be able to get out of. The demo shows Wolverine jump three 
    times in attempt to get out, but then the third time he makes it out. I 
    wondered how for a while until I accidentally did this. I experimented and 
    discovered that all the characters can jump to almost same height as Cyclops' 
    highest flip using the Special Jump. This is EXTREMELY useful. I've been 
    using this since I was 6, it's very useful, trust me.
    Rely on your regular attacks the most. Use jumping and crouching attacks 
    whenever possible because they do more damage than standing attacks. When 
    you're Wolverine, claws multiply his damage by two, making his jumping and 
    crouching claw attacks much stronger than a regular standing attack! 
    Crouching Attacks are stronger than standing attacks and jumping attacks are 
    more powerful than crouching attacks. Use the mutant power with discretion. 
    Cyclops should use it more than Gambit. Nightcrawler should use it a lot, at 
    least just to avoid attacks and projectiles. Wolverine should only have his 
    claws out when he's close to an enemy (except maybe boss fights). This way, 
    he can keep his mutant power bar mostly full. When Wolverine's mutant power 
    drops to about 1/5 of the bar, you should stop using the claws. It's too 
    dangerous to risk a Berserker Rage.
    The Gambit glitch let's you skip stages through an odd glitch. What you do is 
    jump into the green light that starts the next stage and hold A (mutant power 
    button) once the screen starts to darken. When the screen fades back in, 
    you'll see Gambit standing in the "charging card" stance, but his hand won't 
    glow. Once you let go of the mutant power button, you return to the Danger 
    Room. You may use this to skip through the first three stages. The first 
    stage must be skipped twice (the stage and the boss area), the second stage 
    is skipped all at once, and the third stage can only be skipped at the 
    lighthouse (once you step through the door, hold down the A button). I did 
    this by accident when I was 6 and thought it made beating the game a whole 
    lot less time consuming, and it does.
    X.   LEVEL BY LEVEL WALKTHROUGH (all walkthroughs are based on the Hero 
    difficulty setting)
    If you're looking to actually BEAT this game, I recommend you don't play two 
    players. Actually, I recommend you don't play two players on the last 3 
    stages. The first three stages of the game aren't as bad in two player mode 
    since they're easier.
    A. Danger Room
    This isn't really a level. It's the only part of the X-Mansion you get to 
    see, so this is technically your headquarters. You select your X-Man here and 
    can replenish energy/mutant power by destroying floating orbs (after the 
    first level). Oh yeah, not all levels are Danger Room simulations.
    B. Savage Land
    You can Gambit Glitch past this stage if you like. It's your choice. This 
    level allows you to substitute your X-Man 4 times, which you probably won't 
    need. Well, from the start, it's a good idea to drop to the ground and stay 
    as low as possible because of the pterodactyls that appear higher in the 
    trees. If you run into one, they do a lot more damage than the savage land 
    warriors. If you do decide to stay up in the trees, you have to come down 
    anyway because there's a lever you've got to hit. The pterodactyls should be 
    killed with either a mutant power attack (two slashes with Wolverine) or with 
    two jumping/crouching attacks (one with Wolvie's claws). I will walk through 
    this level as safely as possible, avoiding most obstacles.
    From your starting point, move to the right a couple of steps and then drop 
    down to the ground (crouch and hit the jump button). There will be an unarmed 
    savage warrior on your left. He'll jump at you. Either meet him in the air 
    with a jumping attack or blast him with a mutant power. Walk to the right and 
    jump onto the first stone platform. There's a spear guy on the stone platform 
    above you. There's another spear guy on a branch to the left. Take him out 
    with a special jump from the branch below him, but you can just as easily 
    dodge his spear if you want. Get back on the lowest ground level and take out 
    the two savage warriors here (one has spears). Go into the cave and kill the 
    savage warrior here. Smack the lever (lowers a very tall stone wall so you 
    can finish the level) with a regular attack and keep going to the right. Exit 
    the cave and another savage warrior awaits. The next cave is a dead end, but 
    there's an extra archangel pickup here. It doesn't give you TWO archangel 
    uses, so if you haven't used him yet, don't bother entering the cave. Jump 
    onto the platform the savage warrior attacked from and then special jump 
    STRAIGHT UP	and attack 'cause a pterodactyl will fly diagonally at you. Once 
    you hit him, he flies straight, so you don't have to kill him. Jump up the 
    platforms, but look out for the spear guy on a branch. In fact, watch out for 
    the spear guy on a branch right after that one, too. Stay on the grass 
    because a couple of pterodactyls will attack you. They completely miss if you 
    just walk to the right on the grass. Drop down to the right and a savage 
    warrior will attack you. There is a health pickup in this area. Jump straight 
    up the tree starting from the savage warrior's branch. When you see the bee 
    hive, you should special jump straight up to kill the annoying spear guy 
    above you. Hit the hive and collect the health that falls out of it. Walk to 
    the right a step or two or just until you see the spear guy. Just stand 
    there, he'll throw his spears diagonally down because your branch is lower 
    than him. Time your jump and kill him (just jump after the first spear). Take 
    to the trees again. Jump on the first branch you see. Duck. Kill the spear 
    guy in front of you and continue to the right via branches. Get rid of the 
    savage warrior and make your way to the waterfall (hear it?). Just keep 
    walking and the spear guy should miss. Kill him and go into the cave. (You 
    could drop down to get the health pickup guarded by a spear guy and savage 
    warrior, but you really shouldn't NEED any health pickups.) In the cave is a 
    mutant power pickup. In the middle of the waterfall, crouch and press jump. 
    Walk as far right as you can and you should get it (you can't see in the 
    waterfall). Then jump back up and continue on your way. Walk to the right, 
    but watch it 'cause there's a spear guy hiding in the foliage. There's a 
    savage warrior behind him. Kill them separately, or wait for the savage 
    warrior to jump into the foliage and kill them both in one jump attack. Drop 
    down and kill the two spear guys. Go to the right, avoid the spikes, and then 
    jump up into the tree structures. Kill the spear guy. Make your way to the 
    right (carefully because there are two spear guys, one savage warrior, and 
    one pterodactyl). Don't fall off the moving platforms because you are jumping 
    around above spikes. Keep going on to the right and hit the lever here. This 
    makes most of the spikes lower, but the big ones stay up and will damage you. 
    To insure you don't get hurt when you drop down, walk to the right of the 
    lever until you drop. Once you are off, DON'T TOUCH THE D-PAD! You'll land 
    right next to some spikes. Make your way to the right while jumping over the 
    spikes and then jump to the top of the platforms. Kill the savage warrior and 
    stay at the top. You should see a hive. You either hit it now and either get 
    the health or save it for after you fight Juggernaut. If you don't hit it, 
    the flies might disturb your battle with Juggernaut.
    Juggernaut: Juggernaut's weak point is his head only when he's standing 
    still. While he's running the only things that will hurt him are your assits. 
    Mutant powers work here. Not. If you hit with Kinetic Card, Optic Blast, or 
    Bamf, Juggernaut will do his stun animation, but his life meter won't go 
    down. To tell the truth, those three powers do HALF a bar's worth of damage 
    to Juggernaut. With Cyclops, Gambit, and Wolverine (no claws) walk up to 
    Juggy while he's standing still and jump up TOWARD him, hit him in the head 
    on the way up, and go over him with the rest of your jump. Wolvie's claws DO 
    work, but due to the dive effect, it's a bit dangerous. The only way you can 
    use the dive claw is to RETRACT his claws the INSTANT you make contact and 
    walk away from Juggy, then jump over him. It's more dangerous than just not 
    using his claws. Nightcrawler is easy. Dive kick into Juggernaut and once you 
    hit him, Bamf so Juggernaut goes through you. Don't bother going into the 
    branches. Juggernaut will stomp you down from the trees. There's a savage 
    warrior that jumps in from the right of the screen. If you kill him, don't 
    bother trying to hit Juggernaut until after he charges again. You won't have 
    time. Just dodge him. To easily kill him before he jumps in, the first time 
    you jump and hit Juggernaut, on the way down fire a Kinetic Card or Optic 
    Blast. Your assists will knock Juggernaut out of his charge for a sec, but 
    he'll continue after he takes damage. Here's a fun tip: dodge Juggernaut's 
    charge about 20 times or maybe a little more with or without hurting him and 
    he'll charge so hard that he'll charge right off the platform. You win.
    Once you get rid of him, go to the right. Watch out for the spear guy. Jump 
    all the way to the top and go to the right. Kill the savage warrior. The 
    reason you're at the top is because if you're at the top, Sauron will give 
    you a lift :). You'll hear a sound like a pterodactyl, but you'll see a green 
    one instead. That's Sauron! Jump on his back (special jump if you need to) 
    and ignore the Rogue pickup. Duck while you're riding Sauron because a spear 
    guy will attack you. He normally throws his spear straight even if you 
    crouch. I recommend riding Sauron because it's a whole lot quicker than 
    jumping across those moving platforms. From the branch that the spear guy was 
    one, drop straight down off the right of the branch to ensure you don't land 
    on the spikes. Past the spikes is a gated entrance. Hit the thing 5 or 6 
    times with your regular attack and it will...explode. Why? I don't know, but 
    you can go in now. You can Gambit Glitch here, too. Once inside, hide behind 
    the pillar and jump straight up. A health pickup are hidden here. Now for the 
    disappearing platforms: jump to the first, then the second, but wait on the 
    second. When the third comes back, jump to that then continue. 
    Zaldane: Eh, she's invulnerable when she's charging a shot. To dodge the 
    first shot, walk near her then jump straight up. USUALLY she shoots it 
    diagonally and you'll jump over it (or you can Bamf through it). Hit her with 
    anything: mutant power or normal attack of any kind. When she jumps, FOLLOW 
    HER. If you follow her well enough, she won't stop to charge a shot, but you 
    can hit her and she won't attack. :P From here if she charges another shot, 
    try to dodge it. If she doesn't, oh well. She's not very powerful and if she 
    hits you, she'll probably charge another shot. If you get hit, walk up to her 
    while you're blinking (invincible) and hit her after her shot. You can use 
    your assists on her if you like. They hit her even when she's invulnerable to 
    your attacks.
    After the Savage Land level there will be orbs floating in the Danger Room. 
    Hit them to replenish some health and mutant power of the character you're 
    C. Shi'ar Empire
    You can skip this entire level in one Gambit Glitch if you like. This level 
    allows three substitutions. Make your way to the right. Kill the white 
    troopers on your way there. These guys have no melee attacks, so if you 
    crouch right next to them, they can't hurt you. You can simply duck under the 
    shot, walk a couple steps, and anticipate the next shot, duck, repeat until 
    you are close enough to attack. Note: Gambit *CANNOT* duck under the trooper 
    blasts; he can avoid them though by crouching and performing his crouching 
    attack as the blast nears him. Gambit ducks his head in his crouching attack 
    animation. Likewise, Wolverine should not do his crouching SLASH while a 
    blast is coming toward him. Wolverine raises his head in his crouching slash 
    animation. If there's a trooper firing at you from a distance while you are 
    attacking another, don't use Wolverine's claws. Remember: white troopers have 
    no melee attack, but brown and silver troopers do. Nightcrawler can Bamf 
    through the shots, of course. Gambit and Cyke can kill them in one shot, but 
    be conservative with the mutant power. Collect the key by the third white 
    trooper and go back to the first gated door you saw. It will now open for 
    you. Jump to enter it. Some rising platforms should take you up to the next 
    floor, but you could special jump up there if you're impatient. Exit the 
    doors by crouching and pressing jump. If you go to the left, you'll see a 
    single sliding door. Any single sliding door will produce enemies (usually no 
    more than 3.) If you enter this one and walk to the right, you will activate 
    rising platforms in the middle of the room. (There are lots of opportunities 
    like this.) Of course, you could always just jump your way up...but I 
    digress. Kill the two troopers here (when you walk through this hall, 
    Gambit's jacket does a weird color-changing thing :P). Drop down and kill the 
    troopers on the middle level. Drop down again and stand by the single sliding 
    door. Just keep hitting the attack button until troopers stop coming out of 
    it. If you want some health, go to the left and hit the switch on the wall 
    (blue light, two horizontal stripes). This door drops two enemies, one at a 
    time of course. After you dispose of them, hit the switch and jump in. Go to 
    the left and collect the health. Then exit and go to the right. You'll see 
    another kind of sliding door. Going to the right, you'll come across another 
    enemy-dropping single sliding door. If you go all the way to the right on the 
    lowest level, you'll run into two of those right next to each other. On the 
    middle level, there are switches that turn the rising platforms on. There are 
    three troopers on the middle level. On the highest level, there is another 
    Key sphere you have to get to continue. There are four troopers on this 
    level. Drop back down to the lowest level and the double sliding doors will 
    now open for you. Jump into the door on the most right. Kill the trooper. If 
    you jump into the first gated door, you can go up to the next level. If you 
    jump into the second one, you can activate the rising platforms in the 
    middle. I recommend going into the second one. Kill the troopers in your way. 
    They are brownish-green now. They shoot stronger blasts and have a melee 
    attack. Gambit and Cyclops can still kill them in one shot and so can 
    Nightcrawler's Bamf. Jump into the second gated door and attack at the same 
    time. This way you can avoid damage from the trooper waiting here. Walk all 
    the way to the right until you hear a sound. The rising platforms are on. You 
    can jump out of the "window" if you like. Oh yeah, Nightcrawler's Bamf will 
    make you exit the back areas, so try not to use it when you're back there. 
    Stand on the rising platform and IGNORE the troopers that come out. Jump up 
    into the small room and take the pickups if you need them. Go to the right 
    again. Time your jump out so that you don't get shot. Kill the three troopers 
    here. If you're Cyclops or Gambit you can blast the first guy shooting at you 
    from behind the wall before you jump out.
    Drop down and kill any troopers near you and continue to the right. There's a 
    flying trooper on the other side of the door. If you're NC, then you can just 
    Bamf through his shots. If you're any other character, you have to time your 
    entrance correctly. Once the door opens, jump and you should dodge any shots. 
    (Extra Cyclops technique: Stand in the middle and make sure neither door is 
    open. Charge a rebounding optic blast and fire it to the right because if you 
    fire it to the left, it will go through the wall. If you fire it to the 
    right, it will keep bouncing left and right in the small room. Once you fire 
    it, walk to the right and jump when the door opens. Your rebounding blast 
    should hit the flying trooper.) If you continue to the right on the lower 
    level, you will encounter 3 more flying troopers and 3 brown troopers. 
    Destroy them or else they'll hurt you (duh). You'll come to three panels on 
    the wall that you can hit with your regular attack. To get an extra health 
    pickup, punch the left one, the right one, then the middle one. You don't 
    need to do anything here. If you jump to the middle level and walk as far 
    right as possible, you reach the exit into the next area, but if you need 
    mutant power or more health, then jump into one of those big open doors on 
    the middle level (preferably the second or third from the right because the 
    very last one on the right is a dead-end), crouch and press the jump button. 
    Go to the left if you jump in the second from the right and to the right if 
    you jumped down the third from the right. If you hit a wall, jump up. If you 
    used Storm and want another one, then go as far left as possible on the top 
    level. There are many enemies up there, so I suggest going left THEN jumping 
    up there. Well, anyway, when you decide to enter the next area, there will be 
    a parked space ship that will open its doors and spit silver troopers at you. 
    These guys are of course the strongest troopers. If you don't want to kill 
    them, you don't have to. Just be careful when you jump near them. Note: When 
    you "kill" flying troopers here, you only destroy the vehicle. Silver 
    troopers drop down from them and you have to kill them then. Before you can 
    get to the next area, you have to find a key. It comes out of one of the 
    doors, and there are lots of doors. The doors all spit out powerful silver 
    troopers, so you'll want to find the key quickly, hehe. I'll tell you exactly 
    where it is. Go ALL THE WAY to the right on the floor you started on. Drop 
    down one floor and you'll see more of those panels you punched earlier one 
    floor below you. Leave them for now. Go to the left and you'll see a switch 
    (the blue-light kind of switch). Hit it with a regular attack. The doors 
    beneath you should open and reveal the key. Drop down and grab the key. You 
    may now proceed to the next area, but what about the panels? It all depends 
    on what you need. Whatever panel you hit third delegates the power-up you 
    get. If you punch the first or third panel third, you get a health pickup. If 
    you punch any of the other three third, you get mutant power. I recommend you 
    grab the mutant power if you're low on both mutant power AND health. Soon, 
    there are two health pickups that should replenish your lifebar completely if 
    you collect both. Once you're done with the panels, continue on to the next 
    area. QUICKLY get as far up to the front of the ship as possible. Jump onto 
    the tail, then jump onto the ship, but do NOT jump any more than that until 
    the ship starts moving. Jumping slows you down in this game. Walk all the way 
    to the front or as far up you can get and once the ship begins to move: jump, 
    jump, jump, jump, and jump! Like I said, jumping slows you down. If you keep 
    jumping toward the right, then you won't fall off the ship. If you try 
    WALKING to the right, you're falling off. If you're Nightcrawler, just Bamf 
    for a couple seconds and you won't fall off. Flying rocks (I think those are 
    supposed to be little asteroids, but they look a bit like flying turds...) 
    will start appearing and will hurt you if they make contact. The first one 
    appears on the lower level of the ship, the second on the higher, the third 
    on the lower, and so on. Nightcrawler doesn't have to worry about these 
    because he may just Bamf through them. Otherwise, make sure you keep track of 
    where the last one was and where the next one's going to be. Nine troopers 
    will jump out of the spaceship. You know how to deal with them by now, but 
    try to drop right in front of the door so that you can kill them without 
    using Gambit or Cyclops' mutant power. You will have to kill three of every 
    kind of trooper: three white, then three brown, and then three silver 
    troopers. It should take no more than three solid crouching attacks to kill 
    each one (two at max with claws out). The ship will slow down and a bridge 
    will come out. Jump onto the bridge carefully (once, I don't know how, but 
    once I missed the bridge and died because I was low on health.). Continue to 
    the right and drop down the shaft. It's safe on this floor. On the floor 
    below you, though are two silver troopers. Drop down and kick their butts. 
    Above you'll see a couple of sliding doors. If you get too close, they will 
    open and drop off a silver trooper, but only two or three at the most (one at 
    a time, of course) like all other sliding doors. If you need health, then 
    stay on this floor and continue all the way to the right. You'll see another 
    set of sliding doors and yes, they drop silver troopers (three). On the right 
    side of the sliding doors is a health pickup that restores 50% of the life 
    bar. Don't bother trying to punch the switch below you, that door won't open 
    yet. Go to the left once more. If you STILL need health, then jump in the big 
    open door and drop down. Go to the right until you get the health pickup. If 
    you don't get it and you're at a dead-end, jump. You're character might be 
    too short. After that, go to the left and get on the rising platform to fight 
    the final boss of this stage.
    Deathbird: Deathbird can only be harmed by Optic Blasts and Kinetic Cards 
    after firing her beam. Sounds a bit like the first level's last boss, eh? 
    Well, this is different because Dithbird moves more quickly than Zandane and 
    because physical strikes will hurt Deathbird as long as she isn't in the air. 
    You can dodge the shot by jumping, Bamf-ing, or just plain ducking if you're 
    right in front of Deathbird's fist. Use your mutant power if you can. If you 
    stand too close to Deathbird, she'll punch you and you'll lose your chance to 
    hit her. If you beat her to the punch, you'll hurt her. You can let off a 
    quick Optic Blast, a quick Kinetic Card or quick anything else from right 
    next to her. She's vulnerable when before she punches and during the punch. 
    Every time you hit her, a flying trooper comes along to help her out. Don't 
    worry, these are normal flying troopers and not silver flying troopers, 
    except now they shoot red like DB instead of yellow. Kill it when one 
    appears. Avoid using your regular attacks (Wolverine with claws doesn't count 
    as regular) on Deathbird because they will do little damage and you'll have 
    to deal with more troopers. If you decide to hit Deathbird three times 
    without dealing with these guys, you'll have three of them shooting at you. 
    Not very easy to dodge that, mind you. With Gambit, try to stand on the 
    middle level. Don't move much unless you're dodging shots or trying to kill a 
    flying trooper. When Deathbird is on the same level as you and is about to 
    shoot you, drop to the level below you and fire a Kinetic Card. Make sure you 
    face her when you fire or else the enemy-seeking card will probably be too 
    slow. If you're close to her, don't fire too quickly or else you might hit 
    her before she becomes vulnerable. Kill the trooper. Return to the middle 
    level and repeat a few times. Cyclops can do the same thing as Gambit. Make 
    sure Cyclops hits the ground and is standing before you fire. Cyclops can 
    also jump towards Deathbird to dodge the shot and shoot down or diagonally 
    down to hit DB. Sometimes the higher floor gets in your way, though. Of 
    course, kill the trooper when he comes. Nightcrawler doesn't have to move to 
    dodge Deathbird's shots, thanks to the teleport. Instead of standing on the 
    middle level like Cyke and Gambit do, Nightcrawler can easily defeat 
    Deathbird by standing on the level right above the one you start one (the 
    highest one). Just wait for Deathbird to land near you, walk over to her, and 
    then Bamf her away. The Bamf acts like a physical strike, so you don't have 
    to wait for her to fire. Kill the troopers when they come just to make things 
    easier. Cyclops, Gambit, and Nightcrawler can kill Deathbird in three hits 
    from mutant power. With wolverine, pull out the claws and just hunt 
    deathbird. Hit her once with whatever slash you feel like using, kill the 
    trooper, repeat. It will take a maximum of 4 slashes, 3 if they're all 
    jumping claw dives. Actually, every character can use Nightcrawler's 
    technique, but it's not a very good idea for Cyclops or Gambit unless you 
    want to use your regular attack (it's more of a guarantee that you'll beat 
    DB's punch than the mutant powers) and blast a lot of troopers.
    Wait! The level isn't over! Remember the switch you couldn't hit and the door 
    you couldn't open? Go back there. Go down, get out of the big open door, and 
    walk to the right. Drop to the lower floor and hit the switch. You're done!
    After the Shi'Ar Empire level, there are more replenishing orbs in the Danger 
    Room, except now they bob up and down a lot more.
    D. Excalibur Lighthouse
    Wouldn't Nightcrawler be at home here since he's now officially part of the 
    Excalibur team? ::Shrug:: Oh well. You can't Gambit Glitch here, yet. For 
    some reason, I always thought this stage's theme was kind of catchy. You can 
    substitute two times on this level. Watch out for crumbling platforms. The 
    corners of some platforms will crumble when you step on them causing you to 
    fall and lose somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of your life (it varies). That 
    is, only if you're not fast enough. You can see the corners that will crumble 
    if you press start. In the character screen, the corners are shown as to what 
    they look like after they crumble. Just jump quickly when you see it starting 
    to fall apart. Try to special jump or flip (Cyclops and Gambit) or dive 
    (Nightcrawler and clawed Wolverine) to the next platform over the gap. All 
    the other crumbling corners you can simply walk past. If you want to be safe, 
    just jump. 
    Sabretooth: Sabretooth is only vulnerable when he's crouching and about to 
    dive. This is the easiest boss fight in the game because Sabretooth is an 
    idiot. Don't believe me? Well, when you first see him, he'll dive down, 
    right? Special Jump/flip over him and land on the platform he just dove from. 
    Altenately, run across away from him and jump onto the platform on the left. 
    Also, you could run to the left platform, jump on it, then hop off and go 
    back to the right. Either platform works fine. Run into the corner. He'll 
    stand there about a character sprite and a half away on the level below you. 
    He'll stand there and not move until you do. You're completely safe. 
    Seriously, if you have to use the rest room or need something to eat, you 
    don't even need to pause here. Leave the room, come back, and he'll 
    just...stand there. Well, how do you beat him if you need to hit him right 
    before he dives? Jump straight up into the air. See what happens? I told you 
    he was an idiot. He was designed to chase you when you jumped off the 
    platform, but you're not jumping _off_. ;] Jump up into the air. Sabretooth 
    will jump onto your platform and when he crouches, hit him with whatever you 
    feel like hitting him with. I usually don't waste mutant power on him. After 
    you hit him, he falls back to the platform below you. He'll stand there again 
    until you jump again. See how easy that is? Jump, Sabretooth crouches, you 
    hit him, he falls, you jump again... Simple. Just don't stand too close to 
    him or he'll punch you. Told ya this was the easiest boss battle in the game. 
    After you've defeated the oh-so-difficult Sabretooth, there are more 
    crumbling platforms. There's crumbling platform from which you have to jump 
    onto ANOTHER crumbling platform. Nightcrawler and Wolverine can easily dive 
    past the second crumbling corner. Be careful when using Cyclops or Gambit. As 
    soon as you land, jump. You'll come to a strange pole. This is actually a 
    lock mechanism for the lighthouse. If you don't hit this, you can't go in the 
    lighthouse. I don't see why you wouldn't hit it anyway since it has those 
    weird light balls that damage you. As one gets just far enough for you to 
    squeeze between the ball and the poll, another one is formed and goes on the 
    circular path. Quickly hit it (if you're Cyclops and Gambit, hit it from afar 
    for ease) and then move away so you can dodge the final light ball. If you're 
    Nightcrawler, you can just Bamf through it. Go to the right and enter the 
    lighthouse. No more crumbling platforms past the pole.
    You can Gambit Glitch here. It's a pretty confusing area, but Nightcrawler 
    can teleport through a certain wall and save you some time. In fact, he let's 
    you skip the rematch with Juggernaut! :P At first, there are no enemies in 
    the lighthouse...just mirages. The mirage floats toward you, then 
    materializes as a playable X-Man, tries to hit you, then floats away. The 
    Mirage attacks are as follows: mirage Wolverine will do a standing punch, 
    mirage Gambit will do a standing staff swing, mirage Nightcrawler will do a 
    crouching kick, and mirage Cyclops will do a crouching Optic Blast. These are 
    their only attacks as Gambit and Wolverine can't do the second hit of their 
    standing "combo." You can't kill them, yet. You can just jump toward it (and 
    hopefully over it) or Bamf through the attack. Either one works fine. 
    Nightcrawler obviously is the best choice for this level. If you jump over 
    the mirage, but stop moving, the mirage could attack the other way and catch 
    you on the way down. If the mirage comes from the right jump to the right, 
    OVER the mirage, and keep the jump directed to the right. If the mirage comes 
    from the left, jump to the left, OVER the mirage, and keep the jump directed 
    to the left.
    I can't give you tips on where enemies will appear because mirages appear for 
    the most part randomly. Anyway, once you enter the lighthouse, you'll see a 
    brown, rectangular platform. Jump on it and jump up to the next floor. Walk 
    to the right and you should see a small panel on the wall near the wood and 
    stone structure blocking your path. Jump and break it. Yes the mutant powers 
    break it, but why waste your power on an inanimate object that can't harm 
    you? Go back to where you started and then go to the right again, but this 
    time on the lower floor. Ignore the door because it's blocked off right now 
    and drop down through the hole. Okay, if you're using Nightcrawler and you 
    want to get to the boss quickly, walk all the way to the right. (If you want 
    to get through the whole level without taking shortcuts, skip to the next 
    line break.) See the wood and stone structure? Walk into it so that 
    Nightcrawler's body pushes into the wall and tap A. Viola! You are on the 
    other side going up the final elevator to fight the stage's boss. Don't 
    forget to jump off to the left once the elevator reaches the top. If you 
    chose to do this, skip to the Apocalypse boss fight.
    If you didn't choose to do the Nightcrawler shortcut, here's the rest of the 
    level. Go to the left and jump into the door. Just like in the Shi'Ar Empire, 
    if you Bamf from back here, you end up exiting the door. Don't Bamf when 
    you're back there. There's a mutant power pickup back here: walk to about the 
    middle between the two doors and jump. Go down the elevator or just drop down 
    the whole yourself. Don't jump into the door yet! Go past the door and drop 
    down. Drop below this platform and go to the left. You'll see another panel 
    and a weird glasses storage container. Break the panel and grab a pair of 
    glasses (touch the container). Remember those mirages you had to dodge? Now 
    you can kill them! Those jerks... Three regular hits should kill them. Use 
    mutant powers with discretion. Be careful, if you get hit too much, you'll 
    lose the glasses and you'll have to dodge the floating mirages again. There's 
    another mutant power pickup, so if you want to waste a little power now, it's 
    all right. Each panel unlocks one thing. This panel unlocked something you 
    already passed. You have to go back now. Go back up the elevator. Hop in the 
    door again, pass the stone structure, and hop down out of the door. Kill 
    anything that gets in your way because if you don't, they'll just follow you. 
    I've had up to three follow me before I killed them. If you want that mutant 
    power pickup, go all the way to the right where Nightcrawler's ideal shortcut 
    is. Now that you have those glasses on, pickups that were once invisible and 
    not available appear. Go back to the brown rectangular platform and jump up 
    to the next floor. Remember the door that was once blocked and I told you to 
    ignore? It's not blocked anymore thanks to the second panel you broke. As you 
    can tell, Nightcrawler can shortcut a lot of places in this lighthouse, but 
    the one I pointed out makes it so you only have to teleport once. Well, jump 
    into the door and walk to the right. Hop out. Jump up a couple floors and you 
    should be in a room with metal floors and walls. Walk all the way to the left 
    (chances are at least one mirage will attack you here) and you'll see another 
    panel to break and, oh yeah, Juggernaut's back!
    Juggernaut: Yeah, he's back, but he's a little smarter this time around. He 
    charges faster and stands still for a shorter amount of time. He also punches 
    now. Do your best to not get hit because if he hits you, you lose the 
    glasses. You can get another pair, but on the way down you'll have to dodge 
    mirages again. Against Juggy with Nightcrawler, simply jump toward Juggernaut 
    from a reasonable distance, dive kick, and then Bamf to avoid damage. Then 
    you should walk in the direction Juggy charged and once he stops, jump, dive 
    kick, and Bamf. You get the picture, right? For all the other characters, I 
    walk all the way to the right. When Juggy charges, I usually jump over him 
    and land on the lowest platform. Then I hit him with a regular attack 
    (standing or crouching) then immediately jump out of his way. If you miss 
    with the attack, Juggernaut will try to stomp you off of the platform. Jump 
    and hit him between stomps. Whenever you hit him, he charges once he's out of 
    his stun animation. After I dodge that charge, I stay on the left side of the 
    screen. Besides Nightcrawler, none of the characters can SAFELY attempt 
    another attack. I usually wait for him to charge to the left again and get 
    back on the platform and repeat. If you want to use an assist here, be my 
    guest. I would suggest using Archangel while Juggernaut is on the right side 
    of the screen. If you time it right, Archangel will hit him all three times 
    and you'll have to hit him just once more to take him out.
    Once Juggernaut is dead (again), make sure you break the panel. There is an 
    Archangel pickup and a health pickup in this room. Above the platform I 
    suggested you use in the fight against Juggernaut is another one that is 
    slightly lower than the others. Jump onto it and jump straight up. You'll get 
    Archangel. If you need the health, either jump the platforms all the way to 
    the right, or walk on the floor all the way to the right and special jump up. 
    The health will be in plain view. Well, now that Juggernaut is down for the 
    count, go all the way back to the elevator. Walk to the right, but don't drop 
    down this time. Hop into the door and walk all the way to the right (sorry, 
    no hidden pickup here) and hop out of the door. Drop down and walk left. The 
    door you see is once again blocked, so you need to break another panel. Go 
    left and you'll drop down again. Walk to the right and break the panel. Walk 
    to the left and jump back up. Walk to the right and enter the door that was 
    once blocked. Walk to the right more, and then hop down. Walk to the right 
    and drop again. Get on the elevator and wait. :P There's a health pickup 
    here, but it's a bit difficult to get. It's easiest with Cyclops because he 
    naturally has a high jump. You have to special jump or use Cyclops' flip jump 
    to get it. Jump at the VERY PEAK of the elevator's course and jump to the 
    left. If you miss it and you REALLY need health, then just drop down onto the 
    elevator and wait for it to go back up. If you're Nightcrawler and you're 
    lazy, you can just jump and teleport up there. Once you go back down to the 
    level below the health and walk a little to the left, your funny-looking 
    glasses will disappear and you'll fight...
    Apocalypse: That's right, you fight Apocalypse: the immortal non-mutant who 
    is beyond all beings on earth in terms of power. Why the hell is he so easy, 
    then? Okay, he's not THAT easy, but that's only because he can deplete your 
    entire life bar in 4 hits. When you first see him, he's absorbing energy. You 
    can't hurt him in this state. If he's big, you can't hurt him. Makes sense, 
    right? Well, he has three attacks: absorbing energy (the energy can hurt 
    you), a big, weird-looking punch (he shrinks after this and becomes 
    vulnerable), and releasing energy (another energy column plus he shrinks and 
    becomes vulnerable after this). What you have to do to beat him: trigger his 
    release energy attack. Trigger it, but don't get hit. Jump towards him, but 
    aim your X-man away from him once you're above about his shoulder. If this is 
    done correctly, he'll release the energy and your X-Man will jump away 
    unscathed. Once you land from your jump, hit him with something, preferably a 
    mutant power or claws. They do more damage so you can lower the risk of 
    losing 1/4 your life bar. Once you hit him either walk away or walk through 
    him (don't jump through him 'cause the column of energy from absorbing energy 
    comes from the top of the screen and will hit you). Note: If you're 
    Nightcrawler, let Apocalypse try to punch you. Bamf out of the way then Bamf 
    again or just sit there to hurt him. Then you should move or you can be lazy 
    and just sit there in one spot wasting your mutant power while being 
    completely safe. It's your choice. :P
    After the Excalibur Lighthouse level, all the orbs are back, but they move in 
    an orbit around the spot you first found them after the Savage Land level.
    E. Ahab's World
    Guess what!? No more Gambit Glitching! This is the first level you have to 
    actually COMPLETELY play through, unless you're playing on an emulator. :P 
    Many people I know only play through this level with Nightcrawler. I ask why 
    and they say 'cause he makes it easier. That's true, but this level isn't 
    that hard to begin with. Don't ever go onto the roof except for the end of 
    the level. These portals will open up and release these annoying plane-type 
    things. Nightcrawler can kill them all by Bamfing in front of the portal and 
    sitting there for a few seconds, but the rest have trouble. Stay off the roof 
    until the end of the level. It's just safer. I'll tell you why this level is 
    so easy. Shi'Ar and the Excalibur Lighthouse had you going back and forth a 
    lot. This level is pretty much "go to the right until you get to the end." 
    Two substitutions are allowed.
    You start by some turret guns. You can take them out with one hit from 
    anything. Start by taking out the near by guns (remember that if you're 
    Nightcrawler, you can Bamf through anything). If you see a sentinel, you can 
    kill it in 3 regular hits. Drop down and drop into the small hole. There are 
    two BIG holes and one about the size of your character's sprite. Drop into 
    this whole (there's a gun by it and you might want to break it) and break the 
    panel here. To get out, you'll have to flip jump (Cyclops only) or Special 
    Jump. See all those energy gates on the right? The one behind a turret gun on 
    the second level (the level above the holes) will now open if you broke the 
    panel. If you need health already, drop down the hole in the floor you see 
    here and make sure you direct your character to the right. If you don't, 
    ignore the hole, destroy the gun on the other side with a projectile if you 
    are Cyclops or Gambit, and then jump over the green puddle. Green puddles are 
    toxic because they're green and in video games, toxic waste hurts you instead 
    of terribly poisoning you or mutating you. O____o To get over these puddles 
    best, either dive claw/kick, or get as close as you can without getting hurt 
    and then flip/special jump over it. If you didn't kill the gun with a 
    projectile, wait for it to get to shoot on its way to the top. Once it 
    finishes its shot at the top or near the top, jump. Break it once you land. 
    Go to the right. Jump over the hole (land on the first platform, but don't 
    get on the roof; drop down back onto the ground). Next, continue to the right 
    and you'll see another hole. Jump up the platforms and (don't go to the roof) 
    drop down to the right (direct your character to the right to insure he does 
    not fall). If you are Nightcrawler or Wolverine, you can wait for the gun to 
    be at the bottom of his pole, then dive off the platform (drop, then attack 
    just as you hit jump to lower yourself) and your attack should hit the gun. 
    Naturally, if you didn't do that, break the gun. Now jump over the next green 
    puddle. Don't worry; jump from pretty close to it and you'll land on the 
    platform next to it. Drop off the platform to the right. Stop. See the hole 
    on your left? Drop onto the little platform that's on the hole's right wall. 
    There's a gun on the far right of this little room and panel right under you 
    that you need to destroy. The two persons that can't kill it safely would be 
    Wolverine and Gambit. Gambit's card doesn't well here because the room is so 
    small. Wolverine can't cause he's not a distance fighter; then again neither 
    is Nightcrawler, but he can Bamf through it. Cyclops can Optic Blast it. Of 
    course, you always have the option of destroying the panel and jumping right 
    back up without even trying to hit the gun. It's the safest option you have, 
    really. Once the panel's broken, jump back up and continue to the right. 
    There's a hole here. You can clear it in several ways: first you could just 
    drop off the level onto the lower level right next to the hole and easily 
    jump it from there; second you could jump up to the platforms leading to the 
    roof, then drop down to the right. The other ways are just variations with 
    the dive claw/kick. If you used Iceman earlier in the level, get on the roof. 
    There's an Iceman pickup and another panel to bust past the hole, but don't 
    bust it. It makes the next part harder. Go back where you came from (to the 
    left, over the hole, down the platforms to the right) and walk to the right. 
    The path splits to a high road and a low road. Take the low road. If you take 
    the high road, you'll have to drop down within 20 steps, anyway, because of 
    an energy gate. Don't teleport through the energy gate, it's a complete waste 
    of mutant power. Anyway, take the lower path. Jump the hole, it's an easy 
    jump. Jump the green puddle; it's another easy one (you have vertical space 
    on this one). Jump the next hole. It's pretty big so if you're Wolvie or 
    Nightcrawler, dive over it. If you're Gambit or Cyclops: good luck. When you 
    jump it as either one of them, you have to practically be falling of the 
    ledge when you hit the jump button. Gambit's flip helps him a little. It 
    makes him fall slower than Cyclops. Now jump up the platforms (sorry if you 
    fell) and dispose of the gun on your left. Jump to the right and the energy 
    gate should rise. The energy gate rises when your character touches the 
    ground, so don't be hasty and dive right into it. It does a nice amount of 
    damage. See the red lights on the ground? They create an energy between them 
    that can sometimes knock your character into the big hole plus the damage 
    they do on their own. That's not good. So only stand between them when the 
    energy is gone (that only lasts a couple of seconds) then jump into the 
    middle of the hole. You'll land on a moving platform. Be very careful. Don't 
    mess around whenever you're on one of these because you can "jump" down 
    through it (crouch and press jump). That is bad, too. When the platform goes 
    up, jump to the right (take the higher path, it's safer). Break the gun 
    whenever you feel like it and move on to the next moving platform. Take the 
    higher path again (to avoid another hole jump), kill the gun, move on to the 
    right, fall down the hole, land on the lower path, and time a good jump onto 
    the next moving platform. If you're low on health, take the lower path. 
    Warning: If you're low on health and go for this pickup, you may die. There 
    are three "windows." The middle one breaks by itself and a monster comes out. 
    Learn the timing of these windows so that you can kill the monsters before 
    they hit the ground. Nightcrawler can cheat at this. Bamf in front of or near 
    a window and stay Bamfed till you kill all the monsters on screen. :P I won't 
    repeat this again fro Nightcrawler, but I will give tips for all the other 
    players. The first window breaks if you hit it. There's another purple 
    monster in it. There's a gun to the right of this room and the third window 
    has a health pickup. Grab it quickly as it disappears quickly. Alternately, 
    you can drop into the lower area through a hole in the top area. It drops you 
    next to the gun. Get back onto the moving platform and take the high road. 
    Watch out for the red lights on the floor. The red lights on either side of 
    the door don't do anything. If you need some mutant power, drop down the big 
    hole in the floor and you'll see another room like the one you found the 
    panel and the gun (pretty small room). The middle window breaks on its own. 
    Walk past it and turn around to hit the monster. Break the first one from a 
    safe distance (using a regular attack or Bamf) and kill that monster (this 
    one is green). The third window has a mutant power pickup. Jump back up one 
    floor (the floor below the red-lighted door) and walk to the right. When the 
    windows break, walk to the left and kill them from a good distance. Watch the 
    red lights on the ground here. If you STILL need mutant power, then drop down 
    the hole in front of you and direct yourself to the left. DON'T PICK UP THE 
    ICE MAN. Without exiting the hole, jump and activate Iceman. Grab the Iceman 
    pickup and get out of there. Of course, you only have to reserve an Iceman if 
    you aren't Nightcrawler or Wolverine. Go to the right. Jump on the platform 
    and go to the roof. That's right, I said to get on the roof. For once, it's 
    safer up there. No glass-breaking monsters, but just some red lights. The 
    lower path has glass-breaking monsters and red lights. The roof's red lights 
    are easier to dodge. Once you're on the roof, walk to the right. Avoid the 
    first set of red lights you see (not counting the ones on your left). You 
    should Special Jump over the big hole. Jump over the smaller hole, but try to 
    land on the edge or just time it so you land when the lights are "off." Okay, 
    the roof ends here. This is the REALLY BIG hole. 
    How to cross the really big hole: With Nightcrawler, just jump to the right 
    and at the peak of your jump, press the attack button and hold it down. 
    You'll make it all the way across easily. If you're Logan, then Special Jump 
    to the right and at the peak of your jump, press A and start tapping the 
    attack button quickly (and keep directing him to the right). If done 
    correctly, then Wolverine will make it, but not with as much clearance as 
    Nightcrawler. If you're Cyclops, Gambit, or just don't want to dive, then 
    call Iceman and walk to the right. Kill the Sentinels if you want to. You 
    have about seven seconds. For good measure, jump to the right when you reach 
    the end of the Icebridge. Here is a large room with moving platforms (they 
    are in the holes) and many levels. There are lots of windows. You need to 
    find a key. One of those key spheres (haha, sounds like FFX). It's in a 
    window...somewhere. I can't tell you where. Be smart when you hit the 
    windows, if you hear one crack on its own, don't open another one. The key 
    goes to a "random" place. It frequents about 5 locations, but I can't tell 
    you where. The lower levels have one pickup. At the first moving platform, 
    the room on the left has mutant power. It's the second to last "window." 
    There's no pickup in the lower room to the right. There is a health pickup 
    past the energy gate (the one you need the key for). The first window is a 
    purple monster and the second window is a health pickup. The monster won't 
    break out by itself. There's an electric current blocking your way and a 
    disappearing platform for you to stand on. There are two panels on the 
    ceiling. Special jump or use Cyclops' flips to hit them. The farther one 
    takes out the electric current and the closer one takes out the platform. 
    There's a well-hidden health pickup in the left wall of the hole where the 
    electricity used to be. Only two people can get it and come back without 
    falling into the hole. The health is all the way on the left (jump). Cyclops 
    can do his highest reaching flip to the right to get back on the higher 
    level. Nightcrawler can teleport wherever you want to make him teleport. The 
    other two would need Iceman, even with the Special Jump. Go to the right and 
    you'll be confronted by Ahab.
    Ahab: This is a bit annoying. Ahab appears, throws a spear, then disappears. 
    He takes about 1.5 seconds to appear and throw the spear and he takes about 
    another .5 seconds to disappear. You have 2 seconds to hit him. His spear 
    throwing is better than the savage spear warriors. He can throw it upwards. 
    With any character, jump to the longest platform. It's in the middle of the 
    room, it's high up, and it has two broken "windows" on it. Here, just wait 
    for Ahab to show up near you, use a mutant power (you need to be quick) or 
    regular attack if it's fast for you, preferably a power because if you use 
    regular attacks, you'll give Ahab enough time to create one of you "airplane 
    portals." If he makes one of those, it becomes harder to hit him. Once you 
    hit him, he'll use another, more powerful attack. To avoid it, after he 
    disappears, just keep jumping straight up (full height jumps, no flips or 
    Special Jumps). You'll avoid his attack 99% of the time that way. 
    Nightcrawler can just Bamf through all of Ahabs spears and shots, so he has 
    an advantage over the others. Mutant powers will defeat Ahab in 4 hits (or 4 
    slashes :P). If you need health, jump to the rightmost platform (the highest 
    one), and then jump. There's a health pickup hidden in the ceiling. Once you 
    defeat Ahab, you'll return to the Danger Room.
    In the Danger Room, there are more replenishing orbs, but they come 
    rather...oddly. The orbs fly around the room and you'll have to chase them or 
    search for them. Here's a tip: you know that panel you hit to return your X-
    Man and choose another one? Move to either the left or right side, then hit 
    the panel to return your X-Man. The orbs will stop moving and if you're 
    lucky, some will stop on the screen where you can hit them easily. Don't 
    forget that you can Special Jump or Cyke flip to the ledge above you. This 
    helps getting orbs. They will usually stop at the edges of the screen.
    F. Mojo's Future Crunch 
    This level has a time limit. If Mojo's face and jaw come together on that 
    weird looking meter on the left side of the screen, you die. (It doesn't 
    count if the game is paused on the character screen.) Don't worry; you can 
    try again if that happens. You can only substitute on this level ONE time. DO 
    NOT FALL IN THIS LEVEL. If you fall in this level, you will lose HALF of your 
    life bar. If you fall twice, you guessed it, you're dead. This level was 
    purposely designed with a shortcut for Nightcrawler (I'm not sure about the 
    Lighthouse level). Actually, it's not much of a shortcut. It's really not 
    worth it.
    All right, doing a walkthrough for this level is going to be a little tricky, 
    but bear with me. First, in the very beginning of the level, you have two 
    choices: walk the path you see, or fall down the right side of the hole. 
    Don't take the lower path because the triple fire column jump is harder if 
    you start from the bottom. Jump onto the fading platform and jump to the 
    right. There is a sentry gun here that crawls like Mojo. He can fire mid-
    blasts and low-blasts. The low blasts hit you if you're crouching. Gambit can 
    be hit with both if he is crouching unless you do his crouching attack as the 
    blast is about to hit him; remember that Gambit ducks his head during his 
    crouching attack. Also remember that Wolverine raises his head during his 
    crouching slash attack. Take this guy out with a mutant power or just 
    jump/duck your way close to him. It takes 3 regular hits or two slashes. One 
    mutant power attack takes him out. Continue to the right and jump to the next 
    ledge. There are two dog-like enemies here. Three regular hits should take 
    them out. Use mutant power at your discretion. Now is the triple fire column 
    jump. Here is the fire column pattern: the first one flames, the second one 
    flames, the first again, the third flames, the second again, and then finally 
    the third one flames for the second time, and then the pattern repeats 
    itself. I can't tell you exactly how to get across because the pattern 
    continues while you're not on screen. I can't tell you exactly where the 
    pattern will start, my apologies. There is a health pickup on the lower ledge 
    of the middle flame column's area. It's not worth the risk. If you're 
    Nightcrawler, you can just Bamf through the columns if you timed a bad jump. 
    Once on the fourth ledge across, you're safe. Jump onto the ledge and DUCK. 
    On a screen above you appears Mojo's face (the top half), and then it 
    explodes. If you try to walk past it, you'll get hit. You can either duck or 
    Bamf to avoid this one. Watch out for these throughout the level. Walk to the 
    right and fall off the ledge quickly. There's another screen on your right, 
    but this one is lower. Wolverine and Cyclops can duck under it, Nightcrawler 
    can Bamf to avoid it, and Gambit has to walk to the left once it's activated 
    to avoid it. You could jump, but there are higher screens to the sides of 
    this one and if you jump, they are guaranteed to hit unless you Bamf. Walk to 
    the right, jump up the ledge, and jump across the hole using the platform. 
    You can kill the flying guy with one mutant power attack, but otherwise just 
    leave him alone. It's tricky to kill him here because of the fading platform. 
    If you hit him with a physical attack (even a slash) he will punch in 
    retaliation and will probably hit you on your way off the fading platform. 
    Just jump past him to be safe (land on the fading platform then quickly jump 
    to the right). If you fall down this hole and you're not Nighty, jump into 
    the wall on the left. There's a hidden path back the end of the fire column 
    jump. If you're Nightcrawler and you fell down this hole, you can take the 
    not-so-short shortcut. It's on the right of the hole. There's a Storm pickup 
    here. It's not worth It's not worth the mutant power to take this shortcut. 
    It saves you maybe a minute. Okay, once you pass the flying guy with or 
    without killing him (three regular hits to kill, two slashes, and one mutant 
    power), you come to a row of screen and a fire-shooting floor. More fun with 
    fire! :P Well, watch the screens. The screens that show Mojo are the safe 
    areas. Stand under Mojo to escape the fire. The fires shoot every 2-3 
    seconds, so be quick. You should Special Jump or Cyclops flip if you hear the 
    fire and you're not under Mojo yet. You can jump over a couple of the flames 
    with a Special Jump or Cyke flip. If you're Nightcrawler, you can just walk 
    across and Bamf when you hear the fire (there's a sound, then the fire shoots 
    up). Jump up the ledges (don't take the lower path) and continue to the 
    right. Short circuit the walking gun here. You'll see spikes when you 
    continue more to the right. Jump onto the higher ledges. There are more 
    flying, fire-shooting, punching guys here. Kill them if you like because 
    their fire can slow you down. Keep jumping across the ledges because of the 
    spikes. Don't fall down the hole in the middle of the spikes. Jump off of the 
    last ledge onto the solid ground on your right. Drop off. This area is 
    covered with exploding Mojo screens, not to mention a walking gun. You'll 
    probably notice how the higher screen explodes when you drop off of the 
    ledge. The screens don't all explode, only half of them do. Starting with the 
    first one the pattern of explosions will be high, low, high, low, high. To 
    avoid the high ones, just don't jump. To avoid the low ones you can Bamf 
    (Nightcrawler) or walk to the left (everyone else) or try Special Jumping 
    over it (not recommended because you'll barely clear it). You may want to 
    eliminate the walking gun here as soon as you can; it's annoying and pretty 
    damaging. Continue to the right and do not drop down to the lower level. This 
    is where the lower path forces players to get on the higher path. Continue to 
    the right and you'll run into another flying guy. Do as you wish. You'll see 
    another path composed of platforms. This leads to another flying guy and a 
    health pickup. If you don't need health, just continue to the right. If you 
    do need health, jump across the platforms either avoiding or killing the 
    flying guy and then jump into the wall on the right. The health pickup is 
    hidden in a small room in the wall. Drop down once you're done. Continue to 
    the right. Welcome to Mojo's lair. 
    Mojo: This is one annoying mother...He laughs if you hit him in the stomach. 
    He's not very difficult though. Don't use the platforms above you unless Mojo 
    is right under one because he makes the screens up there fire energy balls. 
    Remember, in Mojoworld, Mojo rules television. He has five attacks: the 
    energy ball from the screens (he points at the screen), the energy ball from 
    under his stomach (he folds his hands on his stomach then fires), the stab 
    from the back of his hair (whenever you are behind him he will do this), the 
    crunch (if you stand really close to him, he'll pick you up and take a bite), 
    and his laugh (hit him in the front, though it's not really an attack :P). 
    With any character but Gambit (see Gambit strategy below), Special 
    Jump/Cyclops flip over Mojo, DUCK as soon as you land, and hit him with a 
    mutant power or claw slash or just a regular attack (only does one bar of 
    damage to Mojo's lifebar). With Wolverine or Nightcrawler, you can Special 
    Jump then dive past him. This is more effective with Nightcrawler as with 
    Wolverine, you have to Special Jump, extend claws, dive, duck, slash, retract 
    claws, and special jump again, plus sometimes Nightcrawler's dive hits Mojo 
    in the head which makes him laugh canceling his stab attack. Then you can 
    just Bamf and stay there until he stops laughing and he will take damage. 
    Whenever you hit Mojo, he turns to face you. If you just keep going over him 
    then ducking as you hit the ground (or Bamf-ing before you even hit the 
    ground :P), he'llbe down in no time as long as you use your mutant power 
    attack (everyone but Gambit). Only jump onto the platforms if Mojo is right 
    under one. Jump on the platform then immediately jump off and land behind 
    Mojo. Six Mutant power attacks will kill Mojo and seven slashes will kill 
    Mojo. It takes sixteen regular attacks to kill Mojo. 
    Mojo (Gambit strategy): If you get behind Mojo with Gambit, his cards will 
    miss 9/10 times, so what to do if regular attacks only do one bar of damage? 
    This is funny to watch, hehe. Walk up to Mojo. Hit him in the stomach and 
    make him laugh. Time the next attack so that the second hit of your combo 
    hits after he laughs. If you don't hit his vulnerable spot and he laughs, 
    move in a little closer and try again. Gambit's foot should be just a little 
    bit past Mojo's front-most "leg." Keep timing Gambit's attack so that the 
    first hit doesn't register and the second hit goes past Mojo to his 
    vulnerable spot. Once you get used to it, it's really easy. You only have to 
    do it 16 times. :P Even so, it's easier than trying to jump over his large 
    Once Mojo is dead, it's not over. Continue to the right. After this level, 
    all the X-Men are replenish and/or revived. Continue to the right from Mojo's 
    lair and kill the walking gun you encounter. Farther to the right are more 
    Mojo screens. This time, it's low, high, low, high. If you need either a 
    mutant power or health pickup and you have plenty of time, go up the 
    platforms between the screens. Go to the left for a mutant power pickup and 
    go to the right for a health pickup. To the left there's walking gun and the 
    mutant power pickup is in the wall. If you go to the right, a couple of walls 
    will drop to lock you in. Don't worry, this is easy to escape. Once you hear 
    the walls drop (when you get close to the health pickup), you'll notice the 
    red switches behind you. Punch the switch ALL THE WAY on the left and then 
    punch the switch second from the left. You should be home free. Go back down 
    the platforms and continue to the right (don't forget to dodge the screens). 
    Destroy the walking gun here (another one) and jump carefully over the fire 
    pits (there are only two and there's a safe platform between them). Once you 
    land to the right after jumping the second fire pit, another blue dog will 
    attack you. Go up the platforms to complete the level, but if you STILL need 
    mutant power, go to the right and past the screens (low, high). Another blue 
    dog will attack you. Once you get close to the mutant power pickup, another 
    wall will drop. Punch the third switch from the left. Get out. Kill the blue 
    dog that should attack you and dodge the screens again. Go up the platforms, 
    continue to the right, and destroy the gun. Next is the hardest obstacle 
    course on the level. There will be those exploding Mojo screens and the safe-
    screens for the fire that's shooting out of the ground. I will tell you where 
    all the exploding screens are. In the first column of screens, the second 
    highest screen will blow. In the second column, both the second highest and 
    second lowest will explode. In the third column, the second highest will 
    explode. In the fifth, seventh, and eighth columns, the second highest will 
    explode. In the ninth column, the second highest and second lowest will 
    explode. When you get to the end of the level, the screen will lock. Jump and 
    hit the danger room screen (it's the big computer monitor-looking object). It 
    will explode and disappear. Wait for a few seconds and...RESET YOU SYSTEM! 
    Make sure it's a soft reset (just tap your reset button) because if you hold 
    your reset button down, you really will reset. Just a quick tap (soft reset) 
    and your screen will go black and then fill with binary code (1's and 0's) 
    and then you'll get a "VIRUS PROGRAM SUSPENDED" screen. This is supposed to 
    happen. After that you'll get to see a comic-like "cut scene" where Psylocke, 
    Morph (?), and Beast make an appearance. Go figure.
    Back in the Danger Room there are NO ORBS! That is because all four 
    characters are back to full strength. When you've chosen your character (I 
    will do a normal walkthrough with notes where Nightcrawler can shortcut) jump 
    into the green light. Whoa! You can go past the green light and now there's a 
    hallway? Why is the Blackbird docked into the Danger Room? Oh well. Now it's 
    time to fly all the way to Asteroid M to kick some magnetic butt.
    G. Asteroid M
    You can substitute three times on this level. If you want to take a shortcut, 
    only use one shortcut. I'll write this walkthrough using numbers. If you plan 
    on using Cyclops, save at least half your mutant power bar for the end of the 
    level (right before the boss fight). If you need go further into the 
    walkthrough, I will tell you in parenthesis. (See 1)
      1. Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler
    You should start off standing above two pickups that are blocked off with an 
    energy field. If you want to take Nightcrawler shortcut #1, then you should 
    teleport through the wall on your right (see 2). Here's something different: 
    jump to the LEFT. xD stay off of the lowest floor level until the soldier is 
    in striking distance. Let me warn you about these guys. All the soldiers on 
    this level actually know how to crouch. They might crouch and jump to avoid 
    an Optic Blast or jump to avoid a Kinetic Card or they might even crouch to 
    shoot you. If they shoot you, they surround you with an energy field. If you 
    press ANY button while you're in the energy field, you lose a lot of life. 
    The first time I got here when I was younger, I died fighting the first 
    soldier because I kept hitting the directional pad. If you do get hit with 
    their shots, don't press any buttons. The energy field should wear off after 
    3-5 seconds. You can't use the "crouch under their shots to get close to 
    them" strategy. It takes 6 standing attacks to kill these guys (4 crouching). 
    A very small amount of them have normal guns and not the trap guns. All 
    characters but Gambit can duck under their melee attack. This is why you 
    should always try to be as close as possible to them. Well, take this first 
    guy out, or just jump past him (travel by way of the higher ledges). You have 
    to Special Jump or Cyclops flip over the very tall platform to the left. 
    Continue to the left and you'll come across a timed jump. You can dive or 
    jump past when all the magnetic beams are down. If you time it correctly, you 
    will get across without being harmed. You see the soldier? Walk under him and 
    punch the red light. This opens an entrance in the floor and takes away the 
    magnetic current that was guarding the health and mutant power pickups. If 
    you want to kill the soldier, Special Jump up so that if he fires, you go 
    right over it. The switch you hit opens the base and stops the magnetic 
    currents. Walk to the right and the ground should open. Drop down to the 
    RIGHT. Since it's a long fall, you will land in a crouch and won't be able to 
    move for a second. I say fall to the right because a soldier with the trap 
    gun patrols on the right. If he hits you with the trap, don't move. Kill him 
    and go to the left. This guy has a normal gun. Kill him and jump straight up 
    where he was standing and then jump to the right. You'll get a health pickup 
    so if you got hit, you don't have to worry about running low on life. Go to 
    the left and drop yourself down (crouch and jump). Go back where you came 
    from to the right. You'll come to a large hole. If you are a diving 
    character, once the moving platform materializes, dive to it and duck. If you 
    aren't a diving character, once you see the magnetic current, wait for a 
    short time (less than 1 second) and then do a little hop right off the edge 
    of the floor and crouch when you land. If done correctly, you'll land just as 
    the moving platform materializes and you'll duck under the magnetic current. 
    Once the magnetic current is gone, walk to the end of the platform quickly, 
    and duck again. Once your character is clear of the magnetism, quickly jump 
    to the right and take out the trap soldier. You have to do the entire moving 
    platform thing again. Same exact procedures will work and watch out for the 
    trap soldier. If you want to take Nightcrawler shortcut #2, you then have to 
    teleport through the magnetic gate to the right (see 5). If not, hit the 
    switch (make sure that you wait and watch a moving platform disappear, THEN 
    hit this switch) and walk to the left quickly. This switch makes the moving 
    platform that is coming bounce to the left. You can jump on it as it is going 
    to the right still and it will bounce off the wall (in a sense) without 
    completely dematerializing (you won't fall off). There's a new elevator 
    platform. Time a good jump and get on it. Once on the elevator, jump up when 
    you get to the top. From this platform, Special Jump to the right and attack 
    the trap soldier before you hit the ground. Finish him off and head to the 
    left for another magnetically-timed jump (jump onto the higher platform so 
    the trap soldier can't shoot you or hit him with a projectile). Jump when all 
    the magnetic currents are off. Hit the soldier before you hit the ground if 
    he's still alive. (See 3.)
       2. After taking Nightcrawler shortcut #1
    Drop off the ledge and carefully dive kick at the trap soldier here and then 
    Bamf him to death just to be safe. Hit the red switch to your left. The 
    magnetic currents will stop now. As you make your way to the right, jump and 
    dive kick into the trap soldier here. If you need health ALREADY, stand in 
    the corner to the right and Special Jump straight up. Warning: Because you 
    took a shortcut, a certain platform has not been activated. Drop down the 
    shaft, but Bamf once you've cleared the ceiling. Wait for the moving platform 
    to show up from the left and un-Bamf. You shut off the magnetic current on 
    the right side by hitting the switch earlier, so you can stand up. Jump off 
    to the right and- (See 4.)
       3. Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler (no shortcuts)
    Hit the red switch. If you need health here, stand in the corner all the way 
    on the right and Special Jump straight up. Drop back down onto the elevator 
    platform. Time a good jump to the lower moving platform (you can drop through 
    the elevator platform if you like) while it's moving to the right. The 
    magnetic current to the right is now completely off, so you don't have to 
    worry about getting knocked off the platform. Jump to the right and- (See 4.) 
       4. Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler (no shortcut and shortcut #1)
    -kill the soldier. Move to the right. Special Jump up to the platform (to 
    avoid trap shots) and attack the soldier before you land. (See 5.)
       5. Everyone
     Make your way to the right (take the higher path) and kill all the soldiers 
    in your way. There will be another soldier to kill once you reach the higher 
    ledge on the right. The platform ends. If you are Nightcrawler or Wolverine 
    (with spare mutant power), then see 6. If you are Gambit, Cyclops, or don't 
    feel like using Wolverine's claws, see 7.
       6. Nightcrawler and Wolverine (claws)
    Jump off the right end of the platform and dive kick/claw. Once you hit the 
    switch let go of the attack button or retract your claws (you'll land on a 
    moving platform). (See 8.)
       7. Gambit, Wolverine (no claws), Cyclops
    See the blue formation over your head? Walk to the right of it (you should be 
    near the edge now) and Special Jump straight up. Walk to the right on this 
    walkway until you see another blue wall under you. Stop at the edge of the 
    blue wall and drop down. HIT THE SWITCH ON YOUR WAY DOWN and the platform 
    will appear and catch you. If you miss, you'll lose half of your life. To see 
    what it looks like, go to this URL: 
    http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/j2dk/xmen.html. The first two screens 
    are to illustrate your position in the level. The last four screens 
    illustrate how to hit the switch and land on the platform. If you want to be 
    safe, stand at the edge of the blue wall, summon Storm, then go back to the 
    left, drop down onto the first ledge and work your way down to the lower path 
    where the platform materializes. (See 8.)
       8. Everyone
    Once on the moving platform, there are obstacles in your way. Quickly jump 
    over the wall that is in your way, drop off the right side landing on the 
    moving platform and duck to avoid the magnetism (you'll need to jump over the 
    next wall in the same fashion). Once you pass the second jolt of magnetism, 
    jump to the stationary platforms above you. Stand on the edge of the higher 
    one and you'll see a soldier. You can either Special Jump (better chances of 
    not getting hit) and attack the trap soldier on the way down and kill 
    him/knock him off the small wall you landed on (all characters but 
    Nightcrawler and clawed Wolverine), kill him with a charged Kinetic Card then 
    jump (he'll dodge it the first time, but it will circle back and hit him; an 
    uncharged Kinetic Card will completely miss), hit him with an Optic Blast 
    (aim down to the left), or you can dive at him then finish him off 
    (Nightcrawler and clawed Wolverine). Now wait for the moving platform to come 
    back and continue to the right. Now jump up the platforms. When jumping to 
    the third platform, don't do a full-height jump, just do a little hop (or 
    you'll get trapped). When you land on the third platform up, you should 
    crouch because if you stand, the trap soldier on your left will shoot you 
    (he'll hit you with a crouching shot). Take him out with either a quick 
    crouching Kinetic Card (quick, don't charge it or you'll get shot), an Optic 
    Blast, or dive at him. Sometimes you can jump your way to him without getting 
    shot, but that's not very safe. You'll see a health pickup here. If you need 
    it, take a leap of faith from the very edge. Just jump to it and once you 
    touch it, fall straight down (it is right above the wall you killed the trap 
    soldier earlier) and wait for the moving platform again. Go back up the two 
    platforms on the right and continue to the right. Drop down to the right 
    until you see soldiers. The room's platform placements are as follows: 
    |                                 ___________
    |__                 ____              |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |             __________________ 
    |   ____                 ___+____     |            |        Key        | 
    |                                     |            | |  Wall           | 
    |__                 __-_              |            |___ Platform/floor | 
    |                                 ____|            | +  Trap Soldier   | 
    |                                     |            | -  Normal Soldier | 
    |    _____+_________     ___+____     |             ------------------- 
    |                                     | 
    |                   ____              | 
    |___-___                          ____|
    I know, it is a bit crude, but it's better than trying to explain it to you 
    with words. Make your way to the upper right corner and continue right. Then 
    drop down again and kill the trap soldier that you will encounter here. Walk 
    to the right and jump up only the FIRST ledge. Kill the soldier you see 
    quickly, and drop down again. There are these flying spike contraptions here 
    plus most of the platforms fall when you stand on them. The easiest way to 
    pass them is to use NC or Wolvie and dive your way across (but read further 
    before doing this). Anyone can make it across if you know what platforms to 
    stand on. Well...I'll make another bad illustration of it.
    Start here                _8_     *____|             __________________
     |      _3_         _6_                |            |        Key       |
     v              _5_                    |            |  |  Wall         |
    ___   _1_  _4_         _7_   _9_  *_10_|            |____ Platform     | 
       |                                   |            |  *  Platform does| 
       |  *_2_                        *_11_|            |     not fall     | 
       |                                   |             ------------------ 
       |                                   | 
       |                                   |
    Okay, here we go. From where you start, jump onto the platform 1 and quickly 
    drop down to platform 2 (crouch and press C). On platform 2, wait for the 
    spikes to pass. Just as they pass over your head jump off the right edge of 
    platform 2 (literally the far edge) onto platform 4. Try to avoid stepping on 
    platform 3 as it slows you down a little and you may miss the platform and 
    fall. From platform 4, jump to 5, and then jump to 7 OR 6 (aim for 7, but if 
    you hit 6, that's okay; just drop down to 7 quickly and continue). Now jump 
    up to platform 8 and drop down to platform 9. If you land on 9 without 
    hitting 8, that's all right, too, hehe. Jump to platform 10 and even though 
    this one doesn't fall, it's still in the spike contraptions' range. Drop down 
    to platform 11 (crouch and press C) and wait for the spike contraptions to 
    pass. Now jump up the platforms (platform 10 and the two I left unmarked), 
    but hit the trap soldier as quickly as possible to avoid any damage. Walk to 
    the right and kill the trap soldier here, too. Walk to the right a little 
    more and the path splits. There is a high path, a mid path (the one you drop 
    to if you walk off the ledge), and a low path (drop through the platform to 
    find a third path). If you do not have full health up to this point, you may 
    die here (and you're so close to Magneto!). After you get through this (it's 
    quite short) there are two pickups guarded by a single trap soldier. You 
    might think that the two pickups aren't enough after all this level put you 
    through (falling off the level makes you lose half your life!), but they are 
    each full-restores. One full health pickup and one full mutant power pickup. 
    Just don't die here. ;] Hopefully you'll make it to Magneto without having to 
    substitute yet.
       9. Wolverine
    Wolverine is the only character that should take the highest path. There are 
    flying machines that bounce around and fire bursts of two shots. Every other 
    character would take so much damage that he would die within two hits. 
    Wolverine for some reason is not very vulnerable to these contraptions. In 
    fact, sometimes he takes no damage at all. Take the high path and continue to 
    the right. Unsheathe your claws and destroy the contraptions in the first 
    room. There are three of them and Wolverine can kill them in one claw slash. 
    Most times you'll be able to kill all three in one diving claw attack. :P 
    Continue to the right and you should encounter a normal soldier. Sometimes he 
    doesn't appear. Farther to the right is another room with 3 contraptions. 
    Destroy them and move on. You'll come to the end of this path. Dive claw off 
    the edge to the right and claw spin before you land on the ledge the soldier 
    is on. If you time it correctly, you'll kill the soldier, and collect the 
    health and mutant power pickups AFTER you use the claw spin. You should have 
    replenished both of your bars completely. Now drop down and walk to the 
    right. Get ready to fight- (See 13.)
       10. Cyclops
    I hope you have enough mutant power for 9 optic blasts left. Take the lowest 
    path (drop down two platforms). Walk to the right and a gun should start 
    firing. Don't walk into its fire because it will drain half your life with 
    one shot. Wait for about 5 seconds because a normal soldier will walk into 
    the screen. Kill him with an Optic Blast so he doesn't disrupt you. Now stand 
    under the gun and aim straight up. Fire 8 Optic Blasts (yes, 8) at the gun 
    and it will, uh...explode. You can now safely proceed to the right. Jump up 
    the wall and drop down on the trap soldier. Proceed to the right and ignore 
    the ledge above you. Jump up the two steps on the right, but stop there. At 
    the left edge of the platform you're standing on, either jump up to take out 
    the trap soldier and grab the full-restore pickups, or jump straight up, aim 
    another Optic Blast straight up (it will go through the ceiling/floor and 
    kill the soldier), and then jump up to get the full restore pickups. Drop 
    down and continue to the right to fight- (See 13.)
       11. Nightcrawler
    Take the low path with Nightcrawler. Only Cyclops can destroy the gun, but 
    Nightcrawler can always teleport through it. :) Once the gun starts shooting, 
    just walk toward the line of fire and teleport through it. If you're lucky, 
    you'll hit the normal soldier with your teleport, but if not, kill him. =D 
    Proceed to the right. Jump up the wall and drop down on the trap soldier. 
    Proceed to the right and ignore the ledge above you. Jump up the two steps on 
    the right, but stop there. At the left edge of the platform you're standing 
    on, jump and teleport up (you'll kill the trap soldier with your teleport). 
    The full-restore pickups are on this ledge. Drop down and walk to the right 
    to fight- (See 13.)
       12. Gambit
    Gambit is an unfortunate fellow. His only option is to walk right through the 
    obstacles, so I hope you have a lot of health. The best path for Gambit to 
    take is the middle path. Have him walk to the right and don't stop until you 
    pass those "drippers." You'll lose just a little more than half of your life 
    bar. Proceed to the right with caution and as you see the barrel of the trap 
    soldier's gun, fire a Kinetic Card. He can't dodge anything here. Jump across 
    to the ledge and grab the full-restore pickups. Drop down and walk to the 
    right to fight- (See 13.)
       13. Everyone
    Magneto: The big man himself. He's not really a super villain, just a 
    misunderstood superhero. He even gets his own theme song in this game. xD 
    Okay, he can kill you in any 4 or 5 attacks. Mags is invincible while he is 
    surrounded by a blue magnetic field. This fight will take a while because you 
    don't get many chances to hit him. Magneto has the following attacks: 
    magnetic orb (X-Men 2: Clone Wars, anyone?), two-handed beam (with force 
    field), stalk-your-character-around-the-screen (his force field will hurt you 
    if he touches you), a punch (eh), and a one handed beam (he stops on a 
    platform, takes his force field down, and fires). During Magneto's one-handed 
    beam, he leaves himself vulnerable for about 3-5 seconds.
    General tips about Mags: 
    -Magneto opens the battle by throwing 5 magnetic orbs your way. The formation 
    of the orb can hurt you (not the shrapnel, but if the orb forms on you). The 
    magnetic orb will float in place for about 4 seconds then home in on your 
    position. The orb travels straight so get as far away from it as possible and 
    jump around and drop off platforms. Just try to move as much as possible. 
    This isn't a sure fire way of avoiding the orb. The only sure fire way to 
    avoid the orb is to Bamf.
    -Never hit Mags while his force shield is up because it will make him land on 
    the nearest platform (or the floow) and wait. If you go near him, he'll punch 
    you. If you use a mutant power on him, he'll put his shield up. The only time 
    he's vulnerable is when he stops to do the one-handed beam.
    -Don't even bother using your assists.
    -If you want to dodge him easily while he is following you, walk to the 
    corners of the room using the higher platforms. Jump up to make Magneto go 
    higher into the air, drop down the platform, and then walk under him quickly. 
    You can try to dive over him, but you run a higher risk of hurting yourself.
    -Gambit should only use his Kinetic Card (you don't have to aim because Mags 
    doesn't dodge, but if you're too slow, your card will hit his shield), 
    Cyclops should only use his Optic Blast, Nightcrawler should only Bamf (feel 
    free to use a moving teleport as long as you do it right and don't deplete 
    half your mutant power bar in one teleport), and Wolverine should only attack 
    with his claws. Don't bother conserving mutant power here. If you need to 
    Bamf Magneto and you don't have time to walk up to him, teleport through him. 
    If you're at a bad claw dive angle, don't hesitate to use the claw spin. If 
    you don't have time to get a good angle with Cyclops, use a spinning flip-
    blast (though I don't see why you can't get a good angle in the time it takes 
    you to do the spinning flip-blast). If you feel like being fancy, go for it.
    -If you are walking away from Mags and he drops his shield, TURN AROUND and 
    blast him! (Alternately) TURN AROUND and rip him to shreds!
    - During the 5th orb attack, Magneto will start moving toward you making it a 
    little harder to dodge the last orb attack.
    -Mags never does the same beam twice. If his first attack after the orbs is a 
    one-handed beam (vulnerable) then his next attack is guaranteed to be a two-
    handed beam. The same is true vice versa.
    -If you are Nightcrawler or Wolverine, you have more options to avoid 
    Magneto. It is possible to Special Jump + dive over Magneto.
    -Cyclops can flip right over Magneto's head if timed correctly. You have to 
    get the maximum height of his flip possible to clear Magneto's shield.
    -Keep Magneto in sight once he stops throwing magnetic orbs at you. If 
    Magneto isn't on the screen, you won't know when he's attacking.
    -If Magneto makes a quick, sudden move, then he is about to attack. If his 
    head is down and his shield is still up, he well attack with the two-handed 
    beam. If he stops on a platform with both hands at his side and his shield is 
    down, he will attack with the one-handed beam.
    -To avoid the two-handed beam best, use the platforms, especially the ones 
    farthest to the left or right. Jump onto the platform then jump/Special 
    Jump/flip off of the edge into the wall. If timed right, his blast will miss. 
    Sometimes this blast sprays, but only in two different directions making it 
    only a little harder to dodge.
    -It takes 5 hits from mutant power/claw attacks. It would take 15 or 16 
    regular hits to take him down.
    -Don't bother trying to avoid the one-handed beam because you should be 
    blasting/slashing the crap out of Mags before he even thinks about shooting 
    his beam, plus you can't dodge it anyway because this blast sprays.
    -If Magneto hits you 3 times, substitute immediately. Don't risk dying. It's 
    very possible to complete this entire level and defeat Magneto without ever 
    substituting. Yes, any character can do this. Nightcrawler just has a better 
    chance since he doesn't even have to try to dodge as he is able to Bamf 
    through everything.
    Once Magneto is done, you will see the ending.
    I think it's odd that Psylocke and Beast are in the last picture of the 
    ending before the credits while Nightcrawler, Storm, Archangel, and Iceman 
    aren't. It's also odd that all the assist characters appear to be slightly 
    taller and larger than all the playable characters, even though they should 
    all be shorter than Gambit and Cyclops. Is it just me, or does Nightcrawler's 
    icon picture (next to the life/mutant power meters) look kind of like Micheal 
    Jackson in the "Thriller" video? Hehe. :P Well, I hope this walkthrough 
    helped you out, gamer. See ya 'round!
    Thanks to GameFAQS.com for posting my FAQ
    Thank you for reading this. :)
    J2DK 2003

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