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"A textbook example of how not to make a game"

The story goes that the Nazis are developing a new weapon, and Indiana Jones must stop them. The quest will take Indy all over the world.

The story is weak and story development is non-existence.

The controls are simple and nightmarish, and they are sluggish and unresponsive. Using a grenade is a pain since it involves pressing two buttons simultaneously however it does not always register.

The music and sound effects are putrid and calling it music is a stretch. The music and sound effects are so grating that hitting the mute button is highly suggested.

Graphic wise the game looks great, and it is the only part of the game that is enjoyable besides turning the game off.

Young Indiana Jones is a platformer, and it falls victim to every problem that plagues the genre.

Combat is broken and pointless. Indiana Jones has three weapons: whip, pistol, and grenades, and each weapon works great on specific enemies. Indy will swing the whip with a press of a button however holding it down will allow Indy to swing the whip around however the controls is bizarre along with the animation.

To make matters worse, the enemies regenerate after dying, and the rate at which they regenerate is so high that killing them is a waste of time. Dodging the enemies can be tough and just touching the enemies causes Indy to bounce around like a pinball.

The level design is atrocious, and in one of the Egypt levels there is a sand storm which will force the player to restart the level if they touch it. The England level has Indy crossing a bridge while dodging lightning and the lightning feels homing however it can be dodged by dropping down to a lower level. The problem is that it is not clear what level the player is on so the player could easily drop down into a bottomless pit.

The platforming is also plagued with issues thanks to the controls and poor enemy placement. At the end of the first Egypt level, Indy has to climb up a gate and hit several weights to open the gate however there are ravens at the top so when Indy gets close, the raven dives at Indy and knocks him down. Climbing up is just a pain however being constantly knocked down by the raven is agitating and not enjoyable one bit.

The replay value is zero even though the levels can be played in any order, the clumsy game play makes playing the game painful, and the only replay value is beating the game. Just beating the game once is an arduous task that is not worth replaying.

Young Indiana Jones is playable however the clumsy controls, poor combat, awful level design, and grating music make playing it not enjoyable at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/13/12

Game Release: Instruments of Chaos starring Young Indiana Jones (US, 12/31/94)

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