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"The best baseball game available on the Genesis"


ESPN Baseball Tonight is a great game. It was released by Sony Imagesoft in 1994 and I first played it in 1999. I have never ever played baseball in real life, but this game lets me enjoy it just as much. I must tell you that this is my first go at a review, so kindly bare with me.


Sports games are not very easy to convert into a video game. But this game does a fine job at that. The controls are very simple to master and although you cannot change the default controls, it is not much of a problem. Batting, pitching and running is not tough at all, but fielding might take a bit of practice. But once you have got it, you will play the game like a pro. There are a moderate variety of shots that you can make, and also the way you can throw the ball. Some more of them are desirable, but that doesn't really matters.


Being an old game and on an old system, the graphics of course are rated on that basis. And these are some of the best I have seen on Genesis. Especially if you compare them with some other sports games like FIFA (sorry if I hurt someone's feelings), they truly shine. I don't think someone would actually be able to recognize there favorite baseball player, but hey, what else do you expect in such an old game.


As with the other Genesis games, the sounds are disappointing. The simple sounds like the ball hitting the bat are OK. The voices of the umpire when he shouts 'Safe' or 'Strike' can also be understood, but the number of sound effects is very limited. What I really hate in the game is the music. There is too little of it, and the little that is there is bad, not to my liking that is.


There are various gameplay modes available. There is of course a 1 player(vs. Computer) and 2 player(vs. human opponent) mode. Apart from them, you can have Exhibition Game(you play a single match vs. computer), Practice match(you can practice either batting or pitching) and Home Run Derby(hit as many home runs as you can).


As with other sports game, you can go on playing this game again and again infinite number of times, provided that you like the game when you play it the first time. Playing the game vs. the computer and trying to score the most number of runs is one of my favorite pass-time. Unlike other games, which I play again only after some time off, I never seem to get tired of playing this game.


So, this is a pretty good game to get if you are looking for a sports game for Sega Genesis. But don't expect too much from this relatively old game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/03, Updated 07/25/03

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