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"A 16-Bit great!"

The Sega Genesis was Sega's first big success. They had the big N beaten out for many years until their grip finally started to slip in late 94. Brilliant marketing strategy, combined with great games, and this new “Sega Attitude” type gimmick made the Genesis a huge success. The Genesis had its strong run from 1989 all the way up until 1996. A very long and prosperous life if I must say. But let's look at the Genesis in depth shall we?


The Genesis had three different models released. The first model was the largest and it looked kind of like a circle put on a rectangle. The Power switch and reset button were put on the very far lower left, the reset button was white odd enough, because the entire system was black it looked strange. It also had this red “16 bit” thing across the center, or relative center that is. The good thing about the first model was that it had a headphone jack and a volume adjuster near the power switch and reset button, just incase you were trying to sneak in some late night playing hours :). The second model was smaller and didn't like quite as odd with the mismatched colors and what not. The cart slot was actually in the center and it had the Sega logo below that and below the logo was the BLACK power and reset buttons. Sadly they took out the headphones jack with volume adjuster; at least this Genesis had a better look to it.

Finally they released an even smaller Genesis, which is about the size of just two controllers, you'd have to see it to believe it. Virtua racing wouldn't work on it, but the thing could be really nice if you're out on the road. Another thing about the Model 3 was that it couldn't run with the Sega CD or the 32X either, making it strictly a Genesis. It was still a pretty neat marvel.

Score : 8.5 – Great


Sega had two controller types. At first they had a kind of large 3-button controller, it was good for just about any other game but when you wanted to play fighting games it was out of the question because most fighting games required much more than three buttons. Later the 6-button was released and it was much better than the old controller, it was even smaller to top it all off. After you played with the Genesis 6-button you probably wouldn't ever want to go back, to top it all off it was very comfortable. There was pretty much no reason to own an old 3-button after the 6-button came out. The 6-button had the same D-pad, start button in the middle and all 6 buttons on the right. Pretty much the best controller ever produced until the Saturn model two controller came out.

Score : 9.4 – Amazing


The Sega Genesis had a TON of accessories, not really in numbers but more like in just the sheer expansiveness of each one. Following Sega tradition you could say. It had light guns, along with the Menacer but it wasn't terribly accurate, it had the Power Base converter which enabled you to play Master System games on your Genesis, the Sega CD which was basically a whole new console unto it's self. You also had your Arcade sticks, Game Genies, import cart and probably lots more. Then you had the 32X which was supposed to upgrade the Genesis to 32-bit graphics and have new games produced for it but it didn't exactly succeed, let's leave it at that.

Score : 8.6 - Great


The Sega Genesis had many good games for it. The Library for the Genesis overall is very good and can compare easily to the likes of the SNES. Some great games include the Sonic series, The Lost World Jurassic Park, Toejam and Earl, the Vectorman games, X-Men 2 : Clone Wars, Streets of Rage series, Comix Zone, Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star series, Contra : Hard Corps, and Castlevania : Bloodlines. Genesis honestly has a fairly large library and most of it's games are pretty good. I'd advise you to research you own titles to hunt for, you'd be surprised with what you can find.

Overall Score : 8.4 – Great


Sega owes their great reputation to the pretty much the Genesis and that alone, while the Dreamcast helped them recover their rep, it was Genesis that established it in the first place. If you're on a retro gaming kick and you want to do some different classic gaming OTHER THAN AN SNES or NES and you don't know what to go for, pick a Genesis up, you won't be disappointed.

Overall Score : 8.7 – Great

Score modified to 9/10 for Gamefaqs

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/24/06

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