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The Sega Genesis is my second favorite video game system out there, second only to the Sony Playstation. I got my Genesis for my birthday in 1998 along with Ultimate Mortal Kombat III and I played the heck out of it. I still have it somewhere and sometimes I will drag it out for a quick play if I have the time to re-hook it up. It really is a classic console and I am glad I won this piece of history. Let's continue.


The Genesis uses 2D graphics and most of the games use them without a problem. In fact, there are quite a few games out there that look better than some of the games around today. To really see what this 16 bit wonder could do, check out Aladdin, Toy Story, or The Smurfs. Those three games are simply beautiful. There are others, too, but to me, those are the ones that really stand out. I can't really think of any games that have just plain horrible graphics right now, so that is a true testament to how good the Genesis is.


The Genesis console itself has came out in three different versions. Each one is built different and as each one came out, the prices got lower and lower. The newest one is the Genesis 3 which can be found for around 20 bucks nowadays brand new. I, myself, have a Genesis 2 which I think is the best one although it doesn't really matter because they all play the same games.

There are quite a few different types of controllers, too. Sega first came out with the regular three button controller that only came with the console. I remember I wanted to buy another controller like that, but someone at a video store told me they didn't sell them for individual releases. That really bummed me out, but I found a new controller with more buttons. I like the regular three button controller best, though.

There was also a whole bunch of different peripherals besides different controllers. I remember seeing something called an ''Activator'' at a toy store once where you had to stand on some sheet and move around to mimmick what was going on in the game or something like that. I'm sure there were some light guns for the system, too, but I never used them.

Probably the best peripheral, though, that nobody owns is a Sega Nomad. The Nomad was kind of a portable Genesis. You got to play Genesis games in the car or wherever else you wanted. It was a neat idea, but pretty much failed in concept.

Overall, the Genesis hardware and some if its peripherals are worth checking out. There were several great ideas thrown around, but quite a few didn't live up to expectations.

SOUND 7.5/10

The sound is definitely not the best aspect of the Genesis. Voices sound funny and sound effects are pretty awkward. Music is usually not too bad, depending on the game. An example of some great music would be any of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. I forget the name of the composer, but he did a brilliant job with that series. If you have never played a Super Nintendo, then the Genesis' sound shouldn't really bother you because it isn't as bad as some say it is. I really have no problem with it, but I will admit that it could be better.


There really is a huge variety in games on the Genesis. There is more than likely something for everyone because of its wide variety of genres. Plus, the games are not too hard to find (with some exceptions, of course). Here is a brief list of some great games in each genre.

RPG - Shining Force series, Phantasy Star series, plus a few others

Sports - NFL '95, NBA Live series (except 95), Madden series, NHL Hockey series, plus numerous one hit wonders

Action/Adventure - Sonic the Hedgehog series, Shinobi series, many others

Puzzlers - Columns, The Lost Vikings, Lemmings

Side scrolling platformers - Sonic the Hedgehog series, Aladdin, many others like Disney games

Beat 'em ups - Golden Axe series, Streets of Rage series

Fighting - Street Fighter series, Shaq Fu :P

Racing - Outrunners, others I can't think of

Wrestling - WWF Royal Rumble, WWF Raw


The Genesis uses cartridges, which caused the prices of games back in its heyday to be pretty high. If a game needed to be saved, the cartridges would save the game onto itself. That's right, you don't need any crappy little memory cards to record saves for you. Actually, there weren't that many games that needed to be saved, anyway.


- Loads of games
- Cheap games nowadays
- Full of memories
- Good, simple controller
- Wide selection of games
- Great use of 2D graphics
- Just a great system overall


- Sound isn't of the best quality
- Some turds out there like Barney's Hide and Seek
- Graphics obviously don't compare to today's games
- May turn off newer gamers

Shady's Final Analysis:

The Sega Genesis is a great system that everyone should have. It can be found for around twenty bucks brand new these days, and games are very cheap too. You probably won't have to spend more than twenty bucks on a new game unless it is ultra rare. Overall, I recommend for you to definitely try out the Genesis. It is a piece of history.

Date Written: December 29, 2000

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/29/00, Updated 12/29/00

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