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Reviewed: 01/31/11

Sega Genesis - High Definition Graphics - 16 Bit: A nearly perfect gaming console

The Sega Genesis, a system that came out in 1989, was revolutionary. In the beginning, it was slightly lacking of games (what system isn't?), and really only a handful of games had high re-playability. Of course it had Phantasy Star II & Herzog Zwei were released by the end of '89, and M.U.S.H.A., Strider, and Columns by the end of '90, and their amazing, but the system didn't truly explode with countless quality games until 1991.


Being the mark out fan boy of 16 bit, I love sprite graphics. Of course, they aren't as brilliant as the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems graphics, but they stood out, especially in the late 80's. Some games, such as Sonic 3, Vectorman 1 & 2, and Rocket Night Adventures were so good that they almost looked and sounded like Snes games. Even if the graphics are second rate to that of the Snes most the time, they still amazed and astonished the gamers of yesteryear.

MUSIC & Sound: 7

With the exception of a few games (Sonic Series, Rocket Knight Adventure, Ristar), the music of the Genesis never did much for me. The limitations of the system were just too much for truly great music most the time. This is the Genesis's one true weakness, and it is a blaring one. Of course, I give it a 7 for aforementioned games. The sound, of course, suffers from the same problem. It isn't too staggering a problem, however.

The Games 10

This system has a library of games that more then rivals that of the Snes. I'm an Snes fan boy, I'll always love the Snes more then any other system before or after its creation, but the Genesis beats it in one quality: A larger variety of quality games. The Snes easily beats the Genesis in the RPG area, but Sega conquers otherwise. Its got more quality Shmups, adventure, platformer, and beat 'em up games (In my opinion).


From its classic look to its classic (albeit, not exactly great) sound, the Sega Genesis is one big behemoth of nostalgia. Whether its the original 'High Definition Graphics' version (the one I'm reviewing), or models 1 & 2, its just plain slick. If you were me in the 90's, and saw the Genesis for the first time after ten years in the 00's (I finally got a Sega Genesis in '09, by the way), perhaps a wave of euthoria would flow through your body too.


The system may not be perfect (Its close enough), the system may not be as good as the Snes (what is?), but its a must own for any video game fan, old or new. So, if your looking to get yourself a new system, and you don't have the Genesis, save yourself a few hundred bucks and purchase this beast instead of a PS3 or an XBox 360 (Don't get me wrong, I love the PS3). Its worth the $50 (or less) that it goes for now and days.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Genesis Hardware (US, 08/14/89)

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