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"Sega Nomad,the portable Genesis!"

Sega released this little baby back in the end of 1995 in the US,and the world may never be the same.Okay here's the skinny on this portable ''console'':(1)It is a 16-bit portable
with 6 action buttons,and a Start and mode button(2)It plays Genesis carts!,rather then make a new portable with a new separate library Sega rather opted to make this sleek black marvel support Genesis games.Portable Genesis games? I think I'm in heaven.I will now go on with the review.

The unit:
The Sega Nomad unit is slightly more heavy then a GameBoy unit,but fairly light none the less.The unit is in a sideways configuration,so it is similar in many ways to the GBA unit.The unit supports a very bright back light,which can be adjusted to be as bright(or dim) as you wish.The only downside to this unit,and this is major,the unit is a bit of a battery hog.You only get six hours of gameplay on six AA batteries.Ouch! There are a few easy solutions to this problem however.At home:Buy a AC adaptor either buy a ac adaptor for a Sega Genesis model 2 system at a used game shop,or buy one of those multi-tip ac adaptors which supports Game Gear,(which isn't really hard to find)because the Sega Nomad's ac jack is the same as the Sega Game Gear's ac jack.Go figure! On the go:Buy one of those multi-tip adaptors that has a tip for Game Gear,because one again the tip can be used with the Nomad.Use those solutions and you will be in for many hours of portable Genesis fun!

This is a system which supports a large library of games,so I guess you could say the story's can be a mixed bag.

Game Play:
This portable rocks! If GameBoy didn't exist this would be my favorite portable when it comes to gameplay.Some real bright spots of this systems library of Genesis carts are:The Lion King,all the Jurassic Park games including The Lost World,the Sonic game(1,2,3 and Sonic & Knuckles)Toy Story,The World series Baseball games,NBA Jam games,the Vector man games(1 and 2),and Garfield caught in the act.The list could go on but I'll stop there to keep the review short.There only have been a few Genesis games I really hated,they include:Beauty and the Beast(don't ask why I played it,Altered Beast,and some of the sport games.
So Gameplay is high on this portable system.

Well once again it's a mixed bag.While there are some really excellent looking Genesis games,(The Lion King,Street Fighter 2,Super Street Fighter 2)there are some really cruddy looking ones such as Altered Beast.

Once again a mixed bag.I especially loved the soundtracks on some games,such as:The Lion King,Super Street Fighter 2,and Jurassic Park:Rampage Edition.On the other side of the coin are games like:Sonic(1),and Altered Beast.

Replay value:
Get some of the best games for the system and you will see why I like this system so much,and why it has so much replay packed in such a small package.Let's just say replay is through the roof!

Sega Nomad systems are fairly hard to get nowadays so I strongly suggest you go to places like E Bay to ensure you can get one,it may be hard but believe me it is worth the search for this wonderful system.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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