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Reviewed: 09/29/01 | Updated: 09/29/01

The system that Sega beat on Nintendo with.

The hardware: Let's face it. The Genesis never was superior to the SNES in visual or audio terms. There were some good looking games, though. Just look at Gunstar Heroes, which really proved the systems graphical excellence and Treasure's programming genius. Other than that, along with perhaps a small handful of other games that have slipped my mind right now, the Gen looses to the Snes in this category.

More importantly: The games. This is why I love the Gen. Some of the greatest games in existence were right here on this system. Sure, there are the obvious games like the Sonic series (great platform games, and I like them MUCH more than the Mario series), Ecco (very original and fun), and Vectorman (another great action-platformer)... But those are only the tip of the iceberg. The system also has some great, ''underdogs'' that I'll always remember. What are some, you ask? The Phantasy Star Series (which, unlike PSO, had great plots) is one. Gunstar Heroes (greatest... platform.... shooter.... ever....) is another. Herzog Zwei, which created the Real-Time Strategy genre BEFORE ANY DUNE GAME, and is still my favorite RTS in existence, is yet another. Assault Suit Leynos (a.k.a. Target Earth) is another incredible platform-shooter, which to this day remains one of the hardest in existence. Oh, and who could forget the Shining Force series? Bow down, Final Fantasy Tactics. Streets of Rage... Perhaps the greatest beat-em-up's in history? Only alongside Golden Axe, of course. Landstalker? A revolutionary action-RPG. Oh, and the eternal(ly annoying?) ''All Your Base'' derived from a decent shooter named Zero Wing. After Burner, an excellent forward-scrolling shooter. Space Harrier, also another excellent forward-scrolling shooter. All of the above, among many others that I didn't mention, were all Gen-only.
The Snes had some great games from each genre, but in all honesty, a lot seemed overrated to me. Chrono Trigger, for example, didn't seem quite as entertaining as Phantasy Star 4. The Mario games were a tad... simple to me... I'm not saying that the Snes was a bad system, as it had it's own number of remarkable games. I just think the Gen was more memorable, and had more... shall we say, ''classics''.

Overall... If you don't own a Genesis (perhaps because of Nintendo fanboyism? Hey, back off! I was only kidding!) go pick one up now! You can get one cheap, and the games aren't too hard to find.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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