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"This fanboy realized he was wrong."

Introduction: To be blunt, I thought Sega sucked up until about a month ago. Then I bought my Dreamcast. Which I still think was a mistake, but, oh well! I've been a sony fanboy since N64 came out. I just thought Sega just sucked, and I didn't know why. I bragged on PS2 and I have still not played it. I told all my friends Sega sucked. Then an interesting propostition came up, I was getting $80 which happened to be the price of the DC. So, I started to do my homework and found out the 411 on DC. Then I bought it. My interest died off in Sega until I found a bunch of Sega CD games at a garage sale, so I bought one in hopes that I would get a system to run it on later. So when I did my research on that I realized the obvious, you have to have a Genesis to run it, so I thought, oh well, I have to get a Genesis. So began my not so epic quest to find a Genesis, first I wanted to buy one from a relative, but when that fell through, I gave up hope. Then a friend of mine, said that he'd give me his for free. So I accepted and the rest is, as they say, history. I haven't reached my ultimate objective, a Sega CD, but I am almost there. I know you probably didn't want my whole Sega story, but this is my review and I'll do what I want. Now, on to the review!

Graphics: 10/10
Compared to todays top systems, this is ancient history. But I love nostalgia, and that makes it so much more awesome. But, factually, the graphics are very good, and when you play Jeopardy, you can tell that Alex Trebek is the one standing behind that poedium. The Sonic games have very colorful and fun graphics. Great to look at!

Sound: 10/10
I have been playing NES for a while lately, this is such a plesant change. There are words spoken in the games, and the ingame music is very good too. I really enjoy hearing the cool little sound effects this game system pumps out. Great Sound!

Controller: 10/10
Created in the age of flat controllers, this one was a little more contoured for your hands! Very good. The neatest thing about the Sega Controllers is that you can hook them up to a Commodoore 64, and it really works!

Game Selection: 10/10
*Laughs Like Homer Simpson* Such a cute little Hedgehog. Sonic is the man, the only thing better is that overweight Italian... what was his name? Mario. I love the sonic games, the Street fighters, the Mortal Kombats, all of them are just great!

Overall: 1/10
Okay, it's obvious I'm lying, but if I would have rated this system 6 months ago, this would have been the best it would have gotten from this former Sony fanboy. Now I love it!

Nostalgia doesn't come any better than the Genesis!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/23/01, Updated 02/21/02

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