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"An excellant classic system against the Super Nintendo"

The Sega Genesis is one of the greatest systems i have ever played. And I have played just about every video game system there is. The Sega Genesis has a great game library filled with games like Sonic, Shining Force, Streets of Rage
Road Rash and all those other great games! All of its games have awesome gameplay, some horrible gameplay here, Play Station 2 style gameplay there, and when you average it all up you might get more than a perfect system! And it did a pretty good job going up against its tough competition of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So lets start off with what i think is the most important thing about these video games, the gameplay.

Gameplay 10/10

You might have some really bad gameplay every once in a while but excellant games like Sonic and Streets of Rage can clear that up very quickly. When you average it out, you might get even more than a ten. That is how good the gameplay is on some of these popular Sega Genesis games. And gameplay is the real reason you should buy a system, not graphics. If there is one thing this system does not lack in, its the gameplay section. So it gets a ten in my book. And if it was possible, i would give it a fifteen or a twenty. Lets go to the controls.

Controls 10/10

Like the gameplay, controls deserves a ten. There is only three buttons on most controllers, and some have six. The controls are real easy in all the games, especially some thing like Sonic where all the buttons do one task. I dont know if it is just me or what, but these controls on these games for the Sega Genesis are very easy. I dont think you will disagree with me either, although you might. But i do not see how. So, like gameplay i am giving controls a perfect ten in my book. To the graphics.

Graphics 8/10

When i talk about games, i compare it to other games on the same system. When i talk about systems, i have to compare it with all the other systems including the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. And that is why graphics is getting an eight. But if i was talking about older systems it would get at least a nine, maybe a ten. So there is not much to say about the graphics. There excellant for an older system and okay compared to a newer system. So im giving it an eight. Lets talk about sound.

Sound 10/10

The sound is okay compared to a newer system, but for an older system it rocks! The Sega Genesis has great sound and or sound effects. And that is all there is about sound to tell you the truth. So it gets a ten. Lets continue toward the end.

Buy it or Rent it???

Buy it. Defiantly. Not only is it a little piece of video gaming history, its also a great way to have hours and hours of fun straight. And since it is an older system, it will not cost you much either. If you happen to see one at a pawn shop, garage sale, web site, or store that sells older video game systems and you do not have one you should buy it. And that is that. Lets go to the conclusion.


The Sega Genesis is a great system that to me did an excellant job going up against the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I think this system deserves a ten dont you? Thank you for reading my review. I hop it was helpful to you in some positive way.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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