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Reviewed: 09/10/03

The Ruler (at least for a couple of years) of the 16-bit generation

Wow! My first review! I figured Id start it with a review of my first system. The Genesis. I admit I have no clue what kind of processers it runs (I probably should as many times as Ive taken it apart). I just know I love the thing to death!

The Genesis is the ONLY Sega system to out sell the competition. And For good reason. Here is the Review.

Until the Dreamcast every Sega System has been Black. Which made the Genesis way cooler than the SNES, but what is really important is function.
True there where very few options on the old 16-bit systems. Plug ins in the back, controller ports in the front and a cartridge slot some where. So lets move on to the controllers.

The genesis controllers are perfect, for long slow gaming sessions (such as RPGs) or for quick reflex games (such as fighting and shooting games). However small kids might have a problem with the standard 3 button controller, due to the fact that it is wider than a dreamcast controller. But the Sega 6 button, is smaller, as is almost every after market controller. Id find one. The buttons are well placed and take no time at all to memorize.

POWER: 8 (9 if its a fast game)
Yes, the SNES is more powerful. But its not as fast. Ever wonder why Nintindo never did a copy game of Sonic? Two words ''blast processing''. Basiclly it means developers (sonic team was the first I think) found a way to manipulate code to make a game run really fast, and really smooth. The rumor used to be that Sega had a special chip for it. But really it was just Sega had built a FAST system.
If you really want to see this ''blast processing'' at work check out games such as Sonic (the whole series except Sonic 3D blast) Gunstar Heroes, and Vectorman.
One other thing the Genesis is better than the SNES at is Sound.
I think it was an Old Electronic Gaming monthly that said that.
But the power differences are not that great. Ive seen better graphics on alot of the Genesis games then I ever did on an SNES (Ok Starfox was cool).

Library: 10
There are well over 500 games for the Genesis (it says so on the back of my second gens box). And while there are a lot of really bad games, Twice as many good ones are running around. It doesnt matter if your looking at a genesis for a kid, or if your like me and just like games, your bound to find something good for cheap. Check out places like Gamestop, EB, and Average price for a good genesis game is under $5.00!

Add-ons and Innovations:10
If you ever say you want more out of your Genesis,Sega had you covered. And while alot of there ideas sucked, at least they tried.
here are a few of the more innovative ones.

Wireless Controller- Good Idea, Worked great, as long as nothing walked between you and the system, or the batteries died, my friends cell phone locked it up about a week ago. Dont get it!

Activator- A small octagon ring you stand in the middle of. And it reads your kicks and punches for fighting games. Never used it, and the only game I know of that uses it is Eternal Champions

Team Player- Turned the two player Genesis into a 4 player. Was used for mostly for Sports games, but it worked.

Not to mention a million 3rd party controllers, and guns etc.

The Genesis was and still is my favorite system. I play it more than I play my Dreamcast. If your looking for a present for a small child its perfect, no cds to mess with and no heavy controllers with a million buttons. Not to mention how many kid friendly games are available for it.
Great for Gamers wanting to go back in time too. However if you buy a genesis 3 (very small genesis with a big 3 on it) be warned that some games will not work on it, and the picture and sound is not as good. The genesis 3 was not built by Sega and ended up with certain issues (Dont worry though its not a bootleg system or illegal, Sega just let somebody else build it).

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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