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"A near perfect system"

The greatest war of video game systems was the Genesis and SNES. Although the SNES did beat the Genesis in end sales(barely and due to Nintendo's NES and cheap tricks) the Genesis is the greatest system for one reason.


In every aspect the SNES was superior than the Genesis but keep in mind that the Genesis came out in 1989 while the SNES arrived in 1991. In all truthfulness the SNES had more sprite count, better sound and a better controller(at the beginning); but the Genesis was cheaper and had a faster processor. Most early games on the Genesis looked like souped up 8-bit games such as Golden Axe and Strider. However by 91 the Genesis began pumping out stellar graphics given its technical limitations. Some noteable graphcial games include the Sonic Series, Streets of Rage (except part 1), Golden Axe 3, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Madden, and Vectoman. Other less popular games include Granada and Ranger X. For those who do not know these two games had the same exact graphics found in a good SNES game. The overall animations of the Genesis were good however due to the lack of onscreen color capability(64 on screen from a pallete of 512) made the games on the Genesis look somewhat dark.

The sound processor in the Genesis was not up to par with the SNES however, many games produced quality effects including Sonic, Streets of Rage, Madden, and Ranger X. Consequently, the older Genesis (the one with the phone jack) had a extra chip (that was removed from the latter versions) that allowed for more sound output.

In all the Genesis totalled some 500 games in the US the SNES had more but the Genesis span of releasing games ranged from 89 to 96 vs. SNES 91-97. The Genesis contained every genre to counter those found on the SNES. Consequently for those who belive that Final Fight is the first beat em up think again (Golden Axe) Also note that the Mortal Kombat and Steet Fighter Series first appeared on the Genesis and MK contained the blood in the Genesis not in the SNES. Why because Nintendo did not want the violence on the system. Some of the best games on the Genesis include Sonic 2, Phantasy Star, Vectoman, Ranger X, Golden Axe 2, and Streets of Rage 2.

The first controller for the Genesis was a 3-button action pad which eventually Sega released a six button pad. The Genesis also contained different versions form the clunky first to the core system, to the handheld version (now in stores). Sega also released the one time shot (should have been more) of the lock on technology seen in Sonic and Knuckles. This idea allowed for all Sonic Games (1,2,3,and Knuckles) to be connected and release hidden levels or play different characters.

The bad side of Sega came with the release of the Sega CD and 32X. Sega opted to release system add-ons rather than a graphical enhancement cart. like SNES. The result was a massive failure that hindered the Genesis and Sega from which they never recovered. The SEGA CD was a CD system add on that enhanced that Genesis in every way (except color, don't know why). The SEGA CD saw some good games from Sonic CD, Final Fight, and various RPG's. However, due to slow third party support and an expensive system the CD failed to catch on. Then the 32X came which was supposed to provide 32-bits when locked on to the Genesis. This did not worked as games such as Knuckles Chaotix were merely jacked up 16-bit games and the end result was another junky black plastic released by Sega.

In the end Sega reached a new height with the Genesis and to this day can be argued as the best system of all time however due to SEGA's wish-washy feelings and two many systems prevented SEGA from giving the Genesis the right support.

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Originally Posted: 11/19/03

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