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"The Genesis Lost the War eventually, but it put up ONE INCREDIBLE FIGHT!"

The Good: Large Library of unique games that offer Must play experiences
The Bad: Sega CD, 32X
The Ugly: Blast Processing; The ''Genesis'' of sega's loss of street credibility
The Legacy: Phantasy Star Online, Main characters dying in RPG's, Mature ratings in games, Shinbi, Toejam & Earl, Ecco the Dolphin, I can go on and on

There once was a time when a systems worth was not judged based on its anti aliasing capabilities, its polygon processing power, its Ram cababilities, there was a time when the games determined a systems rise or fall. Back then, systems had only enough power to give a passable graphic experience. The sound processors put out advanced midi renditions. In those days, two consoles raged thier wars against eachother, amidst a sea of hype, different marketing policies, and promoting different types of gaming experiences. One was known for edgier, more adult themed games, the other was known for a softer, more childlike image and mainly produced games in keeping with this image. THESE WERE THE DAYS OF THE 16-bit WARS!

and in this corner, sat the Sega Genesis. The hardware is really immaterial for those days, I would rather speak of the games it brought. If it wasnt for the sega genesis, Shinobi, sonic, shining force, ecco the dolphin, Beyond Oasis, Phantasy Star, Vectorman, Golden Axe, these games would never have been experienced. Lesser hyped games, such as the rocket knight adventrures, the genesis version of jurassic park, Ranger X, Traysia.

The Genesis Was a system that took many chances and risks. many of them failures, such as the sega cd and the 32x. Some of them were good, Ecco the dolphin was then, and still is a gameplay experience that has yet to be repeated on any system. Many of Sega's in house games are awesome experiences that despite the old school limitations, stand up to the gameplay giants of todays big names. Personally, though I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy games, there is a certain charm to the phantasy star games, espescially 4, that makes it by far more unique and enjoyable adventure.

Its sad, but true. In the end the Sega Genesis lost the wars. Where as sega in its last days saw fit to match nintendo/squares Mario RPG with a poorly thought out Sonic title of similar game design, the SNES ended its days with games like tetris attack, Tetris Battle gaiden, Super Punch out, chrono trigger, secret of evermore, Yoshi's Island, Lufia II, and japan exclusive titles like Dragon Ball Z hyper fighting dimension, Front mission, Dragon Quest VI,and Tales of Phantasia.

Though, We can all say beyond a doubt that back then, it was simply luck that decided the fate of the war. The Sega Genesis Still Put out some wonderful games for its time... Many exclusive to its system, and experiences unlike any found on the Super NES. These days the success of a games system depends solely on its processing power, and systems are now bringing out games that represent motion pictures experiences, where as the 16-bit days brought games that played like games. And RPG's were more like novels with video game elements put in. Fortune was fickle, and eventually was courted by the Genesis's enemy. But fortune was also very kind for a time to the genesis. And gave it Games that make it a must experience to any true gaming conosier who was born too late to experience the War of fortune and hype that was the 16-bit battles. This is the account of the Days of the Sega Genesis. The beginning and end of segas success as a hardware producer. Sega's systems may have failed horribly, but back when it was the games that made a system successful or a failure, Sega succeeded and succeeded in grand and unforgettable style.

If it wasnt for the Sega CD, the 32x, and sega's patetic blast processing ad campaign, maybe the genesis would have gotten a bit more love from the third party producers, and sega wouldnt have gone Belly up in the hardware business. Thier history is one tarnished with desperate campaigns and attempts to outshow the competition, that continuously backfired and eventualy killed off the company. The Genesis was thier only real success, and what a success it is

In memoriam.


Everytime we see sonic break through a wall, shinobi through his shuriken, Dark Force destroy a planet, or a dolphin thwart an alien invasion, we will remember you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/16/04, Updated 03/16/04

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