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Reviewed: 03/18/04

In simple terms, the Genesis is a must have system


Here we go. Lets say you are looking for a decent video game console. You love the classics, so you go to that section of the store. But, when you get there, you have to make a decision between the two main systems, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and my personal favorite the Sega Genesis. You wonder. Finally, you realize a game system was made for games, so you compare the wo systems game library. Yes, the Super Nintendo does have Mario, but Sega has almost a full dozen of Sonic the Hedgehog games. But what about Super Nintendo's RPG collection you ask yourself. Well, Genesis has those too. Phantasy Star series and many others. So you cant decide. Then I walk into that same store. And what do I whisper into your ear? ''Get a Genesis.'' And that my friends, is the bottom line.

System Design

Okay, a lot of people know that the Sega Genesis had three different models released three different dates. So for this review, we'll call the different models one, two, and three. First model. My second favorite of the three, is the largest model there is for the genesis. This model is a wide rectangle while two and three are squared. The first models design has a bunch of switches and buttons at the lower left hand corner. In the upper right hand corner, a circle is raised a little bit and in it is the cartridge input. Under that it simply says sixteen-bit. Its an okay design. Second model. This model is my personal favorite. It has a square shape. This model is more simpler (I wonder if thats even a word) than the first model. At the top half is the cartridge input with ''Sega Genesis'' written above it. At the bottom half, is the power button, reset button, and the power light. Third model. I have never seen this model in real life, but from pictures and stuff I seen i will do my best. From pictures anyway, the system looks like a square, like model two. The only big difference from two and three is there are curve-like things engraved into the control deck. Thats basically all I can tell from pictures, sorry. But anyway, Sega did a pretty good job with the Genesis look, so I'll easily give this section a ten.

Controller Design

Just like the system designs, the controller has three different models that were actually made by Sega. Im not talking about Performence, Pelican, or any of those. Just Sega's. First off, theres the Three button controller. This was the original Genesis controller. Pretty simple. It had a directional pad on the left, and A, B, and C buttons on the right. In the middle was the start button. Next off, theres the six button controller. I think this was the second edition of the Sega Genesis controller. Like the three button, the directional pad is on the left side. And again like the three button, the buttons A, B, and C were on the right. But this time there are new buttons above those, X, Y, and Z. And on the top right, there is a mode button. However, im not sure what this is used for. The last model is my personal favorite and is the model I use to play games with. Its an arcade controller, like Nintendo's Advantage model. It has all six buttons like the six button controller, but the directional pad was replaced with a joystick. It also had the following buttons at the top: 3 or 6 button switch, Start, Mode, and Megafire speed switch (im not sure what this was used for either) Then between the six buttons and the joystick are six switches, one for each button. But once again, I dont mess with this so I dont know what it is used for. Anyway, those are the three controller models from Sega that I know of and own. And by the way, since the controllers are so comfortable in my hands i'll give this section a ten.

Game Library

Now this is what gaming consoles are made for! If you've ever, i'll repeat, ever, played a game developed by Sega, then you already know Sega has got tremendous talent. Sega Genesis has a lot of must have games. If its action and/or adventure you want, check out the Sonic games. If its an RPG you are craving, try the Phantasy Star or Shining Force series. If its sports you want, well, Sega Genesis has so many if want sports without hesitation this is the system you want. Some of my recommended games for Genesis are Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Shining Force, Streets of Rage, and many more. You want fighting? Try the Mortal Kombat series or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Heck, for fighting even the Battletoads games are good! The only thing that disappoints me about this game library is the the actual Genesis doesnt have Doom. However, the 32x does, so it doesnt matter. Basically, Genesis has to many good games and you cant give them up. Easily, this section has got to deserve a ten. Heck, it deserves a twenty!

Graphics Processor

Okay, if you want to talk about a classic gaming console with sucky graphics, this is not the place to do it at. Anyone whos played something like Sonic would easily understand how much better these graphics are to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For example, in level 4 of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which is called Casino Zone or something like that, it really looks like a real casino. Really. I was amazed. Usually, the Genesis graphics are real close to looking like the box art. However, there are games that dont have too good a graphics, such as Shining Force. Your character looks like the homeless man around the corner of your street. You look like you are covered in rags. But not many games are like this. Most have awesome graphics, like the Sonic series. I'll give this section an eight.

Sound System

This is strange. Many people according to the message boards actually hate the sound effects of Genesis games. I on the other hand see nothing wrong with it. Although I do feel this sound system is no better than Super Nintendo's. Its about the same. So if you ever played a Super Nintendo game, that type of sound is what you sound expect to hear on the Genesis. The music in a lot of games is really good. Like for example, this is the good side of Shining Force. But like I like to say, Sound doesnt make or break a system. If you are like the many people that agree with me on this, give yourself a pat on the back. Anyway, thats all there is to sound. I'll give this section a nine.

System Features

Okay we are done talking about the actual Genesis itself, because its only features were playing games. Instead, we will talk about the system add-ons, the Sega CD and Sega 32x. The Sega CD was a Genesis console add-on that played Sega CD games and regular audio CDs. I dont own one of these, but from what I hear there were two different versions of this, im guessing one for model one and one for model two. I do know this, Sega CD was not compatible with Genesis model three. Why? Because it doesnt have the required port. Why did Sega leave it out? I dont know. And the same thing about me not owning it goes for the 32x. Im guessing this plugged into the Genesis cartridge input and the 32x played a different size cartridge. Thats what it looks like from pictures Ive seen. I could go into the history of the PlayStation actually starting with Nintendo from the Sega CD but not here. Good features equal great grade. Perfect ten.

SegaGenesisDude awards

The Sega Genesis won many of my awards. Just check the screen name and you can tell I gave it awards. First off, I gave it the Best Classic System award. It also won my Best Add-On features award. Another award it won from me is Best Classic Game Series award, which was Sonic series by the way. Well thats all the awards she won (so far!).

Does SegaGenesisDude recommend me buying this?

Duh. If you read the review you dont even have to read this section if you dont want to. I recommend you buying this right now, or I guess when you are done with this review, with either Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Shining Force, or Streets of Rage, depending onwhich type of game you like. A system and one of the three games I recommended should only be $50 max at a used game store such as GameStop, EB Games, or GameCrazy. But it is possible to find a system and game at a flea market or pawn shop for as low as $20. After you get the system, good games should cost around $5 to $15. I highly recommend getting this.


The Sega Genesis is a must have system. It is the greatest classic system there is, will be, and ever was. It is very cheap compared to now a day systems at $180 and $50 a piece games. Thank you for your time.

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